Yummy MILF Nikki Daniels is eager for dick riding action

Yummy MILF Nikki Daniels is eager for dick riding action
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Kevin's Dream Girls Chapter 3 Kevin using his tongue and fingers brought every one of the six girls here to several intense orgasms two at a time. Amy and Pam were the last two to experience his skill at pleasing females. By dinner time everybody knew Pam was his new fianc?Her statuesque six-foot frame, long legs, long neck and pretty face made her the most beautiful girl here.

Pam was now Kevin's fianc?nd she could now play the piano with skill and make beautiful music nearly equal to the skill of Kevin on the piano. They both had full scholarships to UCLA and loved each other deeply.

Her natural blond hair was just long enough to be tied back in a ponytail making her neck look longer. Pam had a laser treatment to permanently remove her pubic hair and the hair under her arms.

To please Kevin all six of the girls here were naked inside the house. Pam was the youngest and just turned 17-years old and her mother gave her permission to marry Kevin next June. Kevin was the personal trainer to everyone here but he concentrated on making Pam stronger and more flexible.

Pam was somewhat of exhibitionist wore sexy clothes when outside. She had the shortest shorts and a very brief sports bra exposed 96% of her skin when she was running outside. She could cover the entire 13 miles in the lead with Kevin just behind her. Tonight Kevin would sleep with Amy and Pam in his bed and Amy would watch him fucking Pam who was the only girl to have his penis into. Pam would have at least one more orgasm before he ejaculated inside her.

Kris the mother of four of the girls was professional chef that impressed everyone with every meal. After breakfast today Kevin, Amy, Lyn and Pam would run 13 miles or one half a marathon every morning. Each took two bottles of half liter water with them to keep from being dehydrated in the early morning. Pam could outrun everyone with Kevin just behind her. They all went to the pool to cool off after the run.

Today in the bondage room Pam would be tied down to the fucking table where her legs were spread to the maximum and she was held there with straps on each ankle and each thigh around her waist and around her neck.

Kevin would give her several orgasms using his tongue and fingers and when he put his penis inside her he tightened the strap on her neck to restrict her breathing and magnify the size of the orgasm she would have.

Pam said, "Kevin you have my permission to kill me with pleasure and burry me in the back yard after keeping my body around for a day or two so you can fuck it and give you time to dig my grave." Kevin said, "I want to keep you around for long time Pam I would never kill you or hurt you." "I love you too much to do that." Pam said, "tomorrow you can lock me in the stock and I can suck on you from the front or you can fuck me from the back." "You may spank me too." "That does not hurt bad." Kristy tied the flex cuffs on Nancy leaving her spread-eagle on the wall.

Kevin came over and sucked on her nipples and used his hand on her pussy driving her to multiple orgasms. Kristy took Nancy down and Nancy tied Kristy there and Kevin brought her allot of pleasure with Nancy sucking on her nipples Kevin used his fingers to bring Kristy multiple orgasms.

Kristy liked being cuffed to the wall and could see but not move at all. Kristy stayed for an hour spread-eagle on the wall because she liked to be there naked and barefoot. She talked to Nancy all the time while flex cuffed to the wall with her arms and legs spread. Nancy took her down when lunch was ready. The lunch was great as every meal and Kris was proud to provide the best food for everyone with more calories to Pam, Lyn, Kevin, and Amy who got double helpings because of the 13 miles every morning.

Kevin helped Nancy get upside down with her head down and her legs spread above on the wall. Kristy could easily lick her clitoris and get her finger down her vagina giving Nancy several orgasms Kristy used vibrating dildo to give her some more orgasms Kristy got Kevin to take her down and put up Kristy the same way. Nancy could now give Kristy what she had and the vibrating dildo was used on Kristy too. Nancy got some useful experience finding exactly what turned on Kristy finding her G spot and stimulating that and her clitoris at the same time to bring her orgasms.

Having her pussy being up where it could be seen up close made this easier. Pam came in to help Nancy get Kristy down each handling one of her legs after releasing her arms. Kristy and Nancy both came to the piano with Pam now playing the beautiful music. The live music from the piano was popular even it was classical music. Amy, Lyn, Kris, Kristy and Nancy were all near the piano listing to Pam playing the piano.

