Mujer chilena se tira vagipedos brutalmente

Mujer chilena se tira vagipedos brutalmente
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After pouring out her woes to Marge on the Friday, the weekend couldn't pass quick enough for Hailey as she was desperate to not only renew her fun and pleasure with Marge and her strap on but also find out if she had been able to get her friend to help out with her problem, though goodness knows how. Things got more complicated when Craig announced over breakfast, "Hope you don't mind love but have been invited out on Charlie's stag do at the weekend and he has promised it will be a bit special." Hailey knew that Charles de Mendonka was the spoilt son of the senior partner at Craig's work and the invite was a huge privilege and couldn't be declined.

Hailey was concerned about the following Saturday but Craig being out did give her a bit of a plan to at least get the kids out of the way. She called Craig's Mum & Dad who were more than happy to pick the kids up for the weekend which allowed Hailey to at least console herself that she could go through with the Saturday night dog sex show and delay Harry's threat of exposure for a little longer.

***** On Monday morning Hailey ushered Craig and the kids out of the door as she was anxious for Marge to show up so she could spend the day with her and Sam. Glancing at the text message from Marge she read, "see you at 10 xx" and then looking at the clock saw that it was just before nine, a whole hour to wait.

Then Hailey's gaze fell on Sam who was curled up in the corner, not sleeping but more resting, almost like he knew that today was a busy day for him. Hailey couldn't resist, her brain and body were screaming in unison as she stared at the very tip of Sam's red cock which she almost thought grew a little just from her looking at it.

Standing and divesting herself of her dressing gown Hailey patted the front of her thighs as she said softly, "Come here boy." Sam was over in a flash and started sniffing where Hailey was patting and soon found the source of the wonderful scent.

Hailey stood and opened her legs and arched her hips towards Sam's mouth allowing his long tongue to lap underneath from her anal star up to her pussy lips and across her clit.


Hailey moaned with pure pleasure and ruffling Sam's shaggy head encouraged him to lick more. Hailey lowered herself to the floor and lay on her back with her legs wide apart and her ass arched up off the floor to allow Sam complete access to her. Sam's rough tongue sent her over the top and as she flooded Sam licked event more intently feasting on her juices. Almost before her orgasm had subsided Hailey was on all fours and patting her ass in encouragement rasped, "come on boy fuck your bitch." Sam needed no second invitation and was up and inside, rising in one fluid motion and within a couple of thrusts Hailey started to orgasm again.

Sam fucked Hailey with ferocity and speed ramming his knot against her pussy lips so he could breed her. "Greedy cow, see you have started without me," said Marge who had appeared at the open bifold doors and watching the show intently.

"Seems you are pretty hooked on dog cock now," Marge laughed, "will have to see how you get on with the two boys I have just bought." Hailey looked into Marge's eyes just as Sam's knot slipped in and Marge could see Hailey's eyes roll with pure pleasure as Sam started to swell and begin his seeding. Hailey was whimpering as she said, "Oh it feels so dam good, I can feel his wonderful cum so deep inside me." Reaching under Marge tweaked each of Hailey's nipples in turn before sliding her hand lower and rubbing Hailey's clit as Sam spurted in her.

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As Sam lay on Hailey's back panting Marge stripped quickly before taking the strap on from the bag and stepping into the harness. Hailey's eyes lit up at the sight on the strap on and licked her lips as Marge said, "you are going to need to do the work today as have twisted my ankle a bit," and Hailey noticed for the first time that Marge's left ankle was heavily bandaged up.

Sam had pulled free of Hailey and she was more practised now in clamping her pussy shut to retain the seed inside her for a while rather than wasting it on the floor. "Lie on your back darling," Hailey whispered to Marge who lowered herself onto the floor with the strap on jutting up in the air smiling as Hailey straddled her. Rather than lowering herself onto the strap on Hailey moved until her ankles were either side of Marge's head and the lowered herself until her pussy was above her mouth but out of her reach.

