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Beatrizerafael loucos por menage foda gostosa safada dando cuzinho
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"Yes. I've never been more sure of anything. I want you to make me a women, your women." Her whole body was flushed a light shade of pink but that beautiful smile told me she really did want it.

"Then I will." I kissed her deeply with a passion I had not felt before, and sparks danced acrossed my lips as our tongues dueled in a loving embrace as I pressed the throbbing head of my cock to her tight, soaked, entrance and slowly pushed inside.


She gasped as we broke the kiss with my cock head pressed against her hymen "Your so big!" She looked into my eyes with both excitement and the slightest trace of fear, "Please Master, be gentle with your pet." I smiled down at her and kissed her softly before leaning in to whisper in her ear "Just breathe deep with me pet." I pressed foreword drawing a whimper from the sweet young prize beneath me.

Then I gave a sudden sharp thrust foreword breaking past her maiden head and moaning as I drove my cock half way into the molten velvet vice of her pussy. She whimpered and bit down on my shoulder and I held still inside her letting her adjust to my thickness and letting the sharp pain grow into a dull hot pleasure and she moaned, "Oh Master! Please go deeper I can take it!" hearing her beg for my cock nearly drove me wild with desire, and so I kissed her deeply as I thrust in hard driving in until I hit her cervix making her nearly scream in pleasure.

"Fuck your tight pet!" I moved my thumb to her clit, and she moaned out louder, I growled against her lips as I started slowly pumping in and out making her moan out with every stroke, and whimper as the tip of my cock started stretching her cervix open slightly as her juices gushed out around my cock.

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"Oh god Master! Your so deep! Please don't stop! Please Master fuck me harder!" "You want it hard little girl?" I pushed in deep and ground my cock into her cervix as I guided her hand down between our bodies and let her feel the last inch of my cock still outside of her body. "Can you take it pet?" I smirked as I saw her eyes widen, then it was her turn to smirk. She whispered huskily into my ear, "I can take it Master.

Stretch my tiny little pussy till it fits you perfectly." She gave a coy smile and blushed crimson. I kissed her deep, then pulled back and slammed back in deeper then before pushing the swollen head of my cock into her smoldering, ultra tight core.

She bit down into my bicep hard enough to draw blood as she moaned in pleasure and pain "Take it pet!" I thrust in hard again rocking her body as she moans out, "Take every fucking inch in your hot little pussy!" I started thrusting harder and faster ravaging her sweet young body as she screamed and writhed in pleasure.

"I'm gunna cum! Master please let me cum!

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Please, please!" She begged in a voice that oozed with lust and need. "Cum for me pet!" I all but roared as I felt my self on the edge of my own massive climax.

Her voice crashed over me in a scream of ecstasy as her sex tightened and convalesced around me and her scalding hot cum gushed around my cock. I thrust faster riding her through her orgasam, just before I fell over the edge, I pulled out and roared my release, spraying my cum acrossed her belly almost to her tits and she moan again shuddering with the sensation of feeling me on her skin for the first time. "It's so hot master!" She moaned and squirmed and on a whim I wiped a long rope of my cum of her and held my finger to her lips, and she smiled as she sucked it clean.

I slowly made several trips back and forth until I had fed her another load of my cum and she surprised me by opening her mouth to show me it was full before swallowing it and smiling before she leaned in and sucked my over sensitive cock into her mouth, cleaning it of her own sweet juices.

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I set my hand on top of her head and groaned softly "mmmm good girl." and when I did she pulled her mouth of my deflating cock and smiled at the praise. "Dose pet like masters cum?" I asked wanting to hear her sweet voice form dirty words again. "Mmm yes Master! I love your hot salty cum!" She beamed up at me nodding her head eagerly with an almost innocent smile.

I was panting softly as I leaned back against the wall and lit a smoke as she snuggled into my side, and I softly stroked her back. "Why me?" the question broke free before I could stop it. She smiled up at me as she spoke, "Well you saved me for starters, and besides you make me, like nothing else ever has. And well, you don't seem like the kind of guy who's gunna ditch me at a gas station come morning." She nuzzled her head under my chin.

"I can't ditch you in the morning, your training starts right after breakfast." I smiled down at her as I laid down and pulled her into my side. "Sleep now pet." I whispered softly and as if on command, she quickly fell asleep with her head on my chest, and for the first time in a long time I slept through the night.

