Alex Blake takes on a Monster Cock

Alex Blake takes on a Monster Cock
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Fbailey story number 612 Do You Like My Pussy I was twelve years old at the time and we had a duplex house with half of the house being an apartment.

Dad had recently rented it out to a young married couple. The wife was eighteen and fresh out of high school. The husband was twenty-one and fresh out of a two-year college. He worked at the local packaging plant where Dad was a boss. I had seen Jill just a couple of times but she always seemed to be coming on to me. I told my mother about it and she told me that I was just imagining things. The second time that it happened and I told my mother about it, she told me to go for it. She said that men were not supposed to pass up a freebee if it was offered to them.

So the following day Jill squatted down and held her new kitten between legs. She was wearing a micro miniskirt and a bikini top.


She was not wearing any panties and her pussy was shaved bald. Her pussy lips had separated slightly. Then she asked, "Do you like my pussy?" I said, "Yes" and then I reached for it. I reached right past the kitten and shoved two fingers into her moist pussy and curled my fingers inside her. All Jill said was, "Oh my." Then I lifted her up to her feet with those curled fingers. As I started to pull her toward the garage all she said was, "Can I put my kitten inside first?" I said, "Okay but then you will come into the garage with me." Jill replied, "Okay, but you could come into my bedroom." I thought about it for a moment but replied, "No, I think that doing it in the garage will be more exciting." Jill said, "I agree.

I always like doing it in different places. Once I did it under the bleachers during a football game. Another time I did it in the boy's locker room during gym class. I even did it in the back seat of a police car once. I get so wet when I'm being bad.

Like now." I asked, "What about now?" Jill said, "I'm going to let you fuck me in the garage with your mother in the house and my husband coming home soon. You are only thirteen years old and probably still a virgin. I'm ovulating and not on the pill anymore so you just might get me pregnant. Your cum might be dripping down my leg when my husband comes home.


That is all as exciting as hell to me. Feel my pussy now." I reached back under her short skirt and sure enough she was a lot wetter than she had been before.

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She was also right about me being a virgin. When we were safely in the garage I asked Jill to undress completely so that I could see her boobs. She looked around first and then she untied her bikini top and took it off. She wiggled out of her micro miniskirt and then started taking her shoes off too.

Jill was incredibly beautiful. She had been a cheerleader all four years of high school. Her boobs were nice and big, her waist was tiny, and her hips flared out nicely. Jill was every teenage boy's wet dream and she was standing before me completely naked. She found an old blanket, folded it in half, and placed it on the concrete floor before lying back on it. She raised her knees up and opened her feet for me.

I knelt between her legs and leaned in to get a close look at her boobs. Jill told me that I could play with her tits all that I wanted too when we had more time. Right then all she wanted me to do was fuck her before her husband came home.

It didn't seem right to just poke my hard-on into her wet hole and pump it into her as fast as I could, but what to hell I was fucking a real woman and I was no longer a virgin. Besides she said that I could do it again after playing with her tits all that I wanted too. I came in her quicker than I wanted too, Jill pushed me off, and got dressed quickly. She ran out of the garage and just closed her apartment door as her husband pulled into the driveway.

I quickly dress too and stayed out of sight until he had gone into his house. I figured that Jill could take care of herself. Then I went into my house. Mom asked, "Did you have a good time with Jill?" I looked at her as if I didn't have a clue as to what she was talking about. Mom said, "Don't play innocent with me. I saw you with your hand on her pussy, I saw you two go into the garage, and I saw her holding her bikini top over her breasts as she ran into the house just a minute before her husband pulled into the driveway.

I'm pretty sure that you are not a virgin anymore. Are you?" I looked at Mom, blushed until my face was on fire, and then I said, "No, I'm not a virgin any more." Mom asked, "So when do you get to do it with her again?" I told her, "In the morning after her husband goes to work. She said that I could play with her tits all that I wanted too and then we could do it again. She likes to do it in different places. She liked the chance of getting caught but not actually getting caught if you know what I mean." Mom said, "Oh, I know exactly you mean.

Jill is an exhibitionist…like me." I was shocked but asked, "You are an exhibitionist too. How come I've never seen you?" Mom smiled and said, "Because you are my son, that's why." I asked, "Where have you done it?" Mom smiled and said, "I made a list once.

Most of the times were not with your father though. I like to let a stranger fuck me in a convenience store bathroom, or a dunk fucking me in the alley behind a bar, or even letting the Fed-Ex man catch me naked answering the door.