Marge looked up and smiled as she saw the first drops of Sam's cum appear on Hailey's pussy lips and opening her mouth wide murmured, "mmmm yummy breakfast," as the first large dollop fell directly into her mouth. Swallowing eagerly Marge opened her mouth again like a hungry young chick in a nest demanding feeding as Hailey obliged by forcing drop after drop out.

Some fell in Marge's mouth but some splattered on her cheeks and chin until finally Hailey was almost empty. "Best check for any left," said Hailey as she lowered her pussy down onto Marge's willing mouth and started to grind her pussy against her tongue. Marge reached up and gently slipped a finger into Hailey's ass, finger fucking her slowly as she licked until she was rewarded with Hailey squirting her own juices mixed with the final vestiges of Sam's seed into Marge's mouth.

"Ride me," Marge ordered gently but firmly and Hailey moved downwards until she was hovering over the fake cock before lowering herself onto it with a loud moan of pleasure. As she started to hump on it their breasts mashed and Hailey frantically licked any cum she could find from Marge's face and chin. Instead of swallowing Hailey kept it her mouth and kissing Marge forced it into Marge's mouth with her tongue. Marge responded by pushing it back so that the two of them swapped the dog cum as Hailey rode the strap on deep and slow.

Hailey let out a small squeak of alarm as she felt a long cold tongue licking against her anal star and looking down at Marge said, "I think Sam wants to get in on the act." "I think we should let him, don't you," said Marge as she reached behind Hailey and pulled her cheeks apart as she said, "come on Sam mount." You could sense the hesitation with Sam as he danced around not quite sure what to do but the words gave him encouragement and he rose up and mounted jabbing blindly, hoping to find a hole.

Marge grabbed his cock and directed it to Hailey's anal star as the two women were locked in a deep kiss and as she let go Sam lurched forward and buried himself into Hailey's ass.

Hailey moaned into Marge's mouth, a moan which to Marge was probably the most amazing sound she had ever heard.

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Breaking their kiss Hailey locked eyes with Marge and said in pants," so. fucking. full.


burns. but amazing." Then burying her head in Marge's shoulders surrendered to the sensations running through her. Marge didn't move and just let Sam do the work as his thrusts in Hailey's ass forced her onto the strap on. The copious pre-cum from Sam had done its job and had lubricated Hailey's ass to the point that he was able to fuck it like it was her pussy. Hailey had never felt anything like it in her life as Sam drove into her ass and in turn the strap on went up into her pussy and Marge was also getting her clit stimulated by the rubbing of the carefully position nub on the inside of harness.

Sensing that Hailey was close Marge fastened her teeth round one of Hailey's nipples and bit down gently sending Hailey into raptures causing her to jerk around like a fish being dragged to a boat. Her writhing sent Marge over the top and as the pair yelled in orgasm together Sam spurted deep into Hailey's ass despite not being able to knot.

After Sam had pulled away Hailey stayed impaled on the strap on and looked down onto Marge's kindly face before kissing her softly and passionately. Marge returned the kiss and the pair stayed like that until finally they could stand and get themselves cleaned up. As they showered Marge said, "Julie will be round on Friday, she has already started to put a plan in place." ***** On Friday morning Hailey opened the door to see Marge's smiling face and behind her was a stunning woman dressed in a white suit with large wrap around dark glasses concealing her eyes and a fair amount of the surrounding area of her face.

"Hi Hailey," said Marge in her happy way, "This is Julie a good friend of mine who I think may be able to help with your little problem." "Well hello Ms Prosecco, good to finally meet you in the flesh," said Julie as she removed her glasses and looked intently at Hailey with a smile playing over her lips. Hailey found herself pinned by the brightest set of blue eyes she had ever seen that seemed to pierce her very soul and as it dawned on her who Julie was she blurted out, "Oh my god, you are the same Julie from Craig's office whose villa I …".

Hailey's words died in her mouth as she remembered the two dogs and the Spanish peasant that fucked her round the pool in Julie's Andalusian villa that no doubt Julie would have seen on her CCTV.