I woke with a comfortable warmth snuggled into my side and a soft light filtering in through the deeply tinted windows. As her scent filled my nose in my first deep breath of the morning I was tempted to wake her but quickly decided against it. I slipped out her grasp and smiled as she curled herself into the spot I had been in, hoarding the last scrap of me that remained in the bed as I slipped into my boots, jeans, pistol belt and tack vest, not bothering with a shirt I stepped out of the truck and shut the door as quietly as possible.

I moved to the back of the F-350 Super Duty that had become my rolling fortress home, opening the hatch and tail gate to access my other supplies and moving to the long insulated steal lock box, I started grabbing stuff for breakfast, sourdough for biscuits, eggs, bacon, and some fresh fruit. I quickly built a small fire and began to cook, filling the air with rich, yummy smells, and as I turned away and started chopping fruit for a fruit salad she stepped out of the truck.

She was wearing a little black thong and my t shirt from the day before, the faded Punisher skull was taught against her ample chest but the rest of the garment hung off her in waves, the hem just a hair to short to cover her ass and pussy, and after staring for a moment I greeted her happily "Good morning pet." I kissed her cheek and gently squeezed her ass.

"Good morning Master." She stood on tip toes and kissed my cheek. Then she smiled up at me while rubbing the sleep from her eyes "Whats for breakfast?" I handed her a full plate, "Biscuits, eggs, fruit, and bacon." I smiled as her eyes lit up and we dug in.

"Coffee?" I offered her a tin mug full of black coffee. Her eyes widened "Whoa you have coffee?!" She grinned as she took the mug.

"I can't believe you have coffee!" I just chucked softly "Yea well being a gun slinger pays pretty well." I finished my food and tossed the paper plate in the fire as I took a sip from my mug, when she pointed out the eagle, globe and anchor emblem on my mug.

"You where in the Marines?" "Yes ma'am did six tours in china and Thailand." I smiled at the sudden light in her eyes. "Surprised you didn't notice the ink when you bled me last night." I turned slightly so she could see the tattoo on my shoulder. "Marines are hot!" She grinned playfully at me. I laughed and lit a smoke, "We better get started with target practice cutie.

Grab that little pocket gun of yours out of the truck, and let's get after it." I walked toward the tree line and set a few glass bottles and old tin cans on a wide tree stump as she bounced over to the truck and fetched her pistol before walking over to me.

She was smiling broadly "Ok how do we start Sir?" I stepped behind her and adjusted her stance, helping her line up her sights. "Just focus on the target, and squeeze the trigger." she fired then jumped and gave a little cheer when the bottle exploded. "I'm good at this!" She grinned up at me, then took aim and sent a tin can flying.

"It's easy as long as you stay calm. Just point like you where pointing with your finger, and shoot, don't over think it." I instructed as she lowered the gun then snapped it up and shot, missing the target before grunting in frustration. "Try again. Focus on nothing but the target, then just point and shoot." she raised the gun and hit just a little low. "Damn it!" She sighed, "Why can't I aim like before?" She asked pouting in that adorable way of hers. "You need to learn defensive shooting, you already know the basics but you need to learn how to use them, rapid target acquisition is essential if your out numbered pet.

Try again." I knew the lecture didn't help much as she sighed and tried again, but she did hit the can.

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"Yes! I'm the best!" She stuck her tongue out at me, then turned back to the targets. "Whats next?" "Quickly flipping from one target to another. Focus on one target at a time.


Once the first one is down then move to the next, line up the front sight, keep your weight foreword, and keep relaxed, don't lock your wrists or elbows." I did my best to keep from droning on as I instructed her. "Go three targets at a time, middle, right, then left." I stepped back and let her go on her own and was glad to watch three targets go down in only a few seconds.

"Looks like your a natural little lady." She smirked back at me "Looks like I'll better then you soon." She laughed and went to set up more cans and such.

"Yea, yea keep talking little girl." I smirked as she took her stance, and just as she went to raise her gun I drew my LeMat revolver and shot the four targets she had set up, from the hip, fanning the hammer and smirking as she looked at me in shock while I reloaded.

"One day you'll be as good as me, but it's gunna be awhile pet, and until then I'll be the main shooter ok?" I smiled softly at her. "Show off." She grinned. I smirked back at her, "I'm not the one hanging out on the side of the road in a thong and t-shirt." I had to stifle a laugh a she blushed a deep crimson.

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But our moment was ripped away as the chorus of groans and the smell of rot and death filled the air. "Shit." We both growled in unison.