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Very tight young teen tight sweet ass
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Railroad Park Railroad Park was a sprawling suburban park on the outskirts of the city, with large new housing developments on either side of it along Highway 21 and a cluster of equally-new apartment buildings directly opposite.

The houses were all five to six years old, mostly two-story homes built on tiny lots but with premium features intended to attract the families of office workers who had jobs in the glittering new office park nearby or who took 21 to the interstate and commuted to jobs downtown. The apartment complex was newer, built in a style that was a poor fit to the suburbs; the buildings had a sort of industrial look with brick and metal exteriors that were intended to attract a mostly-younger demographic, primarily young professionals in their first serious job after college and a handful of college students from the State University that was just another five miles down 21.

It was after 11 p.m. on a Sunday night and the neighborhood was quiet. Sam knelt between his naked wife's legs, stroking steadily in and out of her lubed pussy as she softly ran her fingers up and down the outside of his hairy thighs. Sam's left hand moved back and forth between his wife's heavy breasts, gripping and squeezing each one in turn and playing with her dark, thick nipples.

She had put on a lot of weight in the last ten years but Sam loved her and he didn't mind; besides a good bit of it had gone to her breasts and he had always been a tit man. His right hand rested in her curly pubic hair holding back the swell of her stomach while he dragged his thumb up and down to stimulate her clitoris, tugging the hood of her clit back and lightly pressing against the naked bud each time he reached the top.

Sam's wife Julie was a few years older than him and had been through a hysterectomy two years before; Sunday night was typically the night she would give in to his advances, often as a good-natured trade for him getting up early with their two teenagers to get them on the bus the following morning. It was usually like this, with her passively laying back and spreading her legs wide to allow him to kneel with his thighs supporting hers. He would tug her nightshirt up until the heavy globes of her breasts hung free for him to play with, nipples dragging against the soft swell of her stomach until he gripped her yielding flesh in his hands and pulled the wobbling tits upright for him to tease those thick nipples into hardness.

Soon he would reach into the nightstand drawer and pull out a small bottle of k-y, squirting a liberal amount onto the fingers of his right hand; once the clear slippery lube was warm he would reach down, parting her hairy bush with the fingers of his left hand while he pressed the lube into her folds with his right.

Sam would slowly run his lubed fingers up and down her slit, spreading the slick moisture around and sending first one fingertip into her small opening and then two.

Things generally went one of two ways; either Julie would let him rub his slick fingers up and down her pussy, stimulating her clit, or she would reach down and gently tug his hand away, signalling that she wasn't interested in an orgasm. Tonight she had let him rub up and down on her clit, sighing softly as he paused to grip the root of his erect cock and slowly press it between her slick inner lips and then into her soft folds. Once all six inches of Sam's thick cock was buried in warm pussy, he reached down and pressed her stomach up and out of the way with the edge of his right hand and began rubbing up and down against her clit with the ball of his thumb.

Sam thrust in and out, enjoying the way Julie's lubricated folds gripped his cock with moist heat. His thumb dragged up and down against her clit in time with his thrusts, pressing a little harder to pull back the hood of her clitoris at the top and gently flicking the tiny, hard nub with the tip of his thumb. On and on he went, thrusting and rubbing with a regular rhythm, at the same time fondling and squeezing her big tits with his other hand.


Sam teased and tweaked her hard nipples, enjoying how the pale globes of her tits swayed and jiggled in time to his thrusts. Soon Sam felt Julie tensing her thighs, lifting her ass a little off the bed each time he rubbed directly against her clitoris. She pressed her pussy hard against his rubbing thumb, trying to concentrate on the feeling and reach orgasm as Sam's cock slipped out of her slippery snatch.

With the shaft of his dick out of the way, Sam could move this thumb a little faster and in longer strokes, running the tip all the way down and slightly into her soaked hole and then dragging it back up.

Sam heard Julie's rapid breathing suddenly pause as she held her breath and then a moment later he felt her pussy spasm against his hand as her orgasm began. He murmured encouragingly to her and stopped moving his thumb, leaving it pressed firmly but gently against her clitoris as four or five pulsing contractions trembled through her.

