Muskulöse schwarze schwule Jungs demütigen weiße Twinks Hardcore 16

Muskulöse schwarze schwule Jungs demütigen weiße Twinks Hardcore 16
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One of the greatest feelings in the world is to wake up from a good sleep and find a beautiful woman lying beside you in bed. I, Jake Hamilton, was experiencing something twice as good that morning; TWO beautiful women, one on each arm, resting beside me, their warm bodies pressed up against me.

I let out a sigh of content.

This was the life. I had two sexy nymphomaniacs who used me to tend to their every need. What could be better? I was having more sex per week than most guys my age managed to snag in a year. And the sex was unbelievable. Even though I had only been sleeping with Cindy, my voluptuous forty year-old next door neighbor, for three weeks, and her smoking-hot daughter, Natalie, for only one week, it seemed as if we knew each other for years.

We knew each other's bodies better than we knew our own, knew where to touch, to kiss, to fuck one another. We were so perfectly in sync that I knew how each of them wanted to be fucked that moment without then needing to tell me. They likewise knew how to play with my cock, what speed and rhythm to stroke, suck and fuck it, how I liked my balls tickled, everything.

It was the perfect fit. I felt a stirring on my left arm. That would be Natalie, Cindy's busty, suntanned, angelic, 22 year-old daughter who had the best pair of tits I had ever seen. They were round, bouncy D cups, firm yet soft to the touch. She moved her leg so that now her thigh rested on mine, placing my leg against her pussy, which was warm and hairless.

I felt a tight pull in my groin as my dick became hard, growing larger by the second. She was grinding against me.

It took my a few moments to realize this, being to focused on my erection, but she was definitely moving up and down my thigh, slowly, but picking up speed. I heard her breathing become heavier. My cock was stiffer than a board, pulsing with desire. I felt Natalie come closer, moving her head off my chest, sliding it up to my shoulder.

I heard her whisper into my ear. " 'morning, lover," she said as I looked down at her, taking in her beautiful, tanned face with those magnificent cheekbones, her soft, full lips and her radiant green eyes. Her golden hair was scattered around her face, still looking sexy despite the fact that she had just awoken.

Her smile was impish, pretty with a bit of naughty in it, flashing her small, white teeth, parting those plush lips into an arc of allure. I smiled back and, moving myself very slowly so as not to awake Cindy, Natalie's enticing mother, who was sleeping on my right, I leaned in and kissed Natalie on her soft lips. She was the best kisser I had ever encountered. Our tongues met, curling and dancing around each other. Our lips remained glued together for a few minutes, each enjoying in the warmth of the other's mouth, our kiss growing more passionate by the instant.

I closed my eyes, savoring the moment, when I felt an additional pair of lips touching my body- specifically, on my erect cock. I removed my mouth from Natalie's and looked down my body. Cindy, who had been awoken by our make-out session, had made her way down my torso to my hardened manhood and began kissing it, firstly on the head, making her way down the shaft towards my balls.

I groaned with pleasure as she took my entire dick into her wet mouth, rolling her experienced tongue down my shaft, using it to occasionally give the head a little lick. Natalie taking her mother's lead, slid down the length of my body down to my crotch and began kissing my balls. They made an unmatchable team together, for Cindy gave me the greatest blowjobs, having so many years of practice and expertise. Natalie, although not as skilled at cock-sucking, was an undeniably better kisser, with those marvelously soft lips.

She used this to her advantage, pressing her lips against my penis and balls, sending jolts of pleasure up my shaft. The two of them had me on the verge of cumming, but I didn't want to surrender my load to them, not until I had a little fun with them first.

I moved backwards, hearing my dick falling out of Cindy's mouth with a loud pop. I was sitting upright now, gesturing for Natalie to come sit on my lap. She did so, straddling my waist with her long, shapely legs, her perfectly curved bubble-butt pressed up against my dick, which was firmly prodding her asscheeks. She wrapped her arms around my head and brought her chest up to my face, burying me in her soft, welcoming breasts.

Cindy, however, Didn't want to feel left out. She had followed her daughter's example, raising herself and bringing her firm tits into contact with my face. I was in a state of utmost bliss. I was having my face pressed up against two pairs of the most fantastically wonderful breasts i had ever encountered, better than any girl at school. As I rubbed my face into the warm flesh, as I licked and kissed and suckled on the four perky, hard nipples being thrust into my mouth, I reached downwards with both hands and searched with my fingers.

I finally found what I wanted. Both Cindy and Natalie twitched with pleasure as I sank my fingers into their warm, wet pussies, wriggling around, probing, causing the two goddesses before me to buck against my hands and moan loudly. My digits were soon drenched in their juices as they came, Cindy first, followed by Natalie after about thirty seconds.

They both collapsed upon the bed, breathing hard. I, however, was far from done.