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Kevin was behind Pam now proud of Pam for leaning to play the piano so well quickly. Kevin deeply loved Pam. Kevin gave her money back for his instruction because he loved her so much. Pam had an IQ off the charts to learn this so quickly. Pam had registered for 24 units enough to finish in three years and graduate. Pam had practiced the piano for several hours every day. It took Kevin nearly a year of instruction and practice to become as good as he was but Pam learned it in just several days and the amount of practice was little in comparison.

She did finish high school in three years and have perfect record of strait A average to become a valedictorian on honors and advanced placement classes that were much more difficult than regular courses with hours of homework because they were college level. UCLA would accept these 40 units of advanced placement courses giving Pam a head start to begin with because they already had the transcripts. Kevin also got 36 units of credit for the advanced placement classes he took.

Dinner was great as usual Kris's work was professional and she got many compliments on it every meal. Kevin had Pam and Lyn in bed with him. Kevin gave both of them several orgasms at the same time using his two hands one on each of them. Lyn would then watch Pam being fucked by Kevin giving her one more orgasm before Kevin ejaculated inside Pam.

Pam gave Kevin a passionate kiss before finally retiring for the night on his right side with Lyn on his left side both of them naked and barefoot. Kevin had slept with two girls since moving here. Pam did not mind sharing the bed with another girl in this bed. In the morning Kevin got up with Pam and Lyn to dress for morning run before breakfast. In the morning Kris had breakfast ready and they all ate the delicious food before strapping on the water bottles and going out for the run.

Amy, Lyn, Pam and Kevin were in the first group that went 13 miles every morning. Today only Kris will not stay home and Kris, Nancy and Kristy would go out walk and run hoping to get in better cardio shape. Kris who spent a lot of time swimming went out front in this group with Nancy behind her. Kristy who this time was the fist time she would extend any effort fell behind. Kristy was walking when a van pulled up and two men got out to grab her. Kristy started running for her life but they caught up to her and took her back to the Van.

Danny Pearson and off-duty policeman saw this and began following them from distance. Kristy was stripped of her clothing and they pulled up to their house where they both raped her. Danny called for help and watched them take this naked woman into the house.

The man said, "Now we are going to kill you." Kristy said, "I don't want to die I will be your sex slave and do whatever you want." He said, "I want to see you die." "You get to experience death." "I will cut your head off and you will not suffer." Her hand were tied behind her back and secured with plastic tie." "I have been sharpening this axe just for you woman.

Kristy was very frightened now as they took in the back yard laid down with her neck over a log. "You will get a minute to contemplate your death and then I will chop your head off." "Your body will be put in this hole.

Kristy was face up with her neck over this log when he lowered the axe to her neck cutting her slightly. Kristy began to shake with panic and closed her eyes as he brought the axe back in a final effort to decapitate her.

Kristy heard the shot ring out and the man ready to take her head off collapsed dead. The other man was handcuffed and Danny cut the tie holding her hands together and took off his coat and gave it to her to cover herself. Kristy looked at the man who just saved her life and said, "I am really glad you were there or I would be dead." Danny said, "You are a beautiful woman and that would be waste to see you dead." "I shot and killed the man about to kill you" Kristy said, "My running outfit is in the Van in the driveway." She gave Danny his coat back and walked out naked and got her shoes, shorts and sports bra.

She dressed inside the van and walked back and Danny was there as she stepped out. Kristy could hear sirens from other police and kissed Danny. Kristy asked, "Are you married officer?" Danny said, "No I am not." Kristy said, "I am not married either." He gave one his cards to and Kristy smiled at Danny and said, "Do you have pencil or pen?" Danny gave her a pen and Kristy wrote her cell phone number on it and gave it back to Danny and said, "Please call me." Two other police cars came and Danny directed them to the back yard where the dead man and other man handcuffed to a gate.

