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Teen banged in first porn
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Title: Interviewing a New Employee Author: Nick Schwartz Keywords: MF, femdom, malesub, dom, sub, bdsm, office, humil, blackmail Summary: A boss is interviewing job applicants for the business, when one of them looks familiar. Where the applicant is remembered from leads to a different job interview. Thank you to the Mysterious Stranger, who helped me edit this. Stella Ackman knew she was wasting her time. She was the CEO of Ackman Applied and had a staff of one hundred employees now and yet she still took the time to interview applicants personally for positions at her company.

It wasn't that she didn't trust her staff, but rather than she wanted to have a personal feel to the company even though it was growing out of her control. She still hadn't taken the company public and until she was forced to, she'd take a chance to get to know her employees.

Unfortunately, she hadn't found the right employee yet. She had met with five applicants and had yet to find someone to join the sales force for her business. The last few people to walk through her door were horrendous. Besides her secretary, Eva, there was a woman who didn't even dress for an interview, a man who hit on her, and a blond slut who covered up once she realized she was meeting with a woman.

Stella leaned back in her chair sighing and hoped the next one would be better. She wished her assistant hadn't left. Ahh her former personal assistant, Lynn, she always entertained Stella, always at her side, always willing to please, and her ex-assistant pleased her, very much.

Now with out her, she counted to herself to calm herself and looked in the mirror she hid in her liquor cabinet. "You need to find someone else to do these interviews, girl." The mirror recited the mantra back to her as well. Stella wore a power suit with a skirt like always, today's was black. She wanted to exude that she was in charge. This was a family company, but the matriarch was behind the desk. Her brown hair was up in a bun, and she wore the minimum makeup she could.

She was a business woman in that order, her work came first. Her blue eyes though shined through. A shame, but there was only so much she could do.


She reached thirty in her count and then shook her head, she wanted to give the next person a fair shake, but she had no hope for a change. She had no way to relax any more, she was forced to focus on work non-stop for the last week. The intercom on the desk blinked, letting her know that Eva wanted something. Stella's hand dropped to the buzzer and almost pressed the do not disturb button, she could find someone else to take care of this mess. Instead Stella pressed the call button.

"Send in the next one." "He'll be right in Mrs. Ackman." The doors to the office opened, and a man walked through them.

Instantly Stella gave the man a point for bringing a suit that fit. Something about his face though warned Stella she had seen him or someone like him before. Her mind raced as she tried to think of who the man reminded her of, and if this could be the same. The man approached the desk and offered the resume in his hands to Stella. Stella had a printed version of all the applicants resumes, but this attention to detail separated the prepared from the perpetually unprepared and Stella noted it.

The guy was good looking, he wasn't muscular, but he wasn't flabby. Just the right mix between the two. He had a way of walking that interested Stella.

His brown ruffled hair stayed still as he walked, and he had a charming smile. Stella noticed his hazel eyes watching her as she tried to remember where she had seen him before, but couldn't remember it.

"Please sit down…" She checked the resume handed to her to get the guy's name, Jamie Wallace. That didn't ring any bells. "Mr. Wallace" "Please call me Jamie." Jamie sat down in the chair and waited as Stella went over the resume. Jamie Wallace had a short work history. He started at a competitor in the industry, moved to work on a sales floor and then there was a short gap in his resume of almost two years.

Curious, though times were hard, so maybe he had lousy luck finding a job. Or maybe he was a grade A fuck up and the interview would be over in record time. "So Jamie, what brought you to my business?" And so began the oral service.

Jamie knew the game and lavished praise on Ackman Applied. This was Stella's favorite part of the interview, a chance for the applicant to suck up to her and tell her how amazing her business was. It was a great company Stella was proud of, but she loved hearing how much the idiots who applied sold her on her own company Jamie did his job well, telling her about the place in the industry, the level of quality, and the industry reputation that Stella was sure her company had.

While it was often bullshit as it could be said about any company, he made her believe his bullshit, and she listened politely. Stella puzzled over the familiar face as she listened. The next step was to recite the work history again.

