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Bruder schwester porn
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Misty and Summer are twin sisters, both are 27. Misty has a boyfriend (John) and lives in his house in Norfolk Virginia. Summer had been living with her roommate from college till she and her roommate had a big fight which ended in Summer getting kicked out of the apartment they shared. Summer called Misty up and asked if she could move in with Misty and John. Misty said yes on one condition, that Summer make the meals and do all the other house work since Misty worked as a flight attendant and John worked for the local warehouse.

Misty was 5 feet 140 pounds, she had long dark brown hair with green eyes. A nice firm twin set of C cups and a really tight ass. Summer like her sister had green eyes and was 5 feet and had a nice ass but she had long blonde hair, and only weighted 120 pounds. Summer also had a tattoo that no one but her and her old roommate Rose knew about, it was two fangs on the back of her neck and said BEWARE I BITE!

Underneath it. John was 5'8 had a nice set of abs and muscles. Long blonde hair with blue eyes and a thick 8.5 inch dick. John also had two tattoos, one went across his shoulder blades and said PONYBOY, the other was on his right upper arm and it was a ying yang symbol that was black and green.

Misty helped Summer unpacked her stuff from the car and put it in the guest bedroom. They carried the suitcases up to the guest room. John met Summer then they sat down to dinner. They ate while Misty talked about her upcoming flight to New Mexico and how she was excited. Misty left three days later, leaving John and Summer alone together. At first they acted like strangers then after a day or two Summer was horny and in her room fingering when John entered her room.

Summer yelled at him to get out while covering herself with the sheet. John said sorry but couldn't stop staring at Summer's body even when it was covered. Two nights later they were watching a movie together. Summer just getting even with John for him starring at her the other day, started rubbing his thigh.

Then she would move up and down his thigh. She could feel his straining dick through his jeans when she rubbing across his pants.

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She then left the room. She stayed away from him till her sister Misty came home. That night Misty and John had sex then went to bed. The next morning John woke up holding onto Misty he gently rolled her on to her back to admire her sexy body that was turning him on.

Then he couldn't resist anymore and decided he was going to have fun waking her up so he pulled the covers down to her belly button keeping her pussy cover so she wouldn't wake up from the cold hitting her clit.

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Then he moved his hands back up to her nice firm C cups tits rubbing them. After a couple of minutes he started to twist and pull her nipples making Misty let out a small low moan. John smiling put his lips down on to Misty's nipples and started to lick them. While he licked one of them he was twisting and pulling the other. Then he stopped and switched doing the same thing until his 7 inch dick was hard as a rock and he couldn't resist anymore.

He move his hand down under the cover, then started to play with Misty's pussy lips spreading them a little then closing them until she was really wet.then he moved his fingers up to Misty's clit. While still licking her nipples he started rubbing Misty's clit.she started to get into it and moved like she would if she was awake. Her moans started to get louder and John could tell Misty was going to cum soon so John started to rub a little faster.

A few seconds later Misty came… when she came she woke up and grabbed John's hand trying to pull it away but John was too strong and kept going until she finally let go and then she came again. Right after she came John stopped licking her nipples and made out with her. Then John stopped and asked if she like how he woke her up. She said "Yes and do you know what today is?" John thought for a second then answered.

"It is our 3 year anniversary." Misty said smiling. "Yep and the deal was that I will be your sex slave for 7 hours.then after that you will be my sex slave for the next 7 hours…and the slave has to do whatever the Master says." John and Misty laid there for a few more minutes cuddling and making out then John said while looking at the clock "Its 9 in the morning.we got to get changed we supposed to take Summer to the store." So Misty got up and changed into black panties, bra, skirt and a tight black tank top.

John put on his favorite jeans on which had holes in the knees of them and a black shirt. Right when they was about to leave the room Summer knocked on the door. John opened the door Summer was standing there smiling with black shorts and a dark green T-shirt on. Summer said "Breakfast is ready.

I went to the store already while you both were sleeping. I didn't want to wake you both up." John said "its fine and you look hot. Maybe you should get a quick shower before we eat." Summer said while shaking her head "No I got a shower when I got back from store and that was before I starting cooking. Come on you guys look hungry." So John, Misty, and Summer went downstairs.