Danny said, "What is your name? "I am Danny Pearson." "I am Kristy Davis." Danny said, "Kristy I will call you tonight." "I am off duty today but because of the shooting I will have to fill out a report and surrender my gun until the investigation is complete." "I will call you as soon as I can." They took Kristy to the police station where she was questioned about her version of what happened.

Kristy said, "I was taking a morning walk and I was abducted by these two guys and stripped of my clothing." "When they got here they both raped me and took me outside and said they were going to cut off my head with an axe." "One of them cut me here and brought the axe back to kill me and officer Pearson shot him saving my life." "I am real glad to be alive now." "Officer Pearson cut the tie on my wrists and gave me his coat to cover my naked body." "I walked back to van that brought me to this house and put on the running outfit I am wearing now." "I talked to officer Pearson asked him if he was married and gave him my cell phone number when the other police arrived.

Officer Pearson told me he was off duty but would need to fill out some report and surrender his gun until the investigation was complete and then he would call me." "I am sorry for seducing him but he is very handsome and I want to know him better." "Officer Pearson was very courteous to me after killing the man about to kill me." "I would rather he be dead than me." Nancy ran back but could not find Kristy anywhere when this police car dropped her off next to Nancy.

"Nancy I nearly died from this guy that was going to chop off my head when this cop named Danny Pearson shot him when he raised the axe." "He is dead instead of me." "I had to go to the police department and leave a statement and rape kit." "I will tell you all the details when we get home." Kristy and Nancy jogged home and got there just when the other did.

Kristy took off her running outfit and went to her room and found her cell phone ringing she picked it up and said, "hello" "This is Danny Pearson" Kristy said, "Thank you for calling Danny" Danny said, "Kristy would you want to go out to dinner with me because I would like to know you better." "I will pick you up at 4:30." Kristy said, "Danny I will look forward to seeing you" "I will dress up a little from what I was wearing when I first met you." Danny said, so long Kristy I will see you then.

Kristy said, "I was lagging behind Nancy when this van pulled up and two men got out and abducted me." They stripped me of my running outfit and shoes and drove me to their house." "One man would hold me down while the other brutally raped me." "The other said he would have sex with my freshly dead body." "He put a plastic tie on my wrists and said I would not live long before he would chop my head off with an axe." "I told him I did not want to die and would be their sex slave but he told me I would get to experience death." "They took me into the back yard and one of them sat on my knees to hold me down and cut me here with his axe." "I was very frightened to have to die now and he raised the axe to chop off my head and I heard a shot and the man dropped axe and fell over dead." "I looked over and saw the other man being handcuffed to the fence.

Danny The man with the gun gave me his coat to conceal my nudity." "I walked back to the van to get my shoes and running outfit and put them on and gave Danny back his coat." "Danny said he was off duty and saw me being abducted from far away" "He said he found the van he saw in the driveway and walked into the back yard and shot the guy about to kill me." "I thanked him for saving my life and asked him if he was married." "He said he was not married and he gave me his card and I asked for a pen or pencil and wrote my cell phone number on it and gave it back to him asking him to call me." "He was a tall handsome man that I wanted to know better." "Other police arrived and took me to the police station to give a statement and rape kit." "They went to take me home and I had them stop and leave me with Nancy who looking for me." "We jogged home and went in my bedroom and answered my cell phone and it was Danny calling me and asked me if I would go to dinner with him and pick me up at 4:30." "I told him yes and would dress better than I was when he rescued me I was naked." "I feel grateful to be alive and glad that man was dead instead of me.

"Danny earlier told me he would be temporarily suspended and had to give back his gun until the investigation was complete." "It was like that every time a gun was discharged by a policeman." "I hope the statement I left at the police department will help him." Kris said, "If you want to invite him here after tonight we will dress up for him and he can eat here." Kevin said, "I am grateful you are still alive Kristy." Kristy said, "I am also grateful to be alive" "I thought I had only less than one second to live when Danny shot him" "I saw him raising the axe to cut off my head and I had closed my eyes expecting to be dead when I heard the shot." "The guy got off my knees and I was able to stand and looked at Danny cuffing the guy that raped me." "He saw me naked and offered his coat to conceal my nudity." "I really look forward to seeing him again." "Nobody will be fucking my freshly dead body because he is dead." Kristy looked through her closet for something to ware and took out her blue miniskirt and white blouse with a snap on the bottom to snap under her legs because the skirt was so short.