This was redundant but Stella loved the little power trip she got when she made someone recite something she already knew.

Rarely was it clear someone was lying, but the ability to make someone repeat something on command was thrilling. "So Jamie, about the last two years?" "I knew you'd notice that. I left the industry for a couple years for a personal matter. However it was a one time thing and I'm committed to join the industry again." A personal matter, juicy.

Stella would have to figure out what that was. While Jamie answered it well, Stella wouldn't let him get away with just that. She wanted to probe more. "How did you support yourself during that time, Jamie? It must have been hard to live in this city without the income?" Jamie shifted uncomfortably. "I was working Mrs. Ackman, but don't worry, it was a personal situation and not one that will interfere with my position here. I'm here to take care of business." 'I'm ready to take care of business'.

That quote, Stella had heard someone say the line just like that, but where. Stella thought about it as she looked down at the paper. She was ready to push harder on the missing years of work when it came to her. 'I'm ready to take care of business.' was said in an erotic movie that Stella had seen a couple months previously.

It might not have been a direct quote, it was probably more like 'I'm here to take care of your business.' But the person who said it sounded just like… Jamie Wallace… He looked like a double of the star of that movie. Stella's jaw was about to drop when she stopped herself.

The character's name was a horrible name like Rod Hammer, but she remembered the actor's name because it was silly&hellip. Big Ben. Stella examined the man sitting in front of her. Porn stars didn't wear suits, but the face was almost identical.

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A smile came to Stella's face. In her office was Big Ben Taylor and he had lied to her. It wasn't a personal situation if a customer recognized him as a porn star it would impact her business. "Mr. Wallace, I think we have a different opinion on what might interfere with your position here. Do you mind if I discuss the problem as I see it?" "Please, Mrs. Ackman. Again you can call me Jamie." Jamie looked like he was a little worried by the response, but was trying to maintain whatever he had going for him.

"You see Mr. Wallace, I run a respectable business here. Every member of my team works well together and trusts each other, we don't keep secrets from each other.

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The fact you are hiding two years of your life would create a situation where my employees might question who you are. That's troubling." Jamie nodded, agreeing with Stella, he was about to talk when she cut him off. "But that's nothing compared to what my customers think when they work with my business. Imagine you walked into a customer's office like you walked into mine, and they're a little more worldly than you like to imagine people are.

Instead of a random sales rep, they see you as Big Ben Taylor." Stella cut Jamie's protest off before he started. "Yes, I know who you are, I wanted to see if you had the balls to admit it yourself or if you would hide it from your potential employer." Jamie took a deep breath and started to rise from his seat. "Thank you Mrs. Ackman, I'll take my leave." Stella felt herself jump to the feet before he could stand up and both of her hands slapped on the desk.

"Sit down Mr. Wallace, this interview isn't over." The confident man before her fled and instead was replaced by a meek man who immediately dropped to the seat in front of her. Stella was surprised by her sharp response but she knew what she was doing and let herself do what needed to be done.

She pressed the intercom and spoke into it before her secretary wondered what that noise was. "Everything is ok in here Eva, please reschedule the rest of the interviews for tomorrow Eva, and feel free to go to lunch. I'll escort my current interviewee out when I'm finished with him." Stella stared down at Jamie who looked like he was about to be eaten by the woman on the other side of the desk. Stella looked down at the resume while remaining standing.

"Now Jamie, why don't you answer honestly. What were you doing for the two years and don't you dare tell me it's a personal matter" Stella no longer left that as a question, she issued a direct order. Jamie's mouth had become parched. He wanted to leave, but this woman hadn't said he wouldn't get the job, so if there was any chance of getting a position this was it. She knew who he was so Jamie admitted the truth. "A friend of mine was hired to do an erotic movie.

She was offered enough money to help cover the rent. The male star wasn't able to make it, so they were about to cancel on her.