When they got downstairs the table was set with plates and the food was on the table. Summer had made bacon, eggs, sausage, and oatmeal. Summer asked what they want to drink then went to the kitchen and got the drinks. When she went to sit down John notice that Summer's shorts were wet. John and Misty sat next to each other and Summer sat on the other side of the table. John slid his left hand off the table and started to rub Misty's inner thigh knowing it would make her horny.

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Then when she wasn't expecting it he moved up her skirt and started to rub her pussy lips. When she was really wet he started to rub her clit until Misty came letting out a low moan that Summer didn't hear. When they were done eating Summer started to clean up the dishes. When she left the room John told Misty to take off her panties she looked at John then took them off. When Summer came back in to get the rest of the dishes off the table John looked at her boobs noticing that she wasn't wear a bra.

John started thinking how much he would like to have a 3some with Summer and Misty. John started thinking that maybe Summer was watching him and Misty before breakfast then he smiled. He put a finger deep inside Misty's pussy rubbing the right side of her wall which caused her to drench John's fingers in her cum. Summer came back to make sure she got everything then she left and started to do the dishes.

John now told Misty to take off her bra but keep her shirt on. While Misty was doing that John started biting and licking Misty neck making her cum again. He asked just making sure "I can do anything I want right?" Misty said between moans "Yes anything possible." John smiled and said "Ok then lay on the table." Misty wanted to say no to it but it was part of the deal.

Misty got on the table and John spread Misty's legs and started to lightly bite Misty's inner thigh. She tried to hold her moans but couldn't. Then John started to lick Misty's pussy lips until she came. John started to tongue fuck Misty slow just teasing her until she begged John to go faster, after she begged he started to go faster until she came.

He kept going until she couldn't take it anymore and grabbed his head making John's tongue go deeper inside Misty's pussy. Then John started making circles around Misty's g-spot she grabbed John's head when she orgasm and started to face fuck him until her orgasm calmed down.

When Misty finally let go John moved up to her face and started to make out. Then John looked up and saw Summer, her shorts were soaked he could tell she was watching them. John asked "Would you like to join?" Misty looking at John in shock saying "What you talking about she's my sister!" John looked down at her saying "You said I can do anything possible did you not?" Misty in shock "I did say but that don't ." John said "Don't worry nothing is going to happen beside this ok" Misty said "Ok a deal is a deal.Summer do you want to join.We both noticed that you were watching us this morning, and that you soaked your shorts with your pussy juices." Summer looking at them said "I really like watching you guys this morning, and if you don't mind I will join." John said smiling "Well the deal is that Misty is my slave until 4 pm today.

Then starting at 4:30 pm I am her slave until midnight. That means you would have to listen to me while I am the master and Misty while she is the master do you accept?" Summer thought about it for a minute then said "Sure just one thing I have a bag of toys are we allowed to use them on you no matter what it is?" John said "Only after 4:30 then it's a deal." Misty smiled saying "This should be fun, welcome to the party sister." John said "Thanks for joining Summer." John said "First Summer and Misty take off your shirts.

Now Summer bend over and lick your sister's nipples and Misty lick your sister's nipples the same time." Then John pulled Misty skirt off exposing her wet pussy then he took his shirt off and went down and started to lick her slit cleaning up the cum on the outside of her pussy then stopped and told Summer to take off her shorts, and saw that she had no panties on.

Then told her to get on top of Misty's face with her pussy in Misty's face and looking at him.

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John told Misty to start eating her sister out. She did and within seconds she made Summer cum and kept going. John then pulled his pants and boxers down exposing his thick 5 inch dick.

He then started to tap it against Misty's clit making her move and twitch. Summer was surprised when she saw that John was getting harder until he was finally 8.5 inches long.


When John stopped tapping Misty's clit then Misty started to tongue fuck Summer making her moan loud then within 5 minutes making her orgasm. Summer put her hands on Misty's tits to hold herself up.

When Summer's orgasm calmed she lifted her body up about to get off but Misty grabbed her legs holding her. John then said "Summer you are not done yet lower you body back down and Misty tongue fuck her until she orgasm again. Summer bend your body over Misty's and lick her clit." Summer did as she was told she was moaning louder than before and then she started to lick Misty's clit.

