Dicksucking eurobabe pleasures oldmans cock

Dicksucking eurobabe pleasures oldmans cock
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Frank's Sex Toy story by: SindyxSin AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a sexual story. It deals with sex, pure and simple and should not be read by people not into wild sex. All sex must be with agreement from all involved.

No one should ever be forced to do what he or she doesn't want to do. All sex should be, safe, sane, and consensual but keep in mind that anyone can get an STD from unprotected sex This is part two of this series, the story that precedes this and sets things up is, Frank's wife.

My husband and I have an agreement when it comes to sex nothing is taboo as long as one of us wants to try it, so we both have sex with other people, normally only with people we don't know or the ones at the sex club we belong too. We both knew that my husbands friends thought I was hot and sexy, so one day he asked if I wanted to have some fun with them.

I knew their wives had approached him with that idea. The three of us had talked about it quite a bit and actually both, Paul and Jim's wives had asked me to have sex with their husbands. I told them I would but only if Frank approved as we didn't want to mess up our friendships with them. I let Frank think it was all his idea as he told me he was curious to see just how far they would go with me if given the chance.

I told him I could get them to go all the way and fuck me. I mentioned to him that his friends looked like they had pretty good size cocks. He gave me a funny look, "How did you notice that," he asked. Hell honey, whenever they are over here I can't help but notice the bulges in their pants. Every time I'm serving them I can't help but see it. He laughed, "Hell with those low-cut tops and short skirts what else would you expect. If you let them fuck you it would prove my stories are true, that you're an honest to god sex addict when you're horny.

You're like a fuck toy, whenever your hot and that makes you the best lay in the land. I have told them what you're like when you're horny, but I don't think they believe me.

You want to prove I wasn't lying about you? "Sure why not, it will be fun besides I know that Cindy and Kathy asked you to have me do," I told him. He wasn't surprised I knew about it before him but he did add one stipulation, "Great but let's not make it a permanent thing unless they join the club." My husband got busy setting up hidden cameras so he could record everything that happened in his man cave.

While he worked I thought about what I would wear when they came over and called their wives to let them know our plan was going to happen. His friends came over to watch football like normal but this time their wives stayed home and to their surprise Frank wasn't here either.

At first they talked about leaving but I convinced them to stay. I told them they could watch football on our big-screen and I would play waitress for them. They agreed to stay Tom kidded me about playing waitress, saying they could go to Hooters and watched the game and enjoy the view of the waitresses there.

I gave him my pouty look, "Well maybe I'll have to wear a sexy outfit and see if I look as sexy as the girls at Hooters. What do you think?" Tom looked a little embarrassed, "Sue I was just kidding you always look good." "I hope so, but tonight I'll show you sexy." "That's not necessary, we'll just watched the game and enjoy your company until Frank gets home." "Well will see, why don't you guys go into the man cave turn on the game and I'll be along in a minute with some beers." I watched them go and I eavesdropped for a few minutes to see what they were talking about.

Jim and Paul were telling Tom that I always looked sexy and he shouldn't have mentioned Hooters. I heard Tom tell them he was thinking about my tits, saying he liked their size and often wished I would show more of them then I did in my low cut tops.


He was a real tit man he said. Paul mentioned my legs wishing he could see all the way up my short skirts, he was a leg and pussy man.

Jim said the hell with my tits and legs he wished he could just fuck me once and see if my husband was lying about me being such a great fuck. Hell, pussies are all the same, they're made to be fucked, tits make nice handles when you're fucking a girl and a nice mouth is definitely one that knows how to suck a cock. What I like is how Frank tells us so Sue will do anything other guy wants.

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I know she has nice tits and according to Frank she's a great cocksucker. I would like to get my hands on her tits and my cock in her mouth, Tom told them. Paul agreed with Tom he would like to fuck me but wouldn't mind a nice blowjob. I got super horny hearing them talk about me, I planned to show them my body and then prove that my husband didn't lie about me being a great fuck and a wonderful cock sucker.

I walked away thinking how surprised they were going to be when this little fuck toy brought them more then just their beers. My husband and I are swingers normally that means I just take my clothes off and fuck whoever wants me while he's busy with some other woman or just watching me.

I am always ready to fuck anybody at the parties we go to but tonight would be a little different I would put on a little show before I let our friends fuck me.

