Straight twin brothers have gay sex with each other This weeks

Straight twin brothers have gay sex with each other This weeks
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~Please note, this might be rather extensive and may take a while getting into the good stuff, so please be patient and enjoy, and remember, im always open for comments and ideas for other stories! :]~ PROLOGUE: After Anne and Jamie's ordeal in the bathroom of their place of work, they decided to become life partners, and have hopes of getting married, but sadly, they cannot due to the non-gay marriage in their state of residence, but none the less, they still love each other dearly.

It has been 3 months when they first met&hellip.and this is that story. Anne awoke at around 2:30 AM, feeling groggy, she went to the kitchen to get some cough medicine for her cold and a hot cup of tea.

When she got her tea ready, she went to her living room and sat down to watch some early morning T.V.


When she flipped to a news channel, she saw the forecast for the week was going to be a mixture of snow, rain and sleet. "Great, just what I need." Anne said to herself aloud. When she finished, her dog looked up at her and wagged its tail. Anne knew what he wanted, and so she patted the sofa next to her and the big great dane bounded up and laid its head across her lap and dozed off, and so did Anne. When Anne awoke, her dog had left her and was at his bowl lapping the water, she picked up her tea-cup and dropped it in the sink and went to go get changed for work.

When she was all dressed, she admired herself in the mirror. Now Anne is an attractive woman, by all means, but she doesn't see it that way, she sees herself as fat, because she has a little tummy to her.

She sighed, and bounded off to her front door, when she locked it, she waved to her neighbor's and hurried to her car, to get out of the bitter cold wind. After, her 45 minute commute to her place of work, Anne, noticed Rod was sitting outside smoking a cigarette, and she couldn't help but feel a little aroused by looking at such a handsome man.

As Anne walked up to him, Rod noticed her and offered her a cig, which she declined seeing as she was late to work.

"The boss is gonna kill me!" thought Anne, but the boss was calling in sick today, due to a violent snow storm where he lived, Anne got settled into her little cubicle and started doing work. After about, 1 hour and 45 minutes, Anne took her break and had a cig outside when Rod came out and started smoking with her.

They had a small conversation, mostly going in the direction of sex and sexual preferences, and finally, after 15 minutes of talking Anne got the best secret of Rod, her dream man.

"You know Anne, I never told anyone this, but I really like to take it anally." Said Rod Anne just sat there with her jaw hitting the floor, and after an awkward silence Rod suggested something, she never thought she would ever hear in her life. "Hey Anne, wanna ditch work and go to this great club I know of?" Asked Rod " I dunno Rod" said Anne "I got a lot of work to catch up on." "What's the matter Anne, chicken?" Asked Rod.

Anne punched Rod for saying that and he just laughed "OK Rod, lets go, lemme just get my coat first." Said Anne, as she made her way back into the building, but before she could reach the door, Rod wrapped his arms around her and carried her to his car, which made Anne giggle the whole way When Rod drove Anne to the club, he got out and went inside, and was granted access without paying the fee, so was Anne.

When she looked around, she noticed a lot of women dancing in thongs and breasts bared for all to see.

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Anne saw one girl in particular that stood out from the rest, she was about 5'9'', large b-cup breasts, a nice round ass, long sexy legs, brunette hair with blonde highlights, and a nice baby blue thong on. "Angel!" Rod yelled to the stripper that caught Anne's eye.

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"Roddie!" Screamed Angel, as she walked over to him and wrapped him in a loving embrace. "Hey toots!

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Haven't seen you here since 3 months ago!" Said Rod "Wow you look gorgeous babe!" said Rod as he spun her about and took in the full view of her luscious ass and legs.

Anne watched with more than a little interest and noticed a fairly big bulge beginning to appear in Rod's pants. She wanted to say something, but just giggled instead. "And who is this devilishly looking girl Roddie?" Asked Angel. "Anne, meet Angel, Angel, Anne" Said Rod as he introduced the two. "So Rod, is it gonna be the usual?" Asked Angel, knowing exactly why Rod was there.


"Yes Angel, the same room too, you know which one I mean." Said Rod as he added a wink. As Angel, Rod, and Anne, walked down a dimly lit hallway Anne could hear various stages of sex going on, and when she got to a particular door that was slightly ajar, she glanced inside and saw a woman on her knees, being fucked brutally by another woman, with an incredibly real looking strap-on.