John grabbed Summer's hand and put it on his dick then said "Stroke it." Summer started stroking and teasing John. She then started to go faster until John came all over her hand. John then grabbed a towel while Summer and Misty continued.

John wiped off Summer's hand then put the tip of his dick inside Misty's pussy making her moan and Summer to shake from the vibrations. John slowly pushed his dick inside Misty's pussy making her moan even more, when he got about 6 inches in he pushed the rest in really fast making Misty cum, he started to fuck Misty.

Misty started making circles around Summer's g-spot driving her crazy and John started to hit deeper right under Misty's g-spot driving her crazy and making her go faster and hard. After 15 minutes both Summer and Misty got close to an orgasm, Summer hit her orgasm and grabbed John's ass digging her nails in.

When Misty had hers she squeezed Summer's ass making John cum deep inside Misty's pussy. John then went over to Misty's face which was covered in her cum. He put his dick in Misty's face Misty started to sucking her cum off John's dick while John fingered her sister. John realized from how tight Summer was that she was a virgin. John put another finger inside Summer's pussy and spread them one on each side of her wall and started to loosen her up alittle Misty notice that John found out that Summer is a virgin.

Misty then pushed John out of her and then nodded to Summer and mouthed "Fuck her please." John now fully erected he pulled his fingers out and told Misty to get from under Summer and go by her head. In a quick motion Misty got from under Summer without moving her much and went around to her head. John pulled Summer back about 4 inches and made her spread her legs wide enough that her pussy was almost touching the table.

John put the tip of his dick right next to Summer's pussy and slowly started to push in her pussy. Summer started to freak out but Misty grabbed her face, kissed her and started to calm her down.

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John only push in about half way then he pulled out he bent over asking if she was ok. Summer said "Yes and sorry for freaking out and that she wasn't expecting this to happen". John asked if she wanted him to stop. She said "No you already popped my cherry". John said "I will go easy then and only half way ok?" Summer nodded. John slowly started to fuck Summer she was yelling for the first 10 thrust but she loosened up and she came which made her tighter and his dick wetter and he could go a little faster.

John started to hit Summer's g-spot making her go crazy. Summer came again becoming even tighter and John was thinking if she came again he wasn't going to last much longer within seconds she came again. John ball's started to tighten up he knew he was about to cum. John said "I am about cum" Misty's said "pull out and cum on her back" Summer said "Don't you dare or I will cut you dick off" Misty quickly grabbed the towel and went over to John.

John started to move faster and Summer began moaning loudly. She came again making her walls tighten and John thrusted one more time then pulled out and came in the towel Misty was holding. Summer laid on the table resting and Misty threw the towel in the trash. John told Summer to get off the table and go get her bag from her room, He also told Misty to go grab some pillows and meet him in the living room. Both girls left and went upstairs.

Misty grabbed Summer and they went to the bathroom. When they got in the bathroom Misty said "Lets clean up a little before we go back downstairs." Summer agreed and stepped into the shower washing her body and letting the water run down her body.

Misty then joined her and started to rub Summer's body just to get the stickiness off not using soap. After they cleaned off Misty told Summer to get her things and meet her in her bedroom.

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Summer left Misty went to her room. When Summer showed up and Misty asked what Summer had in her bags. Summer told Misty that in this bag, holding up a black bag "Just dildos, vibrators, and condoms. Summer said "and the red bag that's for later and I didn't want John to see what's inside it, that it was a surprise. Misty said "We should get back downstairs we only have 5 more hours it shouldn't be that bad." They both walked downstairs Misty in front.

John the grabbed Misty and pulled her onto the couch next to him and started to make out with her. Summer then sat on the other side of John waiting for them to stop kissing. John stopped and asked "What is in the bag Summer?" Summer answered saying "There are vibrators, dildos, and condoms.all I ask from now on can you at least wear a condom when you fuck me.please." John said "Ok but when I fuck you it will be my whole dick not just half from now on" Summer agreed thinking how good it will feel.

John told Summer to start teasing Misty. So Summer started to gently bite from Misty's calf up to her inner thighs while Misty let out small faint moans. When Summer got to Misty's pussy she licked and gently bit all around it without touching Misty's inner pussy lips making Misty cum. Then Summer slowly put her tongue inside Misty's pussy and started to lick the inside of her pussy.