Julie took a deep breath and let her ass sink back to the bed as Sam reached down and pointed tip of his erection at her pussy, gently pressing himself back inside her as a last small aftershock of her orgasm squeezed him. Sam's wife moved her hands to rest lightly at his elbows as he began thrusting in earnest; the slick k-y had been joined by her own moisture letting his rigid cock slide in and out with ease. Sam gently lifted one of his wife's legs, holding it high and supporting it so that he could thrust more directly into her soaked hole.

He locked his eyes on her swaying and jiggling tits, seeing her still-erect nipples pointing straight up and then straight down as her sagging mounds flopped in time to Sam's thrusts. Soon he felt pressure gathering at the root of his member and he thrust hard and held himself deep inside Julie's snatch as heavy spurts of come surged up and into her. She groaned a sigh of relief when she felt the hot semen flood her pussy and Sam grunted and made a few ragged thrusts as the rest of his come drained into her moist folds, oozing and dribbling down to her cervix and into it's little opening, seeking the womb and eggs that were no longer there.

Sam groaned gratefully, letting his still-erect cock slip free of his wife and leaning back so that she could pull her right leg in front of him and slide back to her side of the bed. He eased himself down and lay on his side, trying to ignore the big wet spot under his hip and watching as Julie fumbled at the foot of the bed for her panties and tugged them on. She curled up on her side and Sam spooned up behind her, his wet erection pressing against the underside of his wife's ass as he tugged the sheet over them and put his arm around her waist.

She shifted a little as his cock twitched against her ass and sticky come began dribbling from her snatch into the crotch of her cotton panties. Soon Julie was asleep but Sam lay awake with an arm around her waist, conscious of her heavy tits and big nipples pressed against his forearm.

At about that moment, across Highway 21, in a ground floor unit at the apartment complex Heather was just getting home. At twenty-five, Heather had recently finished her MBA and landed a job doing quantitative analysis at a major bank that had operations in the nearby office park. She was the only female in the entire department and she had a feeling that her co-workers believed that her gender was the only reason she had landed the coveted position. The idea rankled her but she knew there was possibility that being a woman had something to do with her getting the offer; at least twenty applicants had interviewed, including a couple guys that had been the stars in the math department at State during the same time she was there.

But for whatever reason, she had gotten the offer and eagerly accepted it. With a starting salary of almost seventy thousand dollars a year Heather would finally be able to get started paying down the student loans that she had accumulated working on her MBA and also replace her aging Chevy with a shiny new Nissan.

From her first day at the bank Heather felt as though she was running to catch up and struggling to fit in. The department was full of high-math minds who were accustomed to working 12-hour days.

Her male co-workers were a mix of scrawny nerds and bearded, heavyset computer nuts. By the end of her first week Heather was certain a couple were borderline asperger cases. But she quickly realized that every single one of them was extremely smart and most had been working at the bank for several years.

Expected to hit the ground running, Heather was assigned to a team that was re-working the algorithms that the bank's' Treasury Management group used to make decisions on overnight investment of short-term liquid funds. The team was already deep into rewriting code and finishing work on several modeling tools. Heather understood the concepts behind what the team was doing, but arriving on the scene so late left her in the dark about why certain assumptions were built into the models, what the code changes were intended to do, how the end users were going to apply the new tools… basically everything.

It didn't help that the department Vice President seemingly never noticed Heather except to stare at her ass. That was the other problem. Heather was 5'6, blonde and an 8-year starter on her High School and the State University lacrosse teams. It didn't matter that she was an honors student in High School, on the Dean's list for three years at State and graduate of a grueling MBA program. Everyone in the department had a background like that, but because of her appearance Heather stood out like a sore thumb.

The all-male staff mostly either stared at her when she walked by and stammered when she tried to speak with them, or awkwardly avoided talking to her altogether. There was also a handful who talked down to her as though she wouldn't understand the conversation; that group also included a couple guys who glanced down the front of her blouse when they could and who leaned out to watch her rear when she walked past their cubes.