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Hailey blushed even deeper red as she realised why Julie had called her Ms Prosecco as it was her performance with the prosecco bottle that had bought the dogs the in the first place. "What have I told you about blaspheming?" said Marge as she patted Hailey on the ass before shooing her into the house with, "now put the kettle on and make us all a nice cup of tea, we have lots to discuss," pausing before she went on, "including why Julie here called you Ms Prosecco, sounds like a story I should know." Following Marge into the house Julie paused at the doorway and looked into Hailey's eyes and whispered, don't worry it will be alright," before also patting Hailey's ass which was almost a caress as she went on, "very nice ass indeed." Then shouting at Marge "and I want coffee not tea, you know I hate the bloody stuff." ***** Later that morning Hailey sat in the seat of Julie's sports car as they hurtled towards the kennels at what Hailey considered to a breakneck speed.

"You are quiet," said Julie as she steered the car round a sharp bend, letting the read end drift a little before putting the power back on to straighten up the car. Hailey just nodded, concerned if she opened her mouth she would lose her breakfast and gripped the door handle not sure if closing her eyes would help.

As they pulled to a stop Julie turned to Hailey and said, "just let me do the talking OK and whatever happens just stay still," and winking broadly slid out of the car in a fluid movement. Walking into the office, or what Harry liked to call his office, Hailey looked at the pictures of semi naked women pinned to the wall between posters for dog food and healthcare before Harry looked up and snarled, "you silly bitch I said Saturday, today is Friday and who the fuck is this cunt?" Waving his sweaty hand in Julie's general direction.

Julie said nothing, her face a serene mask as she carefully sat down and smoothed the creases in her skirt indicating with her hand that Hailey should sit before holding her hand up to indicate that Harry should stop talking.

Once he has fallen silent Julie began speaking in a measured and neutral tone, "The thing is Mr Dog, Hailey here fulfilled her end of the bargain and performed in your … show.

so now I think she should be released from future obligations, of course you will be compensated for your time & trouble in return for deleting the video." With that Julie removed a wad of notes from her handbag on her lap and placed them on the table in front of her.

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Harry just looked at the women in front of him and then at the pile of notes and then started laughing and in between snorts of laughter said, "you stupid bitch, you think I am going to let this money earner go, you can fuck off, I own her and she makes me a lot of money." Then he leered at Julie as he went on, "if you want I might be able to find you a spot, you look the type who might enjoy a bit of dog cock." Julie just gave a small resigned tut and Hailey turned to look at her when she heard a soft popping noise and felt a splash of something wet on her cheek.

Looking at Julie's hand she saw a small gun with a fat extended barrel that had a faint trail of acrid smoke escaping from it. Turning back to Harry who was sitting with his mouth open with a surprised look on his face, Hailey saw a small round hole had appeared in the middle of Harry's forehead and the wall behind him was splashed red.

"Oh well," sighed Julie as she tucked the gun away, "guess Mr Dog has retired from the kennel business so do you fancy a new job." Hailey was struck speechless as Julie went on to explain that she had already bought the kennels and would have let Harry retire had he not been so awkward. Then Hailey yelped in fear as the door opened and a man filled the doorway before stepping inside to be joined by another equally as large man. Both must have weighed in excess of 300lb and stood over 6'6" judging by the way they both almost had to duck to get in the room.

"This is Hugo & Viktor, your security," said Julie and then looking at Hailey's concerned face went on, "Don't worry about them, unless you have a cock & balls tucked away under that dress you are of no interest to them. Of course, you will need a front man and for that we have." Before Julie could finish a small and immaculately groomed effeminate man swept into the room and stood dwarfed between the two East European giants.

With a flourish and a low bow he said, "Randy by name and Randy by nature at your service madam," and then with either hand tweaked both Hugo & Viktor on their asses causing them both to grin broadly. "Marge will join you of course," said Julie like she was ticking of a mental list, "the guests are all expecting a show in just over 24 hours time so it's up to you as she pushed over a legal looking document." Hailey glanced at the document and it was the ownership deeds to the kennels with her name clearly shown as the sole owner.

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Hailey thought about it for a second and looking at Marge's smiling face nodded as she said, "Looks like we have a show to put on."