Misty started to moan. Summer started to go deeper until she found her g-spot. She started to make circles around it making Misty go crazy in pleasure. After Misty came 3 times Summer started to play with Misty's clit and move faster. Misty grabbed Summer's head and started to face fuck Summer as her orgasm hit. Misty started to calm she released Summer's head. John said "Summer I want you to take a nice long and wide dildo then fuck your sister with it" Summer went over to her bag and took out a 8inch long by 2 inch wide dildo and started to tease Misty's pussy as John watched.

Then Summer pushed the dildo inside Misty making her moan. John walked over to the bag and grabbed a vibrator. He handed it to Summer and told put it inside her pussy. Summer did and John had the control for the vibrator. He turned it on low, Summer let out a small moan to let John know it was working. Misty came and Summer started to go faster.


John turned up the vibrator making Summer moan loud and cum hard. John started to get hard from watching them and sat next to Misty. John took her left hand and put it on his dick. Misty started to stroke and tease John's dick while Summer went deeper with the dildo hitting Misty's g-spot making her cum again.

Summer then came and John turned the vibrator full blast while hearing Misty and Summer scream as they both cum. John then told the girls to switch and Misty to put the vibrator inside her pussy and Summer to stroke and tease him while Misty fucks her pussy with the dildo.

After 10 minutes Summer really wanted John to fuck her pussy. John made Summer beg until he finally said yes. John laid on the couch then Summer got on top of him before she got onto she took a condom and put it on. Then she slowly lowered herself onto John once he was all the way inside her John started to play with her nipples, pulling and twisting them gently.

Summer than started to move slowly fucking John so she could get used to his size then John told Misty to come over by them. John stopped playing with Summer's nipples and started to play with Misty's instead.

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Summer started to move faster and John told Misty to get on top of his face that he was going to eat her out while he fucked her sister.

Misty did what John said when she got comfy John started to lick her lips and spreading them a little with his tongue. Then he went deep to her g-spot and started to make circles around soft but fast until she came.

Then John grabbed Summer's hips and started to move her faster making her cum and then let go of her while she took over. John started to get a little rougher and faster with Misty until Misty finally had an orgasm and fell on top of John with her head landing right next to Summer's pussy.

John told her to lick Summer's pussy while he fucked her until he came. John put his hands onto Summer's hips and lifted her up until he was almost completely out of her pussy then John pulled her down fast making her moan then Misty started to lick Summer's clit while John fucked Summer's pussy hard and fast making her cum 4 times before he finally came.

Misty and Summer got off of John, John looked at the clock and said "Well looks like I have 3 hours and 30 minutes left.Do you think you girls can hold up?" Summer looking really tired said "If you just fuck me no, I won't. I know I am tight but you still have my sister that you barely touched." John thinking said "Wrong, the thing is I did fuck her as hard as I fucked you.the difference is that she is slightly used to it… She been with me for awhile." Summer turning to ask Misty "Does he fuck you like this all the time?" Misty shaking her head saying "Yes, he does, but I like when he is kinda rough.sometimes." John then grabbed another condom out the bag saying "Who is next?

I think Misty it's your turn lets give your sister a break.but I'm guessing you already know what I want." Misty said "Yes I do but first let me do something else ok." John smiling said "ok I think I will do the same to your sister after I am done with you" Summer completely lost asked "What is he talking about Misty." John said "You will find out but for just relax and rest you will need it" Misty started to think and said "Summer would you go down stairs and find a nice bottle of wine also please grab some glasses.

" Summer said "Ok I will." Misty said "No take your time it will be best for you" "Ok." Summer said "Ok I will be back have fun…" When Summer left John asked "Why did you have her get wine for?" John asked.

Misty replied "Oral makes her I wanted wine." John then went and laid on the floor and Misty grabbed the pillows and gave them to him. Misty laid next to him and started to stroke his dick and playing with the tip John wasn't getting hard fast enough so Misty lend over and bit his neck making him hard instantly.

Misty then started to bit her way down from John's neck to his dick when she got to his dick she lick the tip of his dick. Then she lick down his shaft until she got to his balls and then came back up when she got back to the top she used her tongue and made circles around the tip of his dick.

