Lesbian girlfriends pussylicking each other

Lesbian girlfriends pussylicking each other
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Wendy was the daughter of a minister.


She was 12 years old at the time with thick blond hair, piercing blue eyes, an average figure, but with large breasts for a 12-year-old, size 38D.

It was in the early 1960's and Wendy was in grade school in central California. It was a small rural community of only about 300, there were orange groves surrounding it in every direction, and her school was just outside of town. She was walking home from school alone one hot day in May.

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She usually walked with her girlfriends but that day she had gotten out two hours early as a special treat for winning a spelling bee. Wendy took the usual rout home along the railroad tracks, then across a large orange orchard. She was excited and wanted to hurry home to show her mom and dad her spelling award. As soon as she left the tracks and entered the orchard she heard footsteps.

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She turned to see three Mexicans walking quickly up behind her. Frightened by the thought of what they wanted, she started to run, dropping her precious award plaque, but she couldn't stop and pick it up.

"This can't be happening," she thought as she ran as fast as she could. Her parents had warned her about walking home alone through the orchards, but she had been so excited, and nothing had ever happened before. Suddenly six more Mexican workers stepped out from behind the trees directly in front of her.

She was abruptly grabbed from behind; a hand went roughly over her mouth. It was like being caught in a swarm of hornets. There were hands all over her, as she was lifted off the ground she thought they were going to pull her apart as they yelled in Spanish, fighting over her. Her dress was ripped away, leaving her in only her panties, bra, white socks and shoes. Then a demanding voice yelled from somewhere and they all got very quiet as a large older man stepped forward.

She was being held in the air by her arms and legs in a flat, almost level position. The large Mexican pushed between the two men holding her legs, as they moved apart spreading her outstretched legs even wider. He smiled, looking down at her crotch as he reached down; she heard the sound of a zipper. She knew what they wanted to do because she and her girlfriends had talked about boys, sex and even rape before.

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He pulled out a large knife and guided it slowly towards her crotch. Wendy screamed into her captor's hand and tried to get away, but she could barely move. He pushed his finger under the crotch of her panties, pulled it out and slipped the blade under the material.

She could feel the cold steel against the warmth of her special place, as her mother always called it. Wendy screamed again, but the hand over her mouth muffled it. The large man between her legs laughed as he slowly cut through the white cotton material, which was the only thing between her special place and him.

When he was finished cutting she felt the material fall away and her almost hairless pussy slit was exposed to a man for the first time in her life. He had the men lower her until she was even with his crotch. He moved the knife up to her bra and cut the strap between her breasts. All the wetbacks mouths dropped open in amazement as the bra fell apart and her beautiful huge tits popped out. They were spectacular, standing straight up, not sagging at all, with brown areolas and hard pink nipples.

Wendy's breasts had developed from nothing to their large size in just the last few months, and she had her first period just three months ago; her next one was due in a few days, according to her mother, who had been helping her keep a chart of it. She had been so excited at the thought of becoming a woman. But now she was about to pay the ultimate price just for being so young and fertile. Wendy couldn't see but she felt something warm and large pushing at her special place.

The man took his thumbs and pulled her pussy slit apart and quickly pushed forward. The pressure as his thick brown cock forced its way into the helpless young girls pink virgin pussy was almost more than she could bear.

His cock entered about two inches before hitting her hymen. Wendy's face contorted and tears ran down her cheeks as he tore through and kept on bushing deeper into her young womanhood. The man finally let out a grunt and she could feel his ball-sack pushing against her anus.

He was completely inside her, she was being taken; she wasn't a virgin anymore, and she began to cry. The tears ran down her cheeks as she thought, "What wood the people at her father's church say when they found out?" He began fucking in and out of her very slowly, saying "AAAAAHHHHhhhhhh" with each stroke.

Wendy could feel the dry walls of her cunt pulling on his cock as it moved in and out. She thought that it was going to split her apart it hurt so much.

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The other men grabbed her tits and began to squeeze and maul them without mercy. Wendy's eyes bulged as they twisted her hard pink nipples. Her young breasts were very tender as any young girl's developing breasts would be. He suddenly grunted and pushed in hard, and held there tightly. Wendy tried to scream, but the only sound she could make was, "MMMMmmffffff" as she felt the huge brown thing inside her jump like a snake trying to escape out through her tummy.

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It then began a steady thump, thump, thump, and she could feel something warm beginning to fill her way up inside. For a moment she was in shock, but after a few more thumps from his cock she realized that he was pumping sperm into her tummy, and she began to cry even harder. Her girlfriends had talked about how if a boy pumps his sperm into you, then that's how you get pregnant.

