Sassy cutie enjoys oral action

Sassy cutie enjoys oral action
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I couldn't stop thinking about the spanking Judge Cooke had given me ? My little butt was so sore, but I desired more. Did everyone have these desires, locked deep inside of them? I desired more. I wanted Judge Cooke to mount me, as I had watched him do to his daughter, and the kitchen servant. I needed his cock, deep inside me.

I wanted his cock, to be the first man's cock to take me. I wanted to feel his cock, pushing hard to enter me. I wanted to feel my pussy, giving way to his cock, as his manly cock, completely filled my pussy.

I wondered if he could get his big cock, so deep inside my pussy, that his balls would slap against me. I had been fascinated, watching his balls slap against Sharon and the black woman from the kitchen. I wanted to know what it would feel like, to me.

I wanted to freely and lustfully, give my body to him. I wanted him ,to fulfill his vast appetite, with my body. I wanted to always be available for him to cum in.

I wanted to be able to go over to their house, if I wanted or needed to feel his cock pushing deep into me, filling me up. As Sharon and I prepared for bed, I could still feel a stinging sensation in the cheeks of my little butt.

If I closed my eyes, I could actually feel his big hand, making contact with my butt. I could feel his cock, against the small mound above my pussy lips. The memory of his fingers rubbing my clit, made me shudder with excitement. I glanced at Sharon's body, as she was slipping her night gown on.

She took her panties off, before she climbed into bed. Again, I wanted to talk to Sharon. I felt that she was avoiding me with her body language. After we both climbed into bed, before I could say anything to her, Sharon said, " Goodnight." As I pulled the covers up to my shoulders, my thoughts were of Judge Cooke.

It was getting late. Was he coming in, like he said he would? I drifted off to sleep. I don't know how long I slept, before the light woke me up. I opened my eyes to see Judge Cooke. He was in his robe. The light was on between the twin beds, on the night table. He said, "Tonight we will have the light on. " " After the day we had, there is no need for you two, not to see everything that is going on." He then moved over to Sharon and pulled the covers down.

He leaned over and French kissed her. He then pulled her gown up. Her naked, bare little pussy was revealed to his eyes.

He said, "Good girl, no panties" He kissed her again. as he ran his fingers between her pussy lips. After a short time he said, " Get up and strip." She looked at me. He then, with a very firm voice said, " NOW Sharon!" He stood by the bed waiting. Judge Cooke walked over to me and pulled the covers down. He reached down and ran his hand from the top of my gown to the hem of it. He leaned over and kissed me the same way he kissed his daughter. I trembled with excitement and with uncertainness.

It excited me that he had just kissed her. I thought that I could taste her on his lips. He very slowly lifted my gown, while he looked me in the eyes. He placed his fingertips on the side of the cheek of my face. He then ran his fingertips to my lips. He leaned forward and asked me, " Do you smell her pussy on my fingers?" I shook my head, indicating yes.

He said " Taste them." I opened my mouth, while looking into his eyes. I felt his fingertip slide past my lips.

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I instinctively sucked them. I also ran the tip of my tongue all around his fingertips. While I was doing this, he whispered, " That's righttaste her, good girl, good girl." After I sucked Sharon's pussy juice off his fingers, He reached down and pulled my gown up.

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He then moved his finger down to the middle of my chest. My heart was beating so rapidly. Every cell of my body was super sensitive, as if it were on fire. As he leaned over, he took one of my little nipples between his lips, while he pinched the other one. I felt dizzy, I had never felt anything like this before. He moved his lips over to the nipple, he had been pinching.

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He moved his hand down to my Panties. He rested his fingertips on top of my panties, as he leaned very close to my right ear.


He lustfully whispered, " I know what you want, I know you want me to fuck your little pussy." I was so embarrassed. He then said, "Stand and strip for me." He stood up and took my hand pulling me to my feet. I could see Sharon, still standing there, next to the foot of her bed.

I could barely take my gown and panties off. As I lifted my gown over my head. I could feel, that I was pushing my nipples out toward him, as I arched my back. When I leaned over to pull my panties down, I almost lost my balance. Once I had my panties in my hands I waited, not knowing what to do with them. He said, "hand them to Sharon. I did as he said. He then said, " Both of you stand by the window. ' After we had moved, he pulled each bed down past the table that had the lamp on it.