Heather handled it the best way she knew how; she took to dressing a little more conservatively, showed up early for work and frequently stayed late.


She looked for opportunities to show that she had a sharp mind but avoided trying to score points at anyone's expense to do it. Ultimately keeping her hair in a ponytail and wearing pant suits, turtlenecks and fully-buttoned blouses didn't keep the pervs from looking at her ass and imagining her b-cup tits, but she did begin to make connections with a couple of the guys on her team. She got invited to lunch with the group a few times and finally made some contributions to the project that won her some respect.

Tonight she was getting home a little later than usual because the team had gone to an informal celebration dinner after reaching a milestone in their project.

They had completed a model validation, running and re-running thousands of simulations to estimate how the updated tools would have affected the results of the Bank's Treasury Management operations over the preceding twelve months. The hypothetical results indicated that once deployed the new tools and models would enable the bank to earn an additional 8 basis points (.08%) on it's overnight deposits.

With the size of the bank's balance sheet this would have been over 70 million dollars of additional income over the previous twelve months, which meant that if the tools were successfully implemented everyone on the team stood to get a significant bonus at the end of the year.

It was a tremendous relief to everyone on the team that the results of the model validation were in line with the project's goals and even though she had only been part of the effort for six month Heather really felt included in everyone's jubilation.

There was plenty of laughter and sake at the sushi dinner and one of her teammates had even made an awkward attempt at asking for Heather's personal cell phone number as the group straggled to their cars in the nearly-empty parking lot. Heather had firmly but good-naturedly deflected the request, climbing into her Nissan and safely managed the drive to her apartment despite a slight buzz from the rice wine.

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Heather closed and locked the door, kicking her heels off with a sigh of relief as she put her computer bag on the couch and headed for the bedroom. She put her iPhone and smart watch on the dresser and walked through to the bathroom, reaching one hand into the shower to turn it on while the other pulled the zipper of her slacks down.

As water sprayed into the walk-in shower, Heather tugged the gray slacks down over her slim hips and stepped out of them, then quickly opened the top few buttons of her blouse so that she could smoothly tug it over her head.

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Her white strapless bra soon joined the small pile of clothes on the tile floor and Heather felt goose pimples crawl up her arms and her small pink nipples hardened in the cool air of the bathroom.

Shivering a little she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her white satin panties and pulled them off, kicking them onto the pile of clothes and impatiently put her hand into the shower to see if it had warmed up.

Finding that the water was warm to the touch, Heather eagerly stepped into the clear glass shower enclosure, pulling the door shut behind her and reaching for a black rubber hair band that lay on a ceramic ledge beside her shampoo and body wash. She quickly piled her ponytail on top of her head and wrapped the hair band around to hold it in place, then gratefully stepped under the stream of now-hot water. She sighed, letting the hot water splash over her face and shoulders, feeling it running down her slender body in trickling streams of pleasure that washed between her breasts, down her back, between the pert cheeks of her ass and between her thighs to the almost-hairless slit of her sex.

She just stood under the scalding hot water for several minutes, feeling the sake buzz fade a bit. Then, careful to keep her hair out of the water Heather slowly turned, letting the drumming spray of the shower soak every inch of her body.

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She squirted body wash into a loofah and began gently scrubbing at her neck and shoulders, working over the soft handfuls of her breasts, then down over her flat stomach and the small of her back. She paused to rinse the loofah out then applied a little more body wash to it and quickly scrubbed it down the crack of her ass, then bent at the waist to quickly scrub her legs.

After that Heather set the loofah down and using her still-soapy hands gently scrubbed the insides of her thighs and the outer folds of her groomed pussy. Next Heather grabbed a bar of delicate facial soap to clean and rinse her face.

Finally, she gave a small sigh and spreading her feet wide, scrubbed the bar of facial soap back and forth between her hands to generate a thick lather which she then smeared generously over and around her pubic mound. Plucking a pink razor from it's place on the ledge, Heather carefully trimmed along the edges of the thin strip of hair above her slit, working downward and gently running the razor from her labia to her inner thighs, easily stroking away the little bit of stubble that had grown in a day.

