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Young girls free porn movie scene scene
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He had watched her almost unblinking at dinner. He just had to wait a few more hours, then their father would be out-of-town for a week and he'd get re-acquainted with his little sister. Remy Abale was 19, still living at home not that was bad but he didn't do shit. Just hanging out all the time and fucking everything in sight. Their father had put his foot down. at least about bringing girls home; and had given him one more year, which was quickly running out, before he had to get a job or enroll in school.

Until then he was a mooch. Benja Abale his half-sister was freshly 17, though she hardly looked it. She was off for summer break With the exception of their last name Benja and Remy didn't have anything in common, anymore. They used to be very close, best of friends, they went everywhere together did everything together. Their father didn't like their closeness and saw a welcome relief when high school and different cliques had taken its toll putting a visible strain on their closeness.

Remy, cocky as hell and charming when he wanted to be, was tall, slender, and athletic with a great body he was very proud of, and already adorned with several tribal tattoos his father hated.

But as Remy noted after their first fight on the subject once they were on there was nothing to be done about it. Remy had fierce, focused deep blue eyes and dark auburn hair that was long past his shoulders. He normally wore it in a ponytail but sometimes he wore it in a long braid, like now. He was the spitting image of his father Jay, but had fair skin like his mom, who had left their father and him just after he was born. A year half later Benja was born to his father and his new wife; Benja quiet, sweet, book-worm.

She took after their father who was olive complected, Benja came out deep honey brown with jet black hair and light brown eyes. Benja, 5'6" had great sexy trim frame but with curves like her mom, large 36D breasts, a small waist and cute round butt. Both inherited their fathers lavish eyelashes and brows. And when they went out, most people thought they were friends or dating as opposed to normal bickering siblings, and even then thought one or the other was adopted.

Benja's mom had died several years earlier, since then it had just been the three of them. With their father Jay trying to make sure they always had everything they needed or wanted. That was a tall order with Remy and thus their father was always working. He was very successful … as a business person.

but as a father he was a little lacking to say the least; he still hadn't realized that getting them 'things' wasn't as good as him being at home. The week-long business trip that would take him half way around the world, and afford them an expensive luxury trip to Europe just after.

Remy rubbed his aching cock, anxious to get things started,he had looked for a way to just be alone with Benja since it all started several months before, when he had gone into her room to try a talk (bully) to her so he could get the weekend to party; he ended up getting a look at her laptop. She was always on the damn thing typing away even during her spring break, so he knew it wasn't homework. Looking though her folders and files, he found out why.

He saw pictures after picture of her half-naked pictures posing provocatively with a 'cum fuck me' look, he almost came in his pants right then; his little sister was fucking hot. Everything about her intrigued him at that point. Her full lips pouting or smiling, her large jutting breasts, hidden behind over sized t-shirts, her big brown eyes hidden behind her glasses. She was revealing herself through her pictures, to be a smexy piece of ass, and untouched piece of ass at that. Remy began trolling chat rooms looking for her and started chatting her up pretending he was Cody18.

Knowing so much about her it was easy to be added to her friends list and then get her to accept PM's from him. It was so exciting, seducing his sister online then bugging the hell out her during the day.

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At school and at home she was still seemingly the sweet clumsy, na? nerd he grew up with. On line he got her to open up about things she never talked to about him or their dad about.

And soon enough they were talking about sex. Benja admitted that she was a virgin and was really looking forward to her first time. Cody18 was not too shy in offering his services. At first Benja declined, staying offline for a full week. Remy had thought he scared he off, but she came back and as their online relationship continued and he kept asking she became more open to the idea even asking what he would do to her. Remy as Cody18 went into detail of how her first time with him would be, hearing Benja masturbating late at night afterwards.

She wasn't his little sister any longer but his sexy 17-year-old sister; to top things of she was a virgin too, he was priming himself to deflower. Remy was head over heels. The dark side of him loved the idea. he had fantasized how he could make use of her body and her erotic thoughts, while taking her virginity.

He had gone back and forth, should he really be thinking of her that way? This wanton little slut living right in the same house. His dick aching and longing to be inside her, any part of her, her mouth, her cunt.


Hell, even her ass. The decision was made though he still had reservations but those were quickly falling away. Now their father was going out-of-town, Benja had told he and her father she didn't have any plans with friends until Wednesday, her friends going out-of-town for a holiday, while Remy knew she was planning on meeting 'Cody18'. Remy had said he was going out-of-town for a weekend concert, bragging about his tickets and great seats.