We were close at the time and she suggested that they might still film it if I'd do the shoot with her." "I don't think Big Ben Taylor was only in one movie Jamie." Jamie sighed.

"The guys filming the movie liked what I did. So they hired me for a few more films. Before I knew it, two years had passed, and I was in a couple hundred movies. I couldn't continue though so I quit making movies and want to return to my old job." Stella sat down again thinking about this man, and the rare opportunity she had.

She knew this man's secret, and could crush him if she wanted to, but instead, it might be more fun to toy with him.

He did whatever for money and she wouldn't mind having a porn star at her beck and call. Even better, Lynn left two weeks ago, and Stella had missed their time together. She could use the same attention from someone.

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Though would Jamie allow her to have the fun she desperately needed? "So you were a whore for money?" Stella wanted him to admit it, if he fought against what Stella wanted to hear from him, or make him do, this wouldn't be as fun. "It's not like that… I mean I took the money, and I got paid for doing it.

But I mean…" "No, you took money for sex. You're a whore Jamie. A man whore. Now admit it." "Fine, Yes. I was a man whore." Jamie took a deep breath, he was paid for sex, so yes, he was a whore, but the way Stella talked to him was creating a weird feeling in him.

He felt his cock rising inside his boxers. "Good, now let me tell my little man whore what he can do to return to the business world. First, no respectable company will hire a porn star for sales. If it ever got out, the company's reputation would be lost forever.

However I will give you another job as a personal assistant. Let me explain, Eva, the woman out front you met, is my secretary.

As my personal secretary, you'll tend to my personal matters. Whether it be dry cleaning, taking care of my car, or anything else I want. Do you understand?" "I'm only looking for a sales position, Mrs. Ackman." "This personal assistant will make more than the sales position by almost 50 percent. But understand up front. I will make you earn it. You were a man whore for sex, you'll be my man whore now and trust me I'll be far worse on you." Stella licked her lips "You can quit at any time, and I'll fire you if you ever disobey me, or piss me off but if you survive a year, I'll consider you for a senior sales position and allow you to claim you were working for us for three full years.

That would erase your time off." Jamie was shocked. He understood that that money meant it would not be a normal position, but it would mean he would earn his money through having sex again. Still, Jamie would earn more than he expected, and the possibility to be a senior sales agent interested him and never having to answer the question about those two years again.

Yet, the way she said explained him being fired if he disobeyed, it wouldn't just be sex. "Mrs. Ackman, am I to understand I'll be your servant?" "You'll do many things for me. You'll earn your money with work, but you'll be on call for 24/7. Everyday for the next year, if I need you to do something you'll do it gratefully, and I do mean anything I ask. You will travel with me and tend to my needs at any time of the night." "I'm not sure I'm willing accept the position Mrs.

Ackman." "You'll take what I offer you Jamie, or I'll ruin you. Since you're not sure after I offered you the carrot, let me give you the stick, Jamie. If you displease me over this year, and that includes saying no to me right now, I'll make sure you never work in this industry again.

I don't think any company wants a porn star on the sales floor, and I'll make sure that information is public." Stella felt turned on by controlling Jamie. She had never blackmailed someone like this before. Most of the time there was a couple months of flirting, but Jamie was a one time thing.

Instead of a normal 'assistant' she would have a great deal more control over Jamie. This would let her push him far harder than she had attempted before. Already she was turned on by the fact the hunk was in her office. She might not ruin his life if he said no, but he didn't need to know that.

Instead she wanted him to be a fucktoy, she'd get bored of him if the past had taught her anything but a year of playing with his body, would be worth the money she was offering.

Jamie was shocked. He never imagined his adult movies would turn out this way. At worst, he expected a few women to turn him down for a date because he was in them, but here was a woman willing to blackmail him.

