I love the way your big cock feels in my hands JOI

I love the way your big cock feels in my hands JOI
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My husband and I were out celebrating our anniversary. Lunch went on to dinner and by 8ish we were pretty drunk.

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We were talking about spicing up our sex life and how we could do it. I admitted to my husband that I had never been to a strip club. That was like waving a red rag to a bull.


So, of course, off we went. To be honest I thought it was on the tacky side but happy enough to hang around. Now I know what a lap dance is, even thought gh I've never seen one other than in a movie. I asked my husband if he had ever had one and was pretty surprised when he said he had. Not long, but a couple of drinks later, my husband asked if I wanted to see what a lap dance was all about. I was keen to watch this actually. A strange woman dancing erotically over my husband of 15 years.

So he arranged it and we went in to the back/side room. I was very shocked though when I found out the lap dance was for me. I sat down not really knowing what to expect. The young lady was gorgeous of course and she started doing what she was paid to do.

My husband sat there and said, you can touch her you know. I really had no idea though. I tentatively stroked her bare legs. Then around her waist and hips. I honestly can't remember the last time I felt so naughty. I am in my forties and was in a place where I have never gone before. She started stroking my legs, arms and hair. I nearly stopped breathing when her hand went under my skirt and rubbed over my knickers. I was actually frozen. I looked at my husband and he had the biggest grin on him that I have ever seen.

Taking that as a good sign, I started tentatively rubbing her bum and thighs. Now by this time I was in feeling things I had never felt before. My husband reached over and lifted my shirt up a little and started playing with my boobs. Maybe the young lady took that as a cue as she reached under my shirt and started feeling my boobs through my bra. Husband then reaches in and undies my bra. In what seemed in seconds, our hours, not really sure. The young lady had her hand under my bra and really playing with my boobs and nipples.

One hand rubbing my knickers and the other hand playing with my boobs. All is so can say is; wow, wow, wow.

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I don't remember how long this went on for but I was in a trance. Too quickly it all came to an end. But not before the young lady ran her hands under the sides of my knickers a few times and touched me so slightly on my lips.

I don't ever think I have ever been so aroused andbuet left hanging as the point when the lap dance ended.

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Looking back, other than the thought of bouncers running, I don't know how my husband didn't whip his todger out and start playing with himself. Or at very least jump on me when it was over. And here is me thinking men have no control. Saying that though, there were no more drinks. Straight in a cab, home, and some of the most incredible sex and biggest orgasms I had experienced in some time. We have since done a few random spice up nights.

If anyone thinks this was worth reading, I may share them as well. This is was a year or so after the lap dance episode and I was getting braver.slowly. We were in Indonesia for my husbands work and staying in a very nice hotel with a spa. I had a massage on the first day which was divine. The gorgeous young masseuse was very good at her job and I was totally relaxed. A cpl of times her hands wandered under the towel and her hands touched my knickers.

Each time I had flutters but did nothing to encourage her.

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I told my husband about this and of course he was well turned on. He suggested to have another massage but this time taking my knickers off.

I laughed it off but didn't forget about it. Next day he was at work and I decided to go for another massage and possibly take my husbands suggestion. I had the same young lady and decided to go for it, nothing ventured etc. About half way through and laying on my front. Her hands did wander between my legs but nothing too much.

I turned over and the massage continued as normal. Then my legs. Her hands were wandering rather obviously and brushing the edge of my crotch and even my lips a couple of times. My heart was racing so decided to move my legs a little further apart. Well that was an invitation to her. She rubbed my mound and played with the hairs down there. And then slipped an oily finger straight in to the opening of my vagina.

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I nearly kept off the table. She kept this up for a few minutes and started to very gently rub my clit.


I was torn between embarrassment and ecstasy. I had a few mini orgasms but not the big one and even asked for another 30 minutes but there was customers waiting. Nothing left to but finish it off back in my room. And what an orgasm that was. I waited until we were at dinner before I told my husband so as to torture him a bit. My husband was over the moon and couldn't help but jump on me as soon as we got back to our room.

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So there you go. A few more stories left and will share as and when.