She seemed to buy it without hesitation. Remy's cock lurched in his pants with excitement at the next few days prospects. He stood in the laundry room now. Though most of the clothes were his, he liked that Benja was such a clean freak and ended up doing all the house work. He had just gotten into an argument with his father for not helping around the house.

It had been so long since he'd washed anything he didn't know where anything was. He inspected two cabinets. " BEN-EE!!. BEN-EE!!" he called his sister by the nickname he knew she hated. " What?!" Benja shouted, coming into the laundry room angrily. " I can't find anything." " Did you look?" She put her hands on her hips. He watched her breast bounce in her shirt as she did, smiling to himself.

Soon, those would be his. " Yeah." He answered. " The detergent is up here." Benja reached her body up, balancing an arm on the washer to a cabinet over them getting a new bottle of detergent. Remy was taken aback seeing her stretched long, her lean but curvy body on display she normally wore jeans but with 'Cody18' telling how good she looked,her confidence was growing.

She was wearing short shorts with a black strip down the side and a baby doll t-shirt. She was bare foot and her full sexy calves caught his attention as she stood on her tip toes reaching to the shelf, his eyes meandered up the length of her leg to her round bottom just peeking out of her shorts, she had her long black hair in two braids.

" Remy." Benja shouted at him over her shoulder. " What?" he said coming back to he current situation. " Here's the soap will you get it I can't reach it." Instead of moving her to the side, Remy stood right behind his sister reaching over her taking a whiff of her hair. She smelled like ginger and sugar. He reached of languidly slow pulling down the box of soap, letting his hand brush against her large breast as he put the box in front of her. " Do you need this shirt washed?" Remy pressed against her cupping her breast.

Benja shuddered at his touch. " Oh my gawd, get off me you jackass. All you had to do was look up there." she pushed away from Remy storming for the door. Remy, his cock throbbing moved quickly closing the door before she could reach it then turning her pressing her against it, his hand at her breasts. She wanted to shout stop, but she didn't. He pulled at her nipples roughly smiling down at her " Remy stop." she pouted pushing on him with one hand and covering her breast with the other.

Remy trailed his hand down his sisters waste and in between her legs. She pressed her legs together to stop his advance.

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" Let me touch it." He whispered lowly, his hot breath against her neck. " Remy don't!!" she shouted still pushing against him, her head turned away from him. He let his hand slip between her warm thighs, though just below her mound, not touching it but so close and looking at her face he knew she wanted him to touch her. " Remy!! &hellip.


stop you freak!" she said louder. Remy pulled back from his sister, not wanting their father to come in, adjusting his cock in his pants. He caught her staring at the bulge. " You want to see, come to my room later, I'll show you." Benja looking confused and frazzled her skin tingling, her face red and hot as she quickly opened the door and left. Remy started the washer. Benja was really going to get it now, Remy thought. As he started piling his dark clothes into the wash, and hers along with it.

He did think about throwing her whites in but thought better of if not wanting his father on his back for screwing up the wash. He threw Benja's clothes in one article at a time. Inspecting her t-shirt short some lace bra. Then several pairs of her panties, pink with black trimming and vice versa. He stopped, they were cute and sexy and for and instant it flashed in his mind her wearing them and what his friends might say, his cock jerked in his pants feeling the silky material. He went to through the article of clothes in the rising water but still held on to them.

he clinched his jaw rubbing the fabric in his hands, he looked cautiously over his shoulder then put the soiled fabric up to his nose inhaling deeply. His cock lurched stronger this time. He closed his eyes inhaling again. She smelled good, light sweet.

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He needed a new pair of panties for his late night jerking off. He would have to replace her panties after so many days or else she'd miss them.

He opened the panties after looking over his shoulder again and opened them up looking at the crotch stained thick with her juice. It was still fresh. He wondered how she got so much on her panties. Thoughts of her fingering herself dashed through his thoughts, making his pulse race, his cock as stiff as a board now. He heard Benja's voice in the hall calling to her father and he threw the clothes in the water with the exception of her panties which he tucked in his pocket.

xxxx That night Remy was feeling anxious. He had waited for Benja to come to his room but she didn't show, so he'd have to go see her. Remy sneaked down her hall to Benja's room,he had just a few more hours til his father was on a plane heading on his business trip but he couldn't wait, his hand on the doorknob thinking for a moment to turn back but it wouldn't do any harm to look in on her.

He couldn't wait to see her when she got up. He opened the door quietly standing in the doorway for several moments thinking about what was he doing but something inside him wanted to see her.

