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Real amateur skank ass fuck
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And onto part 6, still undecided on taking a break from the series. The rest of Sunday went by quietly in comparison to the earlier parts of the weekend.

School and a steady stream of average and fairly uneventful days crept through from Monday to Thursday; all the while Korinna and I sat back and tried to figure out this whole relationship thing.

Friday was looking pretty good with all three of us piling into Tracy's car and heading off to school, Kori and I in the back so we can sit together.

"Okay so now not only am I stuck with my brother dating one of my best friends and I get to sit in a car while they fool around," Liz starts in leaning her head on her hand. "Well since you gave him permission I get a guy who will throw down and say fuck you to the world," Kori gloats while cuddling me," Honestly though thank you for letting me have him Liz." Liz groans from the front seat while we pull into the school.

All of us pile out of Tracy's car and head off to class. During second period I get poked from behind in my seat. I turn around and see Natsuko's brown eyes staring at me. I can see she's rocking her punk hair still, short jean shorts with suspenders and a black t-shirt that reads 'Not for the Innocent', thigh high socks all black and red stripped.

I shrug at her and she mouths 'after class'. I follow her out after the bell as she heads to one of the common areas, such a tight little ass on her as she sits down. "Okay, first off you're dating Kori and that means we can't have sex anymore so onto my problem," Natsuko says as I stand there," I have a brother, he's a junior and he's kinda… hopeless." "Alright, so what do you want me to do, beat the crap out of him," I ask chuckling.

Shaking her head no," I need you to help him get laid, either that or get him to do what you did and say fuck it." I stand there mulling it over when the bell rings; I wave her off to class and jog to mine. I get there before attendance and sit in front of Kori and next to Liz. We work through class and as soon as it's over I turn around to Korinna and smile, she smiles a puzzled smile. We exit class and head to lunch, Korinna and I get in line with trays and after getting our near prison quality food I lead us to a table with Natsuko.

"I've got some good news for you Natsuko and some bad news," I tell her while eating. She gives me this odd look and replies," Okay, bad news first." I smile," Well it's probably gonna hurt and it's gonna take some time." "Okay and the good news," she asks drinking her milk.

"You were wrong about us not having sex," I smile at Korinna. Korinna freezes in place and just stares at Natsuko for a minute before speaking," Okay, how did you have sex with Guy? You couldn't even have sex with that stoned dropout Evan, the punk with the Mohawk and the 5 inch cock." As soon as she says that I'm choking on milk and trying to keep in from coming out my nose. Both girls stop their conversation to make sure I'm not dying at the table.

I end my fit and push my tray away. "Well he's your boyfriend," Natsuko finally replies," you know what it's like better than I do." "Okay Natsuko," I push my tray away and speak to her," Where is my target?" "Blue wind breaker, white button up shirt with the other Asian kids," Natsuko points behind me to a table.

Exactly what I'm gonna do I don't know, or if it'll even work but I get up from the table and head over to the table with the Asian kids. Pulling my hood up I walk around the table behind him, grabbing his chair I pull it out with him in it and turn him to face me. "Get up and leave that fucking coat here," I tell him from my hood.

"Ummm but I don't know you," he tells me, I see everyon else at the table back away, fear of the unknown. I take him by the collar and stand him up, nearly dragging him out behind me. I can hear some of the other kids talking about us as we leave the cafeteria. I get him around the side of one of the buildings alone and put him up against the wall.

"Okay listen I don't have any money but I can do your homework," he starts in pleading with me. "Stop begging if I was gonna hurt you man I would have just knocked your ass out of the chair back there," I nearly spit on him just to get him to stop," What is your name man?" "Junichi, and you're not gonna hit me," he asks straightening himself up.

I get a look at him, about 5'7" and maybe weighs 10 pounds less than me. Dressed in a white button up shirt and brown slacks, dress shoes and a belt with black rimmed glasses. I feel like I'm looking at a memory, a sad and pathetic memory. I pull my hood off so he can see my face.

