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She loves ebony cock in her hole pussy
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"Are you sure this is the right place for your meeting dad? It looks." Well it looked like nobody has lived in the old house for ages. The two story dilapidated house looked locked up tight. Even the shutters are drawn. Still wearing my school uniform I shivered when I felt a draft under my skirt. I hated wearing this stupid plaid skirt and white blouse but the Woodward School for girls was the best in the area.

And a school uniform was part of the package. At least I wore the ankle length skirt instead of the knee length giving me a little protection from the fall breeze. "Won't be but a moment, Sarah. I was told that I might have to wait for a few minutes since the offices are in the basement." My dad brought my attention back to him and the door. I noticed he was fidgeting, I don't think I've ever seen him fidget before.

Must be an important client he needed to get papers from. My gaze wandered around as he rang the doorbell again. Briefly I wondered why he picked me up from school early fifteen minutes early instead of letting me take a bus home. But it wasn't wise to question my father on his motives if you wanted to have a peaceful evening.

Maybe he has a treat… The door was opened by one of the biggest men I think I've ever seen. Standing more than 6 feet tall he had the broad shoulders of a man that lifts weights or performs physical labor regularly. Even though father said that this was a home office I thought it odd that the man was dressed in nothing but a pair of jeans.

I also had to wonder what kind of business the man was in to be able to wear his hair so long and have a number of tattoos. I was pulled from my musings when I felt my father's hand on my arm. "SARAH!" He shook my arm. I must not have heard something he had told me. I started to pull my arm away but he held onto it firmly.

When I looked at him he had that expression on his face that said that I'd screwed up majorly and was about to be punished. Other than being lost in thought, which usually irritated him, I had no clue what I'd done. "Dad?" I croaked. Getting a set down in front of a stranger was no picnic in my family as my father could be ruthless. The later grounding and chores were by far more palatable than his original scolding. "Listen to me.

And listen well. This is John; you will go with him and do what he says. If you do not, it will go very badly for you and your sister as well. Do you understand me Sarah?" My father's grip tightened on my arm briefly and gave me a little shake. "What do you mean?" I'm sure they could hear my heart beating in my chest. And the brief look at John didn't help. He didn't look that friendly when he answered the door, but now he had a menacing grin on his face as he stepped out on the porch toward us.

"Don't ask questions!" My father gave another shake. "You will walk into this house and do as you are told by John. You will listen to him as if it were me giving you orders or instruction.

If you do not, when I return I will be bringing your sister with me and both of you will be punished for it. John has no patience for anyone who does not obey him immediately.

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We've kept him waiting long enough." I don't know if dad even noticed the tears in my eyes that had started when his grip had tightened on my arm. I'm not even sure I noticed.

I can't contemplate what it is that my father wants me to do for this man. Or what it was that I did to displease my father to deserve being punished. Not to mention how I'm going to be working off my punishment.

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The last "work" punishment was two weeks working at my father's restaurant scrubbing every floor and surface including every crevice with a toothbrush. I think he got that from a movie. And what is this about my sister Susan? "I'll be back for her in 6 hours. I expect that will be plenty of time, John?" My father turned and asked the man now standing on the other side of me as if they expect me to bolt. "Make it 8 hours. That will be 10.

More than enough time to get what I want." John answered with a sly grin to my father. "Very well. Remember the agreement." My father was cut off in mid-sentence as John stepped in front of me and towered over my father. "Remember what this is about Robert." Very confused I looked from my dad to John who now had a menacing scowl that scared me.

John's words were hard. "You will be compensated. Come along Sarah. Walk into the house and turn left at the first door. Walk in and stand in front of my desk.

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Then I will explain what your "duties" will be while you are here." The last was said with a dark smirk. "Daddy?" "GO!" He pushed me toward the door and released my arm.

"Remember, if you fail to comply you and your sister will be punished!" With that he turned on his heal and returned to his car. I watched my father for a second as he pealed out of the drive before noticing John was looking at me. Hard. I had already disobeyed an order. Turning to enter the house hoping that I'd be doing nothing more tedious than filing this afternoon I stopped just after entering the front door.