Thinking about what they said about me had made me horny and now I really needed a hard cock in my pussy. The thought of three hard cocks sounded great as I went to the bedroom and got ready for a fun night I wished Frank would've stayed, four cocks would've been even better. Dressed like I normally dressed I served them the first two rounds of drinks, beer and to loosen them up a special treat some shots of whiskey. For their next round they would get a real special treat.

I came out of the bedroom, wearing high heels and only my white lace teddy. My tits and nipples were very visible through the see-through lace, making Tom's wish come true. The lace panties that didn't hid my clean shaven pussy, should make Paul happy and the fact they would all get to fuck me would prove to them my husband didn't lie about my fucking talent.

I walked into the man cave carrying a tray with their beers and shots; they were sitting busy watching the game, and didn't notice me at first. They were still watching the game as I walked in front of them and sat the drinks on the table.

I was hoping the camera got a good view of their faces, it was a sight to see. Their mouths were open and their eyes were nearly popped out as they sat there and stared. I stood with my legs parted and smiled at Tom, "Now tell me Tom, isn't this better than Hooters." He was too stunned to answer me he just kept staring at my tits. I glanced at Paul, "Paul, you always stare at my legs I hope you liked this view even better than trying to look up my skirt." His face turned red as my remark embarrassed him.

Then looking at Jim I asked if he wanted something more to go with his beer, like maybe an early half time show. Paul stopped staring long enough to suggest they leave before Frank came home. "That reminds me, Frank did wonder if I would look sexy enough for you guys to want to fuck me. What do you think, do I look sexy enough for you guys" I asked. "Hell anybody seeing you in that outfit would be thinking that, trust me, you're hot and we would like to fuck you but, hell your Frank's wife." Paul said.

"He did say nobody likes a tease, his exact words were, Hell, if they see you dressed like that, all they will think about is fucking you. So if you wear that nightie plan on being fucked. So I guess for tonight if you guys want I'll be your sex toy just like I'm normally his.

Would you guys like that? They all looked at each other not knowing what to say. "Guys this is a one night special, I'm super horny tonight and no telling when I will be this hot again and Frank, knows what I am like when I'm horny and he said anything I did would be OK with him." Tom broke the ice, "Shit, Sue I knew you had nice tits, but Damm they look perfect, I'd love to fuck them," Tom blurted out. I have pointed nipples, about a quarter-inch long when I'm excited.

Letting them see me this way had made me a little extra excited so now that stuck out more then the quarter-inch and felt hard as rocks. I thought I heard him wrong that he meant suck them not fuck them. I asked him if he meant suck them, "No I said what I meant fuck them." How do you do that I asked. "Hell it's easy with tits like yours, you just hold them together and slide your cock between them," he said with a smile.

Nobody had ever done that to me before but it sounded like fun. "That might be fun if you promise to play with my nipples while you're doing it." Tom's face lit up with anticipation and desire.

I reached over and grabbed Paul's hand and placed it on my leg, "You can do more than just look at my legs, see how nice and soft they feel." His hand moved a little to rub my thigh, "My leg gets softer the further up you go, especially the inside of my thigh." I coaxed him. His hand began to move not only up but also around to the inside of my thigh. Jim wouldn't you like to see how soft and wet I am?

Unlike Paul, Jim didn't need coaxing; he reached over and rubbed my other leg and didn't hesitate to move his hand all the way up to my pussy. Now with both of them busy I bent forwards putting my hands on Tom's shoulders and wiggled my tits. "Time to see if they feel as good as they look, Tom." I almost hadn't finished, when Tom's hands had found my tits and was squeezing them. "Damm, I'm glad, Frank doesn't mind sharing you with us tonight." He said as he squeezed my tits. A little nipple play always turns me on, Tom had nice big hands with harden fingers and when his callused fingers began rubbing my nipples I let out a deep moan, also fingers had found my pussy and were rubbing it through my panties.

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Tom was having fun with my nipples playing with them sending small chills over my body. Jim looked up at me and said, "Frank always tells us you're his fuck toy and I didn't believe him but am beginning to see what he meant. He once told me that after you fuck him you suck him back up so you can fuck him some more.