"So I am gonna ask you a simple question and I need a straight answer," I state to him," Have you had pussy since pussy had you?" As soon as I get it out of my mouth I see his face get red and embarrassed, I shake my head and grab my phone to send a text message off to Kori saying I'd be getting home by myself today.

"Okay, you got a girlfriend," I ask him putting away my phone. "No my parents say it'll get in the way of my school," he replies getting his back off the wall. "Okay so they feed you bullshit at home, no wonder Natsuko is so different," I chuckle," I know there's a girl you like so who is she." "Why do you think you know so much about me, you didn't even know my name," Junichi comes back getting angry.

"Touched a nerve, good. Now find the girl you're interested in and tell her you want to meet you after school, make her meet you here after school," I tell him heading off to my next class. "What if I don't do it, you can't make me," Junichi calls after me. I stop and turn to look at him. I simply smile and pull my hood back on and march back to class.

Last 2 classes of the day come and go easily enough; Derek decided to come to fifth period and sat in a different seat leaving Heather by herself. I snickered about the break up to myself. I head to sixth class and check in with my teacher then head out to the cafeteria. Not much homework to do thankfully so I sit and go through my phone, no new texts. "Did you kick my brother's ass or what," I get asked by Natsuko and she flops down in a chair next to me.

I shake my head no and hand her my phone, she punches in her cell number. As I tell her what I told her brother. She shakes her head in response. "He's not gonna show, you're lucky he didn't get a teacher," she tells me putting her feet on the table.

I shrug and tickle the back of her knee causing her to yank her feet from the table and give me the 'dick' look. Smiling I lean back in my chair as she quickly plops her ass down in my lap side saddle. "Found out the terms of your relationship with Korinna," she tells me. "Good for you, check and see if your parents are gonna be home today," I tell her grinding my crotch against her. I know that she's talking to one of her parents on the phone but since I speak no Japanese I decide to focus on what is important, Japanese punk girl ass on my crotch.

I slip my hand onto her leg and slide my fingers inside her shorts. Gently she starts grinding her ass downward all the while talking quickly on her phone. "So they won't be at the house but they'll be home by seven," Natsuko tells me hanging up her phone. "Good, cause if your brother does what I told him to then maybe I'll be able to help him out," I tell her feeling the skin of her upper thigh.

I look around the cafeteria and see no one around; pulling my hand out of Natsuko's shorts I reach up and grab her tit through her shirt. She gasps but instead of pulling away she gets up and straddles my crotch and sits down on my lap again. I grip her hips with both hands and she starts grinding her jean clad hips against mine, placing her hands on my head and pulling our faces together. We jam our tongues into each other's mouths hard, fighting to either establish dominance or check the other's tonsils.

Madly Natsuko starts trashing her hips against me; I move my left hand up and grab her tit again. Gripping her tit hard I feel no bra, just nipple and flesh around it. Natsuko breaks our kiss to speak," I swear to god if you don't fuck me today I'm gonna take you home and rape you." I smirk at the idea of her 'raping' me while she gets off from my lap and sticks her hand down her own shorts.

She pulls a finger back out and I see some wetness before she sticks it in her mouth and sucks the fluid off. I will never know why that look from a woman sucking on something is so hot.

She sits back down in her chair with just enough time to ponder what is gonna happen today when her brother enters the cafeteria. He's got his windbreaker back on as he heads over to our table. "Natsuko do no yō ni kono shōnen o shitte imasu ka," Junichi says to Natsuko, I think he asked her a question. "Okay big brother it's just rude to not speak English in front of him," she replies. He sits down at the table and looks from her to me with a puzzled stare.

The three of us sit in silence when a girl walks in from behind me. All of us turn to see her, about 5'6" white girl, curvy figure with c cup breasts and matte black to her jaw line, pale skin and a few face piercings. She's dressed in black and green tripp shorts and a button up black shirt; her boots are knee high metal and leather stompers.