Making my feet move again toward the door John told me to enter I got a good look at the interior of the house. If the outside was decrepit, to say the interior was lavish and well decorated was an understatement.

The room on the right was richly decorated. It boasted floor to ceiling book cases filled with classic hard backs. The desk I stopped in front of was huge. Made of dark wood with a crimson desk blotter it was striking. Two large plush emerald green chairs for guests were inviting.

As I made a move to sit in one John stopped me with a hand on my arm. "Instructions were to stand in front of my desk Sarah." "I'm sorry, Sir." At the word sir he grinned a little. As if it amused him to be called sir. I resumed standing in front of his desk between his two chairs. His posture relaxed and he leaned a hip against the desk. I couldn't help thinking that he looked like a "bad boy" the girls at school giggled over.

Not that we've seen any boys. Bad or otherwise. A private all-girls school that I've attended for the last 14 years brought new meaning to the word strictly supervised. Even at eighteen I've never had a boyfriend. Hard to have a boyfriend when you have a watchdog 24/7. My heart stopped at the thought… why did my father dismiss Ms. Greere? I wasn't really nervous until now.

I wiped my damp palms on my skirt as I wondered why my father had left me alone with a man unknown to me. Considering I've hardly ever been alone since I was 10 and never alone with a stranger let alone a strange man. When I looked up I was staring into the prettiest green eyes I'd ever seen. Startled by the thought since the look John held was very serious and definitely not friendly I started to ask him where he would like me to start.

"Do you know why you are here? Why your father brought you here?" John interrupted. I slowly shook my head. "No. I assume I'm here to work for you? My father sometimes punishes me with menial tasks such as office work or manual labor." At this John's face transformed into a grin. Not a funny grin. His black shoulder length hair and dark looks reminded me of what a pirate might look like.

"No. You're not here for that. Let me start with the basics. As your father said you will do as I instruct you or your sister will be returning with your father tonight and neither of you will enjoy what will happen.

Hmm. If memory serves Susan is 12, yes?" "Yes" I can feel my heart beat harder. My hands find my skirt again trying to rid myself of the moisture that keeps forming on my palms. "Good. Keep her in mind." He claps his hands together loud enough to startle me. I jumped slightly and took a step back. "Stop! Stand still.

Stand up straight and face the desk. Hands down at your sides." He walks behind me as I turn and face his desk. My mind is racing. Susan? What does he mean? Why am I here if not to work off some punishment? I'm startled again as his hands fall on my shoulders. Knowing that if he is like my father he expects me to face straight ahead without looking around I focus on the shelf behind his desk.

It takes me a moment to understand what the object I'm focusing on is. Then I start trembling… "Ever see a cock before Sarah?" John's words are whispered near my ear. His hands have moved to stroke my long red hair off my shoulders so all falls down my back.

I'm shocked. I can't move though I feel his hands gently moving on my shoulders and down my hair. The… penis. It's a statue on the shelf behind his desk. Made of a black marble. It's… It's… I've only seen a picture of one and it was a little boys. This isn't a little boys'.

This one is about 8 inches long and the diameter is a little smaller than my wrist. Oh god. Oh god. My trembling increases and my knees feel weak.

"Why," barely escapes in a strangled gasp. "You are here to pay your fathers debt. Or should I say debts. He has managed many." His hands move down my shoulders and around to the front of my shirt. When I feel a tug at the top button of my shirt my hands move to stay his automatically. "Tsk. Tsk. Hands at your sides. Eyes straight ahead. And don't move.

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Remember what I said about Susan? One or both of you will pay this debt. You will submit or" I can feel him shrug behind me "both of you will pay unwillingly." My hands drop back to my sides and I can feel the first few buttons of my shirt unfasten. For the first time I notice the room has begun to cool. I can feel the coolness across my breastbone as he unfastens my shirt. I'm so focused on the thoughts and feelings racing through my mind that I'm momentarily surprised when another man steps in front of me.

For a minute the surprise is a happy one. My father's partner is standing in front of me with a gentle smile on his face.

