Frustrated milf sly stepmom catches a fox

Frustrated milf sly stepmom catches a fox
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I woke to the sound of a machine beeping, and I could feel wires hooked up to me. There was only one place I could be, a hospital. I struggled to open my eyes but when I did, I could see my mom sitting in a chair next to my bed. "Jon, you're awake!" quietly shouted my mother. "Yeah I am, what happened?" I said as I could feel pain. "Jon, you were sitting at a stoplight, the light was red, you got hit by a drunk driver, he was going full speed, you're car is destroyed, you have cuts all over from the glass but nothing to bad, you also have a sprained ankle and wrist, but other than that you are ok" my mom said with tears rolling down her face.

"Mom it's ok, I'm not hurt that bad, everything will be just fine" I reassured her. I had always had a high pain tolerance, I had almost split a bone in half in my right foot one year during gym, I didn't go to the doctor for 6 months after it happened and only then did I learn about my injury, people can say what they will, but I think I'm a pretty tough son of bitch.

I tried to move around a little bit in the bed, only then did I realize that there was someone laying next to me. I looked down to see Kendall's body next to me. She was still in her outfit from the night before.

I grabbed her hand and rubbed it slightly, she awoke with a smile. "Hey Jon, you're finally awake" she said with a cute look on her face. "Yeah I am, and so are you, and you're so beautiful" I replied as I stroked her hair. "Awh Jon, you just woke up and you're already flirting" she started laughing. "I'm gonna give you two a few minutes" my mom said and then walked out. "When did you find out I was here?" I asked Kendall curiously.

"I was driving back to my mom's from the beach house, I saw you're car, I thought I'd lost you, I asked the police officers who were there if they knew what hospital you went too, I came here and ended up meeting your mom in the waiting room.she's a wonderful lady" Kendall said with misty eyes.

"Kendall.I'm so glad you're here, all I could think about driving home was you and my first thought when I woke up was you" I said rubbing her back.

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She had slipped her hand under the covers of the bed, she had been rubbing my chest, but her hand slid down, I was already semi-erect because of seeing her in her yoga pants, she slowly slid her hand down. Finally, she slipped it under my gown and grabbed my cock. I gasped at her touch, she kept eye contact with me the entire time.

"I just wanted to show you how much I loved yesterday and how glad I am you're ok" she purred in my eye.

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Kendall slowly started stroking me, she laid her head on my chest like nothing was happening, I was moaning lowly, enjoy every moment of my first ever hand job. "Oh god, Kendall this feels so good" I wasn't lying either, after all of the pain I had been in, this was gonna be one hell of a release. She moved her other hand down and grasped my balls hard and her hand went into light speed trying to milk me.

Finally I felt the urge in my cock.

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"Ken.ahh.Baby I'm gonna cummmm" I quietly screamed. She moved down the bed, and inhaled me, still jerking me off, as I exploded in her mouth. She swallowed every bit of what I had to give.

She moved out from under the covers and opened her mouth for me to see, she swallowed it all. I smiled and cupped her face in my hands, our lips connected. It was simply amazing, there was something between us and we both knew it. "I'm gonna go clean up, you get back to sleep my little trooper" she giggled as her walked out of the room, she wiggles her ass at me and turned to smirk just a little.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I awoke in the hospital, I looked down at Kendall laying next to me, she was asleep, and boy was she beautiful, holding onto me for support. As I glanced down, I saw something shiny on my wrist, something that wasn't there before. It was a gold ROLEX watch, I took it off and looked on the inside, inscribed was "LD". "Pretty cool, Huh?" A male voice said.

I looked over to see Scott Disick sitting in the chair where my mom was before.

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"I didn't even have to change the inscription since your last name is Davis, it's LD for Lord Davis, you're a lord now Jon, don't let me down" he said sarcastically, fully laughing after his statement. "Thanks Scott, it's really cool, you didn't have too" I said humbled by his gesture. "It's no problem, you seem to make this girl happy, I'm just happy I'm gonna have another fun guy to hang out with, ever since Rob went off the deep end I don't have anybody to hangout with besides Khloe" he said.

"So I get Kendall the girl of my dreams and I get to hang out with Scott Disick, how can my life get better?" I said staring at the ceiling.

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"Don't think you have it made, just wait until you meet Kris, she'll make you work for a place in this crazy ass family" he said being serious. "Kendall and me have something good, I feel some kind of connection with her that I've never felt with anyone, I don't want to spend another day with out her, I don't think Kris can change my mind about that, no matter how big of a handful she is" I said seriously myself.