In a minute or two of quick work she gave her shins and calves the same treatment. Heather then rinsed the razor and put it away, stepping a little more under the shower head and let the stream of hot water course down the front of her body and between her legs, reaching down with the fingers of her right hand to help rinse away the lather and feeling for any unruly hairs that she might have missed.

Heather had gotten into the habit grooming herself this way during a relationship that lasted almost two years. She had broken up with Carter a couple months before starting at the bank after finding out that he had been sleeping with a University student his professor assigned him to work with. Through eight years of lacrosse and heavy course loads Heather had never bothered much with grooming her pussy, mainly because she had very little in the way of relationships that called for her to worry about it.

But after fours years of being a scholarship lacrosse player at State, Heather had finished her Bachelor's degree and started right in on an MBA. That was when she met Carter, a fellow MBA candidate and for the first time since she started college, Heather had settled into a long-term relationship with a guy and started caring about certain things a lot more.

The memory was still painful, but Heather continued the habits she had gotten into while she and Carter were together. Heather's fingers idly slid up and down her moist outer lips as the hot shower kept drumming against her chest and shoulders. She remembered when Carter had told her that he would like it if she trimmed her hair away, leaving just a 'landing strip'.

One finger drifted up and between her folds to brush against the hood of her clit as she recalled that Carter had joined her in the shower, scrubbing her neck and back with firm hands, reaching around to lather her small, firm tits and then letting his hands drift down to her stomach and below, checking her handiwork. "Let me take a look at how you did" he had breathed into her ear, gently turning her so that the shower splashed against her back as he sank to his knees in front of her. At his urging she had spread her legs wide, just like she did when she was shaving and he sat back on his heels, bringing his face close to her freshly-shaved sex.

She flinched a little when she felt his warm breath on her outer lips, then gasped sharply as he pressed his face into her mound, lapping at her slit as shower water dripped between the cheeks of her ass and splashed onto his chin.

Back in the present, Heather closed her eyes, letting the fingers of her left hand cup and then squeeze her right tit while the fingers of her right slid up and down between her pussy lips, putting more pressure against the wet fleshy hood that covered her hardening clitoris. She remembered how Carter had licked and sucked at her pussy for over ten minutes, flicking against her clit and sliding down below to slightly penetrate her dripping opening then slithering back up to stimulate her clit even more.

For a moment, present and past became one and Heather felt a deep fluttering pressure that built into waves of pleasure rippling from her core down to her inflamed pussy. She pressed one finger up into her tight hole, feeling the contractions of her orgasm squeezing and pulling at the fingertip almost as though it was another person.

Finally the tremors subsided and Heather stood under the water, breathing raggedly. The release had felt good and she sure wasn't going to get it from someone else any time soon.

With the long hours she was putting in Heather didn't have many opportunities to date. A couple of her friends from college had started using a dating app to find one-night stands (the sluts!) but Heather just wasn't willing to try that.

So for now she took care of herself with the occaisional mastrubation in the shower and sometimes the little black vibrator she kept in her panty drawer. Stirring, Heather soaped and washed her hands, feeling the water starting to turn cold as she let it sluice down between her thighs for a last quick rinse.

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She turned the shower off, opening the door and reaching out for the huge cotton towel that hung there, wrapping it around herself and carefully stepping out onto the tile floor. She paused at the fogged bathroom mirror for a moment to moisturize her face, then hung her bath towel to dry and grabbed a big pump bottle of body lotion.

Heather quickly lotioned her arms and legs, then smoothed the last bit of lotion into the skin of her chest and stomach and headed back into the bedroom. It was midnight by the time Heather slipped into her warm bed, clad in loose panties and a comfortable t-shirt. She drowsily checked to be sure that her 5 AM alarm was set; tomorrow was Thursday and that was one of her days to run.