What's worse is he was being turned on by the way she was treating him. He wanted to say no, but he knew that she could ruin him, so he let out a meek reply. "I'll do whatever you say Mrs. Ackman." "Let's start with that. I will be Mistress in private. You will be whatever name I come up with. I'll start with fuck toy, that has a nice ring, but I'll be thinking up a weekly name. Now much of this deal will be handled outside of the company but I'll be hiring you as a personal assistant, if I even hear a word of the extra arrangement getting around the office, you will be sorry." "Yes." Jamie said, trying to sound agreeable even though part of him hated bowing down to his new boss.

It was a small part. "Uh uh, Jamie I think you forgot something there." Jamie thought for a moment. "Yes, mistress." Stella got a little jolt of excitement hearing this man bend to her will with such ease.

She smiled and leaned back in her chair. "Do you have any questions before we begin today's first session?" "Mrs. Ack&hellip.

Mistress, do you have a husband?" "Good catch, fuck toy. But that's a personal question. The difference between your personal questions and mine is I'm the boss. Let me make this clear, if you follow my requests to the letter, there will be no problem. Now if we're done, why don't you show me that body I just purchased." Jamie's mouth almost dropped with the way this woman was treating him and talking to him, but he realized that he agreed to whatever treatment she wanted for the next year.

He stood up and removed his jacket and shirt as he finished taking it off he noticed that Mrs. Ackman was working on some paper work. He was about to draw her attention him when she spoke up. "I'm a very busy woman, I don't have time to just play with my toys all day, so often you'll be servicing me while I do other work.

I expect you to deal with this on a daily basis. I'll play with my on my schedule." Stella looked up and noticed his body, it looked a little flabbier than the videos, but she expected he wouldn't look exactly the same, as long as the cock compared, she would accept it.

She pointed at the wall. "The third drawer of the middle file cabinet is empty. When you strip in my office, you will put your clothes neatly in that drawer every day, when you leave, you'll take everything from that cabinet. I don't want any clothes lying around, or any sign of you." Jamie didn't answer as Stella returned to her papers without waiting for a response. He took his jacket and shirt and placed it in the cabinet. His pants, shoes, socks all joined it so he was standing in his briefs.

"Tomorrow, no tighty whitey's. You're my toy, and I want to like what you wear. No woman likes thinking she'd fucking an alien baby. Boxers or nothing." Jamie almost sighed before catching himself, he figured that wouldn't be good for Mrs.

Ackman to catch his displeasure, he responded the only way he could. "Yes, Mistress, I'll buy new underwear on the way home." Jamie noticed that Mrs. Ackman didn't return to her paperwork.

He knew what she was waiting for, and bent over to remove his briefs, he placed them in the drawer and closed it, then turned around. Jamie had gotten into good habits when working on porn.

He knew how to eat right and work out enough to look like he didn't. He was pale white, but his cock was a thick eight inches which kept the directors interested in him.

Stella pointed to a spot beside her chair and Jamie walked over to it without a word. He started to lean on the desk behind him. "Hold it, don't you dare lean, you're here to work." Stella snapped. "Now let me see how big that dick gets and don't stop until I say so." Jamie was a little confused, but after a few seconds realized she wanted him to masturbate, or at least rub his cock. He stood up straight and rubbed himself as she worked on her paperwork.

He was already at half mast when he took of his pants. His body reacted in an odd way to Mrs. Ackman's commands. She seemed to ignore him as he rubbed his cock, but he continued to rub the shaft as commanded.

After a couple minutes, Stella reached a single finger out and flicked the tip of the boy's penis, without looking, she felt a little pre cum that he was massaging as he rubbed the shaft, but didn't turn from her paperwork.

She loved the idea of making someone masturbate on command. In fact Stella imagined most men would love to do this in her presence, though in their mind she would be naked, and they would be in control. That was not likely. "Don't you dare cum, a toy should cum on command. Not before it." There was a clock and Jamie watched as five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes passed.

Stella looked over him at his cock after the first five and would glance at it every couple minutes after, but looked uninterested, almost as if it was distracting her to look.

Jamie worked his cock slowly, he didn't want to risk cumming, he imagined that would not be a pleasant conversation. He stroked his cock and Stella would flick it. After a few iterations it became a sting of pain.