He says you like to be fucked all night if possible, and each time your pussy feels as tight as the first time, is that true?" He asked. I guess I'll just have to show how much I love sucking cocks and being fucked. By the time tonight is over all of you can decide just how good Frank's little sex toy is. Hopefully you guys will fuck me until I can't get you hard anymore. I was going to tell him how tight my pussy was when a finger slid into me.

"Man she is really wet but her pussy is tight as hell, she feels like a virgin," Paul exclaimed. I smiled at him, "I will be that tight all night, believe me, Frank doesn't lie, not about anything he says about me." To add emphasis to what I said I formed an O with my mouth, stuck out my tongue licked my lips.

Turning back to Tom I told him I had never been tit fucked and that I couldn't wait for him to show me what that was like. He stopped playing with my tits and told me I had to remove my nightie to show me. I stood up and looked down at Jim and Paul, both were fingering my pussy, I asked them to stop so I could removed my panties reluctantly they both did.

I backed up so they could get a good view as I slowly removed my nightie then I slipped my panties off and stood with my legs spread so they would have a much better view of my pussy. Now standing there nude I asked them to show me what they had for me. All three guys quickly removed their clothes giving me a wonderful view of three nice hard cocks. Tom told me I would need to lie on the floor, I quickly lay down and he sat over my chest.

He placed his hard cock between my tits pushed them together and began sliding his cock back and forth. I have to admit that wasn't very thrilling for me but Tom seemed to be enjoying himself. I gently reminded him he had promised to play with my nipples. His rough hands grasped my nipples and began to play with them, rubbing and squeezing them, which gave me some pleasure unlike his tit fucking. I was thrilled when I felt a finger probe my pussy that thrill increased when I realized that wasn't a finger but a tongue.

One of the guys had decided my pussy looked good enough to eat; normally I had to be with another girl or my husband to have my pussy eaten.

Now Tom's tit fucking was becoming fun not from what he was doing but the fact that he blocked my view of who was between my legs adding a little extra thrill as one of their tongues moved in and out and around my pussy. I was panting hard as a tongue started flicking my clit and two fingers moved in and out of my wet pussy. I didn't hold back as that tongue drove me over the edge clamping my legs tightly on his head I pushed my pussy up and climaxed.

I suddenly realized Tom was saying he was about to come, raised my head and opened my mouth licked my lips and asked him to shoot his load in my mouth. His aim wasn't great his first shot hit my cheek with a thick wad of Cum his second shot was a little bit better as it hit my lower lip. He had a few more shots left and they landed in my mouth, he used a finger to get it off my cheek and had me lick his finger. He was quite satisfied and really enjoyed using my tits to jerk off.

As he rose up off me all I hoped was he would use that nice cock somewhere else next time. I looked down and saw that it was Paul who was between my legs; with Tom off me Paul began to lick my pussy some more. He was good and soon I exploded with another climax. Before it had time to subside Paul slid up my body when I felt his cock touch my pussy I kegaled clamping it tight. The head of his cock forced my pussy open as he slowly started to push it in he couldn't help but remark how sweet I tasted and how tight I felt.

I had great control over my pussy muscles; I had learned that from one of the girls in the sex club. My husband always raved about how nice and tight she felt even after about five or six guys.

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She taught me how to Kegel and I practiced it every day. All that practice paid off not only for my husband and the guys in the sex club but also for me.

I would make my pussy very tight every time I got fucked not only did it make me feel like a virgin to the men, it made their cocks feel better and bigger no matter what their size. There was only one drawback to kegeling and that was I felt so tight most men shot their loads pretty quick before I could climax. It was a small price to pay for the thrill I gave them my husband always makes sure I climaxed before he was done fucking me. Paul like so many of the others came pretty quick, if felt nice but it was much too quick.

Luckily as soon as he pulled out of me Jim hopped between my legs and quickly shoved his cock in me. While he slid in and out of me he asked if I would suck his cock when he was done fucking me.

"Sure I love sucking cocks and I plan to get you hard as often as possible tonight." Once I told him that he started really pounding me like a frantic teenager, his constant hard banging on my clit triggered a climax before he emptied his load into me.

Now that all three had shot their loads they said they needed a break. I told them to sit on the couch drink their beers and watch the game. I didn't really plan on giving them a break; as soon as they sat and started drinking their beer I got between Paul's legs and started licking and sucking his cock. I picked him because he was sitting in the middle and I could reach out with both hands and play with the other two cocks. Paul almost choked on his beer as I slid my mouth over his cock and began sucking.