He then pushed the beds together. He told Sharon to turn the other lamp on, so there would be more light. He then told both of us to get on the beds. He dropped his robe revealing his hard cock. As he moved close to us, I noticed that his cock was hard and moving from side to side.

He picked me up in his arms. I could feel his body next to mine. He moved over to the beds. He climbed on his knees, over to the right bed. He laid me down on my back. He reached over to my ankles and yanked me by the feet.

He pulled me to the edge of the bed, so that my butt was close to the inside edge. My legs and feet were on the other bed. He pulled Sharon over to the other side. He placed his hand on her back and pushed her down, as he did, he said, " Get on your knees." I could look down my tummy and see Sharon. She was lined up, so her face looked at my pussy. He said," Sharon move up, put your face over Myra's pussy. " She moved up. I wanted to know, what she was thinking?

Was she afraid? I didn't know what to expect. He walked over to the bed, I was on and put a couple of pillows under my neck and head. He walked back behind Sharon. I could see pure lust in his eyes and across his face. I was able to look into his eyes, with the pillows propping me up. I watched, as he looked at me. I could see him grab his hard cock in his right hand, He moved closer to Sharon. I watched his face, as he mounted her pussy, from the back.

She gasped and he smile at hearing her, while he looked at me. When she gasped, my pussy responded. I didn't know what was going to happen to me, but I was excited. He placed his hands on each side of her hips.

She looked so small, between his hands. He smiled that sly smile of his, as he pulled his cock back and thrust it so hard into her waiting pussy, that she lurched forward.

I gasped also, seeing how hard he gave it to her. He laughed a wicked laugh, at my response, as he looked at me. As he thrust into his daughter's pussy another timehe took his left hand and pushed her shoulders down. He then said, " Suck her clit, while Daddy fucks you, Princess." She looked up at me, then she moved her hands up and pulled my pussy lips apart. He laughed that wicked laugh again, as he was steadily thrusting his cock in and out of her little pussy.

When she put her lips to my clit, she started moving her tongue all over it, I went crazy. I tried to push away with my feet, because the feeling was too intense. I felt him grab my foot. He said. " OHHH yes Sharon, get itthat's right, that's right, look at her, she can't stand it." He was so excited, he was thrusting in her harder and harder.

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He was still holding my foot. I continued to squirm. Her lips and tongue were driving me crazy! The feeling of the intensity of his thrusting, as it pushed her mouth on my clit, was absolutely breath taking.

I didn't know what to do. I wanted to stay still, so I wouldn't miss a moment, of this new pleasure, but I just couldn't. The intensity was driving me wild ! He had the look, of sexual madness on his face, The smile he had, was sort of evil looking.


He was drinking in the vision, of his daughter sucking my clit, and how I was reacting. I thought I was screaming, but I couldn't hear myself. I thought I was breathing, but I couldn't feel air coming into my lungs. I wanted to stop looking at his face, but I couldn't tear my eyes way from his. Sharon was sucking my clit with great vigor. I reached down and held her head. I pushed my pussy up. It seemed I couldn't get enough, of her sucking my clit.


I would try to kick away, then Judge Cooke would pull me back. Again, I would then grab her head, and push up. Each time this would happen, Judge Cooke would laugh out loud. That wicked, lustful laugh.

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Judge Cooke was thrusting harder and harder, in his daughters pussy. She started moaning, just as he had a low guttural sound escape his throat.

I too, joined in, as pleasure ripped through my little body. We shared a climaxthe three of us. It was blissful, two little girls and Judge Cooke, entwined in sexual bliss together. A moment later, the door opened. I froze. I saw Judge Cooke look up, as well as Sharon. I was afraid to look. I just knew, we had made much loud sounds that Mrs. Cooke had been awakened. The alarm on Sharon, and her Daddy's face, changed.

Judge Cooke said, " Sonis your Mother up?" Sharon's older brother said. " No, Father, she is asleep" Judge Cooke smiledas he pulled his cock out of his daughter. He picked up his robe and put it on. He told us to put our gowns on.

I was so embarrassed, but I did as he said. He said to his son, " Help me move these beds back. They each moved a bed.

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Judge Cooke then walked out the door and his son followed. We climbed into the bed without saying a word to each other. Please tell me what you think of this true story. Please PM me, comment or email me [email protected]