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Pissing free video straight boy on her and hot gay fucking brother
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Lafayette Escadrille Chapter 1 In France the Germans were fighting the French primarily, however many countries of the world were involved. In 1916 the French were loosing and the only group keeping the Germans on their side of the line was the American Lafayette Escadrille. It was now July and they had only been in action for a few months, however many of the original thirty-eight men were now "old vets" of the war.

If you had been up, ten times and made it back alive, you were considered a veteran or so they said. When you got five kills, you were an ace. At this point no pilot in the group had achieved ace status. David was flying with his buddy Edward La Rouch, who was a French pilot assigned to the Squadron. There were five French pilots in all. When David W. Keating arrived in April 1916, along with thirty-seven other Americans, the Lafayette Escadrille Squadron was born.

It was originally called Escadrille Americaine, however was changed a little later in honor of The Marquis de Lafayette who at the age of nineteen, joined George Washington and the Continental Army in 1777.

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Washington was so impressed with the young man that their friendship grew to be me more like a father and son. Lafayette used his power and money to support the fledgling country and helped turn the war in the favor of the United States.

July 1916, David and Edward were flying in their French Newports at 6,500 feet heading back to Verdun, when David saw a German train below at four o'clock. He signaled La Rouch, indicating he wanted to dive on the train. Edward checked the skies quickly for German planes and then and gave David a thumb up, indicating he was ok to make contact. David cocked his Lewis gun, which was mounted on the top wing of the airplane. He pushed his joystick forward and cut back on the power slightly.

He moved his feet on the rudder footpad controls making sure they were working correctly.


A quick side-to-side movement of the joystick showed him the ailerons were also working properly. David and Edward had been flying earlier at angel's 12, which was 12,000 feet and sometimes the grease in the controls will freeze up at that altitude. David dropped his airplane down to sixty feet, and then as he was flying parallel to the train and just above it.

He pushed the right rudder and turned the front of the airplane toward the train, while pushing the joystick slightly left. Several of the German soldiers on the train began firing at David, however he was too high on adrenalin to pay any attention to them.

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He dropped down level with the train and opened fired. His Lewis machine gun began spewing bullets into the side of the train as he passed. All of the windows on the left side shattered and the dark stained pine wood panels became splinters on four of its cars. He saw several German soldiers fall forward through the broken windows. There was a lot of blood everywhere, however he paid it no mind and pressed forward the Lewis gun still spewing its led pellets, with no regard for human life.

Suddenly several of the bullets tore into the side of the ammunition car, and the train exploded with an eruption like nothing David had seen or felt before. As the train derailed, David looked up to find Edward, however all he saw was dirt and grass; the sky was below him. Apparently the explosion had inverted the airplane and he was flying upside down. He pushed forward on the stick and shoved hard on the power. When he was sure he had enough altitude, he pulled the stick all the way to the left and righted the plane.

As the little airplane strained for altitude he watched the train careen into ditch that ran along side the tracks. Aside from the smoke and the fire from the disabled train, it was a beautiful afternoon behind German lines. David continued to climb until his airplane was adjacent to Edward's Newport. He gave Edward a thumb up and La Rouche signaled him back in the same manner. They both banked left and headed for the French countryside and the Bar Leduc airport, which was located close to the front near Verdun.

As they had been in a dogfight with four German airplanes earlier they were just happy to be alive. After they landed David climbed out on the wing and began counting the bullet holes in the fuselage and lower wing.

He counted twenty-seven. He and Edward then went into the headquarters tent to report. Capt. Georges Thenault, sat at his desk as the pilots walked into the tent. "Good afternoon gentlemen," he said, "I understand you had a good day. Two German Albatros and one Fokker D seven. Edward that gives you three.


Two more an you will be an ace, maybe our first ace." "What does the train make Keating? Asked Edward, "Should he not also be an ace?" "Train?" said Thenault, "What train?" "A troop train with forty cars and an ammunition car. He dove on it, shot it up and derailed it. The explosion was tremendous. Must have been three hundred German soldiers on the train." "Where did this happen?" "About twenty miles from the front behind German lines.


The train was full of replacements enroot to the trenches. He should at least receive a metal," said Edward. "And so he will," said Thenault, "And so he will.

