Ramona Vain Belt Bondage Orgasm Struggle

Ramona Vain Belt Bondage Orgasm Struggle
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I vaguely remember waking in the middle of my nap nude on a shower floor with two large soft pillows on my face. I squeezed them and - yep, they were my favorite pair of tits. Jessica was lightly snoring with my face between her tits. Perfect. I took my rock-hard cock and slowly thrust it into her tight pussy. I slowly fucked her in her sleep, her tits in my face. I licked every curve on those beautiful tits while slowly bouncing Jessica on my cock.

I fucked her until her twitching pussy pulsed around my cock causing me to cum for what seemed like hours in her tight pussy. I felt warm floods of my cum pour into her depths, and then I dozed off with my throbbing cock buried deep in her twitching pussy.

I woke again to the happiest news of my life. It first started with Jessica, the girl of my dreams, sobbing, so I went to console her, naturally. I asked her what was wrong, and she said two words. "I'm pregnant." I almost jumped for joy.

My child with the girl of my dreams? Hell yes! Jessica turned to me, her red eyes dripping with tears. "I don't know what to do, Aaron." "We keep the child and raise him, what else? There's no way I'd want to rid of it anyways." Her smiling eyes still brimming with tears, she pressed her two bare-naked tits into my chest and wrapped her arms around me.

My cock grew to full attention and was rubbing her pussy lips already, but she paid no attention. "Thank you so much! What would I do without you?" "You wouldn't be pregnant?" I got punched in the arm for that one. "It's okay, I'll be with you all the way." We held each other for some time until we decided I should head home before her parents showed up.

But not after she decided to suck me off, that is. Skipping to a couple weeks later in school, I remember Jessica pulling me aside in the hallway.

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"Remember how you said you'd do anything?" "Yeah?" "I want to watch you rape Ariel." My eyes bugged wide and her hand was rubbing the front of my pants. "Pleeeease? I'll even throw in a nice treat afterward!" I gulped and vigorously nodded my head yes.

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She simply smiled and walked away. Afterschool we already had our plan. Jessica would confront Ariel, I would sneak up and secure her, we would move to our little hideout behind school, and then happy sex time. Of course, it worked like a charm. "Let me go!

ASSHOLE! RAPE!" Jessica's eyes turned fierce. "If you don't shut up then everyone will come watch the rape." Ariel's eyes grew wide with fear.

In this moment she stopped struggling Jessica took hold of her legs and we both carried her off behind the school. Once in the grove of bushes Jessica let Ariel's legs go, produced some twine, and tied Ariel's arms and legs to the nearby bushes so she was splayed out before me, helpless.

"I've wanted this revenge for so long." Ariel struggled but knew it was to no avail. She was utterly helpless. So she began to scream. "Mistake." Jessica produced duct tape and sealed Ariel's mouth so her screams turned to moans and whimpers. "Perfect. Okay Aaron, she's all yours." I knelt down and put my hands on the first things to mind: those round breasts. I kneaded them roughly in my hands, twisted and pinched her nipples, ripped off her cheer top and bra, then leaned down and bit and sucked those nice tits.

Ariel was whimpering the entire time, and Jessica leaned down to join the fun.

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She bit and sucked those tits as I leaned back to enjoy the view. Jessica while at work undressed her top, and I took off all my clothes to let free my cock. I tore off Ariel's thong and instantly lined up my cock with her pussy and shoved it in as far as it would go, eliciting a groan from Ariel and some tears. I fucked her harder and harder until her body was turning red. Her skirt and tits bounced with each thrust, and Jessica was a pro to follow those motions while latched on to Ariel's breasts.

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She pulled off her yoga pants and panties and climbed fully on top of Ariel, spreading her own pussy apart. I pulled out of Ariel and dove into my favorite pussy, making Jessica moan in ecstasy and Ariel writhe below her. I switched the pussy pounding, watching two amazing tits and nipples brush the nipples of another pair of glorious globes.

I couldn't take it any more, and knowing I was close, Jessica grabbed my cock and thrust it into Ariel.

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"Fill up her slutty pussy! It needs to bathe in your cum!" I thrust harder and harder until my balls boiled. I shot my load deep inside Ariel, making her groan and apparently pass out from her own orgasm.

Spurt after spurt of warm semen poured into her depths until finally, it finished. Jessica smiled and slapped Ariel awake. She then produced a strap-on dildo from her pack, strapped it on, and to Ariel's fearful eyes, lined it up with her asshole. Ariel whimpered and Jessica slowly eased the thick dildo in Ariel's ass.

Once it was completely in, she began to thrust in and out. My cock was growing hard again, and I reached from behind Jessica to fondle her tits as she fucked Ariel's ass. Ariel was crying, moaning, whimpering, but Jessica gave her ass no mercy.

