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Morena Deliciosa Danando Funk Sem Calcinha
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It had been her day off work and she had planned to give the house a good spring clean after which she had some shopping to do as well as pop into the middle of town to collect some curtains her friend had left with the dry cleaners. Lin had promised her friend she would drop them off at her home.

Satisfied the house was in good enough order Ann drove into town, completed the shopping she needed to do then as promised, collected her friends curtains. Though her friend would be at work they each shared a key to one another's house so Ann was therefore able to let herself in.

Pulling up outside the house Ann saw that her friends son's car was already parked up outside. She knew he worked early shifts, getting to work at four in the morning so suspected he'd be somewhere in the house having an afternoon nap.

Aware he'd be tired and so not wanting to disturb him Ann let herself in as quietly as she could and closing the door behind her, it was her intention to simply slip into the kitchen, leave the curtains then depart, without waking Adam up. However, as she stepped inside the kitchen she could hear the noise of the TV coming from the lounge.

She laid the curtains on the worktop then curious, moved towards the lounge door which was slightly open. She half expected the son to be either sat on the sofa, maybe watching an afternoon film on the TV or at the very least, curled up asleep as she knew from experience, he often did, despite any noise the TV would offer. As she peered into the room she saw she was half right. He was indeed sat on the sofa but as her eyes connected with the screen it was glaringly obvious it was no ordinary afternoon matinee he was watching.

Instinctively her eyes skipped from the TV to the DVD player where she realised straight away this was a DVD and not a TV program he was watching. From the action on the screen it was one very very blue movie. Ann's initial reaction was to smile to herself, amused that Adam was obviously watching such a film behind his mothers back.

It was still her intention to slip away un-noticed, to leave him to his pleasures but right at that moment movement on the sofa caught her eye. What she saw next stopped her in her tracks for it was only then she realised, Adam wasn't just sitting there on the sofa, but was sitting there with his shorts pulled down to his knees, his briefs halfway down his thighs and the movement that had just caught her eye was him just beginning to tug on the most gorgeous cock she had ever seen.

Adam was only 21 but these past few years Ann had seen him mature from a boy into a strapping young man. Friends son or not, if she needed reminding of this fact the sight before her was reminder enough. He was a well built guy, just under six feet tall, well muscled, good looking and would very definitely make a good catch for some lucky female one day.

Right now though as Ann looked on, any future girlfriend he may have was furthest from her mind and she started to wonder if he might be one of those young lads who might prefer older, more experienced women.

In truth Ann put the thoughts she was having down as being a fairly natural reaction.

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a classic case of the older woman wondering a much younger, good looking guy might find her attractive. She bit her lip aware she was being foolish, after all, this was her best friends son and goodness only knows what her friend would say if she knew she was having such thoughts. Even so, here she was, stood watching something she had never witnessed before, her friends sexy hunk of a son stroking his hand up and down what she could only describe as the most beautiful beast she had ever laid eyes on.

She knew even then she should have stepped away, made her way quietly back towards the front door then left, but the fact was, watching first the screen then his hand tugging indolently on his cock the way it was, was turning her on like never before.

As she stood watching from behind the door, Adam continued to slowly jerk off to the hot scenes taking place on the screen and it was all too clear he was so enraptured with the movie he had no idea his mother's friend was there in the house watching. Besides, she knew he had no reason to expect her to have called over, just as she also knew as far as he was concerned, his mother was at work so this was all his free time. Ann continued to watch the action on the screen hotting up.

The guy on the screen had bent the young female over a table and was now taking her doggy style. His hips were moving in long, languid thrusts as she voiced her approval. Watching the scene unfold before her, Ann couldn't help but think of the many times she had sat and watched similar films with her hubby and of how aroused they had always left her feeling.

Now here she was doing the exact same thing except this time around, her arousal was greater for this time her hubby's presence had been replaced by that of her friends hunky son. Ann looked down, still un-noticed by Adam as she watched him tug hard on that lovely long cock of his and not surprisingly, found herself imagining just how full, how much pleasure the girls must get when riding such a delicious looking cock.

The thoughts she was having did nothing to abate her own arousal and as wrong as she knew her feelings to be, she found herself reaching up under her skirt to feel for her pussy over the skimpy pair of thongs she had put on that morning. She could feel it was already throbbing and was sure from how it was pulsing, her clit had swollen to form a hard palpitating bud. It was hard to explain quite how it was Ann felt All she was aware of was a strange yet overwhelming feeling of pure excitement pulsing through her every nerve ending.

She was all too mindful she should not be here even so, she managed to argue to herself that no one need ever know, including Adam for even then she assured herself it would only be a few minutes before she would slip away un-noticed. But even the best laid plans sometimes go amiss. Just then Adam sank further back into the sofa as the guy on screen withdrew his cock from the sexy female where he began to shoot his load all over her smooth, pert little arse.This was clearly too much for Adam for Ann heard him groan out loud and witnessed him tug even harder on his huge, erect cock.

In truth Ann knew it was another opportunity for her to have slipped away still un-noticed, for Adam's attention was still very much centred around the events on screen. But she wasn't ready to go just yet. Instead she chose to ease her panties to one side and push two fingers deep into her by now, sopping wet pussy.

