You are going to look so hot as a princess

You are going to look so hot as a princess
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I last left you with having spent Friday night at Kim's place hoping John would come over. Read my last story if you want to know more. But here is the next chapter. We both slept in till late afternoon Saturday. We talked some more and Kim told me that she was feeling better about John but I could tell that she was not telling the truth because it showed in her eyes and on her face.

Kim was just making me sad as well so I told her I was going to head home. When I got home it was almost 6 o'clock at night. I walked in through the front door my head hanging down and I guess with sadness showing on my face.


I walked into the living room where my dad was sitting and I flopped myself down into the chair across from him. I hung my head down into my chest.

"Hey girl why so sad you guy played a great game today," my dad said looking over at me. "What dad?" I asked. "Your man John, his first game was today and they won," dad replied. Shit I had forgotten all about him playing the first game of the season. That was why he had not come over to Kim's last night. His first game of the season was on the road, it was an away game and the team they played was out of our state. I figured that the team had left Friday afternoon. I thought about calling Kim and telling her.

But decided not to as if she paid more attention to what John did she would have known that. "Their bus should be back in town around 11pm." my dad said. "Care to go down and welcome the team home?" dad added giving me a smile. "Can we," I said jumping up and down as my dad just shook his head yes as he watched my tits bouncing away. I spent the rest of the night deciding what to wear. I wanted to look my best for John.

I also thought about just what I was going to tell him. I decided to just tell him the truth that I was in love with him. I got dressed and I checked myself out in the mirror.

I had on a red sweater, jeans and a pair of high heel boots. My sweater was tight and low cut it showed plenty of cleavage as my boobs over flowed out the top of it.

I bent over a little and when I did you could pretty much see both of my boobs almost right down to my hard nipples. I checked my jeans as well; my hot little ass was packed tightly in them and my pussy was showing some camel toe as well as I had no panties on.

I walked down stairs and into the living room where dad was sitting in his chair waiting for me, I walked in and I asked, "So do I look OK?" Dad looked up and his mouth dropped open he just stared at me for a few seconds before he replied, "You look wonderful." "This sweater does not show too much does it?" I asked him as I bent over in front of him flashing him my evil grin smile along with my tits.

Dad's eyes went right to my tits; he just stared at them as I gave them a little shake as he replied, "Not at all." I stayed bent over making it like I was fussing with my boots. Christ my pussy started to throb as I teased my own dad with my tits.

I stood back up and I walked over to him with my big tits swinging. I put my arms around his neck and I said, "Thanks for taking me down to see John come home dad," as I kissed him fully on his lips. Dad seemed a little shock but he managed to mutter out his reply, "Your welcome." Dad and I drove down to the college and into the parking lot. I was surprised to see so many people there.

I told my dad there was John's car and that we should park over by it. Dad pulled his truck near his car and we both got out. Dad dropped the tail gate of his truck and we sat on it. The bus pulled in shortly to the cheers of the group of people, dad and I.

The coaches got out followed by the players as we all cheered again. I saw John get off the bus and people were shaking his hand and patting him on his back.

Every one started to walk back to their cars, dad happened to look up and he saw John walking to his car. I looked up to see John was tossing a football up into the air and catching it as he walked with his bag thrown over his shoulders. My pussy started to tingle as he got closer.

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Dad told me here he comes. I told him you go talk to him I will wait here. Dad walked over to him just as he tossed the game ball into his car. It was a little dark in the parking lot and John would not be able to see who I was at least yet plus dad's truck also hid me. I heard my dad say, "Good game today son," as he shook John's hand. "Hey Mr._____," "Thanks," John replied. "Call me Jack son you have known me long enough," dad said. "Hell I and Janet came down together, we thought maybe you needed a ride home like in High School," dad added.

"Janet is Janet with you?" John asked. "I am here John," I said as I walked from behind my dad's truck. John's mouth hung open even further than my dad's did tonight as I walked over to him. My tits bounced nicely as I walked to him. My pussy was dripping the whole dam way to him.

I got beside my dad and I saw John checking me out from head to toe then back up to my tits. "Janet," John replied very questioningly. I was surprised when John came over and he brushed the hair from my face with his hand.

John looked me in my eyes and he added, "Yes I guess that is you Janet." "Yep it is I," "Good game today dad and I both are proud of you," I said sticking out my hand to shake his. At about that time my dad said, "Fuck shaking the boy's hand kiss him." We both were surprised by my dad's comment but as we looked into each others eyes. John took me into his arms and my lips met his.