Of course I have to let him fuck me, don't I" Boldly I said, "In that case shouldn't I be allowed to see you naked occasionally too. Like when you are taking a bath don't lock the door." Mom said, "I never lock the door. You are free to open it any time that you want too. Just don't let your father catch you doing it. He gets so jealous lately." I turned red again and said, "That's because he has a girlfriend at work." Mom asked, "How do you know that?" I told her, "Because I saw him kissing her in the parking lot last week when I went to meet him.

He didn't see me and he even forgot that I was supposed to meet him. Later when I asked him where he was he told me that he had to work late. I watched him walk her to her big van with those dark windows and then I watched it shake around for a few minutes. When Dad got out he was tucking his shirt into his pants and zipping them up." Mom said, "Don't say anything about that to your father. It'll just be our secret. Okay?" I said, "Okay, but what about Jill?" Mom smiled and said, "Do everything that you can to her and as often as you can too.

Ask her to teach you what a girl likes so that you will become a true lover. Try different positions, try oral sex, and get very familiar with the girl's body. Learn ever nook and cranny, every bump and bulge, and most of all learn every opening that she has.

Let her teach you what she likes and how to give her multiple orgasms. After that you can fuck just about any girl that you want too." I looked at her in disbelief and asked, "Really?" Mom said, "All women want a man that can please them sexually, very few ever find one." Dad came home but he was in a mood. Mom offered Dad sex before dinner but he turned her down. Strike one! While Mom was fixing dinner Dad disappeared and we heard the shower running.

He was washing off all traces of the other woman. Strike two! Just before bedtime Dad received a phone call and told us that there was a problem at work and not to wait up for him. Strike three! Mom asked me for my cell phone and went outside with it. When she came back in she looked mad.

After Dad had left Mom told me that my phone contained a GPS tracking device so that she could keep an eye on me if she had too. She also told me that she had never had too so far and that she trusts me to tell her where I am going. I followed her to our computer and watched her access the child tracking web site. She punched in my cell phone number and we waited. In a minute a map of our area was up on the screen and we could see the phone traveling along our city streets.

When it stopped Mom clicked on the location and found out the address. A couple more clicks and she knew the people that lived at that location. She also recognized the lady's name as one of the women that worked for Dad. Then Mom called Dad's place of work and asked to talk to the woman's husband.

Mom explained to him that her husband was at his house right then fucking his wife. The line went dead.

Mom went upstairs to pack Dad a suitcase. She said that he would need it when he got home. Then she told me that Dad would be spending a few days in a motel. She even called the motel and made him reservations for a whole week. Next Mom wrote Dad a note and tapped it to his suitcase. She placed it in the driveway and then locked all of the doors with dead bolts, chains, and hooks so that he could not get in.

We watched out her bedroom window as Dad's car came into the driveway and he drove over the suitcase crushing it. He backed up, got out, and read the note that Mom had left.

He looked up at the bedroom window and gave Mom the finger. After Dad had left, Mom went in to take a nice hot bath. I waited a few minutes until the water had stopped running and she was in the bathtub enjoying herself. I opened the bathroom door and walked in. Mom just smiled at me and said, "I was hoping that you would come in. How would like to be the man of the house?" All I asked was, "Do I get to sleep with you?" Mom giggled and said, "Yes, if that is what you want." I smiled and said, "If I'm taking over for Dad then I want all the privileged that he had." Mom said, "Okay.

Apparently that privilege included cheating on me so you can keep seeing Jill if you want too." I replied, "Oh I sure do want too. She is gorgeous." Mom said, "Yes, she is. Maybe we can get her into our bed sometime for a three-way." I knew what she meant but I asked, "Three-way?" Mom replied, "You know, when two women are in bed with you and you get to have sex with both of them! Then when you are resting I can have sex with Jill myself.

I think she is gorgeous too." I asked, "You have sex with women?" Mom said, "I certainly do. I have had my share of three-ways. How do you think that I knew who to call." I asked, "You have had sex with that woman and her husband?" Mom replied, "Yes, I have." I asked, "Then why are you so mad that Dad had sex with her?" Mom smiled and said, "Because he got caught." I then asked, "So if you don't get caught you can do anything that you want too." Mom laughed and said, "I don't know about anything but when it comes to sex, either don't get caught or you let your spouse know what you are up too." I smiled and asked, "Like me and Jill?" Mom laughed and said, "Exactly!

Now hand me a towel and meet me in my bed.


It doesn't look like Jill with be your only teacher." I decided not to go to the bedroom by myself. Instead I stayed right there in the bathroom with Mom. She stood up and dried herself off with the towel. That made her titties jiggle nicely.

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She peed and wiped her pussy then she brushed her teeth. Finally, she took my hand and led me to her bed. Just like I did with Jill I got between Mom's legs and leaned into her boobs for a better look. Mom did not tell me to fuck her as quickly as possible because her husband was coming home.

