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Gangbang queen redboned bbc freak
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Lillian glanced at the clock for about the hundredth time in the last twenty minutes. She was supposed to get her physical at 4:00, but it was 4:20 and her doctor hadn't appeared yet. She wished the doctor would show up soon—she was kinda nervous, honestly. Her friends had all told them their tales about how you had to take off their clothes and put on a paper robe/covering that had no sides.

"It's like a long piece of rectangular tissue paper, only a little harder, no sides! It's so awkward, but since I had a woman for the doctor, it was a bit better, I guess." Her friend had told her. So, since the fifth grade, Lillian had sworn that she'd never, ever get a physical.

And as the years went by, and her body changed from flat chested to pretty big B cups, no pubic hair to pubic hair, no curves to curvy—the feeling of not wanting a physical only increased. However, now she was a freshman, and in order to play a school sport, it was required of her to have a physical before, and Lillian had gotten on the girls lacrosse team—varsity.

She only had today to have a physical, because today was Sunday and she had school the next day, and the forms were due tomorrow—no late excuses—and she had put it off until today.

So reluctantly, she had allowed her mother to schedule an appointment, and here she was, waiting for her doctor, who was twenty minutes late.

She was getting more and more nervous by the minute. However, she wasn't the only one feeling harassed. Her mother was fiddling with her purse's strap, also nervous, and she had to pick up her younger brother, Mark from his Little League Baseball practice, but the field was a half hour away, she had to leave now, or be late, which her mother hated. Suddenly, a woman in white pants and shirt emerged from the door.

Lillian half rose, along with her mother, who muttered, "Will you be fine on your own? I really, really need to pick up Mark. I'll be back in around and hour and a half, and that's how long the doctor said it would be." Lillian was nodding a "yes" to her mom when the nurse said, "I'm so, so sorry, but the doctor you requested, Dr.

Jenny, was pregnant, and her water broke about a half hour ago. We couldn't find any female replacements and…well, we have Dr. Jake here today. Do you mind having a physical with him? Or would you like to reschedule? We have another doctor coming in at 5:00, and she's female." Lillian looked, torn, between her mom and the nurse.

She didn't want to make her mother wait any more, but she also needed this physical now, and she knew her mom wouldn't let her wait for the doctor till five by herself, but she didn't want to be with a man for her physical. However, seeing the pained look on her mom's face that came with being late for something, she put on a brave face and said, "No, that's…that's fine.

I'll go with Dr. Jake." Her mom beamed and pecked her on the cheek.


"Thanks so much," she said, and practically ran out of the room. The nurse smiled and led her to a room, and took her school physical form. After anxiously waiting for five minutes, the door opened, and a man around the age of his early thirties walked in.

He seemed pretty fit for his age, and seeing her, he smiled. "Hey, there. I'm sorry about your doctor, but I promise that we'll be fine." He winked and walked over to the end of the room and pulled the blinds closed. Lillian pasted on a fake smile. Dr. Jake walked back over and looked at the clipboard he was carrying.

"Lillian Cordell. What a lovely name." to which Lillian blushed and thanked him. "Lillian, now could you take off your clothes? I know it's awkward, but since I'm a doctor, I think you shouldn't be nervous." Lillian however, was very nervous. But, she stood up and looked around the room, as if expecting a dressing room to appear.

She also looked at Dr. Jake, expecting him to give her the tissue paper robe her friends told her about. "But…Dr. Jake…" she started "Please, call me Jake," He interrupted. "…Don't…Don't you give us a— cover up or something?

And where do I go to—to change?" Dr. Jake laughed, like she had something funny. "No need for that. Others use that, but honestly, I think it's really stupid. Why have cover ups when you're going to be seeing everything anyways?

And no, just change in here." Lillian almost asked for a cover up, still, but she didn't want him to think she was stupid, or something. So she reluctantly unzipped her sweater, revealing a very tight pink tank top that showed the outline of her bra. Dr. Jake didn't look away; he just acted like he was taking notes while constantly looking up.

Hesitantly, Lillian slowly took off her tank, baring a very lacy red bra—why had she worn that? Dr. Jake looked up and smiled at her, like she was a doll made for admiring.

However, that smile set something off in Lillian's guts. That wasn't a regular smile. There was something to it, something…weird. Anyways, she slowly unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them off, revealing a bright red thong—great. What on earth had she been thinking? Wearing Victoria's Secret Bra's and thongs to a physical—she was crazy.

This was the first time she had ever been like this in front of anyone, even her friends—she was a virgin, after all. Dr. Jake hadn't looked away, as a matter of fact; he looked like he was studying her very closely. Was it just Lillian, or was his gaze always flickering to her boobs? Suddenly, he smiled and clapped his hands once. "Okay, time to start.

Lillian, would you please sit on the bed for me?" Lillian walked over to the bed, which was very high up—most doctors had a stool to help her get up.