His hand brushed my hair to the side as we locked into a deep passionate kiss. I shot my tongue into his mouth as we stood there locked in a French kiss. John tongued me back as he hugged me tighter. We broke our kiss when we heard my dad's truck start up, dad yelled out his window, "Well you kids don't need me hanging around." "Wait daddy," I yelled as I ran over to his truck. I leaned in the widow with my tits just hanging there I gave him a hug and I said, "Thanks daddy," just before giving him a full kiss on his lips.

"I won't wait up for you and if your mom asks me you spent the night at Kim's," dad said as he pulled away.

I went back over to John who with a wondering look asked, "Did you just kiss him fully on his lips?" "Yep just like this," I replied as I threw my arms around his neck and gave him the same kiss. "Mmmmmm you little slut," John said. "Care to go get a bite to eat?" John added opening his passenger car door for me before getting into his side. "Sure," I replied getting into his car. John got in and he picked up the football to toss it into the back seat but I told him I would hold it.

I looked at the ball it had a bunch of writing on it with the score to a game. I slid over next to John as he started his car, "What's this writing on the ball John?" I asked him. "The coach's give out a game ball to the player they felt made the greatest impact on the out come of the game," "I got the game ball this time out," John replied with a smile as he looked down my sweater.

"That is cool I missed the game but dad told me you sacked the quarterback which made them have to punt," "and then you blocked the punt setting up your team to score in the final seconds," I said. "Enough about football tell me about those," John replied as he pointed at my boobs.

"They just sort of appeared over the summer," "Do you like them?" I asked sticking my chest out toward him. "Hell yeah," John replied with a big smile. "But you were nice without them as well," he added.

John drove us to the local root beer stand and we got some food. As we ate I told him about being gone for the summer. I also asked him how he liked college. John told me that it was pretty cool.

"I heard you have a new girlfriend," I said. "Where did you hear that at?" John asked with surprise on his face. "From Kim," I replied with a smile.

"Did she tell you who it was?" John asked looking at me seriously for the first time that night. My heart shattered into little pieces when I heard him ask me that. I thought if she has a name it must be true.

The smile that was on my face earlier fell from my face as I hung my head down turning away from John. "No she did not tell me her name," I replied sharply and smartly while hurting at the same time. There was a long silence as I just stayed looking away. I stared blankly out the window knowing another girl had his heart instead of me. I could feel my tears slowly welling up in my eyes. I tried to hold my tears back but they started to stream down my cheek.

"What's wrong?" John asked. "Nothing," I replied turning my head forward again but looking down as I fought back more of my tears. I felt John's finger go to under my chin and he lifted my head up and toward him.

John took that same finger and he gently wiped my tears from under my eyes and from my cheeks. John gripped me under my chin with his hand as he looked me in my eyes. I blankly stared back into those deep rich blue eyes of his.

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"That new girlfriend of mine," John said but then he paused for a few seconds just looking at me. "She is sitting right here with me." "Her name is Janet," John added with a smile. "WHAT did you say?" I asked John with wonder. "Janet I love you," "I know it sounds stupid and weird but the first time I kissed you at the drive in bells, whistles, fireworks went off in my head and my whole body tingled," "I thought it was just the excitement of having you and Kim that night.

John said. "But when I kissed you again telling you good night later on I got that same feeling," John added. "You did?" I asked still just blankly staring at him. "Yes," John replied. "I wanted to tell you and ask you if you had felt anything but you were gone the next day as you had left for the summer." "But what about Kim?" I asked.

"Janet I have never tasted a sweeter kiss than yours," "After kissing you it just was never the same with Kim," "All I did all summer long was think about you," "Even if I was with Kim I kept wishing it was you that I had in my arms." John said.

I reached up and took hold of John's hand and I replied, "John there is something I have to tell you." "What's that?" John asked as his hand squeezed mine. "John I have been in love with you since the first day I met you," "I think that was why I acted so goofy around you all the time," "I wanted to tell you but I just could not," I replied.

John smiled as he said, "You did use to act goofy you know." This made us both laugh as I replied, "Well I could not help it, I was in love with you and wanted you badly and I just could not tell you." "Well now you have me," John said pulling me into his arms.

John kissed me deep and with such passion. I returned his kiss with more passion of my own. John and I were pecking at each others lips just before we shot our tongues into the other's mouth. We were still kissing deeply as I put my hand on his thigh. I slowly worked it to the front of his jogging pants that he had on. "MMmmmm," I moaned into John's mouth as we kissed as my hand grabbed that hard cock of his.