"Hello, wife. Oh, I should say future wife." He whispers softly as his hand cups my face. "Kevin! Please, help me. Pay him, or how much does dad owe? Please what. what&hellip. I'll do anything. Don't let him hurt me or Susan. Please!" I'm babbling. I know I'm babbling. My thoughts won't form a cohesive thought. Cock. wife. debt. father. Kevin. Susan… shirt. bra. all these snippets of thought rush around my mind.

All the while I feel… scared. weak kneed… dread. betrayed. anxiety. "Oh my lovely Sarah." Kevin's hand moves from cupping my face to stroke down the side of my neck. I shiver as his hand reaches the valley in between my breasts just above my bra that John has now exposed. Kevin uses his other hand to open my shirt wider.

"That's not why I'm here. I'm only here to safe guard my interests. Keep your mouth shut no more talking. John will explain shortly. First we need to get you ready to pay Roberts debt.

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Be a good girl and stand still." At that gentle smile turned into a grin I'd never seen on him before. It was almost predatory. John's stopped unbuttoning my shirt about three buttons below my bra and has moved his hands up to hold the shirt open for Kevin. Kevin moves his hands lazily around the cups of my bra. My hands jerk involuntarily as he reaches his hands insides the cups of my bra and pulls out my breasts. John helps by pulling the cups down and under my breasts.

Although not large enough to sag at all this frames my breasts and keeps them "up". The cool air causes the nipples to tingle and harden. I can't not struggle.

All of a sudden I'm panicked. I start to push at Kevin with my hands. John at my back locks his arms around my waist to subdue me and tells Kevin to call Robert and get Susan over here.

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"NO!" I pant. I force myself to stop fighting at Susan's name. "I'm SORRY! Please." I hiccup a sob as a tear rolls down my cheek. "I won't fight anymore. I don't know what happened. I'm sorry…" "Kneel!" John tells me as he lets go of me and backs away a step. I dropped to my knees in front of Kevin. Mortified that I'm now eye level with the bulge of his crotch. "Open your shirt back up and tuck it so it won't close again. Show Kevin your tits." While I tuck the shirt in my bra to keep my breasts bare John puts his hands on my shoulders and forces my shoulders back.

When I'm done I drop my hands back to my sides. "Very pretty Sarah." Kevin comments as he runs a fingertip over each nipple. "But if we are going to forgive your little outburst there has to be some punishment." At Kevin's words I feel John move closer to my back.

His crotch now directly behind and pushing against the back of my head with his legs and knees supporting my back. He hands Kevin a short riding crop I hadn't noticed before and the knot in the pit of my stomach tightens.

"Put your hands behind your back and keep them there." Kevin instructs me as he runs the crop over the top fleshy part of my breasts. When I have my hands behind my back he moves the crop to the nipples that are still hard in the cool air.

I shiver feeling the chill in the air. "Do not move. Move and I will call Robert myself." John tells me as he tips my head back to look at my face.

Before he finishes the sentence I hear a "whoosh" and feel the air move in front of me. It takes a second for the pain to register before all the air rushes out of my lungs. If John hadn't been holding my head back I don't think I could have stopped myself from doubling over.

The pain in my right nipple was excruciating. Biting down hard on my cheek a whimper escapes. I'm afraid to scream. John is still holding my head back with one hand in my hair as he moves the other one down to my right nipple that he gently caresses at first. That caress feels like fire. When he takes his thumb and forefinger and flicks the nub as hard as he can I scream from the pain.

Looking at John I see a satisfied smile cross his face. "Now that has me hard as a rock. I think we'll leave the other one alone for now. Remember I asked you if you'd ever seen a cock Sarah? I want an answer." John lets go of my head and motions for me to stand. "Just a picture of a little boys'." I whimper as I get to my feet and stand in front of the desk facing the statue on the shelf again.

"Have you let a man touch you at all Sarah?" Kevin moves behind the desk and sits in the chair there. "Are you still my virgin bride?" This is asked with a wickedly cruel smile.