She heads over to our table and drops her bag on a chair. "Okay Jun you little shit, I'm here and it's almost after fucking school now how the hell are you gonna help me pass my algebra test," she asks completely ignoring both myself and Natsuko. "Umm Katy this is my sister Natsuko and her friend, I don't know your name," Junichi starts with introductions tentatively.

I get up and stare down at Katy; she glares up at me for a second then sits down in the seat across from Natsuko and I. "So Junichi, this is the girl you brought for today, really," I ask him with a look of disbelief. Jun simply nods his head, either he's got a death wish or he really needs to get out more. I grab my bag and Natsuko follows my lead. "Okay, we're going back you your house Jun, so get your shit.

And you sunshine," I turn to Katy," you wanna actually do shit and come with us or just talk shit here?" I head out with Natsuko and Jun trailing behind us when I hear those boots come stomping after us. Natsuko leads us off school grounds and into one of the adjacent nicer neighborhoods. After about twenty minutes of walking we get to what I can only guess is Jun and Natsuko's parents house, two floors of 'yes we have money'. Junichi gets the door open and we pile inside the house, nice furniture.

I drop my bag by the door and put sit my ass down on the nice love seat in the living room. Junichi sits in one of the chairs around the coffee table while Katy puts her feet up and lounges on the couch. Natsuko just heads off to her room. "Okay so Jun has you to thank for the ass kicking I'm gonna give him for fucking around with my math test," Katy decides to tell me.

"No I'm the one Jun gets to thank for getting him laid," I tell her smiling. "What is he gonna fuck his sister," Katy asks puzzled. I smile and point at straight at Katy, who laughs for a second then looks from me to Junichi and back again.

"Oh fuck you asshat! No chance in hell I'm gonna fuck Jun, you need balls to fuck me and he don't have any," Katy exclaims standing up. "Oh so can fuck him over but he can't fuck you. Go ahead and walk, I personally guarantee that the second you see him tomorrow at school you're gonna miss all the free shit he did for you because if you walk all the homework and test prep are cancelled," I tell her smiling.

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I look over at Junichi to see him blanch at the idea of not doing what she wants. She gets up from the couch and stomps off to I guess the bathroom. "Are you crazy, she's gonna kill me," Junichi whispers to me as soon as she's out of the room. "Dude, if you don't reach into your pants and find some bigger balls you're gonna be a virgin on your wedding night if you're lucky," I tell him leaning forward from my seat," Stop acting like a fucking pussy and tell her that either she puts out or you turn her ass in for the homework you did for her." "How do you know I did her homework," He asks me stunned?

"Man you offered to do my homework cause you thought I'd kick your ass, you'd do her homework just to get her to wear a tight t-shirt," I say chuckling. I see him mulling it over when my phone goes off; it's a picture message from Natsuko.

I open the file and get a view of her shaved pussy with a message 'wish you were here'. I reply back for her to get out here and help me with a problem in my pants. I put my phone in my coat pocket as Katy comes back out from the bathroom. "Okay Jun get me through this test for Monday cause I got shit to do this weekend," Katy tells him grabbing her backpack.

"No," Junichi replies shortly. "What the fuck do you mean no," Katy asks. "I am done doing your work for free, either you start to learn to do this shit on your own or you figure out how to pay me for my work," Jun tells her standing up from his seat. Katy gets into Junichi's face for a second glaring straight in his eyes then shoves him into his chair. I sit back and watch Katy pull her shirt open then take off her black and blue plaid bra; I check Junichi's face to see if he's still alive or if he died of shock.

As soon as Katy's topless she spreads Jun's legs apart and starts pulling his pants open. "Holy shit, go bro go," I hear Natsuko say as she enters the room. I turn my head and see her in a pair of blue panties and nothing else. I start taking my pants off as Natsuko gets on the other side of the love seat and finishes pulling my cock free. As soon as it's out of my pants Natsuko has it in her mouth working three inches in her mouth and jerking her hand up and down my shaft.