Kristy took it all off and showered and washed her hair. She wanted to smell clean. Kristy missed lunch and it was 3:30 so she put this miniskirt and blouse on and seductively unbuttoned her blouse to reveal just a little. She put on some blue 4 inch heel shoes and put on some make up and lipstick. She would show most of her bare legs and down her chest to show off between her breasts. Kristy walked out and showed Kevin and he said, "Kristy that is seductively sexy." Kristy said, "That is what I want to look like." Kristy put on some panties and snapped back the blouse to conceal her pussy for now.

Danny arrived at 4:28 and knocked on the door. Kristy opened the door and saw Danny dressed in a suit and tie. He took her hand an opened the passenger door for her and helped her into the car and closed the door after she was all the way in. He smiled at Kristy and said, "You are beautiful and sexy Kristy" "Would you like steak or Mexican food." Kristy said, "Mexican food please Danny." Danny called on his cell phone and began driving.

Danny arrived and parked the car and quickly came around the car to open the door and take Kristy's hand and walked into the restaurant holding her hand.

He gave his name to the woman and they were led to the table where Danny pulled out her chair and pushed it in to the table before seating himself.

There were some corn chips and salsa on the table and they were given the menu. They ate some of the corn chips and salsa when each of them gave their order. Kristy looked at Danny's blue eyes. Kristy said, "Thank you Danny for being so courteous to me." Danny said, "Thank you for coming with me tonight Kristy." "You are so beautiful and sexy" They got the order and the food was very good.

Danny looked at Kristy's blue eyes. Kristy said, "Danny would you be interested in coming to where I live for dinner tomorrow evening?" "I am certain you will like it." "The woman preparing the meals there is the reason I live there." "The food is always great." "There are six young beautiful girls living there including myself." Danny said, "I would love to be there thank you for asking." Kristy said, we all consider us as Kevin's girls and I would love to be Danny's girl.

Danny said, "Thank you for saying that because I would love take you out again." Danny said, "I still live with my mother because she makes such good food and it is cheap for me to live there." Kristy said, "I will not hold that against you." "I will be undergraduate student at UCLA in the fall like most of the girls there because it so close we can walk there." "There are two people there that can play the piano there." "I will show you around the place and you will be impressed." On the way through the parking lot before they looked at each other and suddenly both had the urge to embrace for passionate kiss hugging each other for nearly three minutes.

Danny said, "Kristy you are a very lovable young woman." "I have not been out on a date for a month or so and you are the best girl I have ever met." "I am sorry I had to meet you only after shooting and killing someone." Kristy said, "I am awful glad you were there to shoot that man that was about to kill me." "I had closed my eyes waiting to die when I heard the shot." "I will never forget you Danny even if our relationship comes to an end." "I hope it does not end because you have been so nice to me." "I want to thank you for taking me out tonight." "I hope to see you again tomorrow at about 4:30 if you can make it that early for a meal you will not forget." Danny said, "I will be there and hope you and I can continue our relationship because Kristy you are memorable young woman." "Sometime being a policeman is hard to take for some women and I hope you will not be one of those women." "That is the first and I hope is the last time I ever had to draw my gun." "I hope to be with you a long time Kristy." When Danny came to Kristy's home let her out and kissed her again.

Danny and Kristy held each other. Kristy said. "You said I was lovable and I want you to know Danny that you are very lovable" "I want to see you tomorrow night here." Danny said, "I will be here and I can hardly wait to see you again Kristy." They kissed once more before Kristy went inside.

