Old pervert with young maid

Old pervert with young maid
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My wife and I have a completely open and honest relationship and we talk about everything. I knew she was BI (damn near lez) when we first met so after a few years I finally let her know about my BI curiosity and that there had been very brief and limited experimentation when I was younger but wanted to test the waters more.

She had been encouraging me to experiment and was even trying to find me someone to play with but things hadn't worked out. Every guy she contacted to try to find ME someone, just wanted to fuck her.


So, she had given up. Or so I thought. At this time, we owned a home based internet services business.

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One day, a customer of mine who was also a friend needed to come over for some help on a problem he was having getting into his account on our server. I invited him over and when he got there, we went to the "office" which just happened to be in our bedroom at the time. We logged into the server and I showed him where his problem was and how to solve it. This didn't take long and when finished, we continued with small talk about various things in our lives. Somehow (I later found out my wife steered it this way), we ended up on the subject of sexuality and being bi.

He was married too but came out to me that he was BI and had played a few times with guys and other couples. My closet curiosity took over and I started nudging the conversation to find out more about his experiences for my own future use.

As we continued to discuss his adventures, I would occasionally mention what I was interested in trying if the opportunity ever presented itself and how we had been trying to find someone for me to play with but we hadn't had much luck. The entire conversation was a turn on for me and I was learning quite a bit.

Before I knew it, I still don't remember exactly how it happened or what lead to it. my wife was unzipping my jeans and pulling my half-hard and pre-cum covered cock out.

She started going down on me right in front of him. He kind of leaned back in his chair (which was my office chair) and started rubbing himself through his sweat pants. I was pretty much in a daze at this point. Watching my wife go down on me with her talented mouth and watching another guy rub himself as he watched us.

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My mind was going a mile a minute! Suddenly, he leaned forward in the chair and pulled his sweats down showing his nice average sized hard cock.

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This turned me on even more! After a few minutes of watching him slowly rub and jack his cock while my wife was polishing my own, he worked his way onto the bed on the opposite side from my wife and started rubbing my nipples with one hand and gently cupping my balls with the other. I was in extacy and thought I was going to blow right there!


But, my wife, knowing my every twitch and movement, saw that I was about to cum so she stopped going down on me and just licked the shaft and kissed the head to allow me to back down some. This is one of her favorite things to do to me. take me right to the edge and pulling me back numerous times before finally letting me cum. torturous!

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Then it happened. in an almost perfectly timed move, my wife leaned back exposing my cock to the world and he leaned over and in one swift move, my cock was down his throat all the way.

My eyes got big and my toes curled! This was the first time since my teen years that someone of the same sex had my cock in their mouth. I was amazed, confused, turned on. soo many emotions and thoughts were racing through my head. I glanced over at my wife and she had the biggest grin on her face and nodded to me to continue. It was on.


I kicked my jeans off the rest of the way so I could spread my legs more and he could have full access to my cock and balls. He scooted up on the bed all the way and I realized I was nose to head with his nice cock. I nervously reached over to it and began to fondle and jack him slowly.

This wasn't the first time since my teen years I had another man's cock in my hands but it had been a very long time and for the first time, the situation allowed me to do anything I wanted with that cock. My nervousness immediately disappeared and without realizing I was doing it, I leaned over and slid his cock into my mouth. We were in a 69 and going at each other's cocks like rabid animals.

This lasted until I was again at the edge of exploding and my wife nudged him off of me so I didn't cum yet. They both fondled and rubbed me all over for a couple of minutes then my wife, knowing I was very unsure about swallowing cum yet, climbed on top of me to have herself a cowgirl style ride and take the BI play back down a notch.

He continued rubbing my nipples and I occasionally went down on his cock again.

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I was soo over excited and overwhelmed that I quickly blew my load deep inside my wife's hot wet pussy which sent her over the edge and she started bucking like a wild bronco with her own orgasm. I was completely physically and mentally spent and limp as a wet noodle all over and our friend continued to stroke himself until he came as well.

After a few minutes to recover, my wife got up and went to the bathroom to get a warm damp rag to clean us both up as she always did.

My friend just sat there rubbing his own cum into his shrinking and spent cock. My wife returned, cleaned me up then came the traditional kiss on the tip of my cock.

She then handed our friend the rag and he cleaned himself up and started getting dressed. I slipped a pair of shorts on and walked him to the door. not knowing what to say to him now that reality had set in. He looked at me as he walked out the door and smiled saying "talk to ya later tonight" and he was gone. After the fact, my wonderful wife let me know that she hadn't completely planned the event but once she heard our conversation about being BI and experiences, she decided to give me every bit of help she could so I could have an encounter and see if I liked it.

which I did. Since then, I have had a few experiences here and there over the years but none this intense. I still think back to that time when she helped me have my first real BI play time without worries or nervousness (that STILL interferes at times).