He crept slowly in her room, his heart pounding, thoughts racing.

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He stood over her huge king size bed. When he started high he had told his father he wanted a larger bed because HE had literally outgrown his twin size and Benja wanted a new bed too. It was too big for her then just like now. Remy stared at her sleeping. She she had kicked all the blankets off and lay wild, sprawled out in the soft deep cherry red sheets. She was wearing a tight tank top that barely contained her two full 36D globes and a small black and pink pair of bikini panties.

His cock pushed in his boxer-briefs and he grumbled uneasily, This was his sister, his little sister. but she was so fucking hot. How could he have not seen it before? He was wondering how many other guys she had turned on; how many guys maybe guys he knew, jerked off thinking about her, fantasized about her. He slid as light as he could, on the bed, moving gradually beside her.

He laid there just a moment, his thoughts clouded. Should he be doing this, his little sister. He listened to her breathing watching her chest rise and fall. Without thinking his hand palmed her left breast lightly feeling its firmness. his cock was pushing against his boxers. He brushed his thumb over her nipple, it immediately began to swell and raise against the soft cotton fabric of her night-shirt. He lightly trailed his hand down her body feeling the curve and supple softens of her skin where her shirt ended, to where her panties began.

He dipped his finger ever so lightly between her legs over her pubic bone to her mound even through her panties he could feel the heat between her legs and the crotch of her panties were quite wet.

That must be some dreamRemy though. Soon she'd be dreaming about him. He slid down further on the bed to her crotch, easing himself between her legs, his face just a hair from her covered pussy lips, breathing in her scent. It sent ripples of excitement through him. His cock lurched stronger this time he closed his eyes inhaling again; she so smelled good, light sweet. He already had a few pairs of her soiled underwear that he used to jack off with but this was fresh, and delicious.

His lips parted ready to bite down on her, wondering if she shaved her pussy bare or what lovely design she had it trimmed too. Benja started, moaning and rolling her head, he pulled back ready to bolt from the room. But she settled, rolling over in the bed, on her stomach, her panties not able to fully cover her round shapely bottom and slid up into the crack of her ass, in essence she looked as if she were wearing a thong, Remy's favorite type of underwear as his cock pulsed and twitched in appreciation of the sight before him, butterflies rose from his stomach,but he stepped back from the bed, willing himself to leave her room.

He wanted her so bad, But he had to wait just a while longer. He pulled the door shut watching her, fighting with new uncomfortable thoughts, and he decision he had made. " Is Benja okay?" Remy jerked with a start, turning to see his father coming down the hall already half-dressed for his trip. " Hmmh. yeah shes fine just see if she was awake to make breakfast." Remy was shaking head to toe, if he had stayed a moment longer his father would have caught him.

" C'mon Remy, she not your maid or cook. You're up, you make breakfast." " You're right, dad." " I mean it too. don't give her a hard time this week you can do whatever as long as you don't get in too much trouble no parties at the house you hear me." " Yes sir." x A sleepy and groggy Benja got up just long enough to kiss her father goodbye and wish him a safe trip, before she crawled back into bed, but Remy couldn't sleep. His nerves on end and resolve set to have his sister.

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Remy paced in his room his dick in his hand. He hadn't jacked off all night and he wanted to get down to business with Benja.

He could have easily taken her in her sleep when their father left but he didn't want to do it like that. He heard her bedroom door open finally. He peeped through the crack in his door. He had put his car in the garage which he rarely did knowing she would think he wasn't home. Dressed in a white bikini, and her hair pulled up in two ponytails on either side of her head.

Her deep honey brown skin looked delicious offset against the white of the too tiny string bikini she was wearing. She fumbled through the frig getting a drink before heading out by the pool with her laptop. He was really gonna do it, have sex with his sister. His mouth-watering seeing her sexy nubile lithe body as she laid out on the pool chair on her stomach and began typing away.

x Benja was checking her IMs and email for word from Cody18. Today was the day, she was expecting to have her mail full, but nothing. She had been waiting and planning for it for so long. She had taken a long hot bath and cleaned up on preparation for the weekend of sex she had hoped to have. She also had a plan in place if Cody18 turned out to be not as good-looking as he had said. Her bikini bottoms were already wet, she was so turned on and so scared, her hands were shaking as she typed on her laptop trying to get him to respond to her IM.