The effect was instant, her body shook, her pussy spasmed and moments later the inside of her stockinged thighs were dripping with her own juices as her pussy erupted in a flood of cum! For all the knowledge in the world that she knew it was wrong, Ann hadn't been able to stop herself. The sight of Adam jerking off on his cock was one of the most erotic things she had ever witnessed in her life! It truly was one of the nicest, longest and very definitely thickest cocks she had ever seen.

It had to be a good, full, nine inches in length and so so thick, and while she and her hubby enjoyed a good healthy sex life, the mere sight of another male erection, her friends son at that, was causing her pussy to drool like it hadn't done in years! For a brief moment Ann looked back to the screen to see the couple had now been joined by a second male, this time a coloured guy, and the blonde was already busy, eagerly sucking on one very large black penis.

It gave Ann pause for thought that a black cock was one thing she had yet to experience in life but for now she returned her attention back to the sofa where Adam's hand was now moving quickly up and down his shaft, his breathing becoming more and more laboured! Hot and flushed Ann leant against the side of the door frame and began to rub two fingers hard over her very erect clit which was still screaming for attention!

The idea that here were the two of them, both enjoying the act of self pleasure was enough for Ann to again close her eyes, just for a second, to allow the pleasure of her own caress to wash over her. But this time as she did, her own caress was such, she let slip an audible sigh that she intuitively knew would be heard by Adam! Sure enough, her eyes opened to see he had spun his head around and she could see in his eyes he was in a total state of panic.

His immediate reaction was to try to switch off the film with one hand while using the other to try desperately to shove his cock back into his briefs! His panic was such he failed to do either. His face had turned a crimson red as he tried to stammer some kind of explanation, but it was when he finally took in what was happening, when he finally looked directly at Ann that he noticed how her right hand was beneath her skirt and that she'd been masturbating along with him!!!

Even at this point, Ann again knew the only sensible thing to do was walk away, close the door behind her and make for her car, confident what had happened would go no further.except her problem was, her body was now being controlled by the demands of her pussy. She smiled at Adam who by now had stopped his futile attempts at turning off the film and was just sat there looking at her, his eyes moving from her face to the hand that was undeniably doing all manner of things to her pussy.

Ann knew just how ridiculous this all was. This was Adam, her best friends son who at just 21 was not even half her age, even so, as she looked down at his crotch Ann ran her tongue seductively around her lips.for though he had managed to push his penis back inside his briefs, it was all rather academic for his erection was forcing the material upwards like a tent pole.

Something inside her clicked. Rightly or wrongly she decided to take control. "Don't put it away Adam!" she said in her most seductive, husky voice. "Let me see it and if you do that for me I promise I'll show you my pussy!!!" she purred. Still not exactly sure what to do, he watched in wide eyed wonder as she lifted the front of her skirt to show him her panty clad pussy complete with her right hand stuck neatly inside of the material! His eyes lit up as she moved her hand up and down and though Ann knew he would not be able to see through the black lace she knew it was enough that his imagination was more than stirred.

As for Ann, she couldn't remember the last time she'd felt this aroused. Just seeing how his fist had wrapped around that tent pole of his was enough to leave her yearning for more.

"Show me Adam! Pull it back out," she told him. "I want to watch you jerking on that gorgeous cock again!!!" Ann quickly pulled her panties off to one side to expose her dark bushy cunt to his by now saucer sized eyes!

"Go on! Pull it back out Adam!" Her words coming out more as an order than a request. For a moment Adam was unsure what to do. For him this was a dream come true. He couldn't remember the number of times he'd fantasised over his Mother's friend. He had fancied her for as long as he could remember. Now here she was, stood in the doorway.HIS DOORWAY IN HIS HOUSE, showing herself off to him and demanding he do the same for her.

Regaining his senses and realizing that this was a once in a lifetime shot, he reached inside his briefs and extracted his now steel hard organ for her hungry gaze to devour! He held it in his clenched fist as Ann moved towards him wanting a closer look. She stood right in front of the sofa and looked down at his rigid cock now held firmly in his grip.

Ann threw caution and good sense to the four winds. She dropped to her knees then reaching out, slid the fingers of her right hand around his so that now they were both holding his cock. She looked up into Adam's eyes and smiled. "You do understand Adam, this stays between just the two of us?" she told him. "Oh God" Yes!" he just about managed to groan as his head swam with the pleasure. Again Ann ran her tongue around her lipsticked lips.

"Come on Adam! Show me how you wank this cock!" she purred at him as she squeezed her fingers around his, encouraging him to move his hand up and down. As both their hands slid up and down his shaft so their joint action drew back his foreskin to reveal the most delicious purple knob Ann had ever seen, that right then was bathed in precum.

She couldn't resist. She leaned closer to flick at his helmet with the tip of her tongue. She leaned away once more an smiled up at him. "Hmmm you taste sooo nice Adam! Go on! Show Annie how you were wanking off to this film!" Ann leaned further back on her haunches and glanced towards the screen where the female was now really working hard on the coloured guys cock, deep throating him as her head bobbed up and down.

Adam's eyes followed Ann's so he too was taking in what was happening on screen, his hand reacting accordingly giving his shaft long, lascivious strokes up and down as if in time to the woman on screen.

"That's it Adam. Look at her. Just look at how she seems to be enjoying that big black cock! Hmmmm! I bet right now you wish someone was doing that to yours don't you? Who do you imagine might do that Adam?

