Beautiful teenager gives hot eye contact while sucking penis

Beautiful teenager gives hot eye contact while sucking penis
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The Invasion of Nicondria had finally ended. Krasis paced back and forth on the bridge of his legion cruiser impatiently waiting for news on his son's recovery.

A few rogue nicondrian fighters came in and were quickly battered down with laser fire. A door opened and Krasis glanced over to see Aikia (Krator's mate) walking in slowly. She was dressed in a very scampy white outfit that barely draped over her finer parts.

Aika kneeled before her lover's father and said, "My leige, when shall we know of Krator's condition?" Krasis smiled weakly and said, "We will know when they tell us, until then you should get some rest dear." Krasis turned his back to Aika and she rose, but did not leave.


She came forward and lightly placed her hands over the spikes on Krasis' shoulder plates and she whispered into his ear, "Perhaps you could use some relaxation yourself?" Krasis scoffed and said, "Yes very well, let us go to my quaters." Once in Krasis' quarters he dismissed his own mates except for his closest breeding mate with whom he had conceived Krator within.

Her name was Shira and she too had yellow skin.

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Aika removed her clothes as Shira removed Krasis' clothes. Krasis sat back onto a couch and spread his legs, his soft 7in cock hung b/t his legs. Aika and Shira began to make out, playing with each others nipples and pressing their bodies together. Aika gave Krasis a devious look, "you want a fresh cunt?" Krasis smiled and nodded so Aika tore herslef away from Shira and went down to suck Krasis hard.

Shira watched and began to finger herself as she watched Krasis' phallus rise to its full 13 inches.

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Aika stood and then hopped onto his cock starting to ride Krasis like crazy. They both moaned with ecstacy as she rode and Shira went to her knees and began tonguing Aika's asshole.

Aika groaned loudly and leaned back, her tits bouncing up and down as she moved her athletic body against Krasis' massive body. Krasis' moved his hands all over her body as she moaned. He leaned his reptilian head back and Aika began kissing up and down his neck while she enjoyed the sensations coursing through her body while Shira worked at her asshole.

Krasis roared loudly and gallons of cum gushed from his cock into Aika's pussy. Aika smiled and slid off his cock. "How was that my lord?" Krasis nodded and said, "It was pleasurable, now tend to your mate." Aika kneeled and then rose and left towards the medical bay.

He stood and grasped Shira kissing her wildly, then Shira began to dress him. This time Shira dressed him in his gold and blue armor that adorned the sign of victory on th breast plate. It had a draping black cape and its shoulder spikes were black and gold striped. Once she had finished Krasis stood to Shira and began to ask her something when a terrible screech was heard through the ship.

Krasis turned as alarms began to sound and suddnely the 12 terra honor guard burst into his chambers. The lead guard shouted, "My leige we must get to the bridge, come quickly." Krasis nodded and stormed off to the bridge. Shira watched her mate march off and quickly dressed in her own leather war armor and followed him. "What in the name of the swarm is going on commander?!" Krasis shouted upon reaching the bridge. The human admiral in charge ran forward and kneeled.

"My lord, it appears that a rebel landing vessel has managed to stowaway aboard our vessel. The men within that vessel have launched a suprise attack onboard. We are doing everything we can." Krasis roared, "Where are they now?!" A gormon leuitenant came forward and presented the Swarm Lord with a monitor showing a diagram of enemy units headed for the medical bay.

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Krasis looked in horror and orderes his guard to accompany him as he headed at a dead sprint for the medical bay. "Swarm Lord, there are 24 enemy soldiers that have breached the medical bay" One of the guards shouted as they sprinted along the corridors to the medical bay "We will have fifty men waiting for us upon our arrival, thirty more are already engaged." Krasis silently acknowledged and continued running, his cape flailing behind him.

Krasis unleashed his claws to full length from his knuckles and ran even faster, then came to an abrupt stop once he reached the breach. His guards entered a squad formation and room by room they cleared through the bay meeting more soldiers along the way but no resistance.

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Krasis spotted some movement towards the critical injury area and ran that way when three rebels jumped out blasters firing. Krasis tore through the three mens' throats with his claws and continued moving.

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He sliced his way through ten more enemy troops or so and his guard blasted another five of them. Finally he reached his son's medical room to see Aika dead on the floor and Kratos was being pinned down by three more enemy soldiers and another with three more circling the room blasters drawn. Krasis stopped short when a soldier pressed a blaster to Kratos' head. "What do you want with him?" Krasis ordered and the lead rebel replied, "Give Nicondria back to its people or he will die." Krasis roared and struck the leader in the head with his spiked tail, he tore his way through all the men in the room, but one managed to get three shots off at Kratos, one hit the bed and the other two hit his chest.

Krasis slaughtered him and looked at his son who was bleeding profusely through the fresh wounds. A doctor ran in and as the guards cleared the room of bodies more doctors came in preparing for surgery. Shira ran in after and fell into Krasis' arms in tears. Krasis looked hazily at his son and then escorted his mate from the room.


Admiral Cornai of Uldog (He resembled a Lion humanoid) had been in command of the dark swarm for many years and answered only to Krasis. His 2nd in command, Admiral Killeg had allowed the intrusion aboard Krasis' legion cruiser and Corna had Killeg by the throat in mid air. Krasis stormed onto the bridge and without second thought impaled Killeg through the stomach with his claws.

Killeg fell, dead, to the ground.

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Krasis roared in anger and then quietly said, "Cornai, find out how this happened and fix the problem." Krasis immediately stormed off to his chambers. Cornai looked somberly at his lord and then set his own minions about accomplishing this newly assigned task. Cornai walked slowly to his own quarters to catch his breath. When he walked in, he saw his young male human mate sitting nude watching security recordings.

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The human's name was Olay and he was the only love in Cornai's life. Cornai smiled at him and said, "Rough day huh?" Olay smiled weakly and walked over to his lover.

"Can I help you get some aggression out?" Olay slammed hard into a wall and grunted, "Good hit master." Cornai, now in the nude, basking his magnificently shaped body, reassumed a fighters stance and began to spar with Olay again.

Cornai leaped forward and began beating on his mate, Olay blocked what he could and finally got away a good punch to the face that brought Cornai to the ground. "Damn it, you win Olay." Olay smiled and started playing with his soft cock so that quickly grew to its 10inch hardness. Cornai was already hard at 15inches and assumed a position on all fours. Olay got on his knees behind Cornai and slid his cock along Cornai's soft golden furred back. Cornai's tail lifted and Olay slid his cock into Cornai's asshole.

"C'mon Olay do me hard." The human began driving his cock in and out with punishing blows that caused Cornai to roar with each thrust.

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Olay continued his fucking, gripping Cornai's shoulders and pounded in and out harder. Cornai's elbows lost their strength and his upper body lowered down as his ass was pounded.

Olay moaned and slowed his strokes then picked them up with rough ferocity. Sweat trickled down Olay's neck to his chest and six pack as Olay fucked. Finally Olay grunted and spewed his load inside Cornai. Cornai moaned and slowed down finally letting Olay pull out.


Cornai stood and turned to Olay, still on his knees. "Finish me off will u?" Olay obliged and began to suck Cornai's monster cock. Cornai moaned loudly and was quickly brought to climax after the fucking and his cock shot loads of cum into Olay's mouth.

SO much came out that the cum trickled from the sides of Olay's mouth. Cornai smiled and said, "Good break, now I have a really pissed off Swarm Lord to deal with." Olay laughed and slapped his lover's ass.