After lacrosse she had needed something new to replace the rigors of practice and games and running turned out to be that something. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings Heather ran five kilometers on the trails at Railroad Park. It was actually the proximity of the park right across the street and it's running trails that had brought Heather to this particular apartment complex.

It wasn't as hard as training for lacrosse had been, but those two days of running plus two hours of lifting at the gym on Saturdays gave Heather some of the release that she needed and kept her fit. As she drifted off to sleep, Heather smiled a little; more sleep would be nice but she really looked forward to her running days.

Meanwhile, across the street Sam was finally giving in to sleep himself. His cock was still half-erect and pressed against the cotton-clad swell of his wife's ass as his hand cupped Julie's right breast through her night shirt. Half-asleep, he let his mind drift back to a time over ten years before; like tonight they had just finished their regular Sunday night sex and Julie almost immediately felt asleep.

Sam had lay there awake, still rock-hard and with his hand partly underneath Julie's nightshirt. Not really thinking about what he was doing Sam had slowly eased his hand into the shirt, letting him take one full tit in hand.

He played with her nipple, bringing it fully-erect and began gently twisting and tweaking it, wondering whether Julie would wake. Finally she half-woke, pushing his arm from under her shirt and curling tighter on her side, her arm firmly trapping her undershirt so that Sam could not slip his hand inside it again. He lay there for a moment, frustrated, then reached down and wrapped his hand around his cock, giving it an experimental stroke up and down.

He was still fully erect and felt the deep ache in his balls that signalled another big load that needed release. Sam began slowly jacking his dick, knowing that there was no way that Julie would wake for another round; he grinned to himself and decided that he would shoot his second load on her panties.

He picked up the pace, beginning to feel a tingle and shifted his hips forward a little to brush the tip of his throbbing cock against Julie's panties for extra stimulation.

But instead of the slightly-rough cotton he expected, his cockhead kissed the silky warmth of his wife's ass crack. With a start Sam carefully lifted his elbow to raise the sheet and glanced down along his wife's back. In the dim light he saw that she was wearing a battered pair of old yellow panties that were a couple sizes too big; the elastic around the legs on one side had become badly worn and when Julie had curled tighter on her side they had ridden up so that the left cheek of her ass was completely bare and the yellow cotton cloth was straight down her crack.

Suddenly feeling his heart pounding in his chest, Sam let go of his raging hard-on and delicately reached two fingertips into the shadowed crack of his wife's ass, gently plucking the yellow her panties away from her skin, slipping the fingers beneath the globe of her ass cheek until he felt the crinkle of soft pubic hair against the back of his knuckles. Sam took a slow, shuddering breath as he tugged the cloth up and away from her sopping crotch.

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The over-sized panties ended up in a bunch midway across her right ass cheek, leaving the left totally bare and the mound of Julie's pussy uncovered. Not believing what he was doing, Sam panted softly as he spooned up tighter behind his wife, shivering when the head of his throbbing erection slid beneath her ass and brushed against her damp pubic hair.


She was curled up so tightly on her side that he was able to gently shift until his cock was lined up with her hairy outer pussy lips. Ever so slowly Sam reached down and pressed his wrist against the underside of his Julie's ass, moving it a little out of the way as his fingertips maneuvered the head of his cock to press against the moisture seeping from between her hairy labia. All but holding his breath, Sam shifted his hips forward until the tip of his cock nudged between Julie's swollen outer lips, encountering an oozing mix of his own semen, Julie's fluids and leftover k-y that soon coated the mushroom head.

He pushed forward a little more, feeling his cockhead slip along Julie's slit until the tip pressed into the source of the mixture oozing onto her right ass cheek. Feeling like he was sixteen again and experiencing pussy around his cock for the first time, Sam pressed harder, forcing the swollen head and an inch or two of shaft into Julie's sleeping cunt. He paused there, waiting for any reaction from his sleeping wife, but the only thing that happened was that Julie gave a soft snore and pressed the side of her face a little deeper into her pillow.