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Stella would look over at the cock and then up at the man, she loved teasing men. When she was younger she would do it in high school and college.

Men would do anything for her. One of her favorite hobbies was to rile up a man with her sexuality, and then make them cum in their pants, making sure their friends knew. Now she had grown up her tastes had grown. Men became mere toys to her. Now it was time to see how her newest acquisition performed.

"Good, you may stop for now. There's another task that needs your attention." Jamie breathed a sigh of relief, it took all his strength to avoid cumming but to continue to maintaining an erection. He had never attempted to not cum while jerking off before. "What would you like me to do, Mistress?" Stella pushed her chair back. Her desk was a full length wood desk. There was no opening on the front of the desk, so no one could see if someone was under it.

The desk was custom made, and the space under the desk for Stella was big enough to hide a full sized person. Not comfortably, but it wasn't supposed to be comfortable for the person under it.

It was only supposed to be comfortable for the woman sitting in the chair which would be Stella. "This is very important Jamie, it's time to see how you'll work out in this company. I want you to crawl under my desk, slide my panties off, and lap at my pussy." She slid her chair back from the desk.

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"I'm going to continue to work, I'm the CEO so my work is very important, But your work might be even more important. You're going to make me cum and let me enjoy myself while I do my job." "Excuse me Mistress, I'm not very good at oral sex." "Oh Jamie, you'll learn. You used to be a taker, from what I saw of your videos they involved ramming some poor ditz with a cock. Bludgeoning her pussy until you came. You have no finesse, but now you will be a giver.

You will learn how to please a woman. Sometimes with your cock, sometimes with your mouth. Sometimes other ways. But you'll learn how to make me happy. You'll have a year to practice it after all." Jamie was a little worried about how else he might make her happy, but they had established she was in control.

If eating her pussy was necessary, he would do it. Well he did it more often than he wanted to admit in his films. She wasn't wrong about his technique during sex to be more forceful, but that's what the director of his videos asked for, and he never had a complaint. Jamie crawled under the desk and before he could turn around, the chair moved back into place. Mrs. Ackman's body made it harder for him to turn around. Once Jamie was facing her, he reached under her dress. He found her panties and noticed they were soaked.

Jamie realized that she was enjoying treating him this way. He carefully slid them down her legs, when one of her hands stopped him.

"Roll my skirt up, so I don't make a mess, you silly boy. And before we pull down my skirt, you'll clean my body of any moisture." Stella raised her body off the seat. Jamie rolled her skirt up without trouble, and then slowly pulled her panties off her body with the least amount of help from Mrs. Ackman as she could give and complete the job. She moved her body forward so her crotch was sitting on the edge of the chair.

Jamie was a couple inches from his new boss' pussy and he inhaled. He tried to savor the smell, but before he had a chance, a hand rested on his head, and pressed it forward into her crotch. His face was covered by her soft skin.

If it was another time, he'd revel in the softness of her skin, but the hand on his head pushed him forward. Her vagina was soaking his face, so he opened his mouth and lapped at her nether regions. His tongue sought out the definitions of her body, and he found her labia. He licked the labia slowly, carefully teasing it.

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Jamie hoped this was having a positive effect on her as this was normally what he did when asked to perform oral. Stella sighed. She enjoyed the feeling of the inexperienced man fumbling on her, more from the promise and hope he represents than his feeble attempts to please her.

Stella would have to teach him, but the fact there was a new man licking her pussy excited her. She still was on the verge of moaning, but Stella didn't want to give him any encouragement yet. "Lick the top part of my pussy, the little folds on the top. It's the clitoral hood, lick that part and play with it, like a good boy." Jamie nodded, before he realized she couldn't see him.

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"Yes, Mistress" He then moved his tongue up trying to play with the folds, finding the right spot. He wasn't sure if he was doing it right but lapped at it. He found his tongue just glided over the pussy.


"No you need to get inside it, use your fingers to pull the hood aside and play with the clitoris inside it. God, you're dumb." Jamie followed her instructions, using his hands and pulled at her folds, then finding the insides he licked inside the new target. Playing with it he found the little nub at the top.