Kristy looked out at Danny as he drove away. Kristy said, "I never believed anyone would fall in love after one date." "I feel in love now" Nancy said, "I hope he comes again to you Kristy" " I looked for you for long and did not find you." "I thought you were just behind me." "I was worried about you and I began think you were abducted." "It must have been an nightmare." Kristy said, "it was nightmare until I met Danny. "I will never forget thinking I would soon be dead and that was scary." "The best part is I think I met the man of my dreams." "Tell Kris he will be here tomorrow at 4:30 for dinner." Danny drove home thinking of Kristy and how this truly lovable woman who he was beginning to love affected him.

He couldn't help but think he was now in love after being with her for only a couple of hours tonight. He wanted to be around her all the time. Was it the way she kissed or was it just because she was there for him Danny had met a lot of young female crime victims but what was different about Kristy? She was very special and he could not wait to see her again. Kristy was now worried about Danny being attracted to some other girl in this house.

At least he would not see all of them naked and Amy and Lyn promised not to say they won the lottery. She already told him there would be five other women here and hoped that was not the reason he agreed to come here tomorrow. Kristy took off her clothes and looked in the mirror for any imperfections Kristy could see some of her ribs and her smallish breasts may not be what he wanted. She was very thin but not too thin.

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She worked out with Kevin and she was stronger but did not show it. She was walking and running this morning and now she would try to run more than walk and not try to not be alone where someone would abduct her.

Danny would not be around if she got into the same situation as this morning. Pam was more beautiful than her but she was spoken for. Kristy got in the pool and swam as fast she could and did back stroke so she could breathe better.

Kristy got in the how tub and Nancy got in with her. Kristy said, "Nancy I am going to try to keep up with you so I wont be targeted for abduction.


"I thought I was becoming a lesbian but I fell in love with a man." "He is a police detective that told me that it was the first time he ever drew his gun." Nancy said, "It is only on TV that they get in shootouts every week" "My dad was a policeman and he never used his gun except in target practice." Kristy said, "Danny shot this guy in the back of his head to keep him form cutting off my head." "If Danny was not there I would be dead after this guy fucked my freshly dead body I would be the bottom of a hole and they would never find me." "Instead he was there and this guy is dead instead of me and I am here talking to you Nancy." "I will not grieve for the man who about to kill me." "Danny told me he is still living with his mother" "If he want to move in here I am sure he would not mind sleeping with me and you Nancy." Pam went to bed with Kevin and Amy they all were naked and Kevin used both of his arms to give both girls several orgasms.

Kevin then picked up Pam and put her legs over his shoulders and used his tongue and fingers to give Pam several more orgasms before letting her down where he could fuck her giving here one more orgasm before he ejaculated inside of her. He then went to bed with a girl on each side of him. Kristy went to bed with Nancy and they had lesbian relationship and each helped the other have orgasms before they went asleep.

Kristy dreamed about having Danny in bed so he could fuck her. Kristy was sure she was now in love with Danny not just for saving her life but just being Danny. She wished he would call just to hear his voice. In the morning Kris got up to prepare breakfast and Amy, Pam, Lyn and Kevin put on their running outfits Nancy and Kristy also put on running outfits to get into shape to begin with.

They all came to the table for breakfast. After breakfast Amy, Pam, Lyn and Kevin took off running Kristy and Nancy did the cleanup putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and wiping down the counter and table.

Kris, Nancy and Kristy went out running and waking and running as much as they could. Kristy was able to keep up with Kris and Nancy and did her best to keep that position as they ran about 3 miles without needing to rest and walk. They covered about 7 miles of mostly running and about 10 miles total before coming in and jumping in the pool to cool down. Kristy took a warm shower and came out naked but dry looking at Nancy who was with her.