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I pulled Cindy on top of me, bringing her to a straddling position about my cock. Natalie had already begun to rise so I allowed her to mount my face, placing her moist clit on my mouth. I began eating her out, passionately licking and kissing her inner folds, soaking up the warm liquids that were pouring out. She began grinding and bucking against my tongue. During this activity, Cindy, regaining her senses, raised herself slightly and in one smooth motion plunged my love stick inside her.

I was penetrating two pussies at once, one with my cock, the other with my tongue, both caused the girls to moan in ecstasy, in addition to increasing the speed of their bucking. As I brought my head back, gulping in air, I saw that Cindy, while keeping the pace at which she was fucking me, had leaned over, turned Natalie's head towards her and had begun making out with her, kissing her upper lips as I kissed her lower ones.

I resumed my pussy-eating immediately, digging in with my tongue deeper than before. In only a few seconds, Natalie came. Her orgasm was so powerful I felt her pussy lips quivering against me. Torrents of her liquids streamed down onto my face, bathing me in her sweet nectar. Natalie, who had just orgasmed for the second time that morning, fell sideways off of my face, where she lay, her legs twitching. Cindy, still unsatisfied, Lowered herself onto my body, grabbed my shoulders and launched herself, along with me, backwards, so that now I was on top.

I began to thrust into her, hard and fast, plowing her pussy with my stiffened cock. She was breathing hard now, gasping and moaning with pleasure. "oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard." I was close, I could feel it. I increased the speed, fucking her so fast that penis was like a blur, rapidly sliding in and out of her wet clit. Cindy was moaning so loudly, shouting for me that she was cumming, to fuck her harder, not to ever stop. It was her begging for me to fuck her that brought me over the edge.

I hammered in and out of her twice more before I pulled out and showered her with the warm spurts of my cum. After I had finished releasing on Cindy's prone body, I got up, dressed myself and said my goodbyes. I had to go home. My mom thought I was spending the night at my friend Matt's house, and if she knew I was really sleeping here, she would start asking questions.

And mom couldn't know, I'd be in so much trouble. As I exited the Farbenn's house, i saw my mom in the garden of the next house over, where we lived. I ducked behind the fence, praying that I had escaped her notice. Moving slowly, I crawled around the fence to the street and stood up again, making it seem like I had been walking down the street. As my mother glanced up from her gardening work she saw me and waved.

Good, she didn't suspect a thing. The rest of the morning was spent watching tv.

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I hadn't masturbated for three whole weeks, I simply didn't need to. Cindy and Natalie tended to my needs so expertly that when I wasn't with them I wasn't even vaguely horny. That afternoon, I said goodbye to my mom and left for the Farbenn's house.

I was worked so hard that day. Both Cindy and Natalie couldn't get enough of me. These insatiable nymphomaniacs wouldn't let me rest, taking turns on my dick, never seeming to tire of it. After two hours of non-stop pleasure, including the usual stuff (each of the hotties sucking and fucking my cock) and some "special treats" (anal, twice for Cindy), I was so exhausted by the effort, sweating so much that my rock-hard body was glistening, though the pussy juice that had been spilled upon it repeatedly probably helped with the glow.


With a quick farewell, I left both of the Farbenn girls covered in my cum and lying on the couch. I was still tugging up my pants when I exited the house, so I had a small heart attack when I saw my mom in our garden, standing on the opposite side of the fence between the two houses. I stopped trying to pull up my pants immediately, not wanting to attract any attention to them because my mother was clearly watching me, smiling and waving. This was a mistake.

I wasn't wearing a belt, seeing as how I wanted to remove my pants as fast as possible in my line of "work", to get things to run more smoothly with less distractions. I wasn't wearing any underwear for the same reason.

Unsupported by my belt or proper hold of my waist, my pants slid down, revealing my flaccid penis, dangling between my legs. I grabbed at my jeans frantically, trying to cover myself before my mom saw my manhood, but as I glanced up, blushing furiously, I knew that I had acted too late.

My mother, who mere moments ago had been smiling, had let her jaw drop in shock and had not even looked away as my cock swung into view. I was so scared at that moment, scared that she would figure out what I had been doing with Cindy and Natalie, scared that she would ground me and ban me ever going over to the Farbenn's again, that she would never look at me the same way, treat me like I'm someone else.

Weirdly enough though, she just started smiling again, this time in a sort of understanding fashion. "Go get your belt," she said, half laughing, "how did you even manage to keep your pants up, what with the work that you've been doing all morning?" I tried to form a reply but I was stuttering to badly.

I ran up to my room and grabbed my belt, wrapping it around my waste with as much speed as I was able to produce. The rest of the day was quite uneventful, not counting numerous advice about the hygiene issues of going commando given by my mom, which only serviced to increase the awkwardness of that day. We only talked briefly at dinner, after which I made a clumsy excuse and fled to my bedroom.