While she was doing that she was also stroke his dick again when he wasn't expecting it she started to suck on the tip of his dick then started to take it down in her mouth. About half way down she came back up and started sucking and stroking his dick fast making him moan. She started to move faster hoping to make him cum fast but he stopped her. she looked at him puzzled. John then said "I know your trying to make me cum fast…but you will need to do better than that.put your head on the pillows." Misty moved and wondering what he was going to do.

John put another pillow under her head so it was lifted and tilted towards him. John the moved in front of her and twisted her left nipple she moaned then he put his dick inside her mouth making her take it half way. Then he started to fuck her face then when he thought she was comfy with half he started to push his dick deeper until he hit her throat making Misty gag.

John pulled out making sure she was ok. When she nodded her head he did it again this time he went faster and started to hit her throat again making her gag but he kept going alittle longer then pulled out again. John waited until Misty was ready then he said "Try to open your throat then I can go deeper without you gagging" Misty nodded and opened her mouth John then started to fuck her face and then he stopped and slowly went deep inside her mouth hitting her throat then Misty grabbed his ass and slowly moved his dick deeper until her throat opened up.

Then she let go and John pulled out Misty said while catching her breathe "Now I want you to fuck my face and throat until you cum but make sure I get air." John nodded and grabbed her head and started fuck her face fast while moaning then he went deep hitting Misty's throat and then going through it he went as far as he could came out for 5 seconds and did it again.

After the 5th time doing this Misty notice John's balls was starting to tense up Misty then started to help John by making herself gag and adding pleasure to the tip of his dick. He started to move faster and hard and then without warning made her deep throat him and he started to cum down her throat and he pulled out to finish cumming in her mouth.

John watched as Misty showed him, his cum in her mouth then she closed her mouth and swallowed. Summer came back with a bottle of wine and 3 glasses. John opened the wine and poured it into the glasses. Misty and Summer drank their glasses fast while John slowly drank his. John said "I think it would be best for you girls to get a little tipsy.

It will ease the pain that's going to be happening next. Misty said "That would be a good idea I will be back." Then she walked into the kitchen and came back with 3 more glasses, some orange juice, and vodka. She then poured them all drinks John and Misty drank theirs quick while Summer drank hers alittle slower. After they finished their drinks the girls said that there tipsy enough.

John started to make out with Summer and Misty lightly bite John's neck making him hard. Misty knew that wasn't a good idea because John can't control himself while he is drinking and can get really rough at times.

John then grabbed Misty and bent her over the table and started to rub her ass. John said "The fun starts now…" he then started to push his dick inside Misty's pussy going half then started to fuck her hard and fast making her cum. John told Summer to get under her sister. John started to slowly fuck Misty's pussy letting Misty enjoy it. Misty came then laid on top of her sister worn out and sore from cumming so much. Summer saw how worn out her sister was and was feeling a little kinky.

Summer and her male roommate had anal and Summer had liked it very much after the pain had turned to pleasure. They had done anal because Summer had originally wanted to keep her virginity for her wedding night. Summer notice John was about to fuck Misty but she said "John stop she needs a break your going to hurt her." John stopped and took a minute to realize how tired and sore Misty was and look depressed cause he had hurt his girlfriend. Summer then said "Let's make a deal you can fuck me for the rest of your time so you don't hurt Misty.

.you can do anything besides oral ok?" John said "No I am done cause I would hurt you too." Summer then kissed Misty and got out from under Misty walked over to John then said "You will not hurt me ok.

now fuck me before I get mad." Then she started to stroke his dick but wasn't getting hard. Suddenly Misty said "Start biting him gently it will turn him on.I am fine I just need a break promise.and I will have a present for you later ok?" Summer then started to bite John's neck lightly making him shake and instantly get hard. She started to stroke his dick making him fully erect, she then put a condom on him then told him to lay on the floor.

John moved to the floor pulling Summer on top of him. He then put his dick inside of Summer and started to fuck her slow then she bent over putting her tits in his face.

He started to lick her nipples making her moan softly. This made John want more so he started to move faster making Summer moan more. John then grabbed Summer's ass and started to fuck her harder until she had an orgasm. Summer put her hands on John's chest digging her nails in his skin when the orgasm hit enjoying it as much as possible. Summer then eased up and asked "Are you feeling better John?" John rubbing her ass answered "Yea I am really horny though and I am going to get really rough cause I am slightly drunk and can't control it." Summer said "Ok I am ready for whatever you have in store." Right after Summer said that John turned over Summer and started to fuck her fast making going deep inside her pussy making her moan like a banshee.