It was further and faster than they usually did. Kristy's cell phone rang and she looked at it was Dennis. She said, "Hello Dennis I have been wishing you would call just to hear your voice" Dennis said, "I called for the same reason Kristy to hear your voice." I dreamed of you last night and I want you to know I think I love you Kristy." "I love your name, your voice and everything else about you Kristy" Dennis said, "Is it all right if I come early just to see you earlier." "I could be there at about 3:00pm and Kristy said, "That would be fine because I want to see you soon." "That would give me time to show you around here." "Don't bother dressing up because we are all rather casual." Dennis said, "Would shorts and tee shirt be OK" Kristy said, "That would be fine Dennis." "I love any way you come." "I will be in shorts and a tee shirt." If you want to call me again let me put this phone on the charger so I can talk about anything you want." "I am not the best looking girl here but she is spoken for and it me that loves you." Dennis said, "Kristy I don't care if you are most homely girl there because you are very beautiful to me." Kristy said, "I will tell everyone here to dress like that and I love you and cant wait to see except I need to shower before putting anything on and the battery on this phone is almost dead." "Think of me as naked" "Thank you for saying these things to me Dennis I will see you at about 3:00, Thank you for calling." Kristy found everyone in the Hot tub and went there and said, "Dennis will be here at about 3:00pm." "I told him to dress casual and he said he would be in shorts and a tee shirt with his shoes." "I want everyone to dress in shorts and tee shirts but I want to be in the tightest tee shirt and the shortest shorts so he will notice me more." Amy said, "I will wear some loose tee shirt and shorts so you Kristy can look sexier than everyone." "Thank you Amy for spreading that message" Everyone got out to dress just in case he came earlier.

Kristy put on her black shorts that rode high on her cheeks and put on a faded blue tee shirt to show of her slimness and the outlines of her breasts and was short to show off six inches of naked midriff and all of her legs.

They sat down at lunch and everyone agreed that Kristy was sexier than anyone else. Kristy had on no underwear and no bra.

The underwear would show and the bra would hide her breasts from being visible under the shirt. After lunch Kristy went to her bathroom and looked and liked what she was wearing. She put on some red lipstick and makeup to conceal any shine on her face. She wanted to impress Dennis with out appearing overly seductive. The longer she was without Dennis the more she wanted him.

It was already 2:30 and the minutes ticked by so slowly it seemed like forever. All the other girls were dressed less sexy than Kristy except Pam who had the advantage of being six feet tall and extremely beautiful. She was wearing short shorts and a form-fitting shirt but she was engaged with Kevin and wore a ring with big diamond in it.

Kristy look out the window at 2:58 and saw Dennis pulling into the driveway. Kristy went out and kissed Dennis passionately she had her arms him and felt his hands on her the bare skin of her midriff as she kissed him.

Dennis said, I thought I was beginning to love you Kristy but now I know I love you deeply. Kristy said, I thought you would never get here. I love you Dennis. They went hand in hand into the house Kristy introduced Dennis to everyone and they all shook hands. Pam started to play the piano and Kristy was showing Dennis the bedroom and came to where Pam was playing so well. Pam stopped and they walked to the pool and Dennis noticed the sign about skinny-dipping only.

He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his shirt and soon was naked as Kristy who said, Dennis do I pass your inspection Dennis said, "Kristy you have perfect body and I love it.

The swam while everyone was listing to Pam. Dennis felt her breasts and leaned over to suck on her nipples. Kristy love being naked with Dennis and she said, "If you ever want to make love with me I will welcome it. Dennis said nothing but put his finger in her vagina.

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Dennis said, "I have never had sex with any woman before." "I love you Kristy." "I am 24-years old and still a virgin." Kristy said, "I am sorry but I was a virgin with a hymen just five days ago." "Kevin deflowered me and I should have waited for you to do it." "I am 18years old and starting college in the fall.

Dennis said, "Six years will make less and less difference as we get older. Dennis got out of he pool and toweled off and went to his pants and took out a box and got back in the pool and said, "Kristy I love you deeply and I want to ask you if you would marry me?" Kristy said, "Dennis I want to tell you I would be proud to be your wife and yes I will marry you." Dennis said I can only hope this fits you and put the ring on Kristy's finger Kristy looked at the diamond and said thank you Dennis I love you and will marry you and the ring fits perfectly They put there arms around each other and kissed Dennis pulled her naked body to him.

They got out and dried dressed and went to Kristy's bedroom. Dennis said, "I do not want to make you pregnant now" Kristy said, "I have an IUD to prevent pregnancy and I want to make love to you now Dennis." Kristy spread her legs and used her hands to spread her cheeks and guided his penis inside her he moved back and forth giving her an orgasm before she felt the warmth of his ejaculation inside her.