I spent the evening in my room, watching tv. After about three episodes of Game of Thrones, I heard the shower running. My mom, presumably.

Unbidden thoughts rushed through my head, sending images of my mother, wet and glistening, nude under the steady stream of hot water, a thin trail of liquid running down her neck, past her collarbone in between her heaving breasts. No! No I can't be thinking that! No matter how hard I tried, the image of my naked mother seemed to be imprinted on the inside of my eyelids. My cock was hardening, not bothered by the fact that I was fantasizing about my own mother.

Why was I thinking of her in this way? A sudden thought occurred to me. When I had left the Farbenn's this afternoon, when my pants slipped down and my mother saw my cock, did I not pull my pants up quickly on purpose?

Was it really an accident that my pants fell at the exact moment that my mother was looking at me? It's not my fault, I thought. I'm just a teenager and I can't control my hormones, right? I knew that she was my mother, but my dick did not. Hell, this is normal, right? I've seen a lot of porno's where a guy bangs his mom and feels kind of guilty at first.

This felt like one of those situations. I love my mom, but now I'm not sure HOW I loved her at this point. This wasn't just some confused teenage horniness, I was sure of it. This was lust, maybe with a touch of real emotional attachment. I looked down to see that my dick, made rock hard by forbidden thoughts of my mother, was straining my pants, begging to be released and stroked. I kicked off my jeans, sending them flying across the room.

I still had not put on underwear.

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My stiff cock sprung up and stood straight, throbbing. I grabbed my solid shaft and began to rapidly slide my hand up and down its length, running over all 7 inches of hard flesh. I was in ecstasy, groaning in pleasure as I masturbated to my mother.

I was close, so very close, when I heard a soft knock that I recognized as belonging to my mother. I quickly threw my blanket over myself as the doorknob turned.

My heartbeat was like a drum in my rib cage, hammering loudly as the door slid silently open. My mom walked into the room, clothed only in a fluffy white bathrobe. She was pretty, especially when taking into consideration that she was 38 years old. Her hair was a dark brown color. Sleek and long, it reached past her shoulders and trailed down her face, framing her delicate features. She was tall for a woman, shorter than me by about half a head. She had light skin, unblemished and soft-looking.

Mom's face was kind, almost always smiling sweetly with her full lips, her cheekbones perfectly chiseled. Her eyes, however, dominated her face. They were light brown, warm and gentle, and had a small twinkle of humor in them, making them almost seem to glow. There was an awkward silence, Mom standing in my doorway, wearing her bathrobe, and me, half sitting-half lying on my bed, with a large, throbbing erection concealed only by a blanket and the pressure of my hand over it.

I swallowed. After a minute or so, Mom spoke. " Jake, we need to talk." She whispered it so softly that I had almost missed it. With no reply ready at hand, I simply nodded.

" It hasn't been easy, you know, since your dad left," she continued. " I've been really lonely lately, and it hasn't been getting better, especially since you've taken that summer job for mrs.

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Farbenn." I held my breath. " I know you've been having sex with her." I let out a startled gasp. She knew!

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Oh god, what was Mom going to do to me? I was breathing really hard, suddenly noticing how dry my throat was. My mother, who had noticed all of this, had softened her look towards me but still did not smile.

I tried to speak but no words would come out. Finally after an immense effort, I managed to whisper "but how. How did you know?" Mom shook her head slightly. "Jake, I'm not stupid or deaf.

Do you know how much noise Cindy makes?" I shook my head, staring at my toes. "who was the other one, Natalie?" she asked. I nodded grimly, still not looking up. Mom continued. " it wasn't hard to figure out. When you were out I could hear extremely loud sex noises coming from the Farbenn's house. And the one night that you go out I also hear the sex go on for hours. I can put two and two together. And today, when your pants slipped," mom blushed a little, "that was the final proof, although I suspected it for a while." I was in total shock.

My mom knew, she had heard the fucking for three weeks and she knew I was the one doing it. What was going to happen now? I took in a deep breath and looked up, about to speak when I saw something that completely robbed my mouth of speech. Mom, my mother, had begun to undo the belt on her bathrobe and let it swing open, revealing a hairless and dripping pussy.

She allowed me several seconds to gaze at her love hole before shrugging her shoulders, sending her robe slipping down to the floor. My penis, which until Moments before had been subdued beneath my had, had broken free of its restraints and stood proud and firm, making a large tent in my blanket. Mom was beautiful. Her fair skin was glistening, sending small reflections of light from the tops of her round shoulders to her long, shapely legs.

Her breasts were incredible. Superb, supple C cups jutted out magnificently, sensuous globes of soft skin and tenderness. Stepping out from her robes, now laying in a bundle at her feet, she began walking towards me, graceful and enticing at once. When she had reached me, she pounced, almost ferociously, upon my body, grabbed my face with both hands and pressed her hungry lips upon mine.

