Hot girl gets huge load on her face

Hot girl gets huge load on her face
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This happened A couple years ago. I was tall for my age at 6,2 at the time .Now I didn't have a perfect body but It was far from bad at the same time if you get that. Up to this point I had done everything you could imagine with a girl except for lose my virginity. One day my dad decided that it was time to get my eyes checked for some reason.

He scheduled the appointment for a Saturday. While I'm sleeping my dad calls me at around 9:00 Am and tells me to get ready the appointment is soon. So I got I got up, showered, got dressed and we were on our way. We got to the eye Doctor and walked over to the eye exam area. My dad told the lady behind the desk my name and she told us to have a seat. I looked over to the waiting area and there was only three people there. How the seats were set up and where the people were sitting no matter where I sat I would end up sitting next to someone.

Since I was sorta kinda shy at the time I didn't really want to sit next to someone I didn't know. The lady closest to me moved her purse thinking one of us was gonna sit. I didn't want to sit next to her the most because she was pretty good looking and that made me even more shy.

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So I just turned around and went to look at the glasses with my dad. I waited until the old guy got called in so that I could sit. My seat was right across from the good looking girl from earlier. This time I got to get a better look at her.

I realized that she wasn't just good liking and that she was fucking gorgeous. She was a Spanish lady probably around 21 at least. I was staring at her for a while because she was fine as fuck. She was wearing a short grey top and some tight blue jeans. Everything fit her perfectly. From what I could see, she had perfect tits. I got to see her body even better when she got up to ask the lady at the counter something. She had perfectly thick thighs and and an amazing ass.

She was the definition of curves and a perfect body. She had nice smooth and creamy skin and just the right amount of black hair stopping right around the top of her tits. Her lips were also perfect ( I know I've said perfect a lot but that's just how she was) lips.

She was wearing pink lip gloss that fit her juicy lips just right. She had the face of a cute ass model. She looked like she was about 5,6.

After she sat back down she looked up and caught me staring at her. I quickly looked down at my phone. I looked back up again and she was just smirking at her phone. For the next five minutes it was just her continuously catching me looking at her and smiling about it. After a while my dad walked up to me and said that he was going to go grocery shopping around the corner and told me to call him when I was done. So there I was sitting in the waiting room with two other people and the girl across from me.

After probably the fifth time of catching me staring at her she got up and went to the bathroom. While she was gone someone came in and took her seat and some people that were waiting got called in.

She walked back into the waiting room and when she got In front of me she dropped a piece of paper. I'm pretty sure she did this on purpose. She bent over and put her ass right in my face. So many thoughts started racing through my mind. My dick started to get hard.

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I was wearing basketball/gym shorts with no boxers on (big mistake) so it would be extremely noticeable. I quickly put my hands over it and held it down to hide it. She got back up and looked down at me and smirked.

She turned around and noticed that her seat was taken. There were other seats open but guess where she chose to sit. Yup. Right next to me. When she sat down my heart started to race. It wasn't even like she sat down at an angle to put some space between us. No. She sat all the way to the right of her seat to the point where our shoulders were almost touching. My dick was still hard with even more thoughts in my head now.

I guess she noticed this because she started doing things to get to me. It was torture but I liked it. She didn't do anything to bad though since there was other people around. She would move her hand towards my dick like she was going to touch it but kept stopping right before she could or just touching my inner thigh. She would get real close and whisper things like move your hands into my ear. She smelt so good. I looked at her like a tortured puppy with my face saying "stop please" but being the tease she was she just continued.

It's not that I didn't like it though. After a few minutes I had to pee.

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I got up and quickly walked to the bathroom with my hands still over my hard dick. When I got in the bathroom I shut the door and let out a breath and began to pee. As u may know, that was extremely hard to do with a hard dick. I finished and started washing my hands. While I was washing my hands I heard a knock on the door. There was only one bathroom in the place and it wasn't near the waiting area or anything else. It was near the back of the place.

I quickly said that there was someone in here. They didn't say anything. I saw the handle of the door start to move. I forgot to lock the fucking door.