I look over to see that Jun is packing about five inches himself and has Katy licking up and down the shaft. He looks over at me to see his little sister with a mouth full of my cock, I motion to Jun to grab her head and shove his cock in her mouth. I watch him try to angle her head and she takes him in her mouth working slowly up and down. I shake my head at him then grab the hair on the back of Natsuko's head and shove it down to five inches on my cock. I feel Natsuko gag and drool on my member.

I watch Junichi grab Katy's hair on both sides of her head and start jamming her mouth on his dick; I see her start to struggle for against his grip and the chair. I take my hand off Natsuko's head and she keeps up with her drooling on my cock, I move my hand under her body and down to her panties. I get my hand inside her panties and go right past her clit and stick my index finger in her pussy to the second knuckle. I watch Natsuko pull her mouth off my cock and get up from the couch pulling her panties off.

I get up and strip down with her as I see Jun still making Katy gag on his member. "Hey man, either get off or fuck her," I tell Jun sitting back down on the couch. Natsuko moves in between my legs and turning her back to me lowers her tight pussy on my cock, I've played this game before and I let her work herself up and down my shaft.

Up and down four inches of my cock going in and out of her tight Japanese pussy. I look over to see Katy in her matching green and black panties putting a condom on Jun and pulling him on top of her, it takes him a second to find the right spot but as soon as he's in he goes right for her tits with his mouth and starts fucking her fast and deep.

I turn my attention back to Natsuko as she speeds up on my shaft; I feel her womb bumping the head of my cock. I watch her push down as hard as she can trying to force my cock into her womb; I give her a few tries before I pull her cute ass off my cock.

Turning Natsuko around I move to the center of the love seat and pull her to straddling my lap. Natsuko lines my cock up with her pussy and slides down till my cock head is resting against her baby maker.

Gripping her hips I start sliding her up and down on my member while she grabs the back of the love seat. I keep Natsuko bouncing on my cock but keep out of her womb, I feel her getting frustrated and look up at her face all scrunched up.

I glance over to see Jun all the way into Katy's pussy fast, she's holding him against her but looking over and watching Natsuko attempt to take more of my cock. We make eye contact and Katy rolls her eyes, I nod to her to get into it. "Come on you fucker and get off," Katy tells him while grabbing Jun's hips and slamming him harder into her pussy. Back with Natsuko I hold her hips steady and start thrusting up into her fast bumping my head against her womb.

I feel her getting wetter and look up to see her biting her lip, I hear grunting from the couch. Jun is about to cum and either Katy is faking it or she might actually be enjoying it. After a few seconds I hear Katy moan loudly and push Jun out of her, snatching off the condom and jacking him off as he cums on her stomach. I feel my own orgasm building and Natsuko is starting to shake with her own orgasm.

I feel her start to shake and as I get the tingling in my balls and slam the head of my cock straight into Natsuko's womb while pulling her hips down.

She screams out as I grunt and shoot my first load into her womb, she presses her body against mine. I hold her hips down hard against mine as I continue to shoot my semen into her womb, suddenly she gasps loudly and squirts on my hips and abs. Natsuko pulls my head back and jams her tongue in my mouth. We kiss for a minute before she grabs her panties and pulls off my cock and jams her underwear to keep from dripping my cum out on the floor, she staggers off to the bathroom.

Katy gets up from the couch and follows after her, while Jun sits down on the couch. I grab my clothes and start getting dressed while Jun seems to be processing what happened. "Okay, now from here on you do what you want man, throw out those fucking prep school clothes and get some damn jeans or something.

Lose the blue windbreaker and get a better looking coat," I tell Jun pulling my pants up. "Why should I do that," He asks getting his underwear on. "If you dress like a nice guy you get treated like shit, if you act like a nice guy you get treated like shit," I tell him pulling my coat on," tell people fuck you and look the part, stand the fuck up for yourself." "Okay but what about school or my parents," Jun asks as I grab my bag. "Do the work and just tell them what they want to hear, it's not rocket science.