All right you are both dismissed. There will be no sorties tomorrow. We have replacements coming in and the weather will be bad. Where can I locate you if I should require you?" "Madam Boviere's at least until five o'clock, " said David. "Fine …but I probably won't be needing you." David and Edward walked across the road to the large rose-colored building. Over the doorway was a carved wooden sign, it read, Madam Boviere's house. They walked in and were greeted by the Madam.

She immediately called for a lineup. The girls who weren't occupied came into the front room and stood in a line for the two flyers. The first girl was Sally, an English schoolteacher. She was dressed in a pink teddy, stockings with a garter belt that were also pink, but no panties. She wasn't very pretty but everybody said she fucked like a cement mixer.

The second in line was a fifteen year-old-girl who had lost her parents in a German bombing raid over Verdun. Her name was Julie. As she was so young an inexperienced her price was only half that of the others. She made up for her inexperience with her enthusiasm to learn and to please. Number three was a twenty-year-old widow Danielle, who was very pretty.

Her main attribute was fellatio. She was in love with cocks and could suck one all night long. All of the flyers wanted to take home a girl who liked to suck cocks. They were so much better than the regular girls from the United States, who looked down on such behavior and insisted on attending church every Sunday. Madam Boviere glanced at the highly polished grandfather clock and told the young men that several more girls would be coming in soon if they wished to wait.

David shook his head from side to side and picked Julie who looked at him and blushed. When he walked up to her she held out her hand and walked with him to the back bedroom. La Rouch, took Danielle who headed for the hallway, which would take them to her bedroom.

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"Madam," he said, "May we have a bottle of Bordeaux 1898 please?" "Of course Edward," she answered. Julie opened the door to her bedroom and allowed David to go in. He sat in a chair and began to remove his knee high flying boots. Julie lifted on leg and swung her leg over his boot. As she began to pull she said, "David … put your other foot on my ass." He lifted his foot and shoved it against her butt, his other foot sliding out of the brown leather boot.

David having one foot clear of the boot, placed his other on Julie's ass and pressed again. Off came the other boot. As the pants were part of the old style Cavalry uniform, they were warm and well padded to combat the cold, and roomy in the hips for the pilots when they sat in the cockpit.

Even during the eighty-five degree temperature of the summer the pilots would wear a leather jacket as the temperature usually dropped fifty degrees between their cruising altitude of three to six hundred feet, and 12, 000 feet.

Julie helped David with his jacket; white silk scarf, his shirt and pants. He sat on the side of the bed in his long underwear, watching Julie as she folded his clothes neatly and draped them over a chair. When she began to remove her nightgown and bra, David sat there enslaved by her childlike beauty. She was very sexy for just fifteen years old. Julie had only been in the business for less than a year. There were a total of twelve girls and women, between the ages of fifteen and forty-eight.

The house of ill repute had only three working girls, and was about to close, until the rowdy Americans showed up. The Madam said, "I had always thought Frenchmen loved to fuck, but I believe the Americans think of it as more of a hobby. I believe that I will have to get more girls before this war is over." The Americans always had a long history of disobedient, unmanageable and uncontrollable citizens that had to fight for every inch of their country as they took it away from wild savages, and fought with outlaws to keep it.

Unlike other countries many American citizens carried firearms and were not unknown to violence in almost every form. Many Americans almost found pride in themselves when they became involved in a fight, any fight. Whether it was a back alley skirmish or a world war, they were always on the forefront of any battle.

They lived hard, loved hard and died hard. Seldom did any of them seem to back down for any reason. As they were adept at flying their fragile airplanes, dodging bullets and whatever came their way. The members of the LE squadron enjoyed, gambling with both dice and cards, billiards, drinking at all hours of the day and night and visiting the local whorehouse whenever possible. This type of lifestyle was perfect for the rough and tumble fighter pilots whose life expectancy was no more than four days to a week at best.

Julie almost crawled into David's arms and began to snuggle his neck as he grasp her tender titties in a tight hold.

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He began to suck one while having a death grip on the other. She liked David, as he seemed to have her interests and satisfaction on his mind, as well as his own. He had taught her a lot about sex, and showed her that many of the men liked their penis sucked.