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I was pulling on Jessica's nipples until I felt wetness. I looked from her shoulder and saw milk! Oh hell yes!

Jessica felt my hard cock from behind her and pulled out to move under Ariel's helpless body and once again ravaged her asshole. I lined up my cock with Ariel's pussy and began pumping vigorously once more. Ariel was moaning like a banshee, enjoying the double penetration. We were breaking her resistance bit by bit. Eventually I felt close again, and Jessica knew as well from massaging my balls.

We both thrust in as far as possible as I dumped a second load of seed in Ariel's body. Jessica massaged my balls to make sure every drop was deposited in her pussy, then we both pulled out to look at the unconscious Ariel and the mess between her legs. Suddenly we heard rustling behind us.

Ariel's bitch crew came through the bushes, and Jessica and I thought we were caught. "Holy shit! Captain!" Ariel was still blacked out. "What do we do? Untie her?" "I don't want her to ever make me clean the stalls again! Licking the toilets was so embarassing!" "We can't just leave her here! She might make us do worse!" Jessica thrust a dangling black object in their faces.

"Or." We left the grove with Ariel's cheer crew continuing to fuck the shit out of her slutty body. Jessica smiled and held onto my arm the entire walk home. Once at her place, we relaxed in her living room. "Now ready for your treat?" I nodded. Jessica pinched her nipples through her skintight braless top, wetting the cloth as I watched. Her hard nipples were clearly visible now, her own milk wetting the fabric.


She took my hands to replace her own, and I got down on the job, milking her breasts. I cupped the full softness of her firm tit in my hands, squeezing and pulling outward and watching the milk wet the fabric of her top.

I then pulled off her top to suck on my favorite breasts, meeting a sweet liquid flooding my mouth. Jessica was moaning, breastfeeding her lover. I pulled my mouth off of her tits and continued to fondle and milk them, causing her milk to leak all over her globes. I then pushed her to the floor and used her milk as a lube to fuck her tits. She moaned as I milked and fucked her tits, licking away at my cock laden with her milk.

I squeezed her tits in my hands, causing milk to pour all over her body and my cock as well as massage my cock with her soft milk-laden breasts. I felt my balls boil, as did she, and I began spurting my own milk.

She clamped her mouth around my cock and sucked every drop, swallowing all my cum down her throat.

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After I pulled out of her mouth with a pop, I flipped her over on her hands and knees. I ran to the kitchen to find a large bowl, then ran back and set it below her dripping tits. My cock grew rock hard with my thoughts, and after I pulled down her soaking wet yoga pants and panties, I used my cock to push her pussy lips around.

She moaned and wiggled her ass, trying to get me to slip inside her. I satisfied her need, slipping just the head inside, penetrating her pussy lips.


I watched her pussy lips engulf the head of my cock and kiss them as I pulled out over and over, then I thrust my full length inside only to pull out and watch her pussy hole slowly close, her pussy lips almost drawing shut. I thrust in completely and pulled out entirely again and again until. "Stop teasing me, dammit!" I smirked and thrust in and out of her normally, reaching around her body to her tits. I alternated lifting her tits up and down in my hands, palming them then pulling on her nipples.

She moaned and flushed red all along her body as I fucked her tight pussy trying to milk the cum out of my cock. I kept pulling on her nipples, feeling her milk spray and drip through my fingers into the bowl, and I was slapping my thighs against her ass, causing her tits to dangle and sway as I held them. She suddenly clamped her pussy down hard on my cock, her pulses milking my cock until the cum finally exploded out into her gulping pussy.

I spurted for what felt like hours, both of us crying in ecstasy. Warm floods of my milk poured into her eager love canal as it sucked my cum into her depths. Her tits sprayed milk profusely into the bowl as I continued to milk her like a cow, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. She fell forward, exhausted.

I pulled the bowl out from under her and flipped her over, watching her nipples continue to leak milk and watching the milk cascade down every side of her glorious globes. I pulled out from her pussy and watched my cum flood from her gaping pussyhole, scooping it up in my hand until it stopped leaking. I moved my hand to Jessica's mouth and she drank all our combined cum before licking my hand clean and sucking.each of my fingers. I slapped her pussy with my semi-hard cock, then her tits, and then I put it in her mouth as she sucked me clean.

Once I pulled out if her mouth with a pop, I was soft and truly satisfied.


She smiled, holding my cock in her hand and gently stroked it even though it was soft. She watched as I drank the entire bowl of her milk and made my final gulp, satisfied. We both passed out on the floor, her body wet from our cum and her milk all over her with my cock in her hand.