Kristy pulled him to a passionate kiss. Dennis asked, "Is there any room for me to move into this house?" Kristy said I want you to you to know that normally everyone here is naked nearly all the time including me. Nancy who also in this room hates sleeping alone so she would sleep with us naked it would cost $2,800 every month including meals and you will get dinner here to sample. Dennis said, "I have heard friends brag about sleeping with two women and I will get to do this every night." "Nancy is welcome as far as I care if it makes no difference with you.

Kristy said "You will get to know Nancy quite well here she will give you a blowjob to get rid of your hard on." "Men always show their arousal and me and Nancy can always help." "With naked girls everywhere I can guarantee you will be aroused." Kristy got the work out for all to get naked again.


It did not take long for all the girls to strip off their clothing and in 20 minutes there was female skin galore because of this.

Even Kevin got naked.

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It was heaven for Dennis as they all sat at the dinner table he never got dressed what Kristy said was absolutely true. Kristy made no secret showing her engagement ring to everybody the ring was the only thing she had on. Nancy introduced herself to Dennis with a kiss. Dennis got a good look at all the breasts on all the girls showing above the table. Dinner was try-tip steaks with backed potatoes and saut? and broiled vegetables that were crisp and delicious.

Dennis was very impressed with every bit of the food. He liked it here it was a lot different than life with his mother who wanted him to marry and have grandchildren for her. The ice cream desert was superb. Kris did her best too make everything made from scratch and the muffins she made were delicious with genuine butter on it. Kris as a naked chef and still very good looking at 41 Dennis told her he would be moving in tomorrow and would marring Kristy in the spring Kris was the mother of Amy Lyn and Pam and they would be cleaning up after dinner.

Amy and Lyn were the owners of this house that were very generous to those needing help. Dennis loved being in a house full of beautiful naked women.

He had met Kevin and they discussed how to please women sexually Kevin was a big strong man who offered Dennis personal training. Dennis told him he was robbery homicide detective for the police department Valley Station that was suspended after a shooting" "I shot a man in the back that was going to chop the head off of Kristy." Dennis had gone out running every morning but had never worked out with weights.

Kevin welcomed Dennis because of all the estrogen here. Kevin was beginning to get tired of being the only man here. Dennis put on his pants and shoes and went to his car to bring in his suitcase he could never leave Kristy and the extra five to ten minutes to drive to work was well worth it. He would tell his mother tomorrow when he went home to get more things. She was always suggesting he go out and find a girl and now he found one he deeply loved. Pam was incredibly beautiful and as tall as Dennis.

Kevin was engaged to her and had different women in his bed every night there was always Pam and others too. Dennis left there with things to try out on Kristy and Nancy. At the house belonging to Joseph and Jason Shepard the police had found the remains of eleven more young women that had all been decapitated. They covered only a small part of the back yard and would find much more in the near future.

Joseph was now dead and multiple Murder charges were filed against Jason Shepard. When Dennis shot the one about to decapitate Kristy there was already a body at the bottom of that grave being held for Kristy. The 5-inch wide log used for these decapitations was covered in blood.

Dennis had Kristy and Nancy sit on the edge of the bed spreading their legs next to each other. Dennis used one hand on each of them using his finger to tickle that G-spot and his thumb to rub their clitoris.

This would give each of them multiple orgasms.

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Dennis then used his tongue and finger on Nancy giving her several more orgasms. Nancy rose and kissed Dennis. He then did this on Kristy and she had about six orgasms one after another.

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Kristy then guided Dennis's penis inside her vagina where she had two more orgasms before Dennis cum inside her. Kristy stood and kissed Dennis passionately before going to bed with Nancy on the other side of Dennis.

Kristy loving Dennis from the time he saved her from certain death and now she loved him more every moment.

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Nancy had never had a sexual experience like this and it was Dennis that gave it to her. She would be the mistress for Dennis and Kristy and wished it were possible for a man to have two wives so she could be one of them.