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Is it her? Can you picture those sexy lips of hers wrapped around your knob." Ann teased, adding, "Or is it your girlfriend? Is that what your girlfriend does for you Adam? Does she like to suck on your cock?" It didn't take much for Ann to realise, just as she'd hoped, her words were getting to him for right then Adam looked away from the screen and directly into her eyes. She could see the lust burning bright. Ann's grin turned into a broad smile.

"Hmmmm! What's this Adam! If not the blonde, or your girlfriend then who?" she teased. He didn't answer.just groaned a groan that had her pussy throbbing. "Is it me Adam? Is it me you imagine sucking on your knob like that blonde's doing to that big black dick?" "Ohhh God Mrs B Stop! Please stop!" Ann, turned on by the idea of her best friends son wanting her, reached forward and uncurling his fingers, removed his hand and replaced it with her own. By comparison her fingers looked small wrapped around his girth.

She started to ease her hand up and down his thick shaft and wanted to see how much more she could arouse him with her dirty talk "How does this feel Adam? Does it feel good to have Mummy's best friend wank you off?" Adam let out a low groan He had never felt anything so wonderful in his entire life!

Until this second he thought that jerking off over his Mum's sexy friend was as good as it got, and in no way could he have imagined just how good it could really be. He reach forward resting both palms of his hands on top of her head. "Ohhh Fuck Mrs B! Ohhhhh FUCK! You don't know how many times I have wanted for this to have happened!" he moaned.

"It's just you and me now Adam. You can call me Ann or better still Annie." "Ok!" he replied, unsure if he would be able to do such a thing before again groaning out loud as Ann slid her hand down to his balls where her fingers slipped underneath, cupping them. She then bent forward and ran the tip of her tongue around the underside of his swollen glans before looking up into his eyes once more.

She had to admit it felt so damned good, his thick meaty cock held in her hand. She bent forward a second time, this time closing her lips over his helmet. She heard him groan out loud which she took as further encouragement to continue with what she was doing.

She started to swirl her tongue around and around his swollen knob and moments later felt his hands on the top of her head, as if he wanted to force more of his cock into her mouth.

She pulled away. "So you like this Adam do you? You like the idea of Mummy's best friend sucking on this gorgeous knob of yours?" "Ohhh Mrs B! You just don't know how much!" he groaned back at her as his hips lifted slightly to move his helmet back towards her lips once more. "I've told you Adam. Call me Annie!" He looked down at her and for a second it looked to Ann as if he was going to struggle with the idea, then.

"OH! Annie! Suck my cock for me! Pleaseee!" he moaned. His words made Ann suddenly realise just what she was doing. How awful she was being to her hubby who until this moment she had never once cheated on but the simple truth was, here she was sucking on the biggest cock she had ever had the pleasure of holding.

The fact it belonged to her best friends son merely added to her arousal. Eager to fulfil his wishes, she opened her mouth wide and began to feed once more, tightening her lips around his girth, grating her teeth down along his shaft as her lips moved slowly up and down his massive length and as wrong as she knew it to be, the feel of such a big cock filling her mouth felt good.

It was all Adam could do was lay back into the sofa and groan out loud as his Mother's sexy friend began giving him a blow job in earnest and as if by pure chance, on screen the young blonde was doing the exact same to the coloured guy. Adam began to wonder just who might erupt first. him or the guy on screen. He slid his hands to the sides of Ann's face and looking down at her wanted to look into her eyes as she gobbled him off. As if instinctively aware, Ann opened her eyes for her gaze to meet his as she bobbed up and down his delicious thick cock.

She pulled free of his cock and as she did, so her lips drew with them a mix of her own saliva and his precum. Adam groaned out loud while Ann simply smiled up at him before using her left hand to smear the sexy mix back down along his shaft.

"Ohhh Adam! Who'd have thought you'd grow into such a big boy! Has Annie ever told you how much she loves big boys?" "Ohhh Fuck Annie don't!" he cried. "Talking dirty like this is getting me so bloody aroused!" Ann grinned up at him.

"Hmmmm! Don't you think I know that Adam?" she said as she teased her fingers sensuously along the length of his cock. "I'm a mature woman Adam and would like to think I have enough experience to know what might excite a sexy young man like you." she taunted. Adam's groans grew even louder as her words rattled around inside his head.

He felt like pinching himself to make sure this wasn't just a dream. "How is that for you Adam? Is Annie a good little cocksucker?" "Oh Fuck Yes!" he groaned back. "Suck me! Go on Suck me off!" he cried, unsure but hoping this was the kind of sexy talk she wanted in return. But As much as it appealed to have his cock spewing forth his seed Ann wasn't quite ready for that yet.

She wanted to tease her young charge some more. She bent forward and as he looked down at her he felt the tip of her tongue rasp along the underside of his shaft as she held onto his helmet between finger and thumb. Up and down it slid, each time her tongue getting nearer and nearer his swollen balls where suddenly Adam had this flash, this vision of this sexy woman sucking his balls into her mouth. He used both hands to tilt her head so she was free of his cock and looking straight up into his eyes.

"Do you do this for your husband Annie? Do you suck on his cock like this?" Ann smiled as she realised as daft a notion as it sounded, Adam was clearly getting jealous and that his jealousy was making him even more aroused.

"Noooo!" she lied. "I have never done this for him. But seeing this big juicy cock. I couldn't resist!" Just then Ann drew her tongue over the tip of his helmet tasting the precum that had oozed from the eye of his knob.