"Damn I wish my wife was like you," Paul moaned as I sucked hard on his cock. After giving him a good sucking I moved to suck Jim's giving him the same treatment I had given Paul.

I saved, Tom for last as I moved between his legs he reached down and began rubbing my nipples as I sucked his cock. Between my sucking and playing with them all three cocks soon got hard again surprising the guys. This time I took control, telling, Tom to get on the floor so I could ride his cock. I told the other two that while I fucked Tom my ass and mouth would be available, they had to decide which one got what.

I got over Tom and quickly positioned my pussy as I held his cock up. As I lowered myself on to his cock I looked at him and said, "Now it shouldn't be hard for you to play with my tits while I'm fucking you." He quickly reached up and grabbing my tits and began rubbing my nipples with his thumbs. I felt a finger rubbing some of my juices on my ass so I held still for a few minutes waiting. The finger didn't just rub the juices on my ass it was pushed into my ass, causing me to move back burying it in as far and as I could and at the same time sending Tom's cock deep into my pussy.

Moving forwards but not so far that Tom's cock would pop out my pussy then I quickly pushed back again. The finger was quickly removed and replaced with a hard cock. Now I began rocking back and forth on both cocks wondering how soon I would get the third one in my mouth.

I glanced around seeing Paul sitting on the couch watching, "Paul don't you want me to suck your cock again," I asked. He told me he had really enjoyed my sucking it but right now he only wanted to watch and save his cock for my pussy.

He wanted to see if I was still just as tight when he fucked me again later. I was a little disappointed I like doing three men at one time.

It did give me a chance to concentrate more on the two cocks fucking me. Tom's rough thumbs were rubbing my nipples sending small chills up my body to collide with the larger chills I was getting from being fucked.

It felt nice but he wanted more, "I don't plan on being this gentle with such nice nipples," he said. I've had men make me climax by playing with my nipples so I told him to have fun.

His eyes lit up and he smiled as his fingers clamped tighter over my nipples. I shivered from the added pressure and moaned softly. Now with him squeezing them I began to bounce back and forth harder not only did I bounce harder I squeezed my pussy tighter on his cock. He quickly began squeezing them even harder. All three of us were really enjoying this wild sex, and because the guys had already came once they lasted longer this time even with my wild bouncing.

Jim went limp first and joined Paul on the couch to watch as I continued to ride Tom. I was riding him hard when suddenly he twisted my nipples super hard sending a burst of pain through my body as he yelled he was coming. The pain cancelled my climax, this was a first for me, with all the sex I had this was the first time somebody actually hurt me and stopped me from climaxing. My nipples hurt like hell but I knew they would survive and I would get over it but the fact that the pain had stopped me cold amazed me.

I would have to talk to my husband about that and maybe get some answers about that at the sex club the next time we went there. I was still sitting on Tom and he was still holding my nipples tightly between his fingers and thumbs. I smiled down at him saying he had given me a wonderful time. He grinned up saying his wasn't so bad either, he released my nipples and now they hurt even more.

Paul looked at me and asked if I was too tired to go on, explaining his wife was only good for once a night lately.

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I looked at his nice hard cock, and told him I was never too tired when there was a nice cock like his waiting for me. He wanted me on my hands and knees so he could fuck me doggie style. I complied; I liked it that way because often the man would move his cock from my pussy to my ass and back. To me it was kind of like getting the best of both worlds with only one guy when they did that. Paul got behind me and the minute the head of his cock touched my pussy I once again squeezed as tight as I could.

He slowly pushed in and was amazed at how tight I still was. He held my hips and started fucking me hard, he was so thrilled with my pussy he never tried my ass.

It was an easy fuck he did all the work ramming back and forth into me. He lasted even longer than Tom and when he released his load I swear it was more than the first time. He was exhausted when he got done and I felt just great. The guys were sitting back on the couch I got up and when I approached them they immediately told me they were too tired for any more sex. I giggled and told them it was all right I would just get them some more beer and they could relax for a while, they looked relieved.

When I got their beers I asked who's winning, I got three big grins and they all said they were, "No I mean who's winning the game." They didn't know the game was over. I didn't realize we had been having sex for that long a time no wonder they said they were tired. I went and got a towel from the bathroom put it on the floor and knelt on the floor in front of them with my legs spread wide open letting all the juices and cum drip out of my pussy onto the towel.