"No. Yes." I stutter out. "Well which is it?" Kevin slams his hands down on the desk. "Better yet let me just let my dear friend Dr. John check?" "I'm a virgin. I'm never alone around men. Please don't look at me. Please.


I'll do whatever you want." I plead. Tears stinging my eyes at the pain still throbbing in my right breast. Kevin grinned. "I know you'll do what we want. And I have your doctor's report from yesterday's little visit. So unless you work fast you still have "MY" hymen.

And you'll still have it after John gets done with you. Though I doubt you'll feel very virginal. I think the first cock any woman should see is her husbands. Although not as generous as our friend John's here. " At that Kevin leaned back in the chair and undid the fastenings on his slacks. Lowering his briefs he fisted his penis. Although the desk and his hand hid it for the most part I could tell it was only slightly smaller than the statue behind him. When my face paled he grinned even bigger and moved his hand so I could get a good view of it.

"He's not the one you need to be worried about." John whispered in my ear. My gut tightened and I was surprised that my knees would still support me. Still four feet from the desk John pushed me toward it. He told me to hold out my hands and when I did Kevin took them and pulled me forward so that I was bent forward over the desk. He placed my hands on his side of the desk and instructed me to bend my elbows so that they rested on the desk with my hands gripping the edge.

My pelvic bone was pushing into the desk. My first thought was if they were going to use a belt to spank me. Stupid. I felt my skirt being lifted up and the cool air on the back of my thighs.

I can feel John's hand tucking my long skirt up into the back of my waistband. Careful not to touch me he lowers my white cotton panties to the bottom of my butt. The feeling makes me shiver with dread. I'm still wondering what they are going to use to spank me at this point.

The worst I could think of was a whip or a cane. Bent in this position I could only stare at Kevin while he stroked his erection and watched John doing something I couldn't see. I could hear the rustle of fabric and the moving of a chair.

When I tried to look behind me Kevin grabbed my hair and stood up. "No talking. Some screaming is allowed. And you do remember what will happen if you fail to submit?" Kevin asked jerking my head up to meet his anticipating gaze. I nodded jerkily as I could. He had a firm grasp of my hair to keep my head from moving. As I stared at him he gave a nod to John behind me and I closed my eyes braced myself and waited for the first blow.

And waited. Until Kevin snickered.

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"Oh, Love. You are innocent. Did you feel her tense John? She thinks she's here for a thrashing." The amusement in Kevin's eyes infuriated me.

Until I felt John against my back. I stiffened. While mostly clothed I could feel his bare legs against mine. And against my bare but I felt… "That's right little girl. I butt fuck virgins. And think about this. That marble cock on the shelf? Is an exact duplicate of my cock. Just not quite that hard.

Luckily for you. No. Don't struggle. Don't move. Just stay like you are. See Kevin's face. He's enjoying your terror right now.


He just got harder. Pucker your lips up and give Kevin a kiss. A girl's first kiss should always be with her husband. Right Kevin?" Oh god. I can't fight them. I feel my butt cheeks clench as he rubs his erection in between my cheeks. He feels big. Bigger than his marble statue. Quaking on the inside I do as John says and press my lips together for Kevin's kiss. He can't really be my fiancé can he? Stupid thought at a time like this. I can see my arms trembling. I must be shaking pretty bad.

"Kiss it." Instead of bending to kiss me Kevin steps up to me and puts "it" in front of me. "Pucker up and kiss my cock little girl.

Our first kiss." The tip of it brushes my lips a few times before he pulls back. "Part your lips a little and stick out your tongue. A little French kiss." I wet my lips and do as he said. It feels weird and tastes salty. He leaves it there a minute and tells me to move my tongue up and down.

After a couple of flicks of my tongue he moves back and sits down in the chair. "Hmm John's patience has about run out." Kevin says as he caresses my face with his knuckles. "Move the mirror and sit to the side." John instructs Kevin. I watch as Kevin swivels around and slides a floor length mirror over in front of me. Hiding the hideous marble phallus until Kevin reaches behind the mirror and grabs the thing handing it to John who sits it down in my peripheral vision.