He watched as she slid her tongue seductively around her lips, moistening them with his precum, leaving them shining. "How does it feel Adam?" she teased. "How does it feel to have Mummy's friend play with your lovely fat dick?" Adam felt his cock twitch as her dirty words of encouragement hit home.

His head swam as a vision of his Mother walking in on them both filled his mind, arousing him even more than he already was .more than he thought was possible.

"Ohhh God Annie! So good! Soooo Fucking good!" More than pleased with herself, Ann stroked her fingers lightly up along the sides of his shaft, enjoying the feel of his cock twitching beneath her touch, knowing this was now all her doing.Yes it had all started with the film but now this was all hers. his reason for erection the caress of her lips and fingers.She pushed his purple knob back inside her mouth and started to go down on him for once more, this time cupping her fingers under his heavily laden balls as her lips slipped up and down his shaft like a well oiled machine.

She started to play with his balls as she indolently wanked him off with her free hand, his bulbous knob wet and slippery inside her mouth. Adam started to buck from the hips, trying to meet her downward motion by pushing himself off of the sofa. He was groaning louder now and Ann sensed if she carried on it would not take too much more for him to climax. It wasn't what she wanted.not yet anyway. She pulled away from him for a third time and again looked up into his lust filled eyes.

She knew then she should have walked away from this situation when she'd been stood at the door. Now it was too late. Now the plain fact was any ideas she had about getting up and leaving had long been surpassed by her need for something more.

Her best friends son or not, by then Ann knew she just had to have that cock inside her. Ann stood and though left in limbo, Adam watched fascinated as his Mother's sexy friend reached to her cardigan and began to undo it button by tantalising button until only the lowest few buttons remained intact. His eyes widened as she pulled her cardigan apart to reveal a pair of full rounded breasts that positively heaved beneath a sexy black, pinstriped bra. He continued to watch as Ann placed both hands on each breast and started to push and pull them together, rousing them until Adam was able to see the nipples of each breast pressing invitingly against the soft cotton material.

She cupped them provocatively then twisting her nipples, making them stand out like two little erections asked, "Do you like? Does it turn you on watching Annie play with herself for you?" "Oh, god yes," he moaned and Ann couldn't help but smile as she saw him take a firm hold of his cock once more. "Mmmm," she hummed, "Would you like to suck on them Adam? Would Adam like to bite and suck on his Mummy's best friends tits and nipples?" Again her dirty talk had his mind reeling with desire as he pictured himself caressing and kissing his lips and mouth over her ample breasts.

"Ohhh God Annie! Christ I would love too!" Ann grinned down at him aware she had her young charge just where she wanted. "Well if you like me playing with these, I'll bet you'll love this," she teased. Adam watched wide eyed as Ann reached below her skirt. Watched as she lifted the hem high, then eyes wide open, looked on as she used one hand to pull her panties to one side, the other to open up her pussy reveal her pink honey pot!!!

"Tell me Adam? How many times has a girl offered you her pussy like this?" she purred.


"Oh Fuck! Never like this!" Unable to resist, feeling hornier than she had ever felt in her life Ann slipped a finger in between her wet cunt lips, immediately aware of how slick her pussy was. Aware how Adam was now watching her every move. "My, god!" he moaned, "You are so sexy Mrs B! I can't believe it!!!" "You think so do you Adam?" "Ohhh shit Yes!" "Well I have to say, you're not so bad yourself big boy!" She teased, her eyes casting over that shapely erection of his, then adding, "So maybe my young sexy stud would like to do me a favour?" "Oh Fuck!

Anything. Just name it." Quite where Ann found the courage to say what she said next she had no idea. Though she would never lay claim to being prudish in any way, this was altogether a whole new situation for her. She had never before acted this way. "As you can see. Pussy is so so horny Adam. All your doing I might add!

And right now, more than anything else, it's crying out to be licked and sucked. So how about you do that for me? How about you see to pussy with those lips of yours and make me cum?" Ann looked down at him noting his eye movement, watching as they moved from her eyes to her pussy then back to her eyes again.

"Oh God! You don't know how much I'd love that!!!" Ann stepped towards him then, doing something even she wouldn't have thought herself capable of, raised her leg and placed one foot up on the arm of the sofa.

Her actions caused the lips of her now dripping pussy to ease apart, exposing her sweet inner lips and hot swollen clit to his gaze. She smiled down at Adam's ever changing expression. She could tell from the state of his erection he was more aroused than ever. She leant forward, curled a hand around the back of his head and pulled him into an embrace, forcing her tongue hard into his mouth.

It was brief, all too brief but it was something she felt she had needed to do. She pulled back. She'd wanted to know how it would be to feel this young studs lips on hers. Now she knew, and right then she knew she would have more of that, but for now it was her pussy demanding attention. Taking the initiative Ann slid her foot from where she had placed it moments before, down onto the cushion alongside him then, shifting her weight onto that foot, stepped up onto the sofa til she was stood eitherside of his body, her skirt still raised, her hand still down inside her panties.

She looked down to see his eyes looking up at her, saw the uncertainty in them. She smiled, a reassuring smile before moving forward, towards the back of the sofa to stifle his ensuing groan as she pressed her panty clad pussy onto his lips and face. If even a few hours earlier, someone had told Ann she was capable of doing such a thing she I would have vehemently denied it, yet there she was that Tuesday afternoon, stood astride her best friends son, in HIS house, on HIS sofa, like some dirty little whore, rubbing her horny pussy up and down over his lips and face, urging him on to bring her off.