After Summer came twice John slowed down and thrust deep but hard every time making Summer let out a quick moan. Summer grabbed John's back squeezing every time he thrusted deep inside her. She wanted to make John cum she so pulled him closer to her and started biting his neck she could tell it was driving him crazy.

Then she notice that his dick was getting thicker and that he was going to cum soon she then said "fuck me fast until you cum." John started to fuck her fast and deep and then came. John pulled out cleaned off and went to get another condom but there was none left. John said to Summer "I was going to fuck you in your ass but there is not condoms I guess I can't fuck you anymore… or your sister" Summer said "Yes you .I will let you fuck me in the ass as long as you pull out and cum in a towel.if not your night will be the worst." John confused said "Are you sure I can?" Summer said pushing him on to the chair "Yes now fuck me before I change my mind" John then grabbed Summer and pulled her on top of him and started to lick and playing with her nipples making her wet.

Summer stroked his dick until he was hard then she lend in to him and guided his dick into her soft ass. She gasped as the first 2 inches of his dick went inside her ass remembering how good a dick felt in her ass. After his dick was about half way inside her John told to her to start that he will continue in a little. Summer then slowly started to fuck John's dick making herself moan as she started to pick up speed.

John thought Summer was comfy squeezed her ass and started stopped her. He then started to move and fucking her ass he couldn't really fuck her as fast as he wanted to cause of the position but he fucked her slow. This was the first time he fucked a girl in the ass and was making it last long as possible and enjoying as much as possible Misty would never let him fuck her in the ass.

Summer asked "Would you like a better position so you can get deeper and go faster" John while letting a moan out said "Yes if you don't mind" Summer then got up and bent over the couch.

John walked over then he put his dick to Summer's ass teasing a little then he slowly pushed his dick all the half way inside her ass and stopped for a second. Then he started to fuck her slow without warning John pushed his dick all the way inside Summer making her moan loud then he started to fuck her faster and deep as possible.

Summer squeezed making her ass tighter John started to moan more she knew he was getting close. John then grabbed Summer's ass and made her spread he ass so her could go a little deeper and then he started to moan loud and then came deep inside her ass making pissing Summer off.

John said while pulling out "I am sorry I couldn't help it was just so good.and I never fuck a girls ass before." Summer not letting him know she was pissed "It's ok.but you will pay for it later.I am going to clean up be right can clean your dick off in the kitchen." Summer walked up the steps to the bathroom to clean herself.

John sat on the couch and noticed he had about 2 hours left. He then remembered that Misty was on the table where Summer and he left her.

John walked up to Misty looking at her tight ass and trying to resist wanting fuck it. John worried ask "Misty are you ok?" Misty answered" Yes I am just enjoying the table and resting until you was done fucking my sister.I can go 1 more round but that's all." John said "Are you sure?

I don't want to hurt you anymore." Misty moving off the table and bending over it "Yes if you fuck my pussy slow I can go 1 round." John said looking at her tight ass "Ok let me wash my dick off. I just got done fucking your sister's ass." Misty said while making a face of disgust "Ok." John walked to the kitchen grabbed a rag ran water and soap on it the cleaned off his dick remembering how good it felt fucking Summer's ass.

John then walked back to the dining room to Misty. He pulled her up to make out with her and to show her that he loved her. John then laid her down gently and got behind her he started to tease her pussy. When she was wet he started to fuck her slow but deep hitting her womb making her moan. Misty then came and told John sorry but she can't go any longer.

John said while losing control "It's ok I got an idea." John pulled out his dick then put it to Misty's ass then slowly pushed until the tip of his dick as inside her ass.

Misty screamed but John continued slowly pushing his dick further inside her ass until he was half way in. He then started to fuck Misty's ass slow until she stopped screaming then he started to move a little faster an Misty started to moan. John pushed he dick all the way inside her ass and started to fuck her faster and as deep as possible. John then sat in a chair and pulled Misty with him while deep inside her ass. When he got to the chair he started to go as fast as he could until he finally came inside her ass Misty then got up and John passed out on the chair