The guys sat there admiring my body and saying how lucky Frank was, and that he hadn't lied about anything, I was one hell of a fuck and a great cocksucker. Now was the time to help convince them that they could be just as lucky as Frank.

"Paul, I bet Cindy could be just as much fun as me if you just gave her the chance. Jim, I think the same about Kathy both you guys have very sexy wives. Why don't you talk to Frank he has some stuff that really could improve your situations.

Not that I need it but it might be something you may want to try with your wives," I told both of them. Tom on the other hand was divorced so he didn't have a wife.

Paul's cell went off he looked at it, speak of the devil, it's my wife, he said as he answered the phone and after a short conversation he said would be home soon.

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He cleaned up in the bathroom before he got dressed and said he would have to get home. Jim had also gotten dressed saying he was riding with Paul and as much as he wanted to stay he was too tired for any more sex anyway.

Both guys thanked me for such a good time, told me how great it had been but didn't say they would talk to Frank. As soon as they went out the door I made two quick phone calls alerting their wives they were headed home and I had finished my part of their plan. Tom was still sitting on the couch looking at me, "Damm, your nipples are swollen I'm sorry if I hurt you." I glanced down and saw my nipples were swollen I gently rubbed them.

Then for the hell of it I pinched one, sending a small shiver up my body. "Don't worry about it, they will look normal by tomorrow, but tell me did you have fun playing with them?" Yes, I did but I didn't mean to hurt you, I shouldn't have drank so much whiskey, that's why my wife left me. I knew his wife had left him but I didn't know why so I asked. He told me she wasn't much into sex unlike me. She only did it to satisfy him and that wasn't very often, one night he got tired of wanting sex and not getting any and he got little rough with her.

She hated what he did so she walked out on him. I asked what he meant by a little rough. He blushed a little and said it was his fault, he knows when he drinks to much he gets horny and mean a bad combination and that night he was horny and drunk.

He went home, demanded sex from her, when she said no he put her over my knee spanked her, then made her strip. When he fucked her he fucked her like he would a cheap whore, smacking her ass as he made her ride his cock. The next day she was gone, he said it was all his fault. I asked, "Did you hurt her?" Hell no, not really I get mean but not stupid with to many drinks. All I did was smack her ass and made her fuck me.

Hell smacking her ass only made it bright red barely leaving any marks on it. I know it was my fault but she shouldn't have refused me sex either.

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If I know she was going to just walk out on me the first time I smacked her I should have done that sooner rather then waste the year I did with her. He sounded like he was upset with himself but also her for not giving him sex and walking out on him.

I found my hand was still rubbing my nipple as I listened to his story. He said maybe it was time for him to go and that Frank should be home pretty soon and thought it might be better if he wasn't there. I didn't bother looking to see what time it was, Frank and I had agreed he wouldn't come home until I called him.

He was spending time at his brothers and told me he would spend the night there if I didn't call him tonight. I was daydreaming about the way my nipples felt and what, Tom had done to them I didn't think of stopping him from getting up.

When I snapped out of my daydream, Tom was already dressed and ready to leave. I wanted him to stay longer but he insisted on going making sure he told me what a great time he had before he left. I called Frank and told him the guys were done and gone.

I had time to get cleaned up and used my special douche before Frank got home. Slipping my nightie back on I didn't bother with the panties with any luck they wouldn't be on very long after Frank got home anyway.

When he walked in his first question was, how the night went. I gave him a good description of what had happened and how much the guys had enjoyed fucking me. He asked if I was still horny. "I'm always horny for you," I sweetly told him. He reached down and his fingers slide over my pussy before he pushed one inside me. "Damm, it doesn't feel like you've been fucked, your tight and dry," he stated. "Oh, believe me I've been fucked and very well I should add but I'm still horny for your cock.

I used my special douche just so I would be clean and dry just for you. My special douche was a mix I made that cleaned me out smelled nice and tasted good, I'm told. It also left my pussy very dry, which was great when I played virgin for somebody. Tightening my pussy muscles and being dry they swore I never had a cock in me before them.