I squeezed it and rubbed it as we kissed some more. I pulled his joggers down a little so I could wrap my hand around his cock. I could feel it throbbing as my hand went around it.

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John broke our kiss and he said, "Lets take this some place else." I tucked his cock away as I gave it a pat. John paid for the food and we pulled off the lot. John told me that he was getting his own place in a couple of weeks but that his mom and dad were gone till Monday and he had the house to himself.

"Would you like to spend the night with me Janet?" John asked as his arm went around my shoulder and he pulled me tighter against himself as he drove. I leaned up and as I kissed him on his ear I whispered, "I would love too." John came from a well off family and their house showed it as we entered.

I had seen his house from the outside and Kim had told me it was so lovely inside but I had never been in his house before tonight.

Kim was right their house was so beautiful inside and out. John walked me into the kitchen and he went to a set of big sliding doors covered by drapes. He opened the drapes and flipped on a set of switches. The back yard lit up putting some light onto an in ground swimming pool with a hot tub and a BBQ pit with tables and chairs around. "Care for a dip in the hot tub it only takes a few minutes for the water to heat up," John asked?

"But I did not bring my swim suit," I replied giving him my sexy evil little grin. "You can just wear my shirt," John replied as he peeled his shirt up over his head.

John's muscular chest and six pack abs came into my view. My pussy twitched like crazy as my eyes filled with his upper body. I went over to him and I ran my hands across his chest.

Then over his muscular arms, I ran my fingers down his tight abs right down into his pants. "I would rather wear this," I replied as I grabbed hold of his hard throbbing cock.

John kissed me once before he took hold of my red sweater lifting it up and over my head. John tossed it on the near by chair before grabbing my boobs that were over flowing my push up bra. John moved his hands to the back hook up of my bra.

I was just about to tell him I can get that for him as most guys can never get it unhooked. But he skillfully had it unhooked in mere seconds; John pulled the bra from my tits and tossed it with my shirt. My tits were free as he took both hands to them playing with each. He leaned down and John kissed and licked on one as he pinched the nipple hard on the other.

"OOAaaaah," I moaned softly as he started to suckle on each tit one at a time. I reached out and I rubbed his cock again through his jogging pants as he sucked at my tit. I could feel my pussy leaking as John removed his mouth from my tit and he placed them on my lips.

John passionately kissed me deeply as I squeezed on his big cock through his pants. "Lets slip out of our pants," I said breaking our kiss. Those words no sooner left my mouth than I saw John whip his pants down taking his under wear and sneakers all off in one fluid motion. John was nude in front of me. His body looked like it belong on one of those chiseled Greek god statues.

I leaned against the counter as I took my boots off. John's eyes were on me as I undid my jeans. I slipped them down a little just barely showing him my hairless top of my pussy.

I slipped them down past my thighs letting them fall to my ankles. I bent over a little letting my big tits hang for him to view as I slipped my foot from my jeans. I rose back up as I kicked my other foot free. John was just staring at me as he rubbed that hard throbbing cock of his. I turned with my back to him as I bent over to pick up my jeans. I stayed down like that for a little while as I folded my jeans.

I pulled my legs apart spreading them as I was bent over. I looked between my legs to see John pounding on his cock with his hand wrapped around it. "Hey save some for me," I yelled as I stood up and turned toward him making my tits swing side to side as I did. John just smiled and replied, "Baby I have four months of hand loving to you; believe me I know what I am doing.

I hurried over to him and threw my arms around his neck and we locked our lips into a deep passionate kiss. I was thinking how I loved knowing that John had been pulling his cock thinking of me when I was gone over the summer.

I could feel his hard cock pressing against my pussy as we kissed. I could feel my juices flowing from my pussy as our tongues met in our mouths. I could not take feeling his cock against my pussy like that any longer. I placed my hands around his neck as I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist.

I locked my long legs around him. We were still locked in a deep French style kiss until I broke it. "Take me John," "Please let me feel your cock in my pussy," I pleaded moaning. I had figured maybe he would carry me to the counter or to the table but he did not.

Instead John placed his hands around my ass as he lifted me a little ways up and he got his cock lined up with my pussy. I felt his dick head parting my pussy lips as he lowered me onto his cock. He pumped my body up and down onto his cock like he was lifting weights. Each time more of his big hard cock was going into my pussy. "FUCK ME John," I screamed out as I tighten my legs around him and I started to rock down onto his cock every time I felt him pulling me down onto it.

