Young boys gay sex twinks What are a duo of desperate folks to do

Young boys gay sex twinks What are a duo of desperate folks to do
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I brought my lips close to his rigid member, my breathing picking up speed as I thought about what I was about to do. I was going to give my brother a blow job. My cheeks grew hott at the thought, and between my thighs grew even hotter. I'd never even touched a cock before with my fingers, let alone my mouth. But here I was now, hoping to get it right. "C'mon." Matt whispered hoarsely, his voice pleading. "I'm so hard that it hurts.and your mouth is right there, teasing me." I gulped down the last bits of my hesitation and pressed a small, closed mouth kiss to the head of his cock.

And then another further down. and then another. One more and I grew bold, my tongue snaking out from between my lips and lightly caressing his hardness.

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A moan left Matt's lips, and one of his hands came up from his side to entwine lightly in my hair. 'I guess I've got something right.' I thought with a quiet satisfaction, going to my task with a renewed vigor. I licked my way up and down, alternating between fast and slow. Trying to get used to the odd texture and salty taste and trying to please my brother at the same time.


I brought my tongue up the length of his shaft again, bringing myself back up to the place I'd started: the head. Now would be a good time to take him into my mouth, that much I knew. But I was nervous. What if he didn't like it? What if I didn't? What if I didn't do it right? How was I even supposed to do it? Just kind of open my mouth, put it on him and swirl my tongue around? I took a hold of him with a hand, stroking clumsily as I'd seen him do while I opened my mouth and moved it near.

I hesitated, and my hot breath blew wetly against Matt's organ. "You don't know how hott it looks, with you naked and about so suck me off." My brother spoke suddenly, his voice like velvet as he tried to encourage and excite me. His hands were less smooth, however as the one resting idly at his side came to rest ontop of my head with the other one. Gently, he pushed me forward a bit, my warm mouth finally coming in contact with his dick. "Fuck." he whispered, the sound more like a grunt.

Slowly, I pushed more of his cock into my mouth and tried to suckle on it. It was difficult, but I liked the full feeling in my mouth and the praise Matt was heaping on in between his groaning.

I started to pick up the pace, increasing the suction and starting to move my mouth in a forward/backward motion on his penis. It wasn't long until his breathing was virtually nonexistent and his hips were starting to move in rthym with me, thrusting him harder into my mouth and making me go faster.


"A-A-Amyyy." his voice was only a quiet sigh as he pushed himself further into my mouth, making me gag. And then, he came. The hot, sticky feeling liquid filling my mouth and making me choke. I pulled away, swallowing most of what was in my mouth.

But his dick was still spasming, shooting out thick stings of cum that landed on my face and on my neck, even some in my hair. I wasn't sure how to react. A part of me was horrified. I mean, it was all over me, for fuckssakes! But another part of me kind of liked it.


I wasn' exactly sure why, but I sort of liked the feeling of being used like that. Matt grinned sheepishly, shrugging his shoulders slightly in apology.

"Sorry about that, sis." "It's alright." I started to get to my feet, and he instinctively stepped back to give me more room. But we were still close, less then an inch of space between our naked bodies. "But you're going to have to repay the favour and get me off now, big brother." I said this with a wink, intwining my fingers into his hair and pulling him in for a hot, passionate kiss.

He kissed back, his arms coming around my bod and his hands coming to rest against some of my most private parts, what with one resting on an asscheek and the other lightly touching the side of a breast. We continued to grope eachother and suck face for awhile, my pussy absolutely dripping and my nipples aching to be touched.

Just when I thought I couldn't stand it anymore, Matt shoved me roughly onto the bed. I landed solidly, my tits jiggling wildly and my hair flying everywhich way. My cunt felt even wetter then it had, if that were possible.

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The way his touch was commanding.the way he made it feel like he was taking what he wanted from me rather then I was giving it up freely. It made me want him even more, and I wasn't sure if I could wait to get him inside me. "Wait. Just.just fuck me, please. You can repay me later, I just.I just." My voice was low and my breathing was already shallow.

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My nipples were erect, and my face flushed. I had never been hornier then now. I wanted to be higher.

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I needed it. Craved it. I had to have his still hard dick inside me. "Just what, Amy?" Matt asked cruely, standing at the foot of the bed with an innocent look on his face. He had his hands resting on my calves, and my legs tingled with the expectation that he would move them up higher.

I bit my bottom lip, feeling foolish that he was making me say it. He knew what I wanted, what I was aching to try out. But I had to admit, the shameless humiliation was only pushing me further to the edge, I almost didn't want him to stop teasing me. "I just.want your cock." I murmured pleadingly, a pouty expression on my face. But Matt was having none of it. "Where do you want it? You've got to be more clear if you really want me." He said sternly, his hands starting to rub up and down my shapely legs, moving from my shins up to the tops of my knees and then back again.

I couldn't surpress the moan that bubbled out of my lips as his fingers caressed my lower thigh, the feeling of him touching me there shooting up all the way to my cunt.

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Desperately, I cried out my desire. "I need your cock in my cunt, big brother! Please, I need it!" He smirked, but nodded, eager to comply with this request. He moved his hands up to my knees and pushed my legs open wide, pausing for a moment to admire my nearly hairless slit. "Not that I'm much of an expert, but you have a goregous pussy." His voice was lustful, and it was long until he started to move into position.

"Are you ready?" My brother asked softly, his cock head resting against my drenched lips. I nodded quickly, my eyes on his as he started to push inside me at an antagonizingly slow pace.