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Once they started fucking me I got wet but that first time it felt like my first cock, in truth, even better. Frank knew what I wanted we didn't make love not this time, Frank was hard, I was horny and both of us wanted the same thing. He simply took me right there on the floor, forcing his stiff cock into my dry pussy felt great to both of us.

I wouldn't call it rough sex but it was a lot of fun having him take me like that, fast and hard. Half way through I was soaking wet and had climaxed twice before we rolled over so I could be on top. Sitting on him I was bouncing up and down enjoying his nice cock when his hands reached up and rubbed my tits through my nightie. Little spikes of pain shot over my body and I tensed up a little.

He noticed and moved his hands down to my hips. I had one more climax before he shot his load into me, for some reason he always gave me the best fuck. It didn't matter how many men fucked me before him his was always the best. Finished with our quick fucking he pulled my nightie down, this was his first view of my nipples since he got home. He looked hard at my nipples, "They look awfully swollen and sore, that must have hurt," he simply said. I started to tell him about Tom, getting into what he had done to me and why his wife had walked out on him.

"I think it will probably take a day or two before their back to normal. I want you to do something with them before that happens but lets talk about that later. Would you like to view what my night was like?" I asked.

Although it was late and I was pretty worn out we both couldn't wait to see what the cameras had recorded. We moved into the den to see what was on the computer, each camera had recorded to a different hard drive. I was surprised at how clear the pictures looked, we stayed up to watch all four recordings.

We didn't really watch them as Frank buzzed through the first two only stopping when the scene was interesting and worth seeing. The third one must've been bumped and was pointing in the wrong direction so he erased that one from the drive. He started to buzz through the fourth one when it showed, Tom on the floor with me on top of him, I made Frank stop and watch that scene.

As we watched I was describing what was going on, not that I needed to as my husband could see for himself. The picture was very clear and I got a cold flash as I watched Tom squeezing and twisting my nipples. My husband paused the show and gave me questioning look. I quickly told him I'd explain everything once we were done watching.

My husband buzzed most of the other scenes in a hurry to hear what I had to tell him. Explaining that when his nipple play had hurt, my body had a strange reaction. I told him about the unbelievable way it stopped my orgasm. He patiently listened as I explained I wanted to see if pain would always do that to me, would I react that way again.

The only way to find out would be to do it again when I was being fucked. To satisfy my curiosity, I wanted him to do that to me next time we fucked, preferably tomorrow before my nipples went back to their normal size.

This was our first disagreement about sex we ever had, he didn't think he should hurt me. I wanted to know so to win I gave him a choice, "If you won't maybe you want him to do that again to me,? I asked. That did it he would do it tomorrow night. "Maybe I should, you know watch that scene a few more times," he told me, in a good-natured way. "Yes, we should watch all of it, so you can see how much fun your friends had.

This will give you lots to talk about next time your all together, I want you to tell Paul and Jim about those special things we have. Maybe you can suggest they try them with their wives just for fun. Just go easy on Tom I feel sorry for him, don't make a big deal about what he did. He is a nice guy when he doesn't drink to much and I know he is sorry for what he did to me. There is a girl I know that likes to do things a little rough when she gets fucked, maybe I can get them together some day," I told him.

We watch more of the video's and did rerun that time with Tom several time. Before calling it a night, Frank stared at my nipples for a long time, then touched them, "Maybe I can do better," he laughed.

I kissed him and this time we made love before falling asleep. First thing in the morning I called, Cindy and Kathy and invited them to lunch Thursday instead of our normal Friday meeting. I was curious now that I did my part of our plan how are they going to convince their husbands to expand on their sex lives. Lunch was at Sue's house not only did the three girls talk about sex but Sue showed them the video Frank had made.


Cindy and Kathy both watched it with interest neither girl felt jealous seeing their husbands have sex with Sue. Cindy wasn't surprised to see Paul licking Sue's pussy as he liked doing that with her. Telling Sue what had gone on during the week and how thrilled she was at how much better things were between her and Paul. Kathy's news wasn't that good she was having a hard time with Jim and asked Sue if she and Frank could help some more.

Explaining her problems and telling Sue what she would like Frank to do, Sue agreed to help as much as possible. Cindy also said she would see if Paul can be of any help. Dear Reader, Thank you for reading this story, I hope you enjoyed it. I enjoy comments about my stories so please tell me what you think about this story and if you would like to see the other half.