"Don't worry little girl. It won't be the first cock to fuck your ass. And it won't be the last to fuck you either." He chuckles a little with the last comment. My hands grip the edge of the desk hard. As if I could pull myself away from his awful weight. Kevin stands to the side so he has a view of me to his right and the mirror to his left.

He takes both hands and gathers my hair so that it drapes over my left shoulder. His left hand resumes stroking his erection while he buries his right hand in my hair and jerks my head so that I face the mirror. In it I can see John still lying over my back supporting some of his weight with his elbows as he watches me.

As he watches my face. Kevin gives John a little nod. "You will face the mirror. Kevin will help you to remember. I don't care what you look at in the mirror you will keep your eyes open for me.

If you close them, you will get fucked with my little friend to your right." As he levers himself up I can see his thing sticking up between the cheeks of my ass. The mirror is tilted in such a way that I can see the top of my butt. He slides it along my crack a couple of times before he steps back and grabs a bottle off the chair he moved beside the desk. The clear liquid he squirts into his hand isn't much.

Maybe dime sized. "Just enough to get it in." He comments when he sees me watching. I get the feeling he likes the terror I'm feeling. It's clawing at me. I'm fighting not to move or fight. As he rubs it on just the tip of his erection I lower my head a little just meaning to gather a little relief from the strain on my arms.

"Looks like Sarah want's some marble up her ass John." Kevin's tone snaps my head up faster than he can use my hair to pull my head back up. When I open my mouth to plead he continues, "And she wants to add to it by talking it looks like. This would be better than our wedding night if I got to fuck you.

Too bad you dad says you have to keep your cherry until the vows are said." Looking back at the mirror I let my gaze lose focus. Not seeing anything clearly in hope that it will make this a little more bearable. Behind me John moves my feet apart about 6 inches and I can feel him move my white cotton panties to keep my sex covered.

Then I feel it. He nudges it between my cheeks. Putting a hand on either butt cheek he uses his thumbs to pull my cheeks apart.

I feel him shift a little before the tip of it rests right against my. anus. I can't help it. My gaze snaps back into focus and I start to shake my head but right now Kevin has a tight hold on my hair and I can barely move. Kevin is focused on what Johns' doing and barely notices.

The mantra "don't fight" is a litany in my head. I know nothing will stop this. If I don't submit they'll just force me and my sister. That was my last coherent thought about anything outside of my body. I felt him grip my cheeks and the pressure as he pressed his hips forward.

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For a moment I was relieved. It felt rigid and hard and the burning pressure as he pushed into me was painful but not unbearable. "Here it comes little girl." He jerked his hips forward. I couldn't help it. I screamed as my back bowed and a pain so sharp traveled up my spine in an instant. After a few seconds the excruciating pain that had traveled up my spine passed and I could feel the burning pain in my butt. Only Kevin's hand in my hair kept me facing the mirror and I'm not sure I kept my eyes open.

Panting for breath with tears streaming down my cheeks I realized that John hadn't moved anymore. Focusing my gaze I see John with a big grin watching me. "That's one cherry down. Don't talk or beg Sarah. Just scream for me." I felt John withdrawal a little and the burning pain was bearable. Until in the next second John stilled. "Look at me Sarah." He said. When I did his grip on my ass shifted to my hips and drove his erection into my butt as hard, fast, and far as he could.

This time the pain was more intense as I felt him drive as far in as he could. Screaming I couldn't help but to thrash and Kevin was there to keep from fighting while still facing the mirror. I couldn't see anything as tears streamed down my face.


"Are you in buddy?" Kevin asked John. "Hell no! About three quarters. She's got a tight little asshole. I can't believe how much pain she can take. She hasn't passed out yet. I don't know if I'll get a 30 minute ride out of her. She's too tight. Hold her steady I'm ready to ride her hard." With that John pushed my shoulders down so that I'm now laying on the desk clinging to the edge. Kevin still holding my head up facing the mirror.

"Please&hellip." Came as a strangled cry from my lips and they just laughed. It felt like… I don't know. It was so painful and it burned. He pulled out and drove back in. The pain this time was half of before and I closed my eyes and tried to tell myself to just breathe through it.