He had heard about the clitoris but it was the first time he had found it. Stella threw her head back and moaned out. He had found her special spot. As he licked it, she realized she was turned on from the whole experience. While he wasn't allowed to cum yet, she didn't have the same rules.

She needed her release to help her focus, so she leaned back. Grabbing the sides of her chair, Stella moaned out softly, letting her body what came natural. Her pussy quivered and before long she released her orgasm. She used the hand holding the boy's head and pressed his face to her vagina, covering his face with her ejaculation. "That is called gushing. You'll get used to me doing it to your face. It is what your face is made for. Now clean your face like a good boy and play with my pussy again just the same." Stella took her hand back from Jamie's head.

She continued to work as Jamie licked her body again. Now that she had cum, she could focus better, and hold out longer on her next orgasm. She wouldn't be able hold out forever, but Jamie wasn't experience enough to rush her.

Not that he would ever rush her if he knew what was good for her. The next half hour involved Jamie continuing to explore her pussy. Stella gave him only a few necessary pointers, mostly about how fast or slow to lick.

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During the time she continued to work on the projects she needed to focus on. She came twice more to his tongue, each time, putting a hand on the back of his head and pushing him forward into it.

Each time he didn't complain. Jamie had learned his place already, Stella thought. I always love breaking them though he seemed to crumble. A shame, though a natural slave. "You can come out and give your mouth a rest for a little while." Stella rolled her chair out of the way. Jamie climbed out from under the dress and looked around not sure what to do next.

"Go over to the cabinet, in the drawer on the bottom, the one under your clothes there are two soft towels. Take the larger one and lay it over a chair and sit in it like a good boy, make sure the other is handy, you can place it on the side table. Then stroke your cock while you wait, I want it hard when I come over." Jamie complied, he looked in the drawer and found two towels. Both were far softer than what he was used to, but he took both and took them over to the chair.

He laid one on the chair he was sitting in and sat on top of the towel as she instructed. He placed the other on the table and waited. Stella finished something and stood up careful not to drip on her skirt or her chair. She had become adept at this in her years playing at work.

These were not her first chairs. Playtime always seemed to make a mess, even with her precautions. Her heels clicked as she walked over to the boy who sat waiting. Stella noticed his cock had remained hard during his oral work on her. So he liked this, she thought. Excellent, he'll be doing it often enough. Stella reached his chair and slid her heels off. She carefully removed her skirt by sliding it down and made sure it didn't get wet from her body.

The boy's cock curved downwards, perfect for what she wanted. It would bend and hit her G-spot just right. "You're still not allowed to cum. If you cum, you're done here already.

Remember, I'm fucking you, even if you're on top of me, I'm the important one, so until I say otherwise, you are just my toy. My orgasm is the one that matters, not your selfish desires." Stella scolded him as she examined him.

"When I finish, you will be allowed to make yourself cum. But not until I'm done. I want you to just sit there and stay hard. No touching my body." Stella turned around and faced her desk and then sat down on her new cock. She moaned out softly as his cock penetrated her.

She lowered herself while gripping the arms of the chair. He wouldn't let the boy see her face this time, nor her whole body. This was her claiming him. She remained dressed, he was nude. Yes she would allow him to cum, but on her terms, and the first time cumming in her presence would be the most important.

Stella rode the boy quickly, finding the right speed for her pleasure was easy, she had fucked enough men, dildo, and vibrators to know her body. She didn't even have to touch her clit during sex any more. The bend in his cock was hitting her just right. After the licking and lapping at her pussy, she was already on pins and needles. She rode the cock for a few minutes and felt herself cum for what must have been the fourth time that hour. Not her record, but he would learn. Stella helped herself off his cock carefully as her legs were weak, she turned around and leaned on her desk using her hands.