She turned with a start feeling a large hand on her lower back. "REMY!!! What are you doing here!!? I thought you were leaving for the weekend!" She sat up feeling expose trying to cover herself with her towel. "Change of plans." "But." she stammered trying to think of a way to get him to leave, her plans seeming to dissolve. " Expecting someone?" he asked when she kept looking at the door.

"Ahhh." she was still thinking.

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"Cody18's not coming." " What.?" her breath caught. "What?! How do you know him?" "I know a lot of things," he said sitting down next to her. Benja moved to get up and Remy grabbed her wrist. "Where ya going?" "Remy let me go." she yanked her arm, but he held her fast. "I told you Cody18's isn't to coming." Benja's eyes widened.

"I guess I should say he's already here." His eyes glinted, a sexy smug smirk on his lips. Benja's heart was pounding, as she tried to make sense of what he was saying. "Those pictures you sent were really hot, I can't help jacking off every time I see them." Benja recoiled as Remy leered at her. "What pictures?! What are you talking about?! You're my brother!" she was outraged but more confused.

"Yeah, who else to better take care of you and protect you." he pulled her down next to him. Then leaning into her he said, "I can make you first time the best." " It was you." Benja looked horrified. All the feelings she had harbored for Cody18 she was realizing it was all a lie. It was her brother. "Why? Why did you do it? That's so mean.

" She was beginning to cry feeling the horrible sinking feeling of his cruel joke. She closed her eyes tight as if to make herself invisible.

"What are you talking about? I wasn't joking." He paused releasing his firm grip on her wrist so she could drink in what he was saying to her, understand what was about to happen.

"I meant everything I said. You are wonderful, beautiful. sexy and I do want to fuck you." She had stopped breathing when he said it was all true and now she gasped for air looking over at him. He a small sincere smile on his lips. She looked around though as if waiting for someone to pop out and say it was a joke and eventuate would see it soon online or something.but nothing happened. Just Remy staring at her, holding her hand. Benja's stomach flipped hearing her brother talk that way about her.

She had seen girls he had dated and they were beautiful but he was saying she was beautiful too and he wanted to have sex with her. fuck her. She had masturbated most every night when he had a girl in his room, being able to hear their moans clearly in hers.

She had even sneaked to his door peaking in watching him destroy each girl and leave them happy and wanting more before he moved to the next. Benja sat in shocked silence for several minutes. Remy stared at her, his lips parted, tongue poked out licking them. Benja's mound tingled. her mind was spinning. Could this really be happening? Any thoughts, sexual thoughts she had about Remy she had forced from her mind, she had such a crush on him growing up, she loved being around him; but once he started high school and high school girls, he forgot all about her.

But to know the boy she was ready to give herself too was actually Remy? " Are you scared?" Remy asked finally seeing her expression relax a bit, stroking her thigh. Benja was breathing hard her chest heaving. " No" she mutter looked up at him innocently. Remy almost jumped out of his skin. " You're not?" She shook her head no again. Licking her lips in anticipation absently. " Did you mean what you wrote?" she asked coyly, curiously.

Remy still reeling looked confused for a moment. " That you would teach me." she continued unable to deny the spark of excitement that flitted through her. " Yeah. yeah I meant it." his heart was pounding, he wanted her so much. He had never been so turned on. He leaned forward his hand going up her thigh slowly she looked down watching it.

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He looked at her lips moving in to kissed her. Apprehension came back as she pulled away " Its okay." he whispering closer and kissing her softly.

He had never been so gentle with a girl not even his fist time as he was being with Benja now. Their lips touched sending electric pulses through them. He was tasting forbidden fruit, he could taste the light berry flavor of her lip gloss, the soft warm feel of her full lips. His body on fire with want and excitement. Their kisses were soft tentative, searching and exploring each others mouths. Any slight sound besides the two of them breathing caused Benja to jump or squirm.

" No ones here B. It's just us." he stroked his sister arm encouragingly as she looked around still on edge with what they were doing. Remy looked over her body, his hand navigating up her thigh, hip to the curve of her waist.

Her skin was so soft,supple. Benja felt shy, trying to cover up with her towel.

" Let me look at you." he pulled the towel away from her throwing it to the side She averted his hungry gaze shy again.

He hands roamed over the untouched territories of her body. " You look so beautiful." " Really? You're not just saying that are you?" She smiled at him, still unsure about the whole thing but loving the feel of his big hot hands all over her. " No, its true." He knew was the luckiest man on earth right now to be with her.