"Well that's good to hear kid, I'll tell Kourtney what you think of her baby sister, I'm sure it will make her like your before she even meets you, just let you know, the whole clan is coming down tomorrow for when you get released" he said as he walked out. I looked up at the clock, it was 2:37. Scott must if come from an appearance, I thought to myself. "I heard what you said to Scott about me" Kendall said, almost making me jump as I thought she was asleep.

"I meant it, it's been 3 days, and I've never felt this way about anyone before" I replied frankly. "I feel the same way" as she got up and straddled me on the bed. I hadn't noticed that she had taken her pants and panties off and was now straddling me completely bottom less. Once I noticed I immediately started getting hard, she noticed, and reached behind her and started to stroke my cock to life.

What a sight it was to see Kendall with barely any light in the room, she was just staring at me with those beautiful brown eyes. "I never pictured my first time being in a hospital bed" I said as I gazed up into her eyes.

"I didn't either" she looked down sweetly at me. "Wait. You've never." She stopped me. "No I've never had sex, everybody has all these ideas of me because I'm Kim's sister and she had the sex tape, so people think we are all whores" she looked really sad as she told me that. I thought to myself that it must be hard to be in her and Kylie's shoes, in public perception they are perceived as sluts just because Kim had a sex tape, it's really not fair to them. I cupped Kendall's face in my hands.

"I know who you are, let people think what they wanna think about you and your family, people are dumb" she laughed at that. She continued to stroke me, she pulled the blanket up and exposed my cock. "I don't have my hymen anymore, I lost it years ago when I was riding horses" she purred in my ear as she leaned down.


"Are you sure you wanna do this right now?" I wanted to make sure that she really wanted to do this, as much as I wanted this, we had only known each other for three days and this was quick but I know we both wanted it. "Oh I'm 100% sure" she said as she lined up my cock and slowly slide down on me, she just sat there for a few seconds just trying to adjust to me, her eyes had went wide when I had first slide in.

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The feeling of being inside of Kendall for the first time is barely describable, her hot warm pussy just felt amazing, it was if I was made to be inside her, it just fit like a glove. She had a low cut shirt on, so I grabbed it and pulled it down and her small, perfect breasts because visible, I immediately grabbed ahold as she slowly started to ride me.

This wasn't gonna be a good hard fucking, this was pure slow love making, she slowly rode me and we both were enjoying every moment of it, we just stared into each other's eyes.

I grabbed her hips as she rode me. She slowly started to pick up the pace, I knew I wasn't gonna last very long even though I had cum only hours earlier. It was my first time, can you blame a guy if he doesn't last very long? She leaned down and we kissed passionately, the fireworks that were there the first time we kissed were still there, our tongues danced as our bodies were one. I suddenly felt the urge to cum.

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"Kendall baby I'm gonna cum". She seemed lost in the moment but snapped out of it long enough to look down at me "I haven't been on the pill for a while, but I don't care, this my first time.uhhhhh fuckkk.

This is my first time just cum in me baby." "ahhhhh it's coming, baby I'm gonna cum" I was restraining myself so I didn't scream. "Do it! Give it to me! Cum Jon please" she begged. That's all I need, I exploded inside of her, not caring what the consequences may be, we both needed this. She collapsed on me and we made out for awhile but we fell asleep in each others arms, with my cock still in her warm cum filled pussy.

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I awoke to the nurses pulling my IV out, my mom was standing in one corner, and Kendall, Scott, Kim, and Bruce were standing in another, Bruce and Scott helped me up and I put on my new clothes that my mom had brought me from home.

The nurses brought in a wheel chair, because it's hospital policy that they have to take you out in a wheel chair. They rolled me out, Kendall by my side the entire was to the entrance. My mom kissed me and went to her car, Bruce and Scott got into Scott's white Lamborghini. At the pickup entrance there was a big black Escalade. Kendall opened the door and got in, I stood up and thanked the nurse that wheeled me out.


I got in the car and closed the door, I was glad to be out of the hospital but I'm not gonna lie, it was a little bit scary getting in car again. There was a driver in the front seat and we pulled away. "Where are we going?" I turned to Kendall.

She had a small smirk on her face "Well your mom packed you a travel bag and it's in the back" "So we aren't going home" I said suspiciously. "Nope" she said as she curled up to me. "So where are we going?" I said calmly, but I was dying to know. Kendall slightly lifted her head and said "I hear Paris is nice this time of year". Authors Note: Part 2 was a difficult one to write, but I pushed through, I do know where I want the story to go but it's what happens in between is what takes the time to write.

I will start Part 3 soon, I will do my best to put out at the least one part per week.