Emboldened, Sam slowly pulled back until just the head of his dick remained inside Julie's slippery warmth then pressed forward again, feeling her outer folds make way for his intruding member. He pulled back and slowly pressed into her sloppy hole over and over, fighting the urge to plunge as deep as he could into Julie's yielding flesh.

Sam's breath hissed quietly as he kept moving his hips forward and back, slipping in and out of her soft, slippery snatch. Soon he was thrusting a little harder, making Julie's sleeping form rock gently in time to his short thrusts. Heedless of the risk he kept going, feeling pressure and tightness deep in his throbbing balls.

Suddenly it happened. Sam's balls boiled over and he froze in place with his cock half-buried inside Julie as he began shooting spurt after heavy spurt of cream from the tip of his trembling cock. He grunted and gasped like an animal, holding his hips tightly in place as he flooded the inside of his wife's sleeping hole with hot, thick semen.

Thoughts raced through his head as his orgasm subsided; Julie didn't let me have her pussy… I didn't ask for it… Julie is asleep and she does not know that I am TAKING her pussy and dumping my seed into her unwilling hole. With a shock at that last thought, Sam suddenly felt his nuts spasm and a fresh series of orgasmic pulses thrilled through the root of his cock. Another jet of cum welled up out of his dickhead and into Julie's thoroughly-filled pussy and he grunted deeply as more shots of semen dribbled out of him and into her dark, wet depths.

He had never had back-to-back orgasms like this and it was simply amazing feeling his testicles empty themselves into Julie again. Sam almost panicked when Julie abruptly pulled away, his cock slipping free from her swampy depths as she rolled onto her stomach. He lay there, heart pounding as he waited for what Julie would say, but the pounding subsided as Sam realized that she was breathing slowly and deeply. She must have turned over in her sleep. Relief flooded through Sam as he realized that Julie hadn't woken up.

He carefully rolled over with his back facing her then eased himself towards Julie until he felt the warmth of her arm against his back, then settled in to sleep. In the morning after Sam put the kids on the school bus he came back into the house and found Julie awake in the kitchen holding a brown paper bag. He approached and took her in his arms, leaning down to kiss her good morning, but Julie turned her face and gave him her cheek instead of her lips.

"Good morning sweetie I packed you a lunch" she said, gently pulling free from his arms and holding out the bag. Feeling a little uneasy, Sam took the bag from Julie watching her face carefully. "Thanks babe, that is really nice". She turned back to face him and gave him a little smile. "I have to go hop in the shower now Sam, have a nice day at work" With that Julie walked out of the kitchen and back to the other end of the house. Sam looked after her nervously, hearing the sound of the shower begin just a moment later.

Shrugging, Sam headed for the door, grabbing his car keys calling out "Love you" as he opened it. He waited for a moment, listening for a response. Hearing none, he stepped out and pulled the door firmly shut behind him. Thirty minutes later Sam was sitting at his desk, nervously fidgeting as his computer started up. He glanced over at the bagged lunch and picked it up, unrolling the top and looking inside.

There was a sandwich, an apple and a cookie wrapped in clear plastic and tucked in one side a folded piece of paper. Tension gnawed at Sam's stomach as he reached into the bag and pulled out the paper. He unfolded it and found a note, written in Julie's handwriting.

"Sam, Last night I woke to find you doing something to me that you did not have my consent to do. I was confused and didn't know at first if what was happening was a nightmare or reality.

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I cannot tell you how shocked and horrified I am that you would do something like that to me. I didn't know what to say or do, so I just pretended to sleep as you finished your filthy act and came inside me TWICE. There is a word for what you did: RAPE.

You USED me Sam like I was just some receptacle for you to take advantage of, like I have no choice! Now I wonder if you have ever done it to me before?

If you are capable of something like that, I have to wonder what else you are capable of.

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Why would you do this when I had already given you sex? You have been a good husband before this, you are a good provider and you have been a good father to our children. For their sake I am going to give you a chance.

If you ever do anything like this to me again I will take the children and we will leave. I don't ever want to hear anything about this from you.

You just need to focus on rebuilding my trust in you and you need to be ready for it to take a while." .to be continued