As for Adam as far as he was concerned, it was as if he'd died and gone to heaven. Until this moment his Mother's best friend had only ever played lead role in his wildest fantasies, now here he was, his head buried between her thighs, dining on her delicious pussy, enjoying an experience he assumed could never have happened in a million years. For Ann's part it seemed her wet pussy was like a magnet to his tongue! The attention he was giving it suggested he didn't care in the least this was his Mother's best friends pussy he was dining on.

As Adam nuzzled into her pussy Ann held him there, using the weight of her body as well as both hands around the back of his head to hold him there as his tongue slid up and down her slit. She couldn't believe how good it felt and as much as her body was screaming out for release, another part of her wanted him to take his time.wanted his mouth and tongue to roam. She wanted to savour this new found experience for as long as she possibly could! The reality was, an hour ago she would have never believed something like this could have happened, now here she was, a fifty year old woman in a situation completely unplanned, getting it on with her best friends young hunk of a son.

The whole idea was preposterous but right then as she pressed her panty clad pussy firmly too and fro over his willing lips, nothing else in the world seemed to matter. She took a firmer grip of his head, pushed him back against the sofa and looked down into his eyes.

"That feels sooo good Adam!" she told him, then through gritted teeth and as she pulled her panties completely to one side growled, "Now do me some more! Suck on my clit and make me cum!" Adam's initial nerves, where he'd seen his Mother's friend enter the room as he'd been sat on the sofa, had long since dispersed. He responded to Ann's command immediately, using his tongue to seek out and work it's magic all over her erect little love button as his strong hands pushed up behind beneath her skirt where his fingers kneaded forcefully into the cheeks of her arse.

The effect of his hands pulling her forward onto his lips had Ann mewling with pent up desire. She ground down hard onto his lips, her pussy erupting into his mouth, the orgasm gripping and shaking her body until she felt she was about to collapse.

"Ohhh Fuck! Ohhhh Fuck Yes!" She cried out, unable to remember ever having cum so hard before moments later her legs just gave way like they were so much jelly.

She slumped down onto his body smearing a trail of her juices all down his bared chest. Ann sat there for a few moments trying to regain some kind of composure and some strength back into her legs. It was about then his cock twitched beneath her and she realised the cause of sliding down onto his lap meant she could now feel his massive cock digging into the lace fabric of her panties.

She lifted her head slightly to find herself looking straight into Adam's eyes at which point she felt his cock give another involuntary twitch. The movement seemed to act like a signal for they both moved their heads towards one another where a split second later their lips were mashed together in one of the most sexually explicit and exciting kisses Ann had ever had the pleasure of receiving.

As Ann's hands and fingers ruffled through Adam's hair their passion increased and within moments the two of them were French kissing, each of them eagerly seeking out one another's mouth's with their respective tongues.

Their passion was intense, bordering on frenzied as each of them seemed to compete for the right to sink their tongue deeper into the other's mouth, and all the while they were doing this their hands groped and mauled at one another's bodies, turning one another on Then for no apparent reason they both stopped, both eased back from the embrace.

Ann, taking the lead once more placed both hands against Adam's cheeks while his were rested on her trim waist. She looked into his eyes where again she was acutely aware of the foolishness of this situation. Her fifty years meant she was more than twice his age. She ought to know better than to start something like this with her best friends son. Her sensible side told her she should get up and leave but her lust had long since started to take control of her actions.

She leant forward brushing her lips lightly over his, giving his lips several light pecks before pulling away. Again she looked into his eyes to see the fire of lust still burning deep. She leant forward and did it again, several more light, lip brushing pecks and this time Adam returned her advances. Twice more it happened, neither of them saying a word, then opening her mouth Ann flicked out her tongue and slid its tip seductively over his lips.

Still holding onto the side of his face she did it a second time, this time drawing the whole of her tongue across his lips as if licking something from his mouth. Adam shuddered with excitement. Her actions appeared primal.carnal. He'd not had anyone kiss him like this before and wanting to please, wanting to show her he was willing to learn he responded, flicking out his own tongue to drag it over her sexy, lipsticked lips.

Ann moaned as his tongue slid across her lips for as much as she enjoyed tasting his, she enjoyed the feel of his tongue better. He did it again but this time as soon as she felt his tongue on her lips Ann flicked out her own so both tongues met mid air. The effect on Adam was electric. They both felt his cock twitch as their tongues flicked and lapped at one another's, his at hers.hers at his.

Again Ann was unable to suppress a moan of pleasure and slipping a hand around the back of his head she turned her head to one side to run her tongue sensuously over his lips, his face, licking.teasing until their kisses grew into shorter, yet equally delicious pecks.

Pecks that steadily built to the more traditional, lips on lips once more. Lips that soon began to crush and mash together. Soon their hands were once more beginning to roam and maul and grope as their tongues returned to the wet, sloppy, deep throat French kissing each of them seemed to desire. Ann held on to the back of his head not wanting the embrace to end. Their heads were now twisting this way then the other as the embrace grew in passion.

It was almost animal like in its ferocity as each of them sought control, neither of them wanting it to end. Ann had never felt so hot. She could already feel her pussy growing more and more aroused by the second. Finally, their bodies hot, their breath coming in short, sharp, laboured gasps they broke free of one another's lips. Down below Ann was aware of how hard he now was. Throughout the embrace she had instinctively been moving her body up and down against his horny, thick cock to the point it was now digging into her like a thick metal shaft.