John started to now slam his cock upward as he pulled me down onto his cock. He fucked me like that for about 10 minutes. "Ahhhhh yeah," I moaned out as I felt his cock slamming in and out of my pussy. I was getting fucked deep and hard by the man I had wanted for so long. It felt better than I ever thought it would. My pussy started to suck at his cock as I felt it start to throb as it drove its way deep into my pussy.

"I am going to cum Janet," John screamed as he drove his cock all the way up inside me. "ME toooo…" I moaned out as my body started to shake. I left out soft little moans as my orgasm rocked through my body. My pussy wanted to squirt but with his big cock buried as deep as it was I did not think I could.

I started to feel John's cock swell up and throb in my pussy. It started to twitch deep in my pussy. "Ahhh Shit," John yelled out as his cock started to shoot ribbons of cum into my pussy. My pussy convulsed around his cock each time I felt him shooting cum. I suddenly felt pressure as it built up in my pussy. I raised my pussy up upward thinking that may help. I felt my pussy just letting go. My pussy squirted forcefully as I rose up a little and John's cock slipped out or was forced out as I squirted.

Another strong and powerful orgasm rushed through my body as my pussy juices flowed out. "AAAAHAHHHHh," I screamed as I flopped around as John held me up against himself. I could hear my juices splashing onto the floor below. John's lips found mine and he kissed me passionately as I left my legs slip from around him. My feet landed right in a puddle of something wet as they touched the floor. My pussy still felt like it was having orgasms as we French kissed standing there together.

"God dam girl that was the hottest fuck I ever had Janet," John said sweat pouring from his god like body. "I have never come like that before John my pussy is still twitching with my orgasm," I replied looking into those lovely blue eyes of his. "I knew you were going to be one good fuck Janet but I never dreamed it was going to be that good," John said. I just wrapped my arms around him hugging him tightly trying to get my body back to some form of normal.

My legs started to stop shaking and my heart had stopped racing. Now if only my pussy would stop twitching which it did but as it did I felt a big glop of John's cum run out and it make a plop sound as it hit the wet puddle on the kitchen floor.

"Damn girl you flooded the kitchen with your juices," John said with a little laugh. John then took his hand which he placed under my chin pulling my face so he was looking me right in my eyes and he said, "Janet I love you." "I love you John," I replied as he pulled me into that muscular hot body of his.

"Let's take a dip in the hot tub before mopping up your mess here," John said as he gave my ass a little smack with his hand. We made our way out to the hot tub; my nude body did not even notice the cool fall air. John helped me into the hot tub and he joined at my side. His arm went around me as I laid my head to the side of his chest. I ran my hand over his chest playing with his nipples. "Janet may I ask you something?" John asked intently. "Yes, anything you want to ask me you can," I replied still with my head against his chest.

"Well Janet is you on the pill I did just cum in you?" John asked in a shy type of voice. "Why no John Kim told me you were fixed," I replied giving him my evil little smile as I looked toward him then back away from him.

John's face filled with worry just for a split second before he realized I was just screwing with him and he said, "Good one Janet you almost got me," "But it is a shame you were on the pill I bet we could make such lovely kids." I looked back up at him to see him with one of my own evil little grins on his face. I smacked him on his chest and I replied, "Stop playing and toying with me." John pulled me up and just before his lips went to mine he said, "Who's playing?" We locked into another round of passionate kissing with plenty of tongue action.

I was sitting on top of his lap. I felt something jabbing at my leg.

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John's cock was up and ready for another round of fun. God I love this man. I broke our kiss and I stood up making my way to the side of the hot tub. I placed my hands on the deck surrounding the tub as I looked to John and I said, "Take me from behind," "I always dreamed of you doing that to me." John stood up his hard cock swinging as he got behind me. I leaned forward as I put my arms to my elbows onto the deck.


John got behind me and he rubbed his cock up against my pussy from behind. But then I felt him remove it, I was about to turn to see why. But I heard a little splash and then I felt his hands pulling my butt cheeks apart. John took his tongue and he licked at my pussy with it first. John ran his tongue over my hanging lips before he stuck it up into my hole. John started to jab at the insides of my pussy with his tongue.

"OOAAh," I moaned as he used that lovely tongue on my pussy. John licked at my pussy until I had a quick orgasm. I figured he would jam that cock up into my pussy now but he did not. Instead I felt him slowly kissing around my butt cheeks. John would kiss then lick all over my ass. "Janet I have always loved this butt of yours," "I used to watch you walk away thinking about this," John said.

