Pretty girl use dildo and fingers and have a hard orgasm

Pretty girl use dildo and fingers and have a hard orgasm
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It was a warm late spring day as I walked down the road towards home. A big range rover 4*4 pulled up beside me it was gleaming black with tinted windows. I barely glanced as the rear door opened until I saw the man that was getting out of the car had a hood over his head. He took one quick step towards me and hit me hard in the stomach. I fell to the ground winded. Hands grasped me, I was aware there were two of them. I tried to shout and struggle but I was too winded to raise much volume.

They bodily lifted and threw me in to the back of the car and drove off. I could feel a hand run up my leg and on to my thigh I was now kicking hard and trying to hit the two men. My voice was coming back and I screamed and swore. I saw one had a knife in his hand but I was mad and ignored it and opened my mouth to scream again and something hit me on the head it stunned me for a moment and I felt them roll me over and my wrists were pulled back and handcuffed behind my back.

A piece of cloth was pushed in my mouth. As my senses returned I still tried to kick. The cloth muffled my voice. Hands were up my skirt again I could feel them pulling my knickers down around my ankles.

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My knickers now restricted my kicking. Hands pulled my shoes off unfastened my skirt and removed it. I was aware my bottom half was completely naked except for my knickers around my ankles.

I was mad and struggling as best I could. The knife sliced down the back of my t shirt and I could tell it had cut me as well, they cut away the rest of my shirt. Next the knife cut at my bra. I was naked. The car was still driving. The knife was held to my throat "keep still!" was the command.

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"Sod you!" I tried to shout but could not. The knife nicked my throat which caused me to pause. Then I tried struggling again, bouncing around to hinder them.

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The car stopped another masked man got out of the front of the car a got into the back. The car drove off.

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The three of them rolled me on my back and pulled my knickers off. Freed I kicked out and caught one of them on the head. Two of them grabbed an ankle each stopping me.

It was when they pulled my legs apart I realised what was about to happen. The third man was unfastening his trousers. He moved across and lay on top of me.

I was trying to kick as much as possible and wriggle. The man on top of me was pushing himself forward and I could feel him against me, he pushed and I screamed into my gag as his erection penetrated into me. I continued to struggle but knew it was no good as he raped me. He rolled away from me and I could feel his cum running out of me. He fastened his trousers and grabbed one of my legs pushing it above my head while another of them unzipped himself.

I was aware the car had gone off road as it was bouncing around as the second man had me. The car stopped the doors opened hands grasped my ankles they pulled me out of the car.

I was aware we seemed to have stopped in some woods and the four men were stood around me and were undressing. &hellip. I opened my legs wide and the knife disappesred.

One of them lay on top of me squeezing my breasts hard. I turned my head to one side so I did not have to look at him.


I was still wet from the cum of the others so his dick went into me easily. He started pumping in and out of me it seemed to go on for an age. His face was pressed into my neck I could smell the leather of the mask he wore. Finally he came.

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"Stand up" one off them ordered. He had the wooden handle from a sweeping brush in his hands. Two of men grabbed me threw me against the side of the car and bent me over the bonnet of the car.

I struggled and one of them pulled my head back and slammed it into the car bonnet. They held me bent over the bonnet. A hand smacked me hard and spread my buttocks. I still struggled as I felt the end of the broom handle pushed against my anus I cried out as it was inserted into me. He pushed it deep inside me. They released my hands and let me remove the handle.

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"Shove it up your cunt" one of the men ordered. "No way" I responded. He punched me the blow hit my cheek as I turned my head. The force of the punch knocked me to the ground. One of them kicked me in the stomach and one kicked my back. The big knife was out again. "Push it up your cunt or I will push this knife up you" he shouted. Still laid on the floor I did it.

I took the handle and pushed it into my pussy just a short way. "Further!" Was the shout so I did. "Stand up". I stood up the pole hanging from me. One of them pushed me to the ground pulled the handle out of me and had sex with me.… They shoved a gag in to my mouth and the four of them picked me up and positioned me on the car bonnet so I was facing the windscreen They pulled and spread my legs wide tying my ankles to the wing mirrors on each side.

Then they sat me up and tied my wrists to the wing mirrors. One of the men fondled my breasts then another produced some clips that had thick wire running from them. He fastened one of the clips to my nipple.

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It hurt as it clamped down on nipple. He fastened the other end of the wire to the end of one of one of the windscreen wipers arms. They did the same to my other nipple.


One of the men got into the car and started the engine. This will be good if it works one of the men commented to the other. The man in the car switched the windscreen wipers on. They moved the wires to my nipples were pulled. I screamed into the gag as my nipples were pulled. The pain eased as the wipers moved back then they wiped again I looked down as I screamed again my nipples were pulled and stretched away from my breasts.

As the wipers moved backwards and forwards I continued to scream but the gag muffled the sound. I felt my nipples were about to be ripped from my breasts. My vision was clouding up I felt I could pass out I could not breath as I was screaming so much.

Eventually one of the wiper arms came loose, they switched them off. They untied my wrists and ankles and let me fall from the car bonnet. I banged my head hard on the ground stunning myself.


I was aware on of the men was on top of me his dick in my pussy raping me again.……&hellip.