She looked into his eyes and he into hers, each of them aware nothing needed saying. They both knew at that moment. They both recognised the inevitable. Ann, that he was going to Fuck her.but more to the point that she was willingly going to let him.

Ann rolled to one side then climbing off the sofa stood where Adam looked on as she reached up under her skirt to remove her sopping wet panties. At first Ann intended to simply toss them onto the floor, instead, changing her mind she threw them onto his lap where they hung up on his huge erect cock.

It was as if by doing this she was making a statement. that her panties were his trophy and that her discarding them in this fashion was her way of telling him it was time for him to collect his prize.

She held out her hands as he smiled up at her. "Come on Adam!" she beckoned. "It's time!" He held out his hands allowing her to guide him to his feet where the two of them stood facing one another. Adam looked his mother's best friend up and down, still having to convince himself all this was actually happening. He'd dated plenty of girls before, all around his own age but none came anywhere near close to this. For all her advancing years Ann was everything he wanted He'd lost count the number of times he'd jerked off to thoughts of her.

He stepped closer and took her in his arms again where they kissed, yet more of the passion they had shared on the sofa, though this time a more leisurely, slow, lingering snog, the kind of kiss experienced on a first teenage date. well that's how it felt to Adam whose hunger for Ann at that moment was intense. It was quite some time before they broke free of one another where, as they both surfaced for air Ann felt his hands slide down along the backs of her thighs. Moments later she felt him lift her body effortlessly into his arms as if she weighed no more than a feather.

He held her like that, her legs curled around his body as he walked her backwards til he had her trapped, his body pressing hers up against the wall. Adam couldn't believe how good she felt in his arms. He quickly forced his tongue back into her accepting mouth where Ann could hear her own moans and groans of pleasure as he pinned her there, his lips kissing hers.

She shivered with excitement, unable to recall experiencing anything so erotic. Now it was Adam who began to take control. He started to rock from his hips, pressing the head of his swollen cock against her pussy. It was all Ann could do was mewl her delight deep into his mouth.

Right then, she wanted him more than ever.and he knew it. "Ohhh God! Please Adam!" she heard herself moan. Adam's lips slid towards her ear where he whispered, "Please what Annie? What is it you're asking?" Ann knew full well he knew what it was she was asking.


"You know damn well what!" She gasped. "No Annie, I don't!" he replied. Pleased with himself how he had now taken control.

She wrapped myself even more tightly around his body pressing her pussy lips hard against his raging erection and even though she knew he was teasing her she wanted him left in no doubt. "You know damn well Adam!" she said as her lips kissed at his neck. "Well maybe I do." he told her. "But I need to hear it from you, just so there's no mistake! We don't want the son of your best friend making a mistake now do we?" Ann groaned as his cock rubbed along her pussy lips once more, teasing the hell out of her.

She pressed her lips close to his ear and moaned. "I want you Adam! I want you to make love to me!" Just then Adam released one of his hands from her thigh. Still supporting her with his other hand his slid his now free hand to the back of her head combing his fingers into her hair. He tugged her head lightly backwards forcing his Mother's friend to look directly into his eyes.

"Making love isn't how you were talking before is it Annie?" he asked, still tugging gently on her hair.

"Why don't you say what you really mean! Say the "F" word cos I love how you talk so dirty!" Held in check by the fingers pulling on her hair Ann smiled up at her young charge.

In truth she had no idea what had gotten into her that day but talking dirty to him earlier had sent shivers running up and down her spine.

Now, hearing he wanted more of the same caused her more than a little excitement, especially given this was her best friends son doing the asking. She leant forward ever so lightly and ran the tip of her tongue over his lips. "If that's what you want Adam then it's fine by me!" she moaned.

Ann turned her head to look towards the screen. The film was still running. The girl was on her back, on top of a table, on the receiving end of the coloured guys cock. "I want you to Fuck me Adam! Is that what you wanted to hear?" Ann gasped. "Oh God yes!" he groaned back, pressing into her body even harder, but Ann hadn't finished. "Look at her Adam!" she continued, still looking at the screen, her words causing him to turn so he too was looking at the action.

"Look how good and hard she's getting laid by that big cock! Well I want the same Adam! I want this big fat prick of yours in my cunt. It's time you showed me how much you've wanted to shag this mature pussy of mine!" Without so much as another word Adam let go of her hair, took a hold of her thighs then pushed her hard against the wall where, as his tongue slid between her lips, so down below his helmet was doing the same to her pussy.

Ann groaned out loud aware her words of encouragement had had the desired effect. She felt his cock give a violent twitch then it was as if his cock had a mind of its own for without any guidance from either of them, as he began to move his hips so Ann could feel the head of his cock pushing her open. He eased back and pushed again and suddenly he was inside her. True enough, it was only the head but ohhh!

It felt so so good. "Ohhh Shit Adam! You're big! So bloody big!" Ann gasped. Adam didn't answer, instead he pushed again causing Ann to wrap her arms tightly around his shoulders as he forced more of himself inside her hot, willing pussy. Instinctively, using her hands to push against his shoulders she lifted her body upwards then lowered herself slowly to slip further down onto his young, thick shaft.

"Ohhh Yes baby! Ohhh God! yes!" she gasped.

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"Do me Adam! Show how much you've wanted me! Shag your little Annie good and hard!" Her words adding to his growing confidence, Adam didn't need telling a second time. He pulled back then thrust into her hard.