"Now I want to see you make a mess, boy. Jerk your cock for me until you come and spray it on your whole body." Jamie's eyes widened hearing her order, but almost immediately he stroked his cock at her command. His cock was slick with her orgasm and juices, but the entire experience had worked wonders on him in a way he didn't even realize.

The clock read it had been an hour and a half since he entered the room for a meeting. Jamie moaned out and felt his cock orgasm and shoot ropes of cum.

He aimed his cock up at his body, It was a little hard to move his cock to cover him, but the amount of cum shooting out of him was enormous. The sexual high he had been on for the last hour must have produced more cum than he had ever produced before. When he was on the set, fluffers would attempt to do this, but they couldn't get him as turned on as Mrs. Ackman had. Jamie's first spurt hit him in the face and almost blinded him, the next ropes of cum hit his chest.

He knew he must look like a mess, but the smile on Mrs. Ackman's face made him think he did something right. "Was that correct, Mistress?" "Yes boy, now before you clean your body up, you will wipe your face clean.

I'm not going to get pregnant because your sperm is on your face. Then I want you to clean me up with that mouth. I need you to lick my cunt clean and then wipe it with the towel. When I'm dry, then you can finish cleaning yourself. The faster you finish with me, the less trouble you'll have on your body, so get started." Jamie grabbed the towel laying next to him.

He cleaned his face trying to go as fast as he can. Mrs. Ackman was right, the sooner he cleaned his cum off of himself the better it would be. He had dealt with dry cum more than he needed to. Stella took the two steps between them, she checked his face for any remaining cum. After satisfying herself, she slid her pussy to his face. Jamie reached an arm around her waist and Stella didn't stop him pulling her closer. Stella watched as the boy started to lick her clit again.

"I said clean, not turn me on more. Large licks, on the outside and inside of the pussy. It shouldn't take more than a few." Jamie nodded and licked her crotch again, he tasted the same taste he tasted under her desk, now there was a different musky odor to her crotch.

It must have been his cock's distinct smell. He wanted to think about it, but he knew he must rush. After a few licks, Mrs. Ackman used a hand on his head to guide him to places she felt moisture still.

After a few movements and many more licks, the hand on his head released him. "Good now use the clean part of the towel to dry your saliva off of me." Jamie complied, wiping her pussy carefully. He didn't think she would want him to rub her roughly. Stella stepped away after Jamie had wiped her pussy dry.

"Very good, now clean yourself up." Jamie took the towel which was already covered with cum and saliva and used it to clean his body. The feeling was a little awkward as he didn't plan on using a towel a third time so their fluids had covered it.

As he wiped at his body, Mrs. Ackman grabbed her skirt and pulled it back on her body, lowering it to the full length. Stella fixed her skirt and then slipped her heels on, she walked back to her desk as if nothing had happened, and looked the same. She sat down looking as the boy was cleaning himself. "Now Jamie, you're dismissed for the day. Please dress and go home.

I have your number here from your resume. Tomorrow morning at 8, I'll call you with instructions of what I need you to do tomorrow before work, and your hours. You'll work the hours I choose, whether it be 10-6, 12-8, or an all day shift. I expect you to always be on call." With that Jamie was dismissed from his first day of his year as a personal fuck toy. Jamie dressed and replaced the two towels in the bottom drawer.

Mrs. Ackman assured him would be replaced by the staff of the company. As Jamie walked out, he noticed the secretary, Eva, was sitting at her desk again, she gave a small nod to him as he passed, but he wondered how much she knew, or if she knew what he had done in the room. The thought of her knowing embarrassed him.

He walked out and took the elevator down to the lobby. In the elevator, he thought he smelled like sex, luckily Mrs. Ackman had a private elevator. He thought to himself that if he had self respect he would not pick up the phone tomorrow morning. Then again if he had self respect would he have done anything that happened in that office?

Maybe, but as he got off the elevator, he realized he'd gladly take her call the next morning and be prepared for another day serving his new mistress. The pay and the possible promotion after a year didn't enter his mind when he made the decision. This wasn't a job any more, it was his new lifestyle.