Exotic gf butt plugged on video

Exotic gf butt plugged on video
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Man I love football games.

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At least I did after that night. To start, my name is Ryan. I'm 17 and a senior at my school. I'm a soccer player, and have been all my life. Thats great for the ladies seeing as they love my tone body.

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I'm about 6'1" and 140 pounds. I'm in some pretty good shape and the girls love it. However, there was one girl that I've been in love with since I she sat next to me in 3rd grade.


Her name was Carlie and she was amazing to say the least. Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'5", with an amazing body. She has about c-cup size breasts and they are gorgeous. I'll never forget the first time I saw them. I had gone over one day to help grab some things for our pep rally. I guess she didn't realize I was still there when she walked through the kitchen with a towel wrapped around her waist.

Wow. I'll never forget them. Me and Carlie have been best friends since we first met, but I've always wanted more than just a friendship with her. Unfortunately she never has. i thought. Our football team had been doing really good, and were on their way to the second round of playoffs. Carlie and her friend Caroline were going and she asked if me and my friend Craft wanted to go.

Of course I did so I talked Craft into it and we headed over there after school Friday. When we got there Carlie and Caroline were still getting dressed so me and Craft chilled outside and waited for them. When they came out, Carlie was looking fine as hell.

She had a cute little sun-dress, that was a little see-through in the sun. I could see the outline of a thong tightly fit on her nice ass. Luckily I was sitting on the tailgate of my truck and could conceal my bulging pants.

So we jumped in Carlie's car and headed off to the game. It was a pretty typical night, except one thing, Carlie seemed to be extra flirtacious.

More than once, she found my lap to be more comfortable than the bleachers. I could feel the tensions building and it kept getting harder and harder to hide my erection. A couple of times it seemed like she would rock back and forth on my crotch when she laughed, just to try to turn me on.


I fought it and fought it the best I could, but a few times I felt my cock twitch and touch her mound hidden beneath her dress. The ride home got even more interesting. Caroline and Craft sat in the back and fell asleep quickly so me and Carlie talked and laughed about old times most of the way home.

In the middle of talking about the time I pushed her down in 3rd grade, a car cut us off and Carlie slammed on the brakes, causing her phone to fall in her lap. "Can you get that for me?" she asked. I slowly reached over and grabbed the phone, trying not to rub across her inner thigh.

"Are you nervous?" she said. "No, why?" I replied. "Well, you seemed careful not to touch me, and you were trying not to let me feel you turned on earlier." My face turned bright red, and I laughed. "Wow, didn't think you felt that." "I didn't mind." she smiled and turned to me. "Can I have my phone now?" I noticed I still had her phone and I handed it to her, our hands meeting over the center console.

I couldn't help myself. I locked my index finger around hers and smiled. We held hands and talked the rest of the way home.

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Once we got back to Carlie's, Craft headed home and Caroline fell asleep on the couch in the living room. Carlie and I laid on the bed and talked until about one in the morning. "I better get home. My mom's probly wondering wher I'm at." She looked up at me and our eyes met. "Don't go. Stay here tonight. My mom doesn't mind." "Alright, let me call my mom." I stepped out and called my mom and told her I was staying at Craft's house.

I walked back in to her room, only to see her sliding her dress down her waist. She was wearing a lace bra, and a tight red thong, with a silver crest connecting the three strings. I was speechless. This was the most amazing body I'd ever seen.She turned around and noticed me there. I quickly turned around and apologized for walking in.

To my surprise, she walked up beside me and wrapped her arms around me. "I don't mind." She said. With that, she turned me around to get a better look. Her body was absolutely perfect and my cock felt like it was gonna burst out of my pants.

She must have noticed too because her hand slowly rubbed down my stomach to my bulge. She grazed it lightly at first. It twitched, longing for her touch again. She reached up and pulled my head down closer to her. We kissed. Her lips felt like ecstasy. As we kissed she lifted my shirt off and began to unbutton my pants.

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She slipped them down and I kicked them off. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist, and I could feel her mound getting wet through her thong. I slammed her against the wall and began to kiss my way down her neck. I carried her over to the bed and layed her down. I undid her bra to reveal her amazing tits. They looked even better than I remembered. My hand reached up and squeezed her left, while my tongue gave attention to her right.

She began to moan when I slid my hand down to her thong and rubbed her clit through the fabric. I kissed my way down her stomach and slid off her thong to reveal her cleanly shaven twat. It was beautiful and I could smell the aroma of her being turned on. I lowered my head and reached my tongue out to barely lick her amazing clit, as it stuck out begging for attention.

Her back arched and she squealed in plessure. I began to probe her hole with my tongue while she moaned. She seemed to like my tongue, so I moved back up to suck on her clit, and slowly slid my finger in.

The first went in easy, and I worked it in and out, while Carlie moaned and moaned. Finally I slid in the second finger, and that must have pushed her over the edge.

She began bucking wildly at my hand trying to shove it deeper and deeper.

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I felt her pussy tighten around me and she arched for a few seconds, reaching climax, then she relaxed on the bed. For a moment I thought that she had fallen asleep, then she sat up and pulled me on to the bed. I laid back on her bed and she leaned over me and slid down my boxers, revealing my 7 inch cock. She reached out her lips and kissed the tip.

It felt amazing and I let out a moan. I closed my eyes and began to imagine me fucking Carlie when I felt something warm around my shaft. She had slid my whole length in her mouth and began bobbing up and down. She was so deep that I could feel the end of my shaft hit the back of her throat.

I began rocking my hips with her mouth and was about to blow my entire load in her mouth, when all of a sudden it stopped. I opened my eyes and I saw Carlie climbing on top of me, straddling my stomach on her knees. She looked at me, smiled, and slid right down on my dick. It slid halfway in her pussy, and Carlie squealed in pain. I began to rock my hips and Carlie bounced up and down until my entire dick was burried in her beautiful pussy.

I began moving my body up and down, sliding in and out of her. It started slow and got faster and faster. Our bodies were moving in rhythm and I felt that tingling sensation building in my legs. All of a sudden she clenched up, her walls tightening around my cock and that was all it took. I began to buck wildly, as I felt the first spurt of my hot juice shoot into her.

For a few seconds, everything was perfect ecstasy, as she climaxed and milked me dry. We both screamed in pleasure, and I shoved as deep as I could into her amazing pussy.

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The sensation was amazing and we both collapsed on the bed. Carlie leaned up, kissed me, and whispered in my ear, "I can't wait for the next football game."