He moaned out loud as he felt her pussy muscles tighten around his shaft, amazed at how tight she was. He'd expected her to be loose but instead found her pussy gripping onto his cock. He eased back then thrust again, rocking into her a second time, his movement spurred on by the sudden thought that maybe her tight pussy was a sign she wasn't getting enough at home. He thrust into her a third time.a fourth, each time harder than before, each thrust accompanied by the outlandish idea of him taking her hubby's place.

It didn't matter he knew it wouldn't happen. The only thing that mattered to him right now was she was here, in his home and it was HIS cock she wanted. By the fifth and sixth thrust he was so turned on he was positively slamming her up against the wall, his cock ploughing deeper on each occasion.

Ann held on tight, unable to believe how good her young charge was, loving his rough, forceful manner which she knew could be attributed in no small part to her words of encouragement. She buried her lips into his neck in an attempt to stifle the impending scream of pleasure she could feel welling deep in her throat as his momentum forced her backwards, hard against the wall.

He eased back til just his helmet was inside then thrust again, every bit as hard except, this time sinking his full length deep into his Mother's friends, throbbing pussy.

Ann's moans turned to whimpered sobs of pleasure as his young, turgid cock stretched her wide. She had never felt so full. "Shit! Ohh Shit! Harder! Give it me hard!" she cried. As Ann held onto his shoulders and neck Adam continued to rock rhythmically too and fro, each forward thrust driving deep and hard into Ann's pussy. For Ann, the next few minutes were almost a blur. Her young stud was relentless, his thrusts forceful, his cock filling her pussy from front to back as time and again he Fucked his Mother's sexy friend for all he was worth.

Ann remembered screaming, loud enough she was sure for the neighbours to have heard, not that she cared. She had already cum twice and she wanted more. Adam drove home again, this time the force of his thrust lifting her body both upwards and backwards. Ann's nails dug deep into his shoulders, her mouth opened wide, as if in a silent scream of terror as a third, far more violent climax took hold, Her silent scream turned into a long languid moan.

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She slumped into his body as her legs buckled, her pussy pulsing, her thighs spasming as her orgasm washed over her Adam eased back, finally aware his efforts had achieved the required result.

Ann turned her head up towards his and holding onto the side of his face began raining kisses.light pecks over his lips. "Oh God Yes! Ohhh Adam that was so good. You made me cum sooo Fucking hard!!" she mewled. Adam stood there, his mother's friend still held in his arms, feeling more than a little proud of his efforts.

He lowered her gently down as she slipped from his arms til she was stood facing him. Ann's pussy was still throbbing from the climax his young cock had given her. She reached out and took a firm grip of that same thick, rigid shaft. She started to slide her fingers up and down its length. "How about you Adam? How was it for you.Fucking Mummy's best friend? Was it as good as you've fantasised about?" she asked, knowing her words would soon have him wanting to Fuck her again.

"Better! Sooo much better!" he groaned. "Good!" she replied, her fingers curled beneath his glans, her thumb stroking round and around his helmet.

She leaned close, pressing her lips to his ear. "Would you like to see what you did for me? Would you like to see how hard I came for you Adam?" His groan was all the answer Ann needed. She pressed her hands down on his shoulders, letting him know she wanted him on his knees.

He knelt there in front of her and watched in wide eyed fascination as this sexy woman, the woman of his fantasies, slid a hand beneath her skirt. He watched as she eased up the hem, then right in front of his gazing eyes saw her slip two fingers in between her slick pussy lips. He groaned in the full knowledge her wet pussy was all his doing. As Ann withdrew her slender fingers he could see they were coated with her cum.

She smiled down at him as she held them out towards his lips. "This is all yours Adam! All the result of your big cock Fucking me!" She moved her finger close to his lips. "Lick it off!" she ordered. Adam's eyes darted to hers then back to the inviting fingers. She pressed them closer, smearing them invitingly over his lips.

"Taste it Adam! Taste what your big cock did for me!" She inserted them into his open mouth and watched as he eagerly sucked and licked them clean. When happy he had cleaned them of her juices she pulled them away then still with her skirt hitched high said, "What about this Adam? How would you like to lick the cum from Annie's cunt?" Not for the first time that afternoon Adam felt the need to pinch himself, wanting to make sure this wasn't a dream.

Her latest question had mirrored his own lust filled thoughts. Now here she was inviting him to fulfil them. "Lay down Adam!" she ordered once more.

She looked him up and down as he lay down on his back on the floor, his cock still very erect, poking skywards like a lofty flagpole. She stepped astride his body and slowly shuffled her way towards his head. Once there she turned so she was facing back towards his rigid cock.

She dropped slowly to her knees so that her pussy was hovering a foot from his face. She slipped her hand beneath her skirt once more pulling it aside to give him a birds eye view of just what was on offer.

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"Here you are then baby! It's all yours! Annie's well Fucked cunt! Now clean me up all ready for that big fat cock of yours again." With that Ann lowered herself down inch by tantalising inch until she was pressing her cunt lips over his mouth and face. The touch of his lips and tongue seemed to send an electric charge through her body. She squealed with delight as his tongue snaked out and slid inside. "Ohhhhhh Yes! Oh God baby that's sooo Fucking good!