The door swung open and guess who it was. Yup you guessed right. It was Ms.tease. She quickly walked in and locked the door behind her. I fumbled with my words asking her what she was doing with my hands over my hard dick. She put her finger over my lips and said "Sh" before I could finish my sentence. She moved in and started to kiss me. I was still kind of scared but since I knew how to make out I went with it. My heart was still beating and my hands were still covering my dick.

I was confused and nervous as hell. She reached down and moved my hands. She put one hand on her one of her perfect tits and the other on her ass. They both felt so good. She put her hand on my chest and started move down my torso until she got to my waist line. She slide her hand into my shorts and grabbed my dick.

I opened my eyes out shock. I looked her and she looked surprised too. Our tongues pulled apart as she stopped kissing and smiled and said "wow you're big too". She started kissing me again and slid her tongue back into my mouth. She pulled away again with her hand still slowly stroking my dick.

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I could feel her lip gloss on my lips. She started to get on her knees while keeping eye contact with me and smirking. She looked so good with that pink lip gloss.

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She broke eye contact and began to look at my dick through my shorts. She grabbed the top of my shorts and began to pull them down. My dick sprung out and she dropped my shorts. She looked at it, licked her lips and looked up at me.

She kept eye contact with me and slowly started to lick it up and down. She then wrapped a hand around it and guided it into her mouth. She slowly started to take in my dick. Starting with just the tip. Then 2 inches. Then 3 inches until she got the whole thing into her mouth.

Like I said I've done everything with a girl before so I've gotten head before but it's never felt this good before. Her mouth was so wet and warm and comforting. She was the best. She was sucking and gagging my dick so good. I told her when I was about to cum. She took it out of her mouth and said go ahead, spit on it and then continued sucking. I shot everything into her mouth and she swallowed it all. She got up, licked her lips, and said "that was a lot for a young boy". That turned me on a lot.

I decided it was my turn. I smirked and picked her up.


She was pretty light. I put her on the sink and started to take off her jeans.

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She was wearing a nice tight red thong. I could see her nice fat pussy lips with a big wet spot infront of it. She was soaking. I pulled that off too.


She had a perfect pussy. Perfect juicy lips. I fell in love. I looked up at her and smirked. I spread her legs some more and began to tease. I started by kissing her inner thighs.

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I got closer and closer until I was just right next to her pussy lips. I slightly started to touch her pussy with one of my fingers, running it up and down all while still kissing. Then I started to lick all around her pussy casually running my tongue across her lips every now and then. She said in a whimpering voice, " stop teasing". I slide my tongue in between her lips and licked up and down.

I moved up to her clit and started to caress it slowly with my tongue. Slightly sucking on it. Flicking it with my tongue. I then slid one finger in her pussy.

She was so wet. I found her g spot quickly. I was still focusing on her clit though. Her body began to shake. She put both hands on my head and pushed my face in further. I moved my mouth over her hole and continued rubbing her clit with my finger. She squirted right into my mouth. I swallowed it all. I came up and looked her in her eyes. She just smiled. I went in and kissed her. She wrapped her legs around my waist as we kissed and pulled my body in closer. My dick was rubbing against her pussy.

She wrapped her hand around my dick and before I knew it I was inside of her. I had never felt this before. It was similar to her mouth but ten times better. It was wet and warm and comforting just like her mouth. It hugged my dick tighter though. Since this was my first time I didn't know what to do exactly so I just followed what I had remembered from porn.

I was fucking her on the sink. She pulled me in and hugged me hard. Her tits felt so good pressing against my chest. I reached down and started to grab her ass with both hands. It was so big and perfectly round. I picked her up with my dick still inside. I put her up against the wall and continued fucking. She came twice while we were fucking. I told her when I was about to cum again. I pulled out of her perfect pussy and let her down. She got on her knees and started to jerk me off.


I came all over her face. She licked up the cum from around her mouth and smiled at me.

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I couldn't do anything else but smile back. She licked my dick some more and then pulled up my pants for me. She washed off her face and then kissed me. I picked up her pants and thong and handed it to her. She took her jeans and told me to keep the thong. she got dressed and then took my phone and typed in her number. She told me to give her a call and walked out of the bathroom. I backed up to the wall and let out a breath and just smiled. I never got my eyes checked so I just lied to my dad and said everything was fine ( which it was).

PS let me know if I should upload the aftermath and what happened to me and the girl and all the times we hooked up after all of this happened.