He laid her back on the pool chair, pulling up her arms and wrapping them around his neck, as he kissed her again. Deeper, harder this time, laying on her. The weight of him on her felt good and she mewled sweetly. Soon their kissing was an urgent flurry of tongues and lips. Remy trailed his hand over Benja's body up to her breast.

She moaned in surprise and delight. " Should we really do this?" Benja hissed through the kissing, feeling her pussy flooding as Remy mauled her chest. " Yes. Yes" Remy sat up trying to reassure her, not wanting her to chicken out when he was so close to being inside her.

" Who better to teach you on your first time than someone who already knows you and loves you." Benja's stomach flipped again, they did really love each other no matter how they fought and she was one of the few people who could tell when he was lieing and he was as sincere as he had ever been right now. She knew it was wrong to want it to be with him like this but she didn't care, not anymore. She pulled him down kissing him hard on the mouth. He maneuvered himself smoothly between her legs, pressing his bulging cock against her.

She mewled rolling her hips under him as they continued to kiss. His hot mouth moved to her cheek then her ear and neck as his tongue flicked and rolled lush slow circle on her skin as he slipped her breast from her bikini top.

He pulled back looking at her huge honey brown globe. " Oh fuck. It's so big and soft." he said squeezing then looking at her flushed red face. Benja blushed looking away for a moment. Remy took the hard erect berry brown nipple in his mouth sucking it looking at her while he did.

Benja moaned biting her lip to stay quiet. " You don't have to hold back." Remy said looking up with her nipple in his mouth "If it feels good, say so. Let me hear it. Guys like that. I really like that." Benja began to moan loudly anytime Remy made her feel especially good.

He took his time playing with her breasttaking one nipple then the other in his mouth, sucking and licking them. Remy was taking his time, letting her feel and enjoy everything. Not wanting to rush her. " Can I see it?" Benja asked. She had been rubbing his cock through his shorts as they continued to kiss.

" Hmm." he smiled. Now they were getting some where. "See what?" He asked coyly. She swallowed looking sheepish."Your." " My cock." His voice was low firm and sexy.

She nodded innocently smiling, her body tingling. " OK." He sat back, then stood. His excitement was clear, his shorts tented as his erect member was straining for freedom. "Pull it out." Benja reached for him slowly. Her eyes wide with lust and anticipation she pulled his shorts down over the bulging erection. She had seen glimpses of it, spying on him but this was the first time she had seen it up close. The tip was a deep purplish red, veins pulsed on the rather long, thick pole of meat, as it twitched and bobbed in front of her.

Remy looked down proudly. " Do you like it?" " Yeah its nice. so Big." Then, her expression changed realizing that was supposed to somehow fit inside her. " Whats the matter?" " How is that gonna fit?" " Oh it'll fit just fine. touch it" She grabbed him, gently stroking. Feeling the length and width of him in her hand. The hot skin in hers. The tip was oozing precum and made it very sticky. " You can do it harder than that." She looked up at him, then held his thick appendage more firmly in her hand, and began stroking him.

Remy watched her as she began stroking him.


His sisters hands on his cock adding to the wonderful dirty erotic feeling going through him. Benja paid attention to Remy's sounds and moved her hands slower or faster depending on how he moaned. Soon Remy was reaching his limit. " B. do you want to feel me come?" He panted. " Yes." she said eagerly " Then put it in your mouth right now!" She hesitated only a moment, but then quickly sunk her mouth down on him.

That was all he needed. She bobbed her head on him a few times before he grabbed her head. taking her ponytails in his hands like, horns, and plunged himself into her mouth shooting his hot load into her and painting the back of her throat with his seed.

Benja surprised by the sudden mouthful of fluid tried to pull herself from him but he held her head fast so she could so nothing but swallow the load. The hot salty bitter taste of him, sliding down her throat. Remy stayed planted in her mouth a few more moments as his orgasm ebbed, stroking her hair, then pulling out his still erect cock.

He was so turned on, he was already ready for more. "Did I do it right?" Benja asked. "Absolutely." Remy said stroking her hair." How did I taste?" " Bitter. It was okay I guess." she wiped her mouth.

" You'll get used to it." He said sitting back next to her and leaning her back. He intended for this to just be the start of a nice long sexual relationship with his sister.

"Let me taste you." Benja tensed as he untied her bikini bottoms. " Oh yessss." Remy sighed happily seeing her shaved bare pussy smiling up at him. He opened her leg wide letting them lay draped across the arms the chair looking at her untouched (by a man) pussy. The lips glistening with the flowing nectar coming from her. He slid back the folds her petals seeing he pinkness of her wet flesh. Her clit was swollen and pink poking up. His thumb brushed against it Benja moaned happily as current of pleasure pulsed through her.

