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Alina li blowbang bd32
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Amy's Doctor was originally published by Serial Cereal Killer on This edition of the text corrects many of the original's spelling and grammar errors while maintaining the author's original intent.

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This Story is set at some point in between 'The Eleventh Hour' and 'The Vampires of Venice' before Rory becomes part of the Team. (Just for all the people who like to know canon) Also the Cheating tag was added due to Amy being Rory's fiance during the time frame of this story. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Who wears bow-ties?

Amy thought to herself, staring at the neck garment the Doctor was currently sporting. What was he withering on about now? Time Storm? What's that? Causal Rupture. Maybe she'd care more if he was speaking English.

A hole in reality? That sounded bad, but what does it actually mean in the real world? She groaned. She was starting to sound like a dumb blonde. Blondes had always had a special place of contempt in her heart, mostly because of the way they had teased her about her hair colour when she was a schoolgirl. But, she gave as good as she took - her brain was the birthplace of 15% of all dumb blonde jokes in existence. "You know, Doctor, I think I would actually care more about this if you weren't speaking Greek." Amy shouted her thick Scottish accent.

"I'm not speaking Greek, Pond," The Doctor shouted back at her. "I'm speaking Old High Gallifreyan. There's a difference." "OK.

what's happening? In English?" "We're stuck in a great big problem in the middle of Space and Time, and if we don't sort it out quickly, reality may be blown apart. "We? I'm not actually doing anything right now." Amy pointed out. "OK, well, me. Or Me-s." "Talking English?" Amy repeated.


"Well, this TARDIS and another, previous version of this TARDIS are in the same place, trying to become one. She thinks she's been torn apart, and now she's trying to fix herself. ".And how are you going to fix that?" "Step one is to switch places with this previous version of me in that TARDIS.

Step two. a course of action hasn't yet been decided upon." "Ah," she said. She felt as if it was the least of her problems right now. She shouldn't do but she was horny as hell. The Doctor continued to skip around the TARDIS console, but he was changing, slowly fading into another man. His hair gained some sort of order, and the size his jaw decreased. His face seemed rounder, and he was now wearing a pinstripe suit.

"Um, hello," The new Doctor said. "This is nice. Nice desktop theme." "Exactly, what's happening here?" She ventured. She felt she should have felt uncomfortable, but she knew this was the Doctor and she felt safe with him.

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"My name's Amy," she said. This Doctor was phenomenally sexy. Maybe he could help solve her problem. "We're stuck in a big bad space/time event and because I'm brilliant, I already know that the future me is going to fix it at the other end, in my TARDIS." He thought for a second. "Which basically means I've got an hour or two to kill." He was studying every inch of her face.

She was beautiful - this was going to be awkward couple of hours.


He tried to break his gaze, but he couldn't stop studying her long, ginger locks. Her face was round and slightly pale, forcing him to look at her deep brown eyes. He managed to break away from her face but things had just become worse.

Is he just staring at my boobs? Amy thought. She can tell where I'm looking. The Doctor shouted to himself, several times over in his head, but he didn't seem able to act upon it.

Oh, fuck it. She thought. There's a really sexy man standing front me, who's checking me out. "We'll cut the crap, OK," she said bluntly. "You're hot, I'm horny and you're checking me out." She walked closer to him, bent down on her knees, undid his fly, lowered his boxers and gently pulled out the Doctor's cock.

She ran her thin white index finger on her right hand up the center underside of his shaft and rubbed the head. A small quantity of pre-cum leaked out of the Doctor. Her head descended, and her tongue extended. "Um." was all the Doctor could say. Amy was amazed at the size of the weapon which she was currently sucking. When she thought about the Doctor, she thought about a good looking, wholesome, but on the whole rather geeky man.

Geeky wasn't usually a word she associated with 10 inches.

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"Come with me," she whispered in a sultry voice as she ran to her bedroom in the TARDIS. The Doctor ran straight after her.

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When he got into the room, he found her lying on a golden double bed with red sheets. He jumped on the bed with her and they began snogging. They both thought the same thing. They've both had a lot of practice.

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The Doctor began to remove is jacket. "No!" she shouted. "Let me do that." She rubbed her hands over his toned chest. All the time he spent running away from alien monsters had really paid off.

She ripped off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt from the bottom up. At the same time he began to undress her.


He pulled her heavy red jumper over her beautiful, long, light, ginger hair. Under that she was wearing nothing but a sky blue lace bra. He gently pulled the straps down from her shoulders. She had rather small, but completely perfect breasts. He examined the two pale white jewels that were protruding from her chest. He leaned in closer and licked the hard pink nipple on her right breast, while his right hand caressed the areola on her left breast, clutching her soft breast tissue.

The Doctor stood up. Amy pulled his trousers and boxers straight down of him then continued to suck. She grabbed his pelvis and started pulling it toward herself as she sucked.

The Doctor moaned with pleasure. He pulled away and slowly moved his fingers up her inner thigh. Her skin was the softest thing he had touched in a very long time. Softer than the petals of a rose. But Rose was nothing compared to this woman. He was over her. He started caressing her clit. She wasn't wearing any underwear and had also waxed all her pubic hair. The skin was slightly darker that the rest of her body and all it was, was simply a slit in the skin, inviting his cock to enter.

What exactly was her profession. something that would make her wax? The Doctor wondered. Or did she really just do it for personal purposes. He continued stroking her pussy. Amy moaned - she found the Doctor's circular motions very relaxing. He had found the perfect spot and just the right amount of pressure. She purred with content, and as she did, the Doctor inserted two fingers into her vagina and began to explore.

It was soft and extremely wet. He pressed against her vaginal wall, trying to find the g-spot. He found it. After less than two minutes he had managed to make her cum.

Amy Pond gripped the sheets and screamed. A transparent, sparkly liquid sprayed out of her vagina and onto the bed. Amy pushed him down onto the bed and crouched over his stomach. She pulled the Doctor's cock up further than it already was, carefully aligned, and inserted.

She pushed up with her legs and then she released, repeating the movement for some minutes. She paused for a second so the Doctor took charge. He grabbed her boobs and began thrusting his pelvis up, deeper into Amy.

In and out, in and out, faster than she had ever experienced before. She closed her eyes, focusing entirely on the sensation he was creating. She purred. The Doctor's legs started to sweat slightly. Amy curled her lip slightly.

She exhaled sharply, making sure she remembered the feeling that was about to come over her for a while to come. She moved her hand to her clit and rubbed it furiously. She opened her mouth and began to scream.

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"Ahh, Ahh!" Her breathing increased speed rapidly. "Ooh.Ooh.!" She exhaled as she came all over the Doctor's cock. After a short rest she rode the Doctor again, this time moving forwards and backwards as well as up and down, just to give him that bit more pleasure, all the while rubbing furiously at her clit.

A numbness was starting to come over the Doctor. He moaned as his warm, white cum fired all over Amy's vagina. She used some of it like a moisturizer, rubbing it into her clit and vagina then scooped the rest up on to the index finger of her right hand. She extended her tongue to meet her finger, licked and swallowed. She fell backwards onto the bed and lay there.

The Doctor looked at his hand. He was beginning to fade away, soon he'd be replaced with the Doctor who was supposed to be with Amy.

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He was looking forward to his time with her, not least because it meant he had future and when someone knocks four times, he might not die. He dressed himself, walked slowly to the console room and waited. Eventually both Doctors were put in their right TARDIS's, and the universe had been saved. Amy's Doctor, the one with bow-tie started flicking switches. As Amy walked in he remembered something from a long time, he bent over the panel quickly to hide that he was blushing.