'Mom and Dad I got my good grades and people leave me the fuck alone now it's a win/win'," I mimic him as I head out the door.

"But wait, aren't you gonna say goodbye to my sister," he asks as I head across the lawn. I turn around and pull up my hood; shaking my head no I proceed to walk back to the school to hopefully catch a ride home from Tracy. I hit the school grounds and see the parking lot is almost empty, I check my phone and see it's about four thirty. I shoot my folks a text saying that I'm out and will be home before eight.

As I hit the parking lot I hear someone running up behind me. "Hey shithead, what the fuck are you thinking just walking out like that," I hear Katy from behind me. I turn to see she did a quick job of getting dressed. I keep my hood up and continue walking through the lot with Katy keeping pace.

"So you just fuck Jun's little sister then head home," Katy asks me. "More like we fuck each other then decide to go about our business, why the fuck do you care," I ask in reply. "So you just fuck her then what, head home," she asks again. "No I fuck her in front of her brother, then I text my girlfriend to see what she's doing while I head home," I answer her smiling.

I pull my phone out and shoot Kori a text making sure she's okay, I tell her I'm walking home but don't need a ride just yet. She replies with an okay and asks if we're gonna hang out this weekend, I tell her we're gonna have some fun at her house and put my phone away. "You really just texted your girlfriend, didn't I hear about you breaking up with her at school," Katy asks. "Yeah, that was old girlfriend I broke up with," I hold out my phone," this is new girlfriend, Korinna." "Seriously, you have a girlfriend and you just fucked a girl and blew your wad in her.

Now you're making plans to hang out with her this weekend," She asks confused. "Yeah, that's pretty much it," I reply nonchalantly. I see her shake her head as we continue walking. After about a half hour we pass a trailer park and she heads off the sidewalk and up the drive. "Hey asshole, you wanna come inside my place," she yells at me. I shrug and follow her to a trailer in the back, white and a sea foam green paneling with a crappy yellow datsun parked out front.

I follow her inside and am greeted by the sight of good living, dishes stacked in the sink, an ashtray that hasn't been cleaned in probably three months, and a trash can filled with empty beer bottles.

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Katy bypasses the living room kitchen combo for a room at the back of the trailer. Apparently this is her room, a queen size mattress on the floor; poster's lining the wall for different bands and clothes all over the floor.

"Nice place, I love the 'my fucking hole' feeling you got here," I tell her chuckling. "Okay, I let you come in and you decide to make fun of my shit," Katy yells throwing her bag on the bed and slamming her door. "No you brought me in here cause my cock is bigger than Jun's and you wanted to fuck it," I retort calmly.

I drop my bag and pull my hood off my head; I can see Katy's pissed. As soon as my hood is off I see the shot coming as she slaps me on the right side of my face.

I've been hit enough times that she really needs to work on her follow through; I pull my face back up and smile. I see she's still pissed and she reels back for a second shot, I step inside her swing and slam my body into hers and up against the wall.

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I pull her hips against mine and jam my tongue into Katy's mouth; she grabs my head and tries to pull my head back. I let her get my head back only to latch onto her neck with my teeth and lips. Katy tries grabbing the back of my head to pull my off her neck, I keep my body locked against hers.

I bring my hands up from her hips to the front of Katy's shirt ripping it open and sending buttons onto the floor, I push her tit up with my hand taking my mouth from her neck to the top of her breast.

It takes me a minute to get her bra down so I can get a nipple in my mouth, its rock hard and about the size of a half dollar. Finally Katy goes from grabbing my head to holding it in place, moaning lightly as I keep her in my mouth. Quickly she goes from into it to trying to rip my ears off my head with her hands.

I finally let go from pain and as soon as her nipple is out of my mouth I get shoved backwards, tripping over the bed falling backwards. I look up to see Katy getting out of her pants quickly followed by her bra and panties hitting the floor, I don't move from my spot on the bed when I kick off my boots and get my pants off.