Go on! Lick me out you horny Bastard! Let me feel that tongue all the way up me!" Adam, turned on by her words reach up to grab at her sexy arse. He pulled down at the same time his tongue drove upwards. He could smell the sweet scent of sex, the scent intoxicating, the taste of her juices pure nectar.

He licked and probed and nibbled and kissed .Yes he was sure he'd died and gone to heaven because it just didn't get any better than this! As far as he was concerned, if this afternoon didn't end it would be too soon. He pulled down harder, shoving his tongue as far up her cunt as he could causing Ann to squirm and writhe about on his face as another climax threatened. "Ohhh Fuck Yes! More! More! Ohhh Shit! I'm cumming! I cumming!" she cried out, her pussy twisting hard into his face desperately wanting the whole of his tongue all the way in.

As she cried out, so seconds later Adam felt her pussy spasm, could feel her juices spilling forth, washing over his tongue, his lips, his mouth and all down his face. It was all he could do was try to lick every delicious drop.

Still gripped in her climax, Ann tipped forward and in one fluid movement took the head of his swollen cock between her lips, engulfing him whole into her mouth. As her pussy throbbed she started to swirl her tongue around his plum shaped knob.and all the while she was still grinding her pussy lips down hard onto his face as she waited for her climax to subside.

She bobbed her head up and down his shaft taking as much of his cock as she could, feeling it stiffen with each suck, with each downward movement of her lips. Finally she slid her lips free of his cock and at the same time eased her pussy free of his lips and face.

"Are you ready for more Adam? Is my horny young stud ready to Fuck Mummy's friend again?" "Ohh God Yes!" he moaned from beneath her. Ann rolled to one side, her eyes still firmly fixed to his stiff young shaft, aware more than ever she needed to feel it inside of her once more. She got to her feet and moved towards the sofa. She turned to look back at Adam who by now was sitting up. At the sofa Ann lifted her skirt from behind to expose her arse then bent herself down over the arm of the sofa.

She looked back at her young charge.

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"Come on Adam! What are you waiting for? Come and screw your horny Annie doggy style!" she purred. Adam wasted no time getting to his feet. He followed her over to the sofa then stepped up behind her delighting in how smooth and firm her sexy arse looked.

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Unable to resist he slid his hands over both cheeks and began to paw at them roughly, kneading his fingers in deep and hard. For some moments Ann lay there enjoying his touch, basking in the feel of his strong hands working firmly over her rump, but as nice as it all was she wanted more.

She wanted his young cock Fucking her again. She reached back and pushed his hands away. "Stop teasing me you little Fuck! I want that cock of yours! Do you hear?" she almost hissed at him. "Now shove it up me you dirty Motherfucker! Shove it all the way home!" Her words alone almost had him shooting his lot and he knew, as much as he wanted this to last, that once inside her pussy it would only be a matter of minutes before he'd be pumping his seed into her cunt.

Reaching down Adam took a firm hold of his shaft and began rubbing his bloated knob up and down her pussy lips.

Beneath him Ann was pushing herself back, for as good as this felt, she needed his cock buried deep in her cunt. "You Bastard Adam! Don't tease! Just get that cock of yours up me.

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NOW!" Wanting to please, Adam did as she'd demanded, sliding his cock easily inside as he mounted her from the rear. He slowly withdrew then just as his knob was about to slip free he indolently eased it all the way back in, burying it right to the hilt. As wet as she was Ann could feel every inch enter her as his veiny shaft pressed against the walls of her cunt. "Ohh Yesssss! Yessss!" Ann hissed. "Harder! Do it harder!" she cried. Adam withdrew slow and easy, for the first time ever watching the sight of his own cock slip from a woman's cunt.

He wondered if it felt as good for Annie as it looked to him. Once more he ensured just his knob was left at the entrance to her cunt. Leaving it there, wanting to tease this sexy woman of his dreams he reached beneath her body and cupped at her tits, somewhat clumsily Ann felt, but she didn't care. He could do whatever he wanted so long as he Fucked her again. For a brief moment she allowed him his needs, allowed him to squeeze and play with her tits over the soft texture of her top and only when she was ready did she begin urging him on once more.

"Yes! That's it Adam! Touch me up! Play with my tits while you Fuck that fat knob up my cunt!" she cried. It was too much for Adam. Her words together with how good her tits felt in his hands caused his cock to pulse. He could feel his balls tighten and knew they were crying out to be emptied.

He grabbed hard at her tits, far harder than he knew he should but his actions were now all being controlled by what was between his legs.Within moments he was rocking back and forth, humping his Mother's best friend in a kind of mist covered frenzy He remembered her crying out she was cumming.

he remembered the feel of hot juices washing over his dick, but most of all he remembered the sheer pleasure as his balls erupted sending a torrent of seed up along his shaft and deep into her willing cunt. It was another hour before Ann set off for home that afternoon. An hour spent getting laid in almost every position much so that later that night, for the first time she could ever recall.

She had to roll away from her hubby's advances in bed believing he was sure to have found out something was wrong had he gotten anywhere near her pussy. The following day allowed Ann time to reflect what happened. She knew she'd been so wrong in her actions and the guilt she felt, both over her best friend and her hubby should have been enough for her to have pushed the incident from her mind, allowing it to be nothing more than one lust filled mistake.a one off event. but in truth, that's not what happened.

That afternoon of pleasure had given Ann a taste for her friends sons young cock, one she knew she was never going to be able to forget. Deep down she knew without question it was only going to be a matter of time before they would seek one another out again.