She did it with David, but held off with the other pilots. David had three more German airplanes to knock down before he became an ace. He felt he would get them on their next sortie. Right now he was more interested in how much damage he could do to Julie's pussy. Although she was becoming very good in her new found profession, she had some way to go before she could knock a guy out of the bed.

Right now however David had a problem of another kind. The airplanes used castor oil in the engines as a lubricant, as it didn't break down or freeze up in the cold temperatures of higher altitudes. As they were flying open cockpits the blowback of the castor oil would strike them in the face and they would breath in the noxious fumes.

Because of the properties of castor oil, it was a natural laxative and many of the pilots were seen jumping from their still taxing plane and running to the nearest outhouse. David excused himself and told Julie he would return as quickly as he could. She looked unhappy and her lower lip stuck out, however he could not wait and ran for the back door. Upon his return she smiled and stood on her toes so that she might kiss the lower side of his cheek.

Her five-foot frame however, was no match for his six foot two height. Julie pulled the top of his long johns down to his ankles. His cock flopped out like a large sausage, and at that time Julie knew that she was hungry. As David was the man who had taught her the art of fellatio, he seemed more concerned about her abilities, than how it felt to him.

That was at least for the first few minutes and then he was enjoying it as much as any other guy would. He didn't really have much knowledge with which to compare her performance, as he had only been sucked off a few times by a schoolmate, Maria, runs by the water, Henderson, in their town of Deming, New Mexico. She was the only Indian/American girl to attend an all white school, as her father was the sheriff in the town.

Her mother however was a full-fledged Apache Indian. Maria's performance kind of let him down however, as the three times she had sucked him off, she spit out his elixir a good six feet across the barn in which they had been hiding. David knew never to complain, as the sheriff was the semi-famous southwestern gunfighter Jack Henderson. He had killed twenty northern soldiers twenty years after the Civil War when he was just thirteen. When he finely left his beloved south, he was a wanted teenager and headed west through Texas, finally settling in New Mexico as a hired gun.

At thirty-three years old he married a young Indian girl named "Standing Moonlight", who bore him four children. David wasn't afraid of Jack as much as he was of Maria's mother. Jack would probably just shoot him, however her mother would open him up with her snake knife and leave him for the coyotes and vermin to devour while still alive. David turned sixteen in January 1916 and told his father that he wanted to fly, and he wanted to go to France to fight the Germans.

His father never wanting to stifle any of his five sons gave him permission and signed a letter stating his son was eighteen. David's height would make up for the rest. David left New Mexico on the eastbound Santa Fe train.

It took four full days in the cigar smoke filled train to travel the almost 2,000 miles to New York where he would meet the others and board the ship to France. David met the others in New York City where they boarded the ship to France.

Several of his new comrades became ill but David had a strong stomach and the ocean travel didn't bother him. They spent some of the time learning ground rules and navigation. They went across Country in a small convoy, arriving at the airport in April. A half measure ground school and tactics program was set up. This schooling went on for a month, and hen they were all allowed to taxi an airplane around a set course.

When the Major felt they were doing well enough, they were allowed to solo. They weren't allowed to go up more than fifteen feet at first. When their training was finally over they were corporal pilots.

Five of the original group was lost between April and July. David and Edward had learned everything well, and they were very lucky. Julie's blowjob was quick as he was as ready for some real playtime as much as she was. After the first few spurts onto Julie's tongue she was surprised that he had cum so fast.

Julie was ready to continue sucking, until David turned her over and shoved her on to her stomach, her face coming in contact, with a soft duck down filled pillow. David filled his hand with his cock and placed the tip at the entrance to her warm little vagina. As he shoved she raised her head toward the ceiling and howled like an Irish banshee on a Halloween night.

Her hips were turning white and red where he was squeezing them as tight, as he would the joystick of his airplane. After ten minutes, she came hard but he didn't slow down. She felt really strange, as she hadn't cum before this with anyone.

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David's uncle Max always said that a cowboy could fuck for at least an hour as their crotches were desensitized from riding horses all day. David felt flying was similar, as his butt was numb from the vibration of the airplane engine, and it was still sometimes difficult to walk normal a half hour after landing. Seeing Julie struggling to stay awake after so many climaxes, David doubled his efforts.

Their crotches were filled with liquids. There was cum and sweat everywhere, but they were having a good time. When David came, Julie relaxed and decided to take a nap. To Be Continued …