He just kept pumping, he hadn't had a woman since he had left Mexico over a year ago, and now this young blond, blue-eyed gringo bitch was going to take it all. Finally the thumping in her tummy slowed and then stopped.

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He looked into her beautiful blue eyes, smiled and rammed his cock into her belly hard one last time, then said something in Spanish that she didn't understand. Wendy turned her head away so that she wouldn't have to see his face. He pulled his cock back and with a wet, sticky, sucking sound it plopped out. She could feel a flood of warm juices flowing from her cunt down across her ass.

She was lowered to the ground and her knees were bent and pushed up to her chest, as hands came from above grabbing her ankles and pulling them up and over head, folding her almost in half.


She could feel her knees touching the ground behind her ears as those beautiful tits stuck straight up between her legs. She could feel the next wetback's cock at the entrance to her pussy.

As he pushed into her the hand that had been covering her mouth was removed and it was quickly replaced by a piece of her torn dress that was stuffed in. Wendy could hardly breath with the cloth in her mouth and, her legs being pulled up, one on each side of her head. She grunted and squealed like a stuck pig as the Mexican's cock head rammed into her uterus with such great force that it felt like her tummy would explode; all the men laughed as her eye's crossed and the painful grunt echoed from dept's of her gut.

With her legs stretch back over her head to their limits, a huge brown cock stuck in her tight little pink pussy, Wendy looked so young and helpless as the nine wetback Mexican field workers held down and raped the beautiful, blond haired, blue-eyed 12-year-old girl. The man raping her leaned forward until he was lying on top, then started fucking her slowly moaning and grunting. The stretched position she was held in, allowed his cock to be buried much deeper inside the young girl than the first man, opening up her depths even more.

Drool dropped in long strings from his open mouth onto her tits. He started sucking her nipples and Wendy's eye's rolled back into her head, she started moaning in pain from the sucking and his tongue moving across her tender nipples.

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He suddenly pulled the cloth from her mouth and kissed her hard, ramming his tongue into Wendy's mouth probing its depts. Her eye's popped wide open again. She had never been kissed before, and only heard of a French kiss, but always thought that it sounded so gross.

Now she was given no choice but to submit to his forced invasion in both her holes. She felt his saliva as it drooled into her mouth and had to swallow it or choke on it. Then with his mouth locked on hers, he moaned and she could feel his big brown thing start thumping hard up inside her tummy, just like the last man. The warm feeling spreading even deeper than before; She closed her eyes and tried to pretend that it wasn't happening, but it felt so strange, it was spreading so far up into her.

Her eyes opened wide, she had a very funny feeling in the depths of her tummy, a feeling that she could only describe as, a feeling of completion. Wendy had been impregnated.


The father of her baby was the wetback Mexican still on top of her continuing to pump more of his seed into her. For the next hour the funny feeling in her tummy made her completely submissive to their wishes as she lay there on her back, mouth open, eyes closed, as one by one they each took their turn in her.

Somehow her natural motherly instinct had taken over and told her to protect the unborn baby that had just been pumped into her whom. They released her arms and legs and she allowed herself to be fucked and kissed. Her bent legs made her feet bounced above their backs as they almost gently made love to the beautiful young girl and each man unloaded a years worth of seed into her.

When all the men had finished taking her, the large older man who had been the first to rape her dropped to his knees between her legs and guided his huge brown swollen cock to her slit once more. He lay down on top of her and pushed in again, and as he slowly fucked the young girl he began speaking in broken English, saying he was sorry but it had been so long since they had a woman and they had been watching her walk by every day for weeks, they all wanted the gringo girl with her blue eyes and blond hair.

Just then he closed his eyes, groaned and began pumping another huge load of his seed into Wendy filling her once more. She opened her eyes as an "AAAAAhhhhhhhh" escaped from her lips.

Then as suddenly as it began the rape was over. The Mexicans all disappeared and she could hear the sound of a cars engine start and disappear into the distance.

Wendy slowly stood up and gathered her torn dress and other clothing. She was crying again and tried to wrap the torn pieces of her dress around herself. Holding them together she slowly walked back to find her award plaque.

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It was scratched and almost broken in two where they had stepped on it. Wendy turned very slowly, tears streaming down her face, and walked towards her house on the other side of the orchard clutching her broken award to her breasts, as sticky white semen mixed with blood ran down the inside of her legs, she wondered what was going to happen to her…