I felt John's hands go back to my butt cheeks. John pulled my cheeks apart and I felt him licking at my ass hole with his tongue. I had never felt anything like it as no one had ever licked my asshole before. Kevin my brother had tried to fuck me up the butt once but I stopped him mainly because I had figured it would hurt.

AAHhhh John your tongue feels so good up my butt," I moaned as I pumped my butt back against his face. John just dug his tongue deeper into my butt. He started to tongue fuck my butt with his tongue. I felt John slip a couple of his fingers up into my pussy and he started to run them in and out. Between his tongue up my ass and those fingers I was about to orgasm again. I am going to…AHHhh," was out I managed to yell out. John curled his two fingers downward in my pussy and he started to rub my special spot in my pussy.

I felt my pussy tense up and then I started to squirt as he ran those fingers in and out. I just pumped my ass back onto his face faster as I had a powerful and strong orgasm. John gave my butt hole one more long lick of his tongue. Then he got behind me and he slipped that cock into my pussy. John started out slowly as he fucked me from behind. A few minutes later I was rocking back against his cock. "Fuck me John fuck me hard and deep," I screamed out. John slammed his cock deep up into my pussy as he locked his hands onto my hips.

John started to pile drive that lovely big cock of his in and out of my pussy. He was slamming my pussy deep and hard and I loved it. I could feel his balls swinging up and banging into my clit as he fucked me.


God I had never been fucked so hard and deep before in my life. I could not tell you if it was the water splashing and making all the sounds or whether it was my pussy from the pounding it was taking at the hands of his cock. I laid my head to the side of the deck and just moaned softly then loudly as he fucked the hell out of my pussy. "AHhhhhhh," John grunted loudly as he shoved all of his cock deep into my pussy. I felt his cock start to twitch as he filled my pussy with cum from behind.

I started to orgasm wildly myself as I felt those ribbons of cum shooting up my pussy. I had wanted to suck those juices from him but I just could not move when I felt him starting to cum up my pussy. We both just slipped back down into the hot tub as John removed his cock.

I went back beside him as he draped those lovely arms around me. We both just soaked in the hot tub with him holding me. I had just pretty much had the best fuck of my life; it was as I had always dreamed it would be. I was so glad my dad had thought about meeting the bus. "Thank you John for making my dreams come true," I said looking up at him. I did not give him time to say anything back.

I locked my lips onto his as I kissed him deeply and with passion. John returned my kiss as he took me fully into those big arms of his. I was in heaven just being in his arms. We soaked for a while then we went back into his house. We pretty much either kissed or fucked our way into his bedroom. Our last stop before his bedroom was the bathroom to take a shower together.

I am not going to tell you about the shower sex as it sort of turns out to be our favorite way to have sex later on. After our shower we went into his bedroom where we both climbed into bed.

We kissed some more before I fell asleep in his arms. I had never slept next to a guy before and I woke up a few times and found that he always still had me in his arms which I thought was just so sweet and so loving. The ringing of the phone in his room woke us both up, John answered it, "Yeah hello." It was Kim and she said, "I am sorry I forgot about you having a game this weekend," "I had a surprise for you Friday but you did not stop over." "You did well what was it?" John asked her on the phone.

Kim replied, "Oh nothing just that Janet and I were going to do you that's all." "Oh I see," John replied. There was a long silence and then Kim asked, "What are you doing right now?" I almost died when John replied, "Just woke up with my new girlfriend next to me." "Yeah right," Kim said. "Here say hi if you want too," John replied into the phone and then he handed it to me. "Hi Kim," I said into the phone.

"You little fucking bitch that is my man you fucking whore," Kim yelled into the phone. "Not any more I am afraid," I replied. "YOU FUCKING SLUT," Kim screamed into the phone. John took the phone and he said, "Please don't talk to my girlfriend like that and oh by the way, I do not want to see you or ever hear from you again bye have a nice life," and John hung up the phone. "John you just dumped Kim," I said. "Well it was either her or you and I was not giving you up," John replied with a smile.

I gave John my sexy smile and evil grin as I said, "But I would have left you still have Kim as long as I still had you as well." Yes you all heard me right I was willing to share John with Kim. I knew deep down she loved him very much. I loved him very much as well so much in fact that I was willing to do anything to have him and to keep him happy.

I had always thought about if my dreams ever came true that I had him as my man. I would tell Kim that he both could have him as our own.

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Well that's a good spot to end this chapter. You will have to wait until my next chapter to find out if I can work a deal with Kim and oh John a course for if John tells me he does not want Kim then she is out of the picture. My life starts to get some what complicated now that I have John as you all will find out. Janet