" You like that huh,?" he said looking up at her biting her lip, looking insanely sexy. He rubbed the hard nub again. Benja eyes rolled up in her head as she rolled her hips. Remy unable to hold himself back closed his hot mouth on her inviting clithis wet flat tongue licking it, languidly as Benja rolled her hips into his mouth. Remy while still licking the length of her wet slit paying special attention to her clit, sunk two fingers into her tight sopping hole.

Benja jerked with surprise and delight as her brother's long thick fingers glided in and out of her. " Ahh. Remy. Remy. its feels so good." Her sweet voice crying out in pleasure fueled him to continue. Remy turned his two fingers up as he finger fucked his sister letting them rub against the fleshy part fo her just under her belly.

Benja moans turning to wild screams of delight let him know he had found her G spot and her rubbed it furiously, sucking her clit simultaneously. Her legs clamped around his neck as she jerked and convulsed coming violently around his fingers and tongue, he felt her insides try to clampdown on his fingers and her clit throb, As wave after wave of intense pleasure crashed into her flooding her sense. Then almost as suddenly as it hit her she tensed, breathless, then collapsed.

Her chest heaving happily looking down at him in shock and awe. Remy pulled the towel up from where it had been discarded and lifted Benja's bottom up putting the towel under her then, moved between her legs. She smiled at him faintly under half-moon lids. " Are you ready?" She looked down between them at his twitching pulsing slick cock.

She swallowed tightly as he rubbed the head of his cock in her still flowing juices. He was ready. His lust taking over his thoughts. An animal need to be inside her was about to overwhelm him. He looked at her scared but excited face. " It'll be okay. Alright?" She nodded, throwing her arms around his neck. Remy's heart was pounding in his chest against Benja's.

It drove him on and he grunted loudly into her neck. Benja was so hot and tight. Tighter than any girl he had ever been with, considering he was actually fucking his little sister as well, he was ready to come already. The fact that he had to go incredibly slow helped.

Remy gradually pushed himself into her, a little at a time. Pushing in, pulling himself outthen pushing in a little further. Benja gritted her teeth. Remy did that several times until he hit the wall.

He pulled back, looking down on her. " You ok?" " Yes." " You ready?" " Yes" she breathed kissing him. Remy pulled out slowly, holding Benja's legs open. Then sunk the full weight of himself on her breaking through and sinking all the way into her to the hilt. He felt her tense and she nipped hs lip before gasping. All which sent shudders of erotic delight through him. He was his sisters first. " Did it hurt?" he said licking the spot of blood from his bottom lip. " A little." she winced still trying to get comfortable with him planted deep inside her cunt.

She was breathing hard takin in his size and wight on her. " Do you want to stop?" Please don't say yes. " No,please don't stop. I'm okay." she said smiling. "I want you to fuck me Remy," Relived and overly excited, he began to pump into her, it was hard for him to contain his excitement as tight as she was. But he went slow as he could at first. Hearing her panting moaning in his ear, kept turning him in. Fucking his sweet little sister.

As he moans got light and higher pitched he knew she was enjoying it more. " I'm gonna go faster now ok." " Ok." He picked up his pace, still trying to will him self from coming too soon he wanted her to come once more before he did. He glided in and out of her fast then slowing down then picking up speed again. Soon Benja began rolling her hips into him, driving him crazy. He pinched her nipples sucking her neck as he continued to pound into her, her moaning increasing.

" I'm coming Remy." she hissed as he licked her ear. "I'm coming," He propped himself up over her wanting to watch her come again this time with his dick in her. " Haaaannnnnn." she began t moan while her cunt again, twitching and gripping him squeezing n his cock hard as another orgasm wracked her body and she shuddered and jerked in delight under him.

Her face contorting happily as she came hard again this time around his dick. He didn't stop his assault on her cunt pumping harder and harder until his cock pulsed. " Remy! NO! Not inside!" she shouted, but it ws too late. Remy burst like a dam inside her. filling her stream after stream with his hot thick cum. His body moved automatically, rocking into the tight silky cunt of his sister as his balls emptied into her. He finally stopped relaxing and laying on her, panting with a dazed smile on his face.

They lay in their cum filled haze for several minutes. " You better be glad I'm on the pill." Benja said scowling, as he sat up wiping his brow.

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He was glad. " Can we do it again?" her smile returning. " Yeah. as much as you want. We have all week."