Since she didn't want to look dumb, she didn't ask for a stool, because Dr. Jake was watching her, waiting for her to get up there. So, dumbfounded, she decided that she could jump a little to get up there. She turned with her back against the bed and jumped a few times, trying to get on there. She noticed that Dr.

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Jake was watching her breasts, and she realized that they were bouncing very much with her little jumps as she attempted to get on the bed. She turned a bright red. Dr. Jake smiled and said, "Need a little help?" Sighing with relief, Lillian nodded and smiled. "Yes, please." She thought Dr. Jake would get her a stool but instead, he walked over to her, placed one hand between her legs, the heel of his hand on her pussy and his fingers on her ass, one hand wrapped around her, pressing her to him and mushing her breasts to his chest and picked her up that way and plopped her on the table with enough force to make her boobs bounce a bit.

This happened so fast that Lillian didn't have time to react, and as soon as he had stopped to watch her breasts bounce, he turned around to go get his clip board.

Lillian sat, shocked. That had seemed like and odd way to pick someone up, and her pussy tingled from his touch.

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Since he was turned around, she sneaked a peak down there—oh god, she was wet!! She had heard her friends saying that when they saw a cute guy or saw kissing on TV, but she had never had the experience herself. Shocked and embarrassed, she pressed her legs together tightly and waited for Dr. Jake. He turned around and smiled and sat down on a chair and asked her questions ranging from smoking to her sex life. When he got to the "Are you a virgin?" question and she said that she was, she swore she saw him smile in the weirdest way ever, but she couldn't put her finger on why.

Then he got up and did regular doctor stuff, like taking her blood pressure and checking her ears and mouth. After all that, suddenly, he reached behind her and undid her bra so fast she didn't have time to respond.

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He pulled her bra off with just as much speed and skill and dropped it on the ground. In the end, all Lillian got out in response was: "You—I—uh—I—Wha?" Dr. Jake grinned. "Sorry, time for your breast test to see if you have breast cancer. But don't worry, you're too young, we just want to make sure your breasts are doing okay." Numbly shocked, Lillian nodded. Dr. Jake put his hands forward and massaged her breasts slowly.

Was that part of the test? Instead of looking stupid and asking, Lillian remained silent and let him continue. He cupped a breast and slowly outlined it, feeling it slowly with his warm hand and then went to the nipple, which to Lillian's horror, was rock hard.

This was so embarrassing—that had never happened before! He placed the stiff nipple between his pointer finger and thumb, and rolled it between them slowly, gently squeezing them. Her friends hadn't ever mentioned this! Suddenly, Lillian felt the urge to rub herself down there, which she had also never felt before. What was this doctor doing to her?! Then he did the same to the other nipple. Although Lillian wasn't sure if this was really part of the test, she didn't care.

For the weirdest reason, she didn't want him to stop. In fact, she wanted him to actually suck— WHAT the hell was she thinking?!

Had she gone insane? She mentally shook off the feeling and waited for the doctor to be done. He smiled and said. "Great. Your breasts seem to be in great, great shape.

You know, a lot of girls would kill to have boobs like you." Lillian blushed, half from the compliment, and half from the fact that he had said "boob" so plainly.

Then he said, "Time for the pap test." Lillian stared, confused. "What's that?" Dr. Jake smiled and said, "It's where I take a cotton swab and swipe the inside of your vagina for infection and stuff." After a shocked minute, Lillian dazedly took off her thong, and gave it to Dr. Jake who tossed it on the ground with the bra. Dr.

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Jake put his hand on her breasts to gently push her on her back on the bed, and after she did, he spread her legs apart. Lillian's mind was racing—thank god she had shaved!

This was so embarrassing! Why hadn't her friends said anything about this? And before she could think anymore, she felt cool hands on her pussy lips, spreading them apart. Suddenly, Lillian felt the craziest urge ever to thrust her vagina at the hands, but she controlled it, terrified at herself—what was this doctor doing to her body to make her feel so…different?!

The cool fingers rubbed at her vaginal opening and she heard Dr. Jake say "I just need to…get you a little… uh… wet so the pap will be easier to swipe and it'll be able to get more on it." WHAT!? The doctor was going to make her get wet? Before she could reply, the doctor was already moving his fingers in her pussy, back and forth, and suddenly, four fingers burst into her vagina.

Lillian gasped. She heard Dr. Jake chuckling and saying, "First timer, huh? I forgot, sorry! I should have only used one finger." He pulled three fingers out and slowly moved it back and forth in her vagina, while some other fingers played with her clit. Lillian was terrified. She was going to have an orgasm. She had read about this in books, but she had never actually felt this…this feeling of build up!

She so desperately wanted to let it out, but she tried to restrain herself. Suddenly, the finger pumping in her vagina's speed increased, and she knew she wouldn't able to hold out much longer—how embarrassing would it be to orgasm in the doctor's hands?

He only wanted her just a little wet, after all. So she gasped out, "Please—Please—stop—I—I'm co—coming—please—I'm coming—I…" "What?" Dr.