Instead, Mom allowed me to play with her boobs for as long as I wanted too. In fact she encouraged me to squeeze them, to twist her nipples, and then to suck on them. She told me that if I put one nipple in my ear that I could talk into the other one like two tin cans between a string. It didn't work but it was fun trying.

Mom made sex fun, where as Jill made it a speed contest. Mom said that based on what I had told her that Jill had never had a real man make love to her before. She told me that I could be Jill's first. After playing with her boobs Mom asked me to play with her pussy. I didn't know what to do but it really didn't matter to Mom. Whatever I did to her she found pleasure in it. I got to open her pussy and look inside.

Mom explained the various parts of her pussy to me and said that if I rubbed her clit just right that I could drive her temporarily insane. I rubbed that bump till I thought my finger would fall off. For my reward Mom went berserk.

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She screamed, she cried, and she almost shook me off the bed. I had everything to do just to keep my finger on that clit of hers. She was right I had driven her to the brink of insanity and she thanked me for it. After that I got to make love to her in a nice slow fashion until I had cum inside her. Then Mom sucked me hard and let me screw her again.

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After our second time she cuddle my head into her soft breasts and we fell asleep. In the morning one of her nipples was in my mouth and my fingers were back in her pussy. I woke up first so I just started rubbing her clit again.

She woke up and said, "Not again! You drove me crazy last night and I am still super sensitive down there." I laughed and said, "Too bad! I want to drive you crazy again before we have sex." Mom said, "You are nothing like your father.

He would have just fucked me and gone to work." I smiled and said, "Well we are going to have sex before breakfast and after breakfast, before lunch and after lunch, and then we are going to have sex before and after dinner." Mom asked, "What about Jill?" I said, "I can fit her in between breakfast and lunch.

It only takes a couple of minutes." Mom laughed and said, "I like a quickie every now and then but not as a constant diet." After having sex with Mom after breakfast I went over to get Jill. I brought her back to my house. I told Mom that I was taking Jill up to my bedroom and she just smiled.

Jill was nervous but I told her that it was different and exciting, she agreed. She could not believe it when I started in on her clit. She was a lot easier than Mom was to get off. I didn't stop until Jill had four orgasms and was begging me to stop.

I told her that if she wanted me to stop giving her pleasure that my mother would have to join us in bed and that she would have to please my mother while I fucked her. Jill agreed so I called down to Mom to come up. Mom had been outside the door listening but she made believe that she had been downstairs the whole time.

Mom had Jill get into a sixty-nine with her. Both women had very sensitive clits and proceeded to drive one another insane.

Mom was on the bottom at one point and had moistened Jill's asshole. When she saw my cock coming at her, Mom aimed me at Jill's asshole. I just smiled and pushed it in. Jill stopped licking Mom's pussy and said, "You little fudge packer! If I had know that you wanted anal I would have at least taken a shit." Mom smiled and said, "Keep packing it in her, but cum in her pussy. She told you that she was ovulating." Jill asked, "You told your mother?" Mom said, "He didn't have too.

I was watching out the kitchen window when you went into the garage and I was still watching a few minutes later when you came out holding your bikini top over your breasts. You took my son's virginity and a minute later your husband came home. How did you manage to get away with it?" Jill replied, "I jumped in the shower and told him that I had to wash the suntan oil off my body.

I also told him that he could join me in the shower if he wanted too. He wanted too all right. He even fucked me with your son's cum still in there." I held onto Jill's hips and thrust deep into her ass, then I remembered what Mom had said and shoved it into her pussy to cum. Mom said, "You just sucked his cum out of my pussy so I might as well return the favor." Jill said, "Please don't.

I want his cum to have a fighting chance to get me pregnant." Mom said, "Okay! You will have to come over every day after breakfast for more of his cum." Jill said, "But I only ovulate for a few days and I'm near the end." Mom said, "I don't care.

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You turned him on to sex and I'm not going to be the only one that he fucks. He is planning on making love to me at least six times today, you were a welcome break." I added, "Before and after meals but also at bedtime. That makes seven." Mom smiled and said, "In that case Jill, you have to stay for lunch and take two more for me." Jill smiled and said, "It would be my pleasure." Epilogue: Mom and Dad got a divorce, his girlfriend and her husband got a divorce too, and then Dad and his girlfriend moved in together.

Within a year they were caught cheating on one another and that relationship ended too. Jill did get pregnant and had her baby. The verdict isn't in yet but they both think that it is mine.

There will be no DNA because it is better if Jill's husband just thinks that it is his. Mom and I are living a great life together, I get to fuck girls from school in my bedroom, and Mom is free to fuck drunks in an alley behind a bar anytime that she wants too. Life just doesn't get any better than that. The End Do You Like My Pussy 612