"Get out of your fucking clothes asshole," Katy says crawling on top of me and pulling my coat and shirt off. As soon as we're both naked Katy flips around and starts jamming my cock into her mouth.

I pull her hips around and start rubbing her slit, feeling her moan on my cock as she keeps bobbing her head up and down. I keep rubbing as she pulls her leg over me to putting her pussy in my face.

"Eat my pussy bitch," Katy says taking my cock out of her mouth and sitting up.

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I keep one finger on her clit and figure porn should be right about this one too as I jam my tongue right in her pussy hole.

Katy starts grinding on my face, sliding her pussy back and forth across my mouth and nose. I keep shoving my tongue in her hole every time it gets near my mouth. Katy moves my hand off her clit and starts rubbing it herself off, I can hear her gasping as she starts to hit her orgasm. I use both my hands to keep her hips in place so I can fuck her pussy with my tongue. "Oh shit fucker I'm coming," Katy screams as she hits her orgasm covering my mouth and chin in her cum.

I swallow as much as I can as she pulls her pussy off my face and moves to the head of her bed, laying down on her back and breathing heavy.

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I go to move on top of Katy but she closes her legs and rolls to her side. I try to move behind her to get inside from behind when she rolls onto her back keeping me from getting close again. "Man, I'm done, get your shit and fuck off," Katy says turning her head towards me. I'm harder than a calculus class and now I'm getting turned down after being invited in. I start to get up like I'm getting off the bed then throw myself over Katy's chest and use my hands to pin her arms down above her head.

I grip her wrists with one hand and take my cock with the other and push the head against her closed mouth. She starts to turn her head away so my cock hand and grabbing her nose turn her face back to my cock, as soon as she's out of breath and her mouth open I give her as much of my seven and a half inches as I can in her mouth. Katy tries to pull her head back so I grab the hair on the top of her head and start pulling her head forward so she gags on my cock.

"Now you suck my dick you cock tease," I tell her smiling down into green eyes. I let her head go back and start moving her mouth back and forth on my cock in long deep strokes. Feeling the back of Katy's throat I push my cock deep while pulling her face till my balls are resting flat on her chin. I feel and hear her gag on my cock and drool starts to run down my balls. I let go of her head and keep one wrist, use it to flip her over onto her stomach pulling her ass up in the air.

I stand my hips over her rear and covered with drool I line up my cock head with Katy's asshole. I press in slow and deep watching my member invade her rectum. Deep in 5 inches and slowly back out till the just my head is still in. I feel Katy grunting into her pillow below me. "What was that, did you say something," I ask Katy smiling as I steady my cock at her asshole.

"Fuck you asshole," She spits out at me from her pillow. "Oh, fuck your asshole, okay since you asked," I reply jamming my whole cock directly down into her sphincter. Katy bites into the pillow as I start hammering my cock downward into her ass.

I see her pulling her pillow around her face hearing her scream, I pull her arm back to get her face out of the pillow. Katy's howling fills the room accompanied by the sound of our hips slapping together. Pulling out of her ass I move Katy onto her hands and knees pushing my cock back into her ass. I wrap one hand around her throat and pull her body against mine. I start thrusting in and out frantically, choking her with one hand and slapping her ass with the other.

She's grunting and gritting her teeth as I pound her ass, I move my hand from her throat to her breast. "Oh shit, please cum you fucker," Katy gasps. I get that tingling feeling in my balls and proceed to unload four strong streams of cum into her colon, we both scream out in the orgasm. I keep spewing into her anus for about thirty seconds before pulling out and flopping down on her bed.

Katy collapses with me on her bed, both of us breathing heavy. After a few minutes she rolls on top of me and cuddles in. "Really, you warm up to me now," I ask confused. "You know how hard it is to get good hate fucking," Katy says kissing me once on the lips.


I think about getting my phone and checking the time but I got punk girl on my chest. I figure out I'm not gonna get out of here anytime soon so I grab a blanket with my foot and pull it up over us as we drift off to sleep.

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