Busty tranny rimmed from behind

Busty tranny rimmed from behind
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Fbailey story number 633 Sister's Eye Operation Beverly was only fifteen when she got corrective eye surgery. She had been wearing thick Coke bottle glasses for a few years and she hated it. The operation took place in a big city a few hours away and the doctor told her that it would be six to eight weeks before he could remove the bandages and then a few more weeks before she could function normally. Dad was not in the picture and hadn't been for a few years.

Mom was a struggling executive at a big company and put in terrible hours.

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Beverly and I had been on our own a lot in the past couple of years with Mom working seventy to eighty hours a week including seven days a week, holidays, and everything else. That left me to care for Beverly in her time of need. I was the one that drove her to the hospital, waited several hours in the hospital waiting room, and then spent two nights lying on a cot in her room until they released her into my care.

On the way home Beverly said, "I cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done for me. I will forever be in your debt." Being the smart ass that I am I replied, "Maybe we could start a pay-as-you-go payment plan." Beverly asked, "What have you got in mind big brother?

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As if I didn't know." I reached over and placed my right hand on her right breast as I drove down the highway. She didn't wear bras very often and she wasn't wearing one then. She moved her hand toward me, found my leg, and continued until she found my hard-on. Beverly said, "I suppose you want me to suck this for you." I asked, "Do you spit or swallow?" Beverly replied, "Oh brother, do I ever swallow.

I swallow cum…and the cock that it comes out of too." With that said she unhooked her seat belt, leaned over, and released my cock from it confines. She never inquired as to whether or not anyone might be able to see what she was doing. Not until a trucker looked in as I passed him on the Interstate and he blasted his air horn at us. She giggled softly around my cock, reached back and waved at him, as she lifted her skirt up over her ass.

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She wasn't wearing panties either. I slowed down and let him watch her for a mile or so before I had a car behind me that also wanted to pass the truck.

After I had filled her mouth with my cum, Beverly told me how exciting it had been, not knowing who was watching her. When she sat back upright she opened her blouse up by undoing all of the buttons. Even temporarily blind as she was, she somehow knew that her nipples were covered. Then she said, "If I remove my top will you tell me if any police cars are near?

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That way I can cover up quickly and then I won't get arrested for indecent exposure." I told her that I would and watched as she slipped her blouse down her back revealing her great tits in all their glory.

She had been going to a tanning booth and had a great tan across her breasts from a very skimpy bikini top. I said, "Beverly, there's nothing indecent about those tits." She smiled and thanked me for the compliment. I again reached out and cupped her right breast with my right hand. She lifted the front of her skirt, spread her knees, and slipped a finger into her pussy.

My God, my sister was masturbating right in front of me in the car out in public. Too bad that a trucker didn't come along to catch a glimpse of my sexy teenage sister and what she was doing. When we left the Interstate and started for home I told her to button up but all she did was pull it on and attach one button just below her tits.

I smiled to myself when I asked her if she wanted to get a bite to eat. She hastily agreed and even suggested the local high school hangout…a pizza shop. She looked a sight in her big white bandage that covered most of her nose and most of her forehead. It made her hair look even darker.

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I suggested that she might want to button a few more buttons before we went in and she replied, "Why? This way I might give some guy a big thrill." Finding a booth was not a problem since school was out for the summer. I ordered a pizza and then Beverly said that she needed to go into the lady's room to pee.

I said okay but then realized that she needed me to go with her. I asked her if she wanted me to get the waitress to go in with her and she laughed and said, no. I led her to the bathroom, opened the door, and then I went in with her. There were three stalls with doors on them and all of the doors were open.

I let her go in the first stall. Soon another girl entered the room, took one look at me, and then asked me what to hell I was doing in the girl's bathroom. Beverly laughed and said, "He's my seeing eye dog.

Leave him alone." The girl kept a close eye on me and went into the far stall. Soon I heard her fart very loudly. Beverly asked, "Is that you Terri?" The girl said, "How did you know?" Beverly replied, "Because it's me… Beverly?" Terri asked, "So how did your eye operation go?" Beverly replied, "I'll tell you in September when we go back to school.

Until then you leave my seeing eye dog alone." Terri asked, "Is he house broken yet." Beverly laughed and said, "He likes to share his boner with me." Terri was quiet for a moment and then said, "Did you just say that you sucked your brother's cock?" Beverly said, "Yes, I did. We have a pay-as-you-go deal." Then she opened her stall door and said, "Be a good puppy and wipe my pussy." I said, "I'd rather lick it." Terri shouted out, "Can I borrow him?" I quickly replied, "Yes, you can but be quick about it.

Our pizza is probably getting cold as we speak." She flushed her toilet, opened the door, and stepped out to me. I then had two bottomless girls standing before me. I had Terri move next to Beverly and watched as Beverly cupped Terri's breast as I knelt down and licked their pussies…going from one to the other as I did.

Terri asked, "Can I come over to your house for a sleep over?" Beverly replied, "That will cost you a big payment. He gets to fuck you if you sleep over." Terri said, "I don't mind.

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It might as well be your brother." Beverly asked, "Are you really a virgin? You sure don't talk like one." Terri replied, "I've sucked a dozen cocks and I even let one in my ass once but I never had one in my pussy yet and that's what counts…doesn't it?" I replied, "Yes, that is what counts." Terri joined us for pizza and then came home with Beverly and I.

Terri wanted to watch me fuck my sister before she would let me fuck her. She thought that Beverly was pulling her leg as a joke. I had Beverly strip naked and lay on my bed. She was certainly no virgin from our conversation in the car on the long drive home from the hospital.

In fact I was about to become number thirty-two in her book of who has fucked her.

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I was number sixty-three in her blowjob list but she promised me that I could be number one on her anal list before the summer was over. I got between her legs and then Terri held onto my hard cock, opened Beverly's pussy lips, and started to pull my cock into my sister.

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Terri was enjoying our first incest fuck more than we were…almost. As I thrust into my sister, Terri kissed her on the lips and sucked on her nipples until I had come and pulled out. Then Terri put her hand over my sister's pussy and tried to stop my cum from leaking out of her. When her hand had become fully slimed she put it up to Beverly's face and had her suck it clean. Terri then took Beverly's place on my bed. Then it was Beverly's turn to help me insert my cock into her friend's virgin pussy.

There was no real resistance but her love tunnel was tighter than my sister's love tunnel had been. I was glad that I had just cum once so that I could enjoy my first ever, virgin pussy.

I would remember that for the rest of my life.


After all a girl can only give that away once and Terri gave hers to me. I filled her hungry pussy and then I watched as my sister tried to cover Terri's pussy to stop my cum from flowing out. Finally my sister flipped Terri's feet up over her head. I was confused and Terri could see that so she said, "I'm not on the pill. You might become a Daddy." Beverly laughed and said, "We set this up weeks ago but this is the first chance we had to pull it off." Terri slept over quite often and I continued to fuck them both all summer long.

Fortunately Terri never got pregnant…not from me anyway. Beverly's eyes were perfect when school started she looked irresistible that first day back. The boys drooled over her new look. It helped that her breasts had grown, her waist had slimmed, and her fanny gyrated when she walked.

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The End Sister's Eye Operation 633