Before Anne could see anymore, Angel grabbed her sleeve and tugged her along to their destination. When they got there Rod and Angel, wasted no and got right to frenching each other. Anne just stood there amazed as Angel's tongue was a good depth in Rod's mouth. Anne was pushed into a chair lightly by Angel and got a lap dance from her, but when Angel turned around to face Anne, Anne noticed a fairly big bulge pushing her thong out from her crotch.

Anne was surprised she was wearing a strap-on, and was also curious as well. As Anne sat there pondering, she didn't notice Rod slowly removing her top and playing with her bra-covered breasts. When she did notice him, she nearly had a powerful orgasm, but before she could, Rod stopped, stepped back, removed his coat, shirt, pants, shoes, socks and boxers, and Anne finally got a good view of his clean shaven, cut 9 ½'' cock.

*she almost started drooling, but when she looked next to Rod, she noticed an even bigger cock, it was about 11'' cut and had a small patch of pubic hair at the base of it and had low-swinging heavy balls.

Anne reached out and gingerly took Angel's cock in her hand and started to jack it off. As Anne reached out to grab her cock, Angel, took a cock ring she had in her hand, and applied it to Rod's dick, so to make sure he doesn't cum without being told to.

When she was finished she pulled him into a kiss and started to hump Anne's loving, soft hand. In a matter of minutes, Anne's heavy petting was taking a toll on Angel. As she gripped harder, Angel tensed and felt her cock swell in Anne's hand and then she nearly fainted as shot, after shot, after shot, of hot sticky cum, coated Anne' face, hand, chin, neck and the top of her breasts. Angel fell back onto a bed that was in the room and caught her breath.

Anne was simply amazed at how much cum there was, and just started to collect it and lick it all up. When Angel saw this, she instantly became erect once again. When Anne noticed, she saw that Angel's cock was reaching all the way up her chest to about half way between her tits.

Anne removed her clothing and pounced on Angel, and started rubbing her cock again. Rod took advantage of Anne's position and started to lick her pussy and ass-hole. Anne was surprised and jumped a bit, but couldn't say anything, because Angel was stuffing her mouth full of rock hard cock. When Angel, removed her hand, from Anne's head, Anne just took this as her cue and started to stuff more and more of Angel's cock in her throat. When she got half-way down Anne started to gag and almost threw up, if she hadn't pulled off and catch her breath.

Anne paused momentarily and screamed out in pleasure as a powerful orgasm swept through her body from Rod's administrations.

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When she came to, Anne noticed Angel sitting there with her cock buried all the way in Rod's ass and Rod's dick bouncing up and down as he fucked Angel's cock. Anne got between his leg, and started sucking his cock, when Anne got to his balls, she took it in her hand and started to jack him off, she would occasionally lick her way up to the tip of his dick and insert her tongue into his pee-hole, just a bit, and would lick her way back down again.

Angel was in heaven, she forgot how tight Rod's ass was and was nearly cumming again, had it not been for her cock ring, she surely would have emptied her balls in his ass, but instead of cumming, she just fucked him all the harder.

Rod was certain he was bleeding from his ass, as Angel pounded her giant cock into him, why he forgot to lube his ass up, he didn't know, and why Angel didn't do it, he also didn't know the answer, all he did know was, if his cock ring wasn't on, he would be emptying gallons of baby making cum all over Anne's pretty face. Anne kept licking Rod's cock, and started to rub his ass-hole with her other hand as Angel was fucking him.

Anne spit on her fingers, and slowly started to insert them into Rod's ass along side Angel's cock. Rod felt this and came, even with the tight cock ring on.

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Anne, just lapped all the cum up as it oozed out of his cock, rather than shoot out. After Rod was done his orgasm, Angel released her cock and emptied what seemed like gallons of cum, up into Rod's bowels, thoroughly soaking him on the inside. Rod climbed off of Angel and Anne took note Angel's cock was still hard as a rock.

Anne climbed up on Angel and aimed her cock at the entrance of her dripping wet cunt.

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"MMMM, you wanna fuck my pussy baby?" Asked Anne, as seductive as she could be. "Oh yeah I do, lemme at it!" Exclaimed Angel and with that, she plunged her whole cock into Anne's tight pussy. After a bout 15 strokes of Angel's cock in her pussy, Anne felt herself loosening and accepting the rather large invader without any trouble at all.

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After about 45 minutes of this hard fucking, Angel shot her load into Anne and passed out. When she awoke, she found Anne and Rod gone and noticed a small stack of 20's on her stomach, she counted it and made sure Rod hadn't cheated her out of any of her money.[/b]