I was lost in the ecstasy of the kiss, oblivious to anything else. Any nagging doubt concerning my affections for my mother had been swept away as our tongues collided, writhing and intertwining in our mouthes.

I felt the blanket that had been covering me being torn off and all of the sudden, Mom broke off the kiss. I let out a small groan of complaint, which was immediately quelled by incomparable pleasure as she lowered her mouth onto my stiffened member. That was when Mom gave me the best blowjob that I had ever experienced, even better than Cindy's.

She worked the shaft like a pro, sucking the first four inches, twirling her tongue around the tip with amazing precision.


I was moaning loudly, grunting with the pleasure of the blowjob, focusing on nothing but my mother's lips sliding back and forth on my hard manhood. Her mouth tightened around my 7 inches, making my cock throb. I was almost cumming when Mom's lips relinquished their hold, letting my dick flop out of her mouth. I groaned, not wanting to hold in my cum. She smiled, slowly stroking my cock, not letting me cum. "soon, baby, I just want you to get the whole package first." she said.

As she was saying this, she stood up and straddled my waist, her dripping, warm pussy hovering inches over my erection. "Before that though, you're going to have to eat me ouuuuu-" she began to say, interrupted by me jumping forward and enveloping her tight, wet hole in my mouth. Mom was delicious. She tasted so sweet, her slick juices running down my chin as she moaned, bucking against my tongue. I dug into her, deeper and deeper into her clit as she increased the volume of her gasping and grunting.

After many minutes of me eating my mother out she came, spilling her liquids onto my face, dripping the warm fluids down my body, running in torrents from her sweet warm pussy. She collapsed, almost falling to the floor before I caught her. We were both breathing hard as I lowered her onto the floor, positioning myself above her entrance. Our eyes met and she whispered, "fuck me big boy, fuck me hard." I hesitated a little.

" Mom, are you sure about this, I mean, once we do this, there's no going back." She looked at me, her warm brown eyes sparkling. " Stop talking and fuck me or you're grounded," she said, grinning sexily. That's all I needed to hear. With one hand on the floor to support my weight and the other grabbing hold of her heaving breast, I pulled back and with one swift stroke, plunged my entire 7 inches into her sopping-wet pussy.

She screamed in ecstasy as I entered her, sending both hands behind my back, clutching tightly. Her nails dug into my skin, causing long scratches to appear down my back but I didn't even notice. Mom's pussy was dripping and tantalizingly warm. Waves of pleasure flowed from my cock, making my brain reel.

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I had a significant amount of sexual experience (courtesy of the Farbenn girls) and impressive staminaat my disposal and I knew how to use them. I began to piston in and out of her, greatly increasing my speed by the second. With each renewed thrust she moaned, letting out a small gasp every time I slammed my cock inside of her.

Our bodies began to glisten with sweat, causing the tops of her luscious tits to shine. I felt a drop of my own sweat dripping down my back, made by the exertion of fucking my mom as hard as I possibly could, sliding onto the scratches caused by Mom's excitement. We were both breathing hard, tired by the intensity of our lovemaking and also invigorated by it.

I gazed up from Mom's bouncing breasts to find her staring at my toned body, my muscles hardened by the effort of my thrusting. I caught her eye and grinned. She stared at me, her rich brown eyes full of lustful abandon. She smiled at me, her plush lips parting to show pearly teeth. " Jake, I'm gonna cum, don't stop, fuck me harder. Oh god please don't stop!!!" she screamed, her eyes rolling back in ecstasy. My mother was begging me to fuck her harder, turning me on even more.

I, of course complied, straightening my back as I began to pound her soaking clit harder than ever before. I grabbed one of her legs for support as I slammed my hardened manhood deep within her at an alarming speed. Mom's orgasm was incredible. I had thought that she dug her nails into my back deeply before. I was wrong. As she squired her warm juices down the length of my shaft, she scratched my back so hard I was sure that I would have scars. As her orgasm subsided and her grip softened, she looked up at my face and brought a hand up to stroke the side of my face.

" You're incredible, Honey," she whispered in my ear. I kept plunging myself into her pussy until I finally came. I waited until the last possible moment, pulling out of her pussy just as I began spurting the steaming jets of cum from my cock. After eight powerful spurts Moms tits were coated in my cum, a small strand dripping down her chin.

I collapsed beside her, utterly exhausted. She curled up next to me, wrapping her arms around my body, laying her head upon my chest. " I love you mom," I said, leaning in to kiss her. Our lips met in glorious softness, my mouth sinking into hers. After a minute or so of making out, we left each other's lips, still gazing into one another's eyes.

As night fell and the hour grew late, we fell asleep, both of us still fully nude, in each other's arms. Thanks for reading, of you want anything specific to happen in future stories just let me know in the comments. Sagittarius69