Miss Hannah Minx Shirt Cat

Miss Hannah Minx Shirt Cat
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My best friend Reagan was the hottest girl in my high school. She was about 5'5 with slightly small breasts and a nice firm ass. People often asked if we were dating but we always dismissed it by saying we were to close for that.

I went to her house often to hang out/do homework etc.

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Her mom (Alexis) was smoking hot and easily fuckable. She was about 5'8 with DD breasts and an amazing ass. One day when I went to her house everything changed. We were walking up on her front porch an hour earlier than we usually do since we decided to leave school early. As soon as I stepped in the smell hit me. Her mom was smoking a joint in the living room!

She looked up at us and was instantly embarrassed. She was a single mom who had a job but she worked at night.

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"What are you guys doing here?" Alexis said "We left school early. What the fuck are you doing?" Reagan asked "I need to be able to fall asleep during the day so I can work at night and this makes me tired enough to do it." She replied quickly. I could tell it was rehearsed. "I guess that makes since." Reagan said in a soft voice. We had smoked weed together many times before but could never imagine that her mom smoked. "How rude of me to just sit here." Alexis said "Do you guys want to join?" She asked Reagan and I looked at each other and shrugged "Sure" I said after a couple of seconds.

"A little bud never hurt anyone." "Great" she said "You guys sit here and finish this joint and I'll go get some more weed." Reagan and I sat there smoking for about 5 minutes when her mom came back with more weed, by that time I was already high and so was Reagan.

We kept smoking and Alexis said "You guys are pretty cool for a couple teenagers." Neither one of us replied as we were so stoned. I couldn't help but stare at their bodies and think of what it would be like to fuck them both.


I knew it was a long shot so I didn't even try. Before I knew it Reagan fell asleep so it was just me and Alexis. Alexis stared at her daughter laid on the couch in a deep sleep. "I don't know how she has such small boobs." She said "It's weird that she has B cups and I'm full on double D." I was kind of creeped out that she was so open to talk about this. "Tell me, do you prefer big boobs or small ones?" She asked.

"I really just like any boobs as long as they're not extremely big or extremely small" I replied nervously.

Then she started feeling Reagan's breasts. "I don't see how so many guys want to get with her. I was amazed at what I was seeing.

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Is it normal for a woman to play with their daughters breasts? Especially when the daughter is asleep. I just kind of stared in awe as she fondled her breasts.

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"Feel this." She said. I was thinking about it and she said "Don't worry it'll be our secret." I began to feel her breasts my cock began to grow to its full 8 inches. Alexis must have noticed the tent in my pants because she said "Hell just feel her whole body if you want to." I didn't wait before exploring her ass and waist moving my hands up and down her body.

I wanted to fuck Reagan so bad at that moment.

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"Now feel me." She said I didn't know if this was a joke or not until she grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast. I played with her amazing boobs for a minute and then she asked if I was thirsty. I said no and she went into the kitchen to get something for herself. While she was gone I began to jerk off while looking at Reagan and feeling her up with one hand.

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"So that's what you've been hiding from me." I heard Alexis say. I was terrified and sat there with my dick in my hand shocked. She walked over and put her hand on my cock "You know what'd be fun?" She asked "Why don't you try to fuck her while she's sleeping." "I don't know it seems risky." I replied "Look." She said back quickly. Then she started taking Reagans pants off! I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

She started playing with her pussy, slowly fingering it. Then she slowly started slipping her tounge in and out of her pussy. Reagan slowly moved around but didn't wake up.

I was becoming very nervous as I stared at Alexis eating her daughters pussy and then realized that I still had my cock in my hand. I took control of the moment and grabbed Alexis' head and pulled her towards my cock.

She knew what I wanted and put my cock in her mouth. And right from the start it was the best head I've ever had. Her tounge movements and the way she was able to deep throat most of my 8 inch cock was amazing she moved her tounge in a a zigzag pattern up and down my cock then reached up and began playing with my balls. I was resisting the urge to come when I decided to pull her off. She sat me on the couch and began slowly crawling like a cat towards me. She popped up between my legs and began to strip as slowly and sexy as possible.

She sat on my lap and used her hand to slowly guide my cock into her already wet pussy. At first we had no rhythm but after about 10 seconds we were moving as one, the chemistry was amazing. As I fucked her I looked towards the other end of the couch and saw Reagan laying there with her pussy exposed still sleeping.

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I laid Alexis down on the couch and began eating her pussy. At first moving my tounge just around it to tease her then she grabbed my head and pulled my face to her pussy "Don't be a tease." She said in the sexiest voice I've ever heard. Her pussy was the best thing I've ever tasted, in fact it was my new favorite meal. I picked her up and took her to the kitchen.

She bent over the counter and I slowly began slipping my hard cock into the back of her pussy looking down at her tan ass I pounded her pussy hard.


I jammed my entire rod into her in one quick thrust she moaned as I slowly slipped my dick in and out of her pussy occasionally slamming in all at once. "I'm about to come!" I said "Do it baby.

Come in my pussy!" That was enough for me. I came in her pussy and then she dropped to her knees to suck the rest of the juice from my cock. She stood up and we shared a long passionate kiss. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!!!" Reagan was standing in the doorway of the kitchen still wearing no pants and her hairy pussy exposed for me and Alexis to see.

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