Jake asked, although Lillian thought she'd made herself perfectly clear. "I—I'm coming, I'm coming, please—please, st—stop, I'm coming, I—I—OH!!!!" And she let out the hottest and most wonderful build up she had ever felt into the doctor's hands.

She bucked on the bed, her pussy seeping with her orgasm. Burning with shame, Lillian whispered, her voice shaking and her legs weak, "I—I'm soo sorry…I couldn't help myself…" Dr. Jake laughed. "Oh, no sweetie, that's what we needed." He said, still rubbing around her clit. Suddenly, Two fingers spread her vagina apart and she felt the cotton swab go in and out. She sat up, still blushing, and gasped in horror at the huge wet stain on the bed. "I'm so sorry, I…I didn't mean to let out that much…I…" Dr.

Jake laughed again. "Was that a first orgasm?" he said, his eyes twinkling. "have you never played with yourself?" Lillian stared in surprise at such a personal question asked, but she said in a feeble voice, "No…I…I never knew how." Dr. Jake turned around. Was it just her or was there a huge bulge in his pants? "Well, Lillian, you're missing out on a lot. Would you like me to show you how?" Lillian couldn't answer. She was too shocked. But Dr.

Jake didn't need one. He came around to her back, put an arm around her and put it on her breast, and took her hand in his, brought it to her pussy, and led her in stroking it. After she had gotten over her shock of a grown male touch her and helping her masturbate, she found that whatever he was doing with her hand down there felt heavenly. She let out a startled moan. "That…That…feels…sooo…good…" Dr. Jake grinned and started kissing her neck and rolling her nipple between his fingers with his other hand she felt herself writhing with ecstasy as he started thrusting one, two, three, fingers in her.

Panting, she gasped out "Oh, my gosh…" Dr. Jake moved around to her pussy, and started licking it— this time it was her who started feeling her nipples, and she moaned and groaned in pleasure as his skilled tongue moved around in her pussy, eventually probing her and his fingers played with her clit. Oh, gosh. She was going to orgasm. Again.

"Stop," She gasped out. "I'm coming, Please, don't make me, I…" But she only felt his speed increase in response. Suddenly, she bucked, and she felt herself let out an even hotter and pleasurable release than before.

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Gasping she reveled in the happiness she was feeling. She had always felt disgusted when she heard that guys masturbated at her school, but now she understood why—no wonder—it felt so, damn good! She heard Dr. Jake say in a gruff voice, "Damn, that was so sexy, I'm so hard…My turn." And before she knew it, she was pulled off the bed, and onto her knees, and Dr. Jake's beautiful, long, huge, erect cock was rammed in her mouth.

She had no idea how to do this, but she sucked and pumped his cock in her in a rhythmic motion, going deeper each time, eventually hitting her throat, but she got the whole thing in. "Damn," she heard Dr. Jake moan. She started teasing his balls as she did so, and she soon heard him begging for her to stop, that he was coming.


But Lillian wasn't going to, she was going to taste his cum, and she was going to make him, just like he did to her. And sure enough, he exploded in her mouth, and Lillian licked off every last drop—hey—it tasted great! "Damn," Dr. Jake said again. "Are you sure you're a virgin?

That was the best blowjob I'd ever gotten, and believe me, I've had my area of expertise." Lillian beamed, and once again, before she knew it, she was pushed onto her back, her legs pulled onto his shoulders, and his dick gently rubbing her pussy lips.

Damn, was this really going to happen? Was she going to lose her virginity with a man, a thirty year old doctor? Then she glanced at his HUGE dick, and immediately changed her mind.

Abruptly, he entered her, broke her cherry, and was plunging away inside her. As the pain faded away, it was replaced with a feeling of pure, pure, ecstasy. This was better than masturbation—it was complete bliss. Eventually, she started thrusting into him, her hips rising off the ground with every pump, and they set up a sort of rhythm.

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They were both moaning, panting, and she was whimpering, she was in paradise. She heard Dr. Jake say, as if in a faraway place, "You're—such—a—damn—tight—virgin—and—it feels so—damn—GOOD!" He said, as they came together.

She felt his semen explode in her and she sighed with happiness. When they saw they had a half hour before her mom came, they made love again. Lillian couldn't have had a better "physical". When they were done, he felt her up and made her feel so good she came for about the fourth time and as he licked it off her pussy, she came again.

"Damn," he said, "I love girls that can have this many orgasms." They changed, and cleaned themselves up, and got ready for public appearance again. "Okay," Dr.


Jake said right before she left. "I found some things in your urine that I need to go over again. How about you come again on Tuesday?" "But…I didn't take a urine test," Lillian said, confused. Dr. Jake smiled. "I know. That's just an excuse for you to come again on Tuesday.

I think we have some unfinished…business." Lillian then gave him the most seductive smile she could manage